NBA Star Says He Doesn’t Want to Attend White House Championship Visit – President Trump Says Don’t Bother…

Well, well, well.  For years ordinary middle-America, and the punditry class of pop counter-culture thinkers, have wanted someone to push back against the insufferable leftist anti-American-patriotism within pop culture.  In a brilliant turn of events, President Trump has stepped directly into the gap.

Last night President Trump pointed out the disrespectful behavior of NFL players fueling anti-Americanism via their refusal to stand for our national anthem.  The NFL, an organization who has succumbed to the influence of cultural Marxism and enabled their players to become social justice warriors, responds by doubling down on their position.

Yesterday NBA player Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) took a similar SJW approach to kneeling by saying he didn’t want to attend the traditional White House visit customary for championship winning teams.  Today, President Trump responds by accepting the reluctance of the NBA player and telling him not to bother:

SOMERSET, N.J. (AP) — President Donald Trump says if a basketball player doesn’t want to visit the White House to celebrate an NBA title, then don’t bother showing up.

Trump responded Saturday on Twitter to star Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors — who’s made it clear he’s not interested in a traditional post-title White House visit.

Curry told reporters on Friday: “I don’t want to go … my beliefs stay the same.”

Trump weighed in Saturday from his golf club Bedminster, New Jersey. He said: “Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team. Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn!”  (read more)

It might seem odd at first for a U.S. President to confront these leftist expressions of protest against the country that affords them such opportunities for success.  However, in the larger picture, what President Trump is doing is directly confronting the years-long erosion of American patriotism and saying ‘enough of this nonsense’.

The NFL as an organizational entity is replete with like-minded leftist leadership that doesn’t necessarily carry the same ideological objectives as the owners.  Therefore the NFL can be expected to fight against President Trump as they virtue signal to their echo-chamber.   However, the predictable response will be well more than half of the country turning their back on football.

President Trump is simply highlighting and expediting the natural conclusion to these cultural marxist sentiments that diminish American exceptionalism. POTUS Trump  didn’t create the social justice NFL nonsense, but his action -directly confronting it- is going to bring the controversy toward a majority conclusion, bigly.

Similarly, the NBA approach, giddily pushed by a left-wing media, will be to rally around a “teammate narrative”; whereby the Golden State Warrior organization can be expected to align with their star player, create a victim narrative, and refuse the White House visit as an expression of unity with the SJW player whose reluctance originated the entire issue.

Again, President Trump doesn’t create the Steph Curry issue, but he’s willing to confront the underlying issue head-on.   Much like the NFL, the NBA issue will assert a position where the sport entertainment consumer will have to decide if politicization of sport is a worthy endeavor and if they are willing to support it.

When President Trump draws these boundaries we’ll note he never initiates the originating issue.

POTUS Trump simply highlights the issue as it exists (kneeling disrespect, reluctance to visit White House etc.) and takes the position that America-First isn’t just a economic campaign, it is is also a cultural campaign to push back against those who consistently undermine The United States and push a narrative that America is ‘less than’.

Yep, President Trump stands fearlessly in the gap to praise America; and call out those who indulge a life of benefit provided by Lady Liberty while criticizing her values.

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890 Responses to NBA Star Says He Doesn’t Want to Attend White House Championship Visit – President Trump Says Don’t Bother…

  1. Piper says:

    It is ridiculously absurd how much these people are paid to play a stupid ballgame.

    I hope to see the entire sport collapse due to the concussion issue.

    I went to a high school football game last night (the band is an award winning, fabulous bunch of hardworking kids!!!!!), and had to listen to 200 and 300 pound women scream at the boys for not playing well.
    I wanted so badly to ask them to get off their fat@sses and get down on the field and show them how to do it right.

    The whole game from start to finish is a joke. Totally pointless, waste of time.
    Children learn nothing from football. Now the ROTC who were on the field, they made me feel proud that they were learning to discipline themselves and work as a team for a reason/cause greater than themselves- can’t say the same for the footballers!


  2. Brant says:

    One thing that is/will be most definite about the Trump presidency is, fence sitters will be forced to take a position. Heretofore, they have been very comfortable lounging on the fence and concealing their true nature as needed. Trump is making them do his bidding.

