Former NSA Tech Director Bill Binney Outlines DNC Emails Were a Leak, Not a Russian Hack…

Former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney outlines how the 2016 DNC emails were actually taken by a leaker using a portable storage device, and not taken by a computer hack initiated by the vast Russian enterprise.

Mr. Binney’s outline on Tucker Carlson mirrors a previous new discussion that was reported within The Nation –See Here– A generally far-left media outlet.

The reality that it was an internal leak further advances the possibility that DNC employee Seth Rich was actually the person who took the DNC email data after becoming disenfranchised by the DNC intentionally undermining Bernie Sanders and aiding candidate Hillary Clinton.  Seth Rich was murdered under rather unusual circumstances in 2016, shortly after WikiLeaks began releasing and publishing the emails.

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175 Responses to Former NSA Tech Director Bill Binney Outlines DNC Emails Were a Leak, Not a Russian Hack…

  1. TAS says:

    Now the question is….will anything be done with this information?

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    • fleporeblog says:

      YES! Our President is letting them all hang themselves. Our President knew all of this the day the great White Hat by the name of NSA Director, Admiral Michael Rogers, showed up to meet with him on November 18th! Please recall that Admiral Rogers never fully committed to the Muh Russia conspiracy. Unlike Clapper, Brennan and Comey. He basically told us that day it was 💩. He had to go along with the plan in order for all the RATS to come out of the closet.

      The RAISE Act was ready back in early February. Our President purposely sat on it until a few days before the August break. Why wait six months? He knew that DACA was going to be litigated in Judge Hanen’s Federal Court by AG Paxton from TX on September 5th. He also knew that the Republican RATS like Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, John McCain as well as the Democrats would be ready to deal on transforming the face of legal immigrants for generations to come.

      I shared the paragraph above to make a point that HRC will be proven absolutely right that he will have us all hang by a noose. When that day occurs will be determined by our President for maximum effect! All he asks of us is to have patience and to BELIEVE in him because he would never lie to us!

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      • TAS says:

        Sure hope you’re right fle. I always like reading your comments.

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        • fleporeblog says:

          TAS I truly believe you will see the Sledgehammer of Truth dropped sometime in September next year! It will have the Democrats and Uniparty Republicans scrambling for cover knowing there is absolutely nothing they can do with the 2018 Elections only months away.

          2018 Elections are truly for all the MARBLES! Getting that supermajority in the Senate will send shockwaves across the Establishment! Plus Mitch the Bitch, Ben Sasse, Lindsey Graham and others will be coming up for reelection in 2020. Having witnessed the 2018 Elections and the fact Heller, Flake and Lucifer are gone and replaced by Trump Republicans, there will be massive amounts of bills currently sitting in the Senate signed into law!

          This will eliminate and future President from using the power of EOs since it is NOW legislation!

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Here are the articles I referenced in my post:

        From the post linked above:

        Sometimes the utilization of Timelines means you have to look at the new information with a keen awareness of specific events. In hindsight, NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers may have notified Team Trump of Obama’s Intelligence Community (James Clapper and John Brennan) spying on their activity.

        From the post linked above:

        NSA Director Rogers participates in session at Intelligence and National Security Summit in Washington. Again We Repeat. All indications lead to the conclusion that NSA head Admiral Mike Rogers is a ‘white hat’ in direct opposition to the corrupted intelligence of ODNI Clapper and CIA Director Brennan.

        Admiral Rogers would not agree with Clapper/Brennan on the “high confidence” standard of intelligence assessment for the Russian Interference documents as compiled by Brennan and Clapper.

        Remember also, it was Admiral Rogers who met with President-elect Donald Trump in New York the week after he won the election. A week earlier, Clapper was recommending to President Obama that Rogers should be fired.

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        • NJ Transplant says:

          Great analysis Flep. Also, it was after a visit by Admiral Rogers to Trump Tower that President Trump moved his operations from Trump Tower to his country club in Bedminster, NJ. The President also announced that Obama was wire-tapping him. I may be off on a few dates, but I think this is the gist of what happened.

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          • fleporeblog says:

            NJ Transplant you are right! The next day he moved to Bedminter. That tells you everything you need to know about the meeting 😜

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            • A2 says:

              Fle, I ‘knew’ it was an inside job back in the day during the campaign when the DNC hack came to light. Why? Simply because Pres Zero and head of his party never hauled the Russian ambassador on the carpet to read him the riot act. That is all I needed to know. The rest to me is just substantiation.

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              • not2worryluv says:

                I don’t think Obama ever wanted Hillary to be President. His support was all show. Obama wanted to be the Leader of the DNC, Leader of the NWO, Presidential Legacy as the First African America President. Obama was never going to give that kind of power back to the Clintons……with the Clintons in charge again they would delegate Obama back to serving them coffee and fried chicken.

                Obama is one of the most deceptive Presidents that ever sat in the Oval Office. He subscribes to “the chickens have come home to roost” philosophy.

