Pride of Texas…

Texas in one picture:

Volunteers helping people…  America

Nearly a quarter of Texas’ population lives in areas covered by a federal disaster declaration as a result of Tropical Storm Harvey.  Gov. Greg Abbott says 18 counties are now covered by the disaster declaration approved by President Donald Trump. There are nearly 7 million people in those counties, including the nation’s fourth-largest city of Houston.

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  1. patrickhenrycensored says:

    The arms of God reach you through the hearts of good people.

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  2. Carrie says:

    I hope that picture wins some kind of award.

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  3. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    At this point just praying for the rains to stop!

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  4. fleporeblog says:

    Just completed breathtaking to view all those pictures and videos! This is America! This is what makes us the greatest country in the world!

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  5. budmc says:

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  6. georgiafl says:

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  7. NannyG says:

    I can’t believe that some feminists went ballistic over photos like this one.
    Called it male-something.
    Apparently deleted their tweet.

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  8. kinthenorthwest says:

    Texas is such an awesome state
    Texans are such awesome people

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  9. listingstarboard says:

    So where are the liberal celebrities like Michael Moore, George CLooney, Alissa something or other, Mark Ruffalo, Cher, Kathy Griffin, Amy adipose Shumer? Do they not care about the people in Texas? They can’t see fit to donate and tweet support of the citizens of Houston? Put your money where your mouths are you hypocritical bags of crap–here is your chance to “do good for your fellow man” .. GET OUT YOUR CHECKBOOKS!!!

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  10. Mayor said no need to evacuate.

    Who in their right mind listens to a mayor’s advice about evacuating or not!?

    This is symptomatic of years and years of brainwashing by politicians and lib media that government can be trusted, government will come to your rescue, government knows best, etc.

    That useless mayor ought to be fired and run outta town. 😡

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    • decisiontime16 says:

      5:10 p.m.
      Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he hasn’t yet spoken to Democratic Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner — despite repeated attempts.

      Abbott said Sunday at an Austin news conference he’d called Tuner’s cell phone “several times” to “let him know that, whatever he needs, the state of Texas will provide.” Abbott said he’d yet to hear back.

      Abbott’s office later clarified that the governor had called Turner four times since Friday and left two messages, to no avail.

      The governor and mayor clashed before Hurricane Harvey made landfall Friday, with Abbott suggesting people in Houston might want to evacuate but Turner saying fleeing unnecessarily would clog highways for those leaving other communities facing bigger threats.

      Still, Abbott said Sunday, “We’ve moved beyond whether or not there should have been an evacuation.”

      The mayor also defended his decision not to order an evacuation.

      “The decision that we made was a smart one. It was in the best interest of Houstonians. It was the right decision in terms of their safety… absolutely no regrets. We did what was the right thing to do,” Turner said.

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    • georgiafl says:

      This woman said the traffic back up in a mass evacuation could have cost lives:

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      “That useless mayor ought to be fired and run outta town”
      On a rail, tar and feathered…..gone.

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    • The mayor in a news conference this morning had this to say:

      “If you think the situation right now is bad, you give an order to evacuate, you are creating a nightmare. Especially when it’s not planned,” Turner said during an update Sunday on the city’s response to Hurricane Harvey.
      Turner argued that an evacuation order has to be “very well-coordinated all the way from Houston to the destination point.”
      “If you do it or attempt to do it and it’s not coordinated, not done right, you are literally putting people in harm’s way, and you’re creating a far worse situation,” Turner said.

      It seems that the mayor, even after 20 years as Houston’s mayor, doesn’t understand that part of his responsibility is to have an evacuation plan for situations like this. To come out now and say that you’re creating a nightmare by calling for an evacuation if you don’t have a plan is unbelievable. Houston is on the coast and has been hit by hurricanes before and he doesn’t have an emergency evacuation plan?!?! OMG. Apparently the only duty he has as mayor is to make sure the right people are paid off. Just imagine the uproar if the Houston mayor was republican and tried to excuse the lack of an evacuation by saying that without a plan you’re putting people in harm’s way.

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  11. Regina says:

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  12. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Reporter on the Weather Channel is in Dickinson now showing a small armada of people on their jet skis transporting folks out of harm’s way . . . as the sun sets over the Lone Star State.

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  13. lizzieintexas says:

    I will say one thing about all local media covering this live, they are helping not hurting. Time and time again they are rescuing or getting first responders notified about needs.

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  14. Minnie says:

    🇺🇸 America 🇺🇸

    Exceptional, steadfast, loyal, true!


    So proud to be an American ❤️

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  15. georgiafl says:

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  16. Dora says:

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  17. B Woodward says:

    What is really bad is that a number of the computer models that are forecasting Harvey’s track are projecting that Harvey will head South, go back into the Gulf near where it made landfall, spend a day or two out over the Gulf, and then come back onto land somewhere near Houston. Today an Austin weatherman said that the rainfall that Houston has already received could double when Harvey comes back in and hits Houston a second time.

    Here is a video that has a forecast of Harvey’s track (not from the Austin station). The forecast starts about 33:30 minutes into the video (or about 14:30 from the end)..

    Say a prayer

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  18. Regina says:

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  19. kinthenorthwest says:

    Like Minnie said “God does work in mysterious ways”

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  20. NickD says:

    Bryan/College Station update: (I’ll keep this brief, as Houston demands our focus)

    8″ inches accumulated over most of the county over the last 24 hours; up to 16″ in part. Waters had receded earlier but the rain seems to have increased in the last 3 hours. At my second-floor apartment, wind has been pushing rain under the door. Several state highways in county and area closed due to flooding. A&M cancelled Monday and Tuesday classes.

    And praying for everybody in Houston!

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  21. Kent says:

    All of us is stronger than any of us…..

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  22. Tejas Rob says:

    Some Liberal snowflake on Twitter has been triggered by this photo.

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    • nimrodman says:

      “Chump don’t want the help, chump don’t get the help”
      – Barbara “I-Speak-Jive” Billingsley, Airplane

      (and I recognize it isn’t the people being helped who are complaining, it’s some armchair liberal nimrod sitting in front of his computer, Mom’s basement probably, yada yada)

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    • TwoLaine says:

      From the looks of her profile pix it would seem that she would jump on Slick Willie’s boat anytime. Some women never learn.


  23. TrueNorthSeeker says:

    Earlier today I saw a volunteer on his boat out rescuing people. His T-shirt said “Southern Conservative”. Put a smile on my face. 🙂

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  24. Sandra-VA says:

    And… the Shame of Texas:

    Just unreal.


  25. NYGuy54 says:

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  26. Mike diamond says:

    God bless and protect the people in Houston!

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  27. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    If President Trump sends a bill to congress to rebuild Texas, I guarantee he will get his infrastructure bill thru congress thru just add-ons.


  28. Bob Thoms says:

    Dallas opening up shelters now; city convention center and numerous recreation centers now being opened up as shelters……………


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