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  3. 4beagles says:

    Leshaun McCoy from the Buffalo Bills tweeted,
    “It’s really sad man…our president is a asshole”

    Looks like the whole team is extremely Butt-Hurt..LOL

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    • Minnie says:

      Twitter will shut down McCoy’s twitter account due to profanity, yes?

      Oops, my bad /s

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    • The Defiant One says:

      I think the whole NFL is going to get “Butt-Hurt” the second 1/2 of the USA stops going to games, stop buying NFL branded materials.

      If the NFL wants to cater to SJWs good luck to them as a majority of them aren’t Sports Fans or will most likely protest the NFL for Body Shaming (No extremely Obsese or extremely skinny players) or for now allowing Women as players.

      By the NFL making this political they remove the Fun aspect, cause lets be honest people go to watch sports or movies not to be lectured to but to be entertained. The NFL just crossed the Rubicon.

      The only good thing that can come from this is that each team owner has a say, and once money talks… we’ll see the Athlete’s making a knee getting a knee in the pocket book! It’s only a matter of months now!

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    • oldschool64 says:

      LeSean McCoy loves to make news off the field for his antics. Like the time he ran up a $61 tab at a restaurant, was rude and insulting to the staff, AND LEFT A 20 CENT TIP!!

      In regards to his referring to our beloved President as an a$$hole, all I can say is:


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      • CountryclassVulgarian says:

        …or could be math is not something with which he is familiar. Based on his grammar “skills”, I won’t bet on his math skills.


    • Fe says:

      He must’ve meant the previous occupant of the WH because that Usurper is the only jack wagon arsewhole that I am aware of in recent years.

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  4. kea25252014 says:

    Add the MLB to the boycott list ‘A’s rookie Bruce Maxwell first MLB player to kneel during national anthem’


  5. MustangBlues says:

    Self hating negroes hate white people that saved them from living with negroes.

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  6. MustangBlues says:

    Anyone who spits on, moons with your skany butt crack and defames the American Gift of Liberty is ill educated and full of ignorance that spoils their appreciation of American Exceptional Greatness.

    America is the Only Golden Goose. Avoid Die Versity.


  7. 4beagles says:

    Michelle Malkin on Judge Jeanine,
    NFL= No Fans Left

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  8. POP says:

    And what a joke are the team owners.

    These football clowns bring their politics to work and force it down our throats at the game…..that’s no different from an airline pilot standing at the door during boarding ranting about his disrespect of America and love of the Rev Wright of Trinity Church fame.

    Protest whatever you like but keep it away from the paying customers.
    The team owners seem happy to provide some political indoctrination with the game ticket.
    Fornicate and travel buddies.

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  9. MAGAbear says:

    The problem with leagues like the NFL and NBA is that the only entities the owners care about are the corporate sponsors who pay gazillions of dollars to advertise during the games and are mostly left leaning multi-national companies. The league will always side with the leftist causes as long as it keeps the big advertising money pouring in because it’s all about TV revenue for these leagues. Ratings need to crater before we’ll see any change.

    Until then, expect to see every owner and player who comes out against Trump given glowing coverage and treated like the conscience of their various sports. Sadly, one NHL player took to twitter to blather on about the first amendent and of course TSN (Canada’s version of ESPN) put it at the top of the home page. The writer of the “story” seemed stunned that the Pittsburgh Penguins were still going to the White House for their championship visit. Maybe because most players aren’t SJW clowns? Nah, can’t be.


    • Well tonight our local cable company ( I haven’t cut the cord yet ), started advertising that parent company of ESPN, ABC/Disney, is asking that they start paying more or have their customers pay more for their channels. The company (who is French owned) says they do not want to charge their customers for ABC/Disney/ESPN poor business choices and they may just cancel the channels if the two sides can’t come to an agreement. it was a surprise that is for sure. If the charges go up, I’m cutting the cord.


  10. Callmelennie says:

    Dont stop with disinviting pro athletes. Go one step further and invite the people who restored power in Florida to come in their place.

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  11. Howie says:

    Good Grief. Get em’ out. Who could have thought that it would ever get this bad? Disgusting. Time for a round of golf or go fishing. NFL self destructs.