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        • Will Janoschka says:

          “NSA head Admiral Mike Rogers is a ‘white hat’ in direct opposition to the corrupted intelligence of ODNI Clapper and CIA Director Brennan”
          Correct! Rogers was NSA Director under a corrupt administration. Being painfully trained as an Admiral, He took his data and opinion directly to the newly elected boss for evaluation! No one else, and no hesitation until some trivial ceremony on Jan 20.
          Please recognize that William Benny was never political director of NSA. His field was Cryptanalyst-mathematician, and one of the best! He turned turned whistleblower who resigned on October 31, 2001, after more than 30 years with the agency. He was a high-profile critic of his former employers during the corrupt George W. Bush administration.

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        • jeans2nd says:

          Do you really think that Donald J. Trump, at 70 years old, and having made billions of dollars in his lifetime, did not know that he was being surveilled by TPTB? Please.
          Donald J. Trump did not just recognize that he was being surveilled during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

          Admiral Rogers went to Trump Tower for a job interview. Look it up. No, it is not a coincidence that the interview occurred after the construction of a black room, a SCIF, inside Trump Tower.

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      • rf121 says:

        Love the optimism. The swamp will not roll over. PT cannot beat it. He can suppress it for a while at best. Worst case they kill him. Best case it is a draw while he is there. US has peaked and is on the eventual downward fall as all great societies. That is just the way it is.

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        • jmclever says:

          With respect, I reject “That’s just the way it is” at every level. People like Marie Curie, Jonas Salk (SP?) and Neil Armstrong are the embodiment of the human spirit — that breath of God that makes us who we are –that refuses to accept fate as etched in stone. It is why brave men sailed the seas to find new lands when everyone else thought they were certifiable and why Donald J. Trump is working and succeeding at MAGA.

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        • fleporeblog says:

          I respect you but I can’t for a minute believe what you say! They never ever faced a man with the will and power to destroy them.

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          • Ned says:

            Trump is someone that is old school. He’s like a Patton with an IRON will. Trump is not looking for accolades or money. He is in there to do a job for us and especially his kids too!

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          • Will Janoschka says:

            I too like your enthusiasm! Your comments are correct of the intended P45 timing for the mid term elections. Since P45 is doing the very best he can for us; why not return the favor? May Treepers everyday now be scheming\planing to help make 2018 the total defeat of the uniparty\swamp forever. Both the warmonger(R) Rhinos and the pansy\panties(D) need to be eliminated from congress!
            Are there sufficient MAGA folk to make sure there is a popular independent\write-in\MAGA candidate for every local primary and every general election? Each new Congriss-critter is welcome to ‘one try’ at representing the will of his hometown folk; but should never ever BE RE-elected! Not by some law, but by popular vote. Seems like Congress-critters always fall to the DC corruption in their first term! Any attempt at re-election; rather, than sincere “praise the Lord to be out of the swamp”, must now be interpreted as a deliberate acknowledgement of such corruption! /rant 🙂

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        • Lburg says:

          No the swamp will not roll over – nor will it completely die. However, the means to defeat it have been engaged and the army to defeat it has been called to active duty. HRC would be our president, we were told, because that is just the way it was going to be.

          President Trump has already proven that the swamp can be defeated, that nationalism is not dead, that the new world order does not dictate the rules of our lives and that this great society will not fall.

          I refuse to accept “that’s just the way it is”. You should refuse to accept it as well.

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        • PNWLifer says:

          Cancerous John McCain, is that you?

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        • kiskiminetas says:

          fr121, I respectfully disagree with you. The positon you have expressed is fatalistic and fails to grasp what truly is happening here. We are in the midst of a revolution and one that is fought not with guns and pitchforks. It is a battle whose goal is to win the hearts and minds of the general populace. This battle’s main weapon is a blitzkrieg of expressions of thought that diametrically oppose the stagnant order of the Swamp, all who feed of it and the globalists who enable it feed off of our backs.

          Make no mistake about it this is a revolution and one I may add has been brewing for a long time. As William Binney he spoke about this leak about a year ago. He is the man who spilled the beans about the government spying on Americans and collecting data on them. He my friends is a great American and he is also the one who wrote the algorithm that enabled them to do it.

          On a side note when he spilled the beans the FBI raided his home. Well he was taking a shower when they came in. They came into the bathroom with their weapons drawn. Binney looked at them and said “you going to shoot me or give me a towel?” The man is a great American indeed!

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        • Dr T says:

          Behold before you a man of invincible will and courage , intelligence and experience the likes of which the dirty low lifes of Washington et al have never ever seen: a one of a kind President Donald J Trump.
          PS: he also knows damn well how to watch his back so no worries

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        • G. Combs says:

          ” The swamp will not roll over.”

          Maybe but they ARE DYING OFF! Second and third generation, especially when ‘spoiled’ do not have the fire in the gut of the first generation.

