Sunday Talks: Treasury Secretary Mnuchin With Maria Bartiromo…

Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin appears on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the ongoing tax reform initiative.

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29 Responses to Sunday Talks: Treasury Secretary Mnuchin With Maria Bartiromo…

  1. Publius2016 says:

    Such a great team of Patriots! Go Mr. Lego Man Mnuchin!

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  2. It’s a win-win-win.
    If it passes we win.
    If the fight is tough but it eventually passes, the courageous hearts are revealed and we gain that.
    If congress can’t pass it, it is easier to “primary” them, so we win.

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    • Founding Fathers Fan says:

      Only if enough people actually vote against the RINO incumbents during the primary. There’s only about 17% voter turnout in republican primaries. Low voter turnout favors the incumbent.

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      • BobBoxBody says:

        You’re forgetting that during the presidential primaries you saw greater than average voter turnout for Trump and depressed turnout for Bernie/Hillary.

        Also keep in mind that Trump won over working class Democrats. I imagine people that sat the election out might be getting swayed over by Trump’s accomplishments. The electorate is awake, aware, engaged, and enraged. Don’t be shocked that kicking these scumbags to the curb happens a lot faster than we expect.

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        • Jim says:

          Believe me, Trump supporter will turn out. We are a family now. It is them and us, and by them I mean the UNIPARTY. I hope our lion has some cubs for us in each primary. We will turn out in droves to support them. As for my state, NC, both Tom Tillis and Richard Burr are TOAST unless they change drastically and quickly.

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      • So you don’t think that President Trump’s stadium rallies in primary races won’t carry the day? HUH?

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      • Victor Laszlo says:

        I can’t say it enough: Voter fraud needs to be exposed and taken care of BEFORE the primaries! or it won’t matter how many of us patriots vote. The evil Left will stop at nothing. PT or Bannon or sessions, SOMEBODY needs to get in front of this and fix it

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        • Jim says:

          Our last governor (Pat McCrory-NC) had a voter ID law in place and really would have won had it not been overturned at the last minute. This is where this stuff about, “Oh, but Hillary won the popular vote” came from. There were 7 million illegal votes, and those are the only ones we know about. Won the popular vote…what a joke. Now she is sitting in the middle of the Cosco aisle being stared at like a monkey in a cage signing her book, “What Happened”. You lost, you lost, you lost. Now just dry up and go away.

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          • nimrodman says:

            “Hillary won the popular vote”

            When they come at me with that line I reply, very slowly,

            “That would matter … if that’s how we elected the President … but we don’t … so it doesn’t.”

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      • piper567 says:

        Then we have a LOT of work to do.

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  3. fleporeblog says:

    The fact that Secretary Mnuchin acknowledged that half his time is spent on sanctions tells you everything you need to know about the Trump Doctrine! Economic warfare at its best!

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  4. starfcker says:

    This tax bill is the shakiest thing Trump has wheeled out. I believe in trickle down. It’s been the story of my life. As I’ve done well, so have my employees and their families. I honestly don’t have any problem with what they are trying to do. But the politics are as damaging as anything Trump can do. Nobody is going to care about Mnuchin’ s bullet points. Did my taxes go down, or not? Mnuchin is dreaming. No democrats are going to vote for this. And I doubt he’s going to get 50 Republicans without major revision.

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    • You’re right, and that’s the setup for our President’s Win-Win-Win strategy that ThinkThinkThink outlined upthread … before we get to the knock-on effects that only President Trump has gameplanned.

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      • starfcker says:

        But it won’t happen quick enough to forestall electoral disaster. Trump has an unusually large amount of political capital with his base. It’s based on trust. That vanishes instantly when middle class taxes go up, and he gets significant tax cuts both personally, and for his company. Not to mention the royal family gets it all tax free. The optics couldn’t be worse. I hope they understand the mistake that they’re making


        • starfcker says:

          And it certainly doesn’t help at all to have Mnuchin and Mulvaney out boasting that this is a middle class tax cut. It’s nothing of the sort. Yes, the middle class would benefit greatly from these policies, but they’re also the donkeys that are being sacrificed to pay for this. Bad politics, bad policy


          • trialbytruth says:

            Star you have prophesized the desertion of the Trump base at every turn.

            Your track record is worse then a broken clock. It is time for some serious introspection.

            The sky is not falling.

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        • I’m more of a glass half full … and soon to overflow guy, based on President Trump’s record to date – against ALL odds.

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          • starfcker says:

            BKR, how are you going to sell a guy from Michigan or Pennsylvania or Ohio that’s hurting already, and heard Mulvaney and Mnuchin out talking about middle class tax cuts, that it’s all great, and take another one for the team, you stupid donkey. So your taxes went up. Meh. But look how SWELL the royal family made out. Vote Trump! Those states were considered the blue wall. They went Trump, by razor thin margins, because they trusted Trump. Did you not listen to Maria? She knows, and zoomed right in on EXACTLY these problems.


  5. rashamon says:

    FYI: Another presentation by Catherine Austin FItts on U,S, debt, “Blockchain & Crytocurrencies, What About You?”


  6. maiingankwe says:

    Secretary Steve Mnuchin has such a superb poker face; he’d beat me in cards every dang time. However, I cannot imagine him ever rubbing it in anyone’s face.

    Every time I listen to Secretary Mnuchin, it just reaffirms what a great team our President has in his cabinet members and White House staff. Our Nation is in fabulous hands.


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