Diversity No Longer a Strength – Justin Trudeau Oversees Largest Deportation Increase in Canadian History…

In January Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted support for massive increases in migration into Canada:

However, policy has consequences. Eight months later, the same Justin Trudeau is now overseeing the largest mass deportation increase in the history of Canada:

TORONTO (Reuters) – As an influx of asylum seekers crossing from the United States strains Canada’s immigration system, the country is ramping up its deportation of migrants, government data shows.

Deportations of Mexicans, who have flocked to Canada in growing numbers after a visa requirement was lifted in December, was already 66 percent higher in the first eight months of 2017 than the total from the previous year.

Deportations of Haitians, thousands of whom have crossed into Canada illegally in the hopes of avoiding deportation from the United States, have also soared. Canada has deported 474 so far this year, compared to 100 for all of 2016 when the government lifted its own ban on deportations to Haiti, in place since a devastating 2010 earthquake.

Overall, 5,529 people have been deported as of Tuesday, compared to 7,357 for all of 2016, the data shows. (read more)

Next up?  A Canadian Border Wall…

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191 Responses to Diversity No Longer a Strength – Justin Trudeau Oversees Largest Deportation Increase in Canadian History…

  1. Justin abuses his neighbor to the South
    ? – will it come back to bite this liberal puke in the butt . . . I think so


  2. Gillian Byrne says:

    Any Muslims being deported?


  3. Ken Watson says:

    Ha ha! Canada is less than ten percent of the US by pop. A fraction of our burden poured in there after his reckless declaration and they are full up. You have to hand it to Trudeau, though. Who thought he was educable?


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