          Lyndon B. Johnson —- DEAD
          Ted Kennedy — DEAD
          David Rockefeller — DEAD
          Maurice Strong — DEAD

          Hillary, Bill, Songbird McShame — diseased

          Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands abdication in 2013
          Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom (age 91) is rumoured to be stepping down.
          George Soros age 87.
          David Brock suffered a heart attack in March of 2017.

          Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild — DEAD (1990)
          Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild —- Age 81
          2004 Rothschild to pull out of gold market after 200 years
          “TThe investment bank that has chaired the London meetings setting the world gold price since 1919 is quitting the market.
          NM Rothschild will withdraw from all its commodity trading activities, which also include an oil trading business set up less than two years ago, as part of a strategic review.
          The move brings to an end nearly 200 years of tradition. NM Rothschild was founded in London in 1810 by Nathan Mayer Rothschild, who helped finance the Duke of Wellington’s army in the Napoleonic wars through gold trading.
          The company hosts and chairs twice-daily meetings which effectively set the world’s gold price[…]”


      • JRD says:

        You can keep Mike Rogers, thank you. I have no use for him.


        • Crystal says:

          There are 2 Mike Rogers. One is Admiral Rogers; the other is former Congressman Rogers. You might be thinking of the latter, perhaps?


      • Wink says:

        Excellent!! This is getting really interesting! Great post!

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      • Snow White says:

        Amen flep

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      • carrierh says:

        Fle, have been saying the same thing on this and other sites because he is man who keeps things to himself until shall we say the item and time are ripe. I have seen this time and again with him for a long time. I compare it to making a great cake or a perfect steak and eating either before truly done or ready only means not liked and ruined. Trump works hard but has a super thinking brain and all based on how he was raised, educated and become a success.

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      • deanbrh says:

        Fle, what is that icon in the first paragraph a symbol of?

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  2. chicagodeplorable says:

    I’m glad you are addressing this, Sundance. I’m curious as to if other Treepers remember reading this from Mr. Binney before. This really sounds familiar to me. Since it’s now been on Tucker’s show, maybe it will get more national attention. I sure hope so.

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    • Oldschool says:

      Hannity was going with this for awhile, then shut it down at the wishes of Seth’s parents.

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    • luke says:

      Rush Limbaugh mentioned this last week. Mr Binney is a member of VIPS. There is absolute proof that the data grab did not come thru the internet. Too much latency in the web for the speed in which the files were copied. Had to be copied via a LAN (LOCAL access network). It was definitely an insider.

      I hope to God this blows up in their faces. I saw Krauthammer and Hayes tonight. They make my blood pressure rise more than Pelosi. The way the right has seemingly coordinated with the left and the media this weekend is hard to unnotice. Someone is giving marching orders.

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    • Tonawanda says:

      It has been discussed here and there but Sundance citing the article (printed in a leftist venue!) gives the information important impetus.

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    • DD More says:

      But please get the time line correct, not. Seth Rich was murdered under rather unusual circumstances in 2016, shortly after WikiLeaks began releasing and publishing the emails.

      On March 16, 2016 WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive for over 30 thousand emails & email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was Secretary of State.

      Conclusion 6: The initial DNC file collection activity began at approximately 2016-07-05 18:39:02 EDT and ended at 2016-07-05 18:53:17 EDT. This conclusion is supported by the observed last modified times and the earlier conclusion that the ex-filtrated files were copied to a computer located in the Eastern Time zone.
      The DNC directory was the first directory copied to its working directory.
      Shortly after that, “DNC.rar” was created.
      A series of directories (“DonorAnalysis” through “FEC”) were copied to their working directories.
      Shortly after that, the .rar files were created from those working directories.
      Approximately 7 minutes later, two more directories were copied to their working directories: “Reports for Kaine” and “Security“.

      Finally, almost 3 hours after that, the .rar files were created from those two working directories

      July 10, 2016 – Murder of Seth Rich

      Friday 22 July 2016 at 10:30am EDT, WikiLeaks released over 2 publications 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments from the top of the US Democratic National Committee

      On 9/1/2016, some of the directories that were initially collected on 7/5/2016 were copied to working directories. The working directories were zipped into .rar files that were added to the 7zip file that is the subject of this analysis.

      The .rar files and plain files that eventually end up in the “NGP VAN” 7zip file disclosed by Guccifer 2.0 on 9/13/2016 were likely first copied to a USB flash drive, which served as the source data for the final 7zip file. There is no information to determine when or where the final 7zip file was built.

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    • G. Combs says:

      From another Treeper a few weeks ago.

