Media Narrative Poll Fail – Large Majority of Americans Support Keeping Confederate Monuments…

In direct contradiction to the current media narrative, most Americans support keeping historic confederate monuments and memorials in place.

NPR and PBS teamed up with Marist to poll Americans on their views of historic confederate monuments. [Full pdf below].  Despite the severe bias as presented within the Alt-Left poll the vast majority of Americans support keeping the monuments.

Obviously polling should never be used to determine whether historic monuments are removed; however, the intent here appears to be measuring the national sentiment against the backdrop of a heavily pushed media narrative.  Republican support for keeping confederate monuments is 86%, Independents 61% and Democrat 44%.

However, in order to facilitate the agenda of the narrative, Marist skewed the poll with a political sample of: Dem 36, Rep 26, Ind 37.  The national current party registration is Dem 28, Rep 28 and Ind 41.  As typical for polls intended to deliver specific ideological results, the Maris poll over samples Democrats by 8 points.

If the accurate national party registration numbers were used, obviously the support for the monuments would be significantly higher than NPR/PBS presented conclusion.

You can see the level of support from this screen-shot:

The full polling results are below:


The bottom line is that by a wide margin, despite the media-driven controversy, the vast majority of Americans polled support keeping history intact and retaining the monuments to our united U.S. history.

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196 Responses to Media Narrative Poll Fail – Large Majority of Americans Support Keeping Confederate Monuments…

  1. TwoLaine says:

    On a recent channel drive-by I noticed #VeryFakeNewsCNN had a poll of their own. They said 52% supported removal. I figured that with CNN’s less than Nick at Night viewers, that was probably about 12 people who support removal. YAWN. 😉

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    • gerkenstein says:

      Don’t forget many people are forced to watch them at airports. So the globalist travelers may respond too.


      • shallbe4 says:

        If we ignore History we will be condemned to repeat it. Such a stupid thing to take away the life and times of our great and no so great leaders. All of which helped to make this nation what it is now. Still hope that cooler heads prevail and we can keep our statues. If not, I hope we have copies so we can recreate our history. The Dems need to have a time out. Its obvious they have many problems which have absolutely nothing to do with our POTUS.


  2. dayallaxeded says:

    Before DitchBitchMitch went full pander mode, he thought he’d use some grant money he had lying around to gin up some public backing for removal of Confederate memorial statues. He convened a panel of NOLA citizens, closely matching the racial make-up of the city (i.e., 70% black, 30% white/other) to meet over several days to discuss, see presentations on, and allegedly to “advise” regarding the beginnings of the proposals to remove the statues. The panels were conducted in strict confidence to ensure candor.

    Though certain participants were fairly quickly outed as shills from the mayor’s political machine, the end result was a strong majority vote that the statues should not be removed. The majority position, stated by black members of the panel, was that they should leave the monuments as symbols and reminders of history, good and bad, and erect new statues and monuments to honor the heroes and important events of our times. Overwhelmingly, everyone agreed there were much more important issues of infrastructure and public safety that needed to be addressed first. Those panels and their recommendations were silenced, sealed, and rejected. Tyranny, plain and simple.

    BTW, I know about this, b/c a family member was on one of the panels–got a blow by blow account each evening. The responses of our fellow citizens gave and continue to give me hope. The tyranny of so-called government officials and the vandals they pander to gives me COLD ANGER.

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  3. Scarlet says:

    Here are the Baltimore City Council members with phone numbers if anyone wants to politely disagree with their decision.

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  4. Mike diamond says:

    The Democrats are falling apart!,they have no plan,thy love the chaos about all this confederate monument stuff, let’s let past history be,let’s leave all these monuments alone and ask God to heal our hearts! Let’s come together and pray for our nation!

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  5. sunnydaze says:

    I was just looking at the comments on one of YTs of those people pulling the statue down in N.C. a couple days ago.

    There was a fair amount of “WTH?” comments from Democrats who feel this has gone too far.

    And a fair bit of support for Dems who feel the statues should come down but are disgusted by scenes like the one in N.C.

    Pangs of conscience from decent Americans who have just blindly voted Dem for years……


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  6. Big Jake says:

    Public sentiment doesn’t matter.

    Demonrats ignore polling that opposes their views to do the wrong thing–and it sticks.

    Republicant’s ignore polling that supports their professed agenda refuse to do the RIGHT thing.

    Dims know how to run out the clock. They’ll take a short term hit to advance the ratchet, knowing the Rs won’t reverse it. Drip. Drip. Drip.


  7. flame says:

    BOMBSHELL: Charlottesville was a complete SET-UP


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