    • Charlie says:

      LOL… POTUS beat the feminists to the punch. While dancing around the edges of destroying NFL, Trump landed the knock out with truth.
      ps. ESPN’s female announcer, breast cancer month “October” is what? BAD IDEAS!


  12. MfM says:

    People are going ballistic about Trump’s remarks. Yet those same people are forgetting when Obama said a police officer had acted stupidly arresting his friend Gates for attempting to break into his house.


  13. POP says:

    Question: are all the kneelers Blacks?


  14. Jenny R. says:

    Finally, maybe professional sports teams will go the way of the dinosaur (I love baseball and hockey, but most of the pro sports are unwatchable).
    And the special bennies for college (and some high school) athletes in the “big time” stadium sports is ridiculous — special tutoring sessions (and cheating on exams) because they often are doing well to spell their names, million dollar stadiums (when the school’s budget is in the red), even special food hall lines for the athletes in the “appropriate” sports — who got steak and the like.
    And then there is all of the effort made to keep the darlings out of trouble — not by holding them to a standard of conduct but by intimidation of everyone else.
    While the rest of the students get by, and this includes the ones who don’t belong to the “big time” sports.
    And they carry this on to the professional levels — it’s like the gladiators of ancient Rome.
    Mind you, some are intelligent people of character, but those are not the majority any longer.

    Besides, it’s not healthy to sit around and watch other people engage in physical feats of prowess; go outside and do something on one’s own.
    Might I suggest this for one’s children (mine have always enjoyed it, and I think it was good for them; they certainly breezed through basic training and AIT, and probably due to doing this rather than watching sports teams on tv):×722.jpg


    • Jenny R. says:

      And it isn’t just for elitist kids. There are “work to ride” programs for poor kids and handicapped programs as well. Most of them go out and do some sort of volunteer work in order to be in a program — and often do well in competitions (because hard work and dedication are the important traits — not one’s physical abilities or the color of one’s skin).
      That’s a whole lot better than what I see going on in basketball, football, baseball, hockey, and soccer programs.


  15. ivanthenuc says:

    Why is it only divisive when a conservative says something but never when liberals talk? I am so glad that the President has stood up to these people and let them know that not everyone is going to meekly hide under a table every time they make wild and false accusations.

    Time to end the anti-trust exemption that pro-sports enjoys. Perhaps a little competition will bring down those inflated salaries and get rid of some of that evil wealth that they all hate so much!

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  16. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    So the question remains. Why do anyone who loves and respects this country still buying tickets to NFL/NBA games? Why is anyone who fougt for or who had family die for the malcontents sill watching NFL/NBA games?

    When is enough going to be enough for God fearing, patriotic Americans?


  17. Atticus says:

    Players from the Ravens and Jaguars took a knee this A.M. at the NFL game in London.
    Thanks for representing the best in our society (sarc).


  18. Anyone still checking this thread? I’ve collected the Merit list for invites to the WH into a blog post. It links to the petition too. And yes I’ve signed it myself for real.

    K.C. Ain’t no Funshine Band
    First, if you agree with the thoughts below, please sign the petition to ditch this dumb tradition of celebrating guys for getting rich playing silly…


  19. SafeSpace says:

    I don’t think Donald Trump gives a flying frito what any of these leftist jackwagons care about his comments. UNlike most politicians of our era, Trump respects and listens to his supporters, us deplorable maggot voters who gave him the White House (and will give it to him again in 2020 if he wants it).


  20. Does anyone remember any sports figures kneeling during the National Anthem when Obama was President? I don’t. Could it be that it’s actually a statement against President Trump??


  21. Patriot Lady says:

    Glad he wont’ be there! I wouldn’t want Curry in the White House. It would be desecrated by a thug like him. That’s what my husband calls the Cleveland Cavaliers and the rest of the “BLM T-shirt wearing- on- basketball court NBA players”– the 5 T’s – “Tattooed Thugs That Talk Trash”


  22. All American Snowflake says:

    I will not be impressed until these playboy punks kneel down on both knees and beg forgiveness from all the people who actually work for a living only get their favorite game ruined by spoiled rich, black knee-jerks.


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