      Col. Pat Lang has this up at his site:
      “MEMORANDUM FOR: The President
      FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)
      SUBJECT: Was the “Russian Hack” an Inside Job?
      Executive Summary
      Forensic studies of “Russian hacking” into Democratic National Committee computers last year reveal that on July 5, 2016, data was leaked (not hacked) by a person with physical access to DNC computers, and then doctored to incriminate Russia.
      After examining metadata from the “Guccifer 2.0” July 5, 2016 intrusion into the DNC server, independent cyber investigators have concluded that an insider copied DNC data onto an external storage device, and that “telltale signs” implicating Russia were then inserted.
      Key among the findings of the independent forensic investigations is the conclusion that the DNC data was copied onto a storage device at a speed that far exceeds an Internet capability for a remote hack. Of equal importance, the forensics show that the copying and doctoring were performed on the East coast of the U.S. Thus far, mainstream media have ignored the findings of these independent studies [see here and here].
      Independent analyst Skip Folden, a retired IBM Program Manager for Information Technology US, who examined the recent forensic findings, is a co-author of this Memorandum. He has drafted a more detailed technical report titled “Cyber-Forensic Investigation of ‘Russian Hack’ and Missing Intelligence Community Disclaimers,” and sent it to the offices of the Special Counsel and the Attorney General. VIPS member William Binney, a former Technical Director at the National Security Agency, and other senior NSA “alumni” in VIPS attest to the professionalism of the independent forensic findings.
      The recent forensic studies fill in a critical gap. Why the FBI neglected to perform any independent forensics on the original “Guccifer 2.0” material remains a mystery – as does the lack of any sign that the “hand-picked analysts” from the FBI, CIA, and NSA, who wrote the “Intelligence Community Assessment” dated January 6, 2017, gave any attention to forensics.”

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  3. ROTFLMAO!!! Uh oh! THIS on national television AND supported by a “left wing” media outlet?

    I think the case has been quietly building and we are going to see some VERY INTERESTING times ahead.

    NO WONDER President Trump is under assault from every angle. TRILLIONS are at stake, and with that – P.O.W.E.R.

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    • And by the way…

      Despite all the garbage that occurred this past weekend in VA and how the uni-party united to attack President Trump with all they got, attempting to smear his image and bait him into the racism game…..

      He STILL increased the number of followers on both his Presidential and personal Twitter accounts – LOL!!

      Yeah….I would think if his image was tarnished they’d be leaving and dropping like flies.

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  4. psadie says:

    Absolute “witch hunt” so when will the special counsel be called off due to this revelation…stop wasting time and money and get behind your President! MAGA.

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  5. SR says:

    I hope someone ask question to DAG what Mueller is doing if no Russia?

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  6. Alex says:

    Sundance, thank you forbyour brilliant insight in all of your posts. There is a ton of funky stuff surrounding the Seth Rich case. From the law enforcement agencies slowing the investigation to the camera footage from body cams not being available. It’s been said that Seth Rich was alive and talking after he got shot. He died at the hospital.

    The sheer number of people who had Info on HRC and died mysteriously is mind boggling.

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  7. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    The leaker was overheard asking for Russian dressing on his salad. ;-p

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  8. Publius2016 says:

    It’s over Extreme Media…like Chinese Water torture…you continue with more and more lies…the problem: His name was Seth Rich! Who will believe you anymore? The fools on the left wanted Bernie and “Panda” loved Bernie…like President Trump said “Bernie, you could’ve been a legend…but you’re tired…go to sleep, Bernie…get some rest…”

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  9. jmbuck says:

    This is why the vilence ensued. They have lost this narrative and they needed another deflection which isn’t going to work either but, hey, trillions of dollars are at stake.

    That train left the building months ago. Trump is about to lower the boom on China, Canada, and Mexico. No stopping it now. They have lost. Violence in the streets is their next to last resort. Their last resort is unspeakable and they would rue the day.

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  10. TreeperInTraining says:

    Thanks for this, Sundance. I’ve been following Binney’s take on this for a while and after reading the article in The Nation a few days back, I have become totally convinced that my Bat$hit theory isn’t really crazy, afterall.

    I’m going to show my tinfoil slip, here…

    Seth was the leaker.

    Debbie sicced the Awans on him.

    Debbie owes them for the hit and for their silence, hence her continuing to pay them even after that were fired.

    Deb is paranoid now which explains her calling a law office using a voice changer.


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    • luke says:

      She probably used it to sound like a woman. And she would’ve gotten away with it too if she would have scrubbed her phone number…..*67 next time Deb.

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    • John says:

      Still too easy a narrative. Even though Wasserman asking for the laptop back was a tell. Really why should she really give a shit about a laptop. Send a staffer…

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      • TreeperInTraining says:

        ….and then we have Assange getting as close to outing Seth as the leaker as he could , while still saving weird journalist “source” face.

        That sealed the deal for me.

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      Voice changer didn’t change cell ID number. Too funny!

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    • Chewbarkah says:

      My prime suspects for the DNC data theft continues to be the Awans (perhaps Seth Rich was onto them). The Awans had DWS’s iPad used for her DNC communications, and her passwords. The VIPS analysis strongly implies the files were extracted directly via a thumb drive. A big question is whether DWS ever involved the Awans in DNC IT work where they had physical access. As the Awans were Debbie’s go-to IT operatives for Congressional matters, it seems likely that she would tap them for DNC work as well. If the FBI is not examining the DNC servers, their investigation is a farce.


