Another Nagin: Houston Mayor Told People NOT To Evacuate – Now, Panic…

Despite the repeated warnings from Texas Governor Greg Abbott for people to consider evacuating the Houston area ahead of the anticipated flooding from Hurricane Harvey, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner took to social media on August 25th and instructed residents NOT to evacuate.

Two days later, August 27th, the residents of Houston are trapped, panicked and rescue efforts are ongoing.

“I think it is important for the local officials who have the authority and responsibility for this to be the ones to make the call, I can be suggestive, of what I would do, is if I was living in the Houston region, as I once did, I would decide to head to areas north of there,” said Governor Abbott.

Officials in Harris County responded by urging people not to heed Abbott’s advice, and to shelter in place.



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510 Responses to Another Nagin: Houston Mayor Told People NOT To Evacuate – Now, Panic…

  1. I am sharing a Facebook post so I don’t have to respond to all the people who are not here dealing with this.
    16 hrs · The Woodlands, TX ·
    Dear Lestor Holt and any other newscaster that feels the need to criticize our governor and/or mayors:

    We are a big, big city. We have twice as many people in Houston than you have in Manhattan. We are 2200 square miles big. We are experiencing what could possibly be the worse storm in history. Our roads are flooded, our houses are under siege and there is no end in sight for the next couple of days. We don’t need you or any other liberal newscaster coming down here to try to stir things up. Evacuation decisions were made to try to keep the roads open for coastal residents who had to evacuate. With this historic flooding, Texans are bringing their boats into the city to help get fellow Texans to safety. We aren’t looking to affix blame, we are trying to survive and help one another. If you aren’t here to help, get the hell out. We don’t need your petty, snarky comments meant to sow seeds of division. We don’t operate that way down here and we don’t like people that do.


    The Great State of Texas and Houstonians


  2. Nagin took it a step further. He locked himself in the bathroom.


  3. Bruce says:

    malfeasance. Get rid of it.


  4. Former Houstonite says:

    Any media, rescuers or citizens who may come face to face with the Houston mayor, please ask him the following on camera. “Mr. Mayor,
    You want to blame the Rita and Ike evacuations as the reasons for telling Houston residents to not evacuate. You should have learned valuable lessons from these two evacuations. You’ve had 12 years to plan, devise and execute a better and more effective hurricane evacuation plan for your residents. Why did you not do this? Instead, you told the residents to stay put and hunker down.”


  5. jbrickley says:

    Rule #1 if some bureaucrat tells you not to evacuate then you evacuate immediately because you should have already been evacuating in the first place. Do not suffer fools lightly. Case in point, 911, NYC World Trade Center Towers. Those who ignored the advice to shelter in place and made their way to the stairwells starting an orderly evacuation survived. Those who listened to the bureaucrat advice died.

    Having been drilled in evacuations repeatedly pre-911 due to the original WTC bombing some heard and felt the impact of the first plane and dropped what they were doing and made their way to the stairwells in less than a minute. Others were listening to the building intercom speakers advise sheltering in place when an office supervisor came in and told everyone to evacuate. That individual saved many times, going back into the building repeatedly and giving his life trying to help get everyone out.

    You live in a hurricane prone area within 100 miles of the coast you need to be watching the weather and paying attention. For days there were indications this was going to be bad. Those people who know better stocked up on fuel first and started packing and securing the home. Then bugged out before the storm got close. Especially those right on the coast. Those who didn’t prepare are sitting on their roofs flagging down volunteers to rescue them. They have exposed themselves to God knows what toxins in the water, have perhaps been injured, may have serious infection problems, etc.

    NYC was hit with a hurricane and you wouldn’t believe the morons standing in line for the only Starbucks still open a couple hours prior to the storm hitting the city. All other shops and coffee places sent their workers home and shutdown. Social media spread the word that this one Starbucks was still open and the line stretched for several NYC blocks and around the corner! The End is Nye but I must get my triple expresso frappichino venti with skim milk or I may die!


  6. Georgia Girl says:

    This would be that mayor’s last term. No discussion.


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