President Trump Springfield Missouri Speech on Tax Reform – 2:30pm Livestream…

President Trump travels to Springfield Missouri today to kick-off a speech promoting tas reform as a goal for the soon to return congress. The White House said that the address is not expected to delve into policy details, including specific tax rates. Instead, Trump is expected to make the case for why he believes changes to the tax code are needed to give people a better chance of achieving the American dream.

“The president is going to lay out his vision to bring back Main Street by reducing the crushing tax burden on our companies and our workers and also to restore our competitive advantage by repairing and reforming our badly broken tax code.”  The speech is anticipated for 2:30pm EDT:

UPDATE: Video Added

WH Livestream linkRSBN Livestream linkAlternate Livestream link

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244 Responses to President Trump Springfield Missouri Speech on Tax Reform – 2:30pm Livestream…

  1. fleporeblog says:

    Just had an opportunity to listen to the wonderful speech our President gave in MO today. It really bothers me that our President goes out of his way to thank the Republican politicians in the room. For them it is priceless! Yet these same POS will be the first ones to condemn him publicly. Our President actually enjoys for them to be recognized.

    I love ❤️ that he went after the Democrat up for reelection in 2018! Claire McCaskill was put on notice. The crowd erupted when our President said if she doesn’t support the Tax Reform Bill she needs to be voted out of office. I hope someone shares that with her. MO is going to be an easy seat to flip. We need the right Republican to get it done. Our President acknowledged some in the room today that have been with him from day one.

    Folks I have said over and over that if Tax Reform and Infrastructure occur before the summer of 2018 (Tax Reform first followed by Infrastructure), the Economic Train 🚂 will go from what I believe will be continued 3% to 4% GDP (which our President has done SINGLE HANDILY on his own by releasing the Energy Monster that has been dormant for decades) to 5% and 6% GDP. All the ingredients are right in front of us.

    I also believe that the Republicans in Washington realize that our President will get ALL the credit for where our economy is currently at. There is absolutely nothing they have done that has caused it to go from 1.2% in the first quarter to 3% in the second quarter to a projected 4% in quarters three and four. How can they look their constituents in the face and say I had something to do with that growth.

    The ONLY way they can jump on the Economic Train 🚂 is by passing the Tax Reform Bill by the end of 2017 and the Infrastructure Bill by the summer 2018. Our President like any great leader will allow them to bask in the glory of those achievements. He could care less because for him, it means WE are Winning.

    With saying all of that, I honestly can’t see them not getting those two items done! In order to stay in the game, you have to produce. They see what is happening to there colleagues that are resisting our President. Luther Strange from ALABAMA is about to pay with his short lived political career. I actually feel bad for him. He voted consistently with our President’s agenda. However, he made a deal with the Devil by supporting Mitch McConnell’s stance of needing 60 votes to pass legislation in the Senate. His day of reckoning is Tuesday, September 26th. This will be the mother of all MOABS because our President backed him and he still lost because Mitch and Karl Rove where anchors that wouldn’t allow him to resurface.

    Jeff Flake was down 25 points in the last poll to Kelli Ward! He is DEAD 💀 and he knows it. Bob Corker was told via twitter by our President that the folks from TN are not happy with him. He still hasn’t announced if he is running next year. I believe he won’t because he is DEAD 💀 in our President’s eyes. Dean Heller is already behind Danny Tarkanian in NV. That is without our President throwing his support to Danny. Lucifer is stricken with the worst brain cancer possible. He will soon no longer be a torn in the side of our President and our country.

    The rest of the RATS in the Senate that will run in 2020 and 2022 will be literally shaking in their boots seeing the carnage that occurs when you go against our President and our country! There is no middle ground in MAGA. Either your in or your political career is DEAD 💀! That prospect is why I am confident!

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  2. David says:

    I just spent some time on Breitbart. A website I used to like. Now they have been reduced to an attack tool. Every day attacks on Ivanka and Jared, attacks on McMaster and on Chon. Every day the same thing, no facts just attacks. Can anyone here recommend another website beside this one ?

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    • jonvil says:

      I cannot think of any.
      One would think that with the World Wide Web there would be dozens of sites who are 100% behind our America First President, what we find are dozens of lukewarm sites which pretend to support the President using the meme of “I support Trump but…”, then post articles written by pundits who all know more about everything than the President and his cabinet combined.


    • grandmotherpatriot says:

      Conservative Treehouse is the best place for Trump Supporters .


  3. Plato says:

    “Secret service moved to block the car and aprehend the suspect.”
    You mean “after a long delay Secret service moved to block the car and aprehend the suspect.”

    Very slow reaction.


  4. Ziiggii says:

    WTH happened here and why were the SS not coming out with guns drawn?

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    • Ziiggii says:


      • dayallaxeded says:

        Good catch Z! Very well could be the same car. No reason to get too excited about it–obviously disabled on the shoulder after destroying its tires/rims and possibly ripping out some undercarriage and maybe oil pan trying to drive straight across a concrete drainage ditch like that. Fat turd that got out looked like typical progzi “feminist” with a little extra “dazed” to go with the usual stupid.


        • Ziiggii says:

          My point is more re: the lack of response by almost every USSS SUV minus the one that turned around. Even then they hop out like they are helping a stranded motorist!

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          • Johnny #5 says:

            They are trained to flee to protect the President. You can hear the engines rev as they speed away. Concerning the white car, it looks like they were just being careful about approaching. It also looks like the thug was attempting to play it off as an accident but I don’t think anyone is fooled. Hope they get MINIMUM 25 years for this bullshit.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      See how long the press can keep this covered up?
      If mentioned it will described as a simple traffic accident.


    • treehouseron says:

      These are not the same car, one is a 2 door that clearly has a sun roof, the other is a 4 door and a much higher end car. The motorist immediately pulled away form traffic and never even entered the street, whatever happened they obviously weren’t trying to ‘ram’ anything.

      The little Lesbian girls’ story sounds plausible to me. I can’t hate on them just because they can’t drive well and have ugly hair. Probably scared the hell out of them and they appear pretty young. God bless them I hope they didn’t rip the oil pan off the bottom of their car in that ditch.

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      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        That old Ford front wheel drive car was disabled when it rammed into the drainage area concrete. Those two fools were lying in wait and thought they could jump across it like in the movies and ram into the motorcade. They didn’t even make it onto the roadway. After impact their motor cut off and they were stuck. The Beast was long passed as they gave up and got out of the car. They had their stupid excuse planned well ahead of time. They need to spend some months at the graybar motel. Make an example of them and remind the media to stop encouraging people to attack our president.

        Give that ditch a medal !

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  5. treehouseron says:

    Personally I don’t think the driver of that car was trying to hurt anybody. Could have been…. but knowing QUITE A FEW rednecks (including myself) I can with a degree of certainty tell you that the driver likely was just a redneck who didn’t want to miss the procession and drove rather recklessly to somewhere they could see what was going on from.

    I am not joking. I may be wrong but it looked to me like someone just trying to catch a glimse and doing something really really stupid. They stopped the car and got nowhere near the procession… they appeared to just be trying to get ‘to’ the road so they could watch (and pulled parallel to the cars immediately, on the sidewalk).

    If the news story was my brother did this (a big Trump supporter) I wouldn’t bat an eye and it would be completely believable.


    • treehouseron says:

      I see above it was actually a couple lesbian rednecks. The rest of my judgement stands, I honestly believe their story. Apparently the secret service did too, they actually looked like they tried to get out of the way however they could. Might even be Trump supporters.


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