  11. MAGADJT says:

    So what can we do to push back against all this? We are under siege on multiple fronts. Leftists have always seemed to have the upper hand with regard to controlling the narrative. One thing I think has hurt the conservative message, is that too many of our media outlets and commentators built their business on publicizing MSM news clips, quotes, and the like just so they can have something to talk about. This all makes the MSM see more powerful than they are. CNN gets a fraction of the viewers than Rush Limbaugh has listeners for instance.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      Please…President Trump is the leader of the free world…our Constitution preserves the balance of power…The date and time will be of our President’s choosing…funding violence is criminal and those responsible will be held to account.

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    • Betty says:

      “So what can we do to push back against all this? We are under siege on multiple fronts.”

      That is the truth. This weekend I became aware of something about myself. When people, even President Trump, called for National unity and for us to recognize that we are all Americans, my heart turned away. Maybe I have been told “we all need to come together” too many times. I also know that most generally I am not an outlier.

      That leaves me with very sobering thoughts, if I am not an outlier and most people are also turned off at calls to forgive and forget because “we are all Americans” what is the answer? What has united Americans in the past – wars? How heartbreaking a thought.

      What Sundance has written here must be brought home to every American – we are at war already. Such a huge amount of effort has been placed into creating this devision means it is a very powerful tool. But how to overcome it ?

      In reply to another earlier comment I started writing about my idea for a National Lottery Party (NLP) for the House of Representatives. Where every two years a candidate is drawn from party members and every member supports the ‘winner” not just for the election but through out the whole 2 years of service. Party members at home are kept constantly apprised of what is going on in the House and support the Member in Congress with research and neighborhood opinion polls to find a consensus. The Member of Congress gets a 2 year sabbatical from their ordinary life and good pay with benefits. The community gets engagement and a voice in our government.


  12. I don’t think they have an emotional attachment to Trump/Russia. I think this whole thing is about preventing Trump from warming relations with Russia.

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    • psadie says:

      The elites are so afraid of a USA/Russia alliance that tells me something is being hidden and Russia can let it out into the open. They know many things.

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      • Your Tour Guide says:

        Still think the whole thing is a life insurance policy for Soros. Discredit anything
        or anybody talking to Russia. Keeps Putin at arms length, because he’s being
        portrayed as “toxic”. Putin would probably be more then glad to take him off our
        hands, as would Poland. Too many of the elite owe money or are being blackmailed
        by Soros. IMO.

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    • Martin says:

      The entirety of the Foggy Bottom policy has, for a decade or more, been built around a proxy war with Russia. Libya for the weapons… Turkey as a go-between… Egypt as a feeder program for MB… and they thought nobody would ever find out.

      Think of all the money, the tendrils, the quid pro quos. The Left HAS to have Russia as an adversary. It’s all they know, and HRCankles was going to provide the sweetener, to boot.

      I think we’ll be shocked to learn what all was done, since the Dems were certain she was a certainty.

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  13. chicagodeplorable says:

    I found it; was on Consortium News in July. A memo was presented to PJDT so he is aware. The group was Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, (VIPS), of which Bill Binney is a member.

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  14. SR says:

    Session is not doing anything to look Hillary’s email but he can brongbthis antifa, BLM and other local group and their financers to justice . Liberal can not win argument and they are stealing PTrump economic ideas. Obama, fake msm and Soro are creating a coup army who will disrupt everything and people will vote 2018 mid term to rats.


  15. Sherlock says:

    Binney’s position is that the DNC emails were downloaded at a speed which makes it unlikely it occurred over the internet (hack) but more likely to have been doneinperson, onto a device of some sort (thumb drive, etc.). Since I’m no techie, can anybody here clue me in as to how the download speed was ascertained–is that something that appears somehow on the downloaded data itself that ended up over at wikileaks? Also, is this also the case with the Podesta stuff, or was that simply a case of a remote user accessing the server via a password that they had tricked somebody on that network into to turning over?

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    • Publius2016 says:

      There are more reasons…Seth Rich was the leaker…remember, the Obama Administration setup Guccifer 2 cover story that is the “smoking gun.”

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    • chicagodeplorable says:

      It was from metadata they looked at from Gucifer 2.0 . The article I mentioned was dated July 24, 2017.

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    • Sevenwheel says:

      When a group of files is copied, each of the new files is time-stamped with it’s creation time. So if you take the timestamp of a file and subtract the timestamp of the file that was copied before it, that tells you how long it took to copy that file. Divide the size of that file by the time it took to copy it and you get the copy speed in bytes per second. If that copy speed exceeds the speed of the network the computer is attached to then the file could not have been copied over that network. Very simple actually.

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      • Will Janoschka says:

        “When a group of files is copied, each of the new files is time-stamped with it’s creation time. So if you take the timestamp of a file and subtract the timestamp of the file that was copied before it, that tells you how long it took to copy that file. Divide the size of that file by the time it took to copy it”
        What total nonsense! the timestamp is beginning of write not last write! time/date. You seem to be some deepstate\antifa troll. Begone! Binney knows you are spoofing! The actual copy rate still proves that the copy was not via slow Internet, but local.


  16. lelanddiaz says:

    If you want to really follow this case, go to crowdsource the truth and / or George Webb on YouTube.

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  17. Publius2016 says:

    During the primaries, they shot cops in the street like rabid dogs…the Obama Administration had plans to stop the 2016 Presidential Election due to “interference”…it was the Obama Administration that attempted to hack our election in several states and they have continued to subvert our nation with continuous leaks.

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  18. bofh says:

    Binney does an absolutely awful job of presenting the information, and even Tucker can’t rescue him, although he gives it a good try. Painful to watch. Between his throat-clearing, stammering, disorganization, and general tinfoil-hat appearance, the interview was a total fail.

    The actual information that builds the case for local copying of the files (as opposed to internet transfer) is here. It gets a bit technical, but the author is pretty good about explaining it:

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  19. Bone Fish says:

    Option A: An inch at a time without stopping.
    Option B: The whole thing at once.

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  20. Ahem…

    In comment sections, and blogs across the internet, people insist President Trump, and his Administration must not be doing anything, about domestic enemies, because he has not decided to broadcast his actions to be discussed and torn about on blogs?

    Why do you presume President Trump won’t deal with his domestic foes, just like he’s dealing with the North Koreans? That is with a subtle touch, so as not to tip them off.

    That’s an odd disconnect…

    Thomas Wictor, reminds people. If there was a criminal investigation, ongoing, it wouldn’t be broadcast. Just saying. Firstly that’s good legal ethics.

    Do you want theater, or results with lasting effect?

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    • The Boss says:

      There seem to be too many theater-goers in the Tree House these days. I encourage them to follow or read Wictor and Schlicter, and avoid Drudge and Rush Limbaugh.

      Liked by 2 people

  21. waltherppk says:

    Atomic Sledge Hammer of Truth

    Liked by 5 people

  22. Look, I get everything that is being said about the DNC, the leak that wasn’t a leak, the FBI being refused access, Mr. Binneys research into it, and Mike Rodgers telling the President about it.

    But when is enough enough? We’re putting together a very complicated puzzle and it needs to be complete before things happen.
    But just because the last corner piece is lost doesn’t mean the picture isn’t ready to be shown.

    It’s time to close the special counsel down along with all the other investigations. It high time to refocus any further investigation where it belongs and drop this insanity.
    People seem to lose focus but the only physical crime was the unmasking. The one topic that never seems to be brought up or investigated.

    How long does it take to look at records and figure out who asked for the unmasking and who they did it for or who they shared it with?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      Patience. President Trump got this, in his own timing.

      I rather wait longer so they can catch the criminals and build airtight cases. These criminals have to bee locked up for a long time. Remember AG Sessions going down to Gitmo on July 7th 2017, to inspect the prison?

      Liked by 6 people

      • The Boss says:

        Agree, except prison isn’t for everybody. The gallows are waiting….


      • I know you’re right when it comes to patience.
        But isn’t it time that we change the narrative a little and get the spotlight off of President Trump and put it back where it has belonged from the beginning?

        Once that storyline changes, everything changes. The games will stop and the will of the people will become a reality.
        Trump has made sense to me for a very long time. There is a common sense attitude and his goal of putting America first has always been the way to go. Any normal person would agree. And many did.

        I want those that oppose him now from both sides to be forced into supporting him and America.
        I’ve said this before. The Trump Train is in reality, OUR Train. He’s the conductor. But make no mistake.
        America first, fair trade deals, strength of military, being the big dog in the world. That is who America is.


  23. mitrom says:

    Americans need to keep speaking up and contacting DOJ and Congress and tell them to stop the Mueller fishing expedition and witch hunt, tell Congress Republicans to support Trump or be voted out, tell them to investigate Hillary/Obama crimes, and investigate leftist hate groups Antifa and BLM.

    I have been doing this continuously. If enough people do it, it will make a difference, believe me. Don’t give up and keep fighting for what is right. I refuse to live along with my family according to the scumbag Soros, Obama, and the leftists.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. Southern Son says:

    But, but, but, Mr. Binned was Only the Technical Cal Director!
    The heads of All SEVENTEEN Intelligence Agencies say it was Trump Colluding with the Russians!!
    I have been Hopeing and Praying, that God would Bring the Sunshine.
    Now, if Enemedia would Open their Minds (Eyes), and just Report the Truth that We all have known.
    I want to see them All in Orange, to Kill this Purple Revolution!
    There should be enough Evidence to start with Oblamey.
    It IS Sedition, with a Treason topping.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. Tonawanda says:

    1) Mueller’s Russia investigation so far has ONE “FACT” which is publicly known: that Russia hacked the DNC. The hack is the essential aspect of the Russia interference issue.

    2) Therefore, Mueller CANNOT logically evade investigating the “hack”.

    3) The article cited by Sundance makes it crystal clear that Mueller can find out immediately whether the Russians hacked the DNC by asking the NSA, which has all the information necessary to make that determination.

    4) Mueller cannot drop the “hack” after he finds out it was not a hack or by Russia. When Mueller finds out, logically he will have to discover what it was if not a hack or Russian. The “hack” is too integral to the Russian investigation to not investigate.

    5) Assuming the “hack” was a leak as described by the article, Mueller logically will look into any evidence regarding who downloaded (stole?) the information from the DNC server. Following the leak will be an entire investigation in itself.

    6) Mueller will also necessarily examine the role of the company used by the DNC to falsely propagate the “hack” story, as well as the role of the FBI. Specifically, he will be interested in whether the “hack” story was a mistake or a fabrication, and who was involved in the propagation of the false Russian hack story.

    7) Without going into speculation, it is not hard to imagine the actual circumstances of an investigation into the false Russian hack story: no peril for Trump, opening Pandora’s box for the Democrats.

    Liked by 3 people

    • The Boss says:

      The ‘hack’ lie has lasted much longer than Hillary’s ‘internet video’ lie. But I doubt it will last as long as bastard-boy’s ‘like your doctor’ lie.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Truthfilter says:

      Your optimism relies heavily on the expectation that Mueller and his staff will conduct an ethical and open-minded investigation, following all leads in pursuit of truth. There is no reason to believe that any incriminating evidence against the DNC or the Swamp will even exist once Mueller’s investigation ends. In fact, it may never end. The whole purpose of the Russia investigation may very well be to provide the Swamp with an ongoing protective barrier from prosecution for as long as PDJT is POTUS. Given HRC’s destruction of evidence in recent years, Sessions’ strange recusal, and the numerous Clinton lawyers on Mueller’s team, there is no reason to assume that justice will be served. Russia has always tried to interfere with our elections and yet no special counsel or investigation has ever taken place before now. Why? The Russia narrative is more than an attempt to destroy PDJT. It is a ruse to keep the corruption of Obama, Clintons, and the Uniparty hidden from PDJT and the American people. I sincerely hope I’m wrong but I don’t see a way to be optimistic about this.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Tonawanda says:

        I understand what you say completely.

        However, I was not being optimistic. That is why I used the word “logically” to describe what was required of Mueller.

        Plus, I really do not know much to be optimistic or pessimistic, and such as we do know can cut two ways.

        I understand your misgivings, absolutely.

        Against those, there is the utter reality of what Mueller is investigating, or supposed to be investigating.

        Yes, prosecutions can be manipulated and steered, but Mueller still has to deal with the facts, and also with lawyers not all of whom are shills, secret agents, and political hacks.


    • jimsung says:

      Reference (06). Are you sure he’ll investigate? The CEO of CrowdStrike worked directly for Mueller until they both resigned from the FBI in early 2012. (Take a look at CrowdStrike’s website. Google the CrowdStrike CEO standing by Holder while working for the FBI.) I think CrowdStrike was used as a proxy for the corrupt Comey/FBI. This is why the FBI really didn’t want to take a look themselves. Their people may have had a little too much ethics for the job. *When people talk about the ethics violation of Mueller investigating Comey, they need to also mention Mueller’s ethics violation of investing the DNC server and CrowdStrike’s role in that. That would basically make Mueller completely unable to do the assigned job.


  26. georgiafl says:

    William Binney is said to be one of the best ever NSA analysts –


    • RAC says:

      Good guys are pure gold, if they could be brought out of retirement at half the workload and double the pay they’d still be a bargain.


  27. jeans2nd says:

    9 Mar 2017

    there is more


  28. Tim Banis says:

    We’ve all known this but now confirmed by Binney. Question is, how do we get the Left to acknowledge it?


    • stillers213 says:

      We don’t need the left to acknowledge anything until the investigation is complete. Patience as Mueller will bring down the corrupt Uniparty and the leakers. Ask yourself this question…Why is there little to no push back from our President on Mueller’s investigation? President Trump knew exactly where the leak came from long ago and is letting this play out. Mueller is on our side. This is a brilliant guise by President Trump that was built when he learned of the uniparty/deep state shenanigans to bring him down. Don’t forget, there are good guys in our intelligence agencies as well and I’m sure more than one have delivered some truth about this fake Russian narrative to Trump or folks in his administration. There is only so much you can hide between November and January. Remember the meeting Oblowhole had with a bunch of dims during the transition?


      • Bob Thoms says:

        “…Mueller will bring down the corrupt Uniparty and the leakers..”



        • stillers213 says:

          He will have no choice as it is where his investigation is leading. The DNC hack was an inside job, the tarmac meeting and cover-up, DWS and Awan brothers. The wording in the letter of appointment allows for the investigation to take this path. Patience as more swamp creatures are drawn out from under their slimy rocks.


          • deqwik2 says:

            Don’t forget the Trump dossier. I read that the lawsuit in Florida was asking for British spy Steele to testify but he may plead the 5th. The article mentioned that the Mueller investigation may have an impact on Steele’s decision. (I don’t know if that’s truth or the writer’s opinion about Mueller having an impact ).

            Liked by 1 person

    • Old Lady says:

      When we see Comey, Hillary, Lynch, Huma, et al in handcuffs before thousands of flashing cameras being shoved into vehicles headed to the slammer, as we SHOULD. They will have to report on it at least.


  29. Frank says:

    If you are looking for a real American hero, Bill Binney is it. Going back several years, Mr. Binney has given several long interviews on Alex Jones Show; and, going way back, initiated the revelation of the Uniparty/DeepState’s crushing our personal privacy.

    If you research the life and career of Bill Binney, you may find it humbling, as I have. He’s the real deal – Superman in street clothes.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. DeWalt says:

    I think in some ways, people are setting expectations too high. When have you ever seen these never ending investigations bare fruit. It’s called running out the clock and creating diversions.
    By the time the investigator comes to any conclusions he will have only uncovered more scandal to be investigated. Maybe some low level staffer to old to do prison time will be indicted and tried. Most the players will be in nursing homes ( look at their ages!).
    The real battle is what Sundance is trying to explain, this is the true battle for the ages and it involves people and players we have yet to hear of and the winner will weild the power. It’s the People vs the globalist. This we must fight. Let the rest collect their pensions.


  31. Bob Thoms says:

    We need a Sessions Countdown Clock…..days of AG Sessions without a perp walk or indictment of a Swamp Dweller.

    Sessions was sworn in on Feb 9th….today is 187 days !


  32. ditzee58 says:

    Julian Assange has said from the very beginning that the emails were leaked and that Russia had nothing to do with it. Binney said this last November! Good job Tucker on your “news”.

    Geez, a year later, tons of money spent on a stupid investigation, having to hear and read ad nauseam about Trump/Russia – what in hell have the investigators doing behind doors all this time? There should be a statute about willfully wasting taxpayers’ money.


  33. n1ghtcr4wler says:

    I guess the NSA is too busy bugging Trump tower


  34. Mike Lashewitz says:

    Some really interesting comments, many relying on the 2018 elections.
    HOWEVER will we bear witness to what happened in Britain, happening here?

    Will voters once again sit on their fat butts like the did for decades before President Trump? Or will the Silent Majority wake up even more and show the left and the dipoccrats (same same) their regimes are at an end?

    If you want to have a major victory then also force the fake news Globalist owned media to close their propaganda spewing doors forever. At the same time ENSURE you do not support bogus propaganda on your own.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. jeans2nd says:

    Jack Thomas Tomarchio, speaking on Politics, Hacking, & the New Russia at The Institute of World Politics, Graduate School of National Security and International Affairs, 18 Jul 2017.

    Col (Ret, 2010) JAG, 82nd AB, Bush Admin, Romney Nat Sec Team
    BA cum laude Penn State, JD Vermont Law School, MA Gov’t Admin’n U of Penn, MA Strategic Studies Army War College, native of Philadelphia
    Currently Principal, Agoge Group, LLC (international & strategic advisory firm)
    2005 appointed first Principal Deputy Asst Sec for Homeland Security
    2007 Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Intelligence & Analysis Operations, Homeland Security

    This gentleman gives a talk, plus Q & A, on the 2016 Russian “hacking” of the U.S. election. The gentleman makes an extremely convincing case that Russia did, indeed, hack the DNC servers, as well as other servers/puters, from early 2015 to 2016.

    The gentleman’s case is identical to that already given by the Obama CIA, FBI, and NSA, that is, it is based on prior observed and documented behavior by both Russian intelligence services and Russian criminal elements. At no time is there any documented evidence given that ties the Russian “hacks” of the DNC server to Wikileaks. In fact, there is, again, no evidence presented at all. The enire presentation is based on circumstantial evidence and “trust me I’m highly educated and have a whole bunch of impressive titles and experience.”

    Funny that, b/c in a talk given at this same institute by Charles (Sam) Faddis, 7 Sep 2017 on Terrorism, Human Intelligence, and Homeland Security, Mr. Faddis says quite plainly (paraphrased) “trust no one, especially in this field.”

    Mr. Faddis is a CIA Case Operations Officer (Ret), part of the lead team searching for WMD in Iraq prior to 2003 Iraq invasion, then point for WMD program CIA Counterterrorism Center.

    It seems quite possible, imo, that both scenarios are correct for the Russian “hacking” of the DNC servers, that is, the Russians did, indeed, “hack” the DNC servers (and a whole lotta other servers), but the Wikileaks emails of Clinton and Podesta were from local leaks. Iow, the two events are correct but not connected. imo

    Observation – Mr. Faddis is a hands-on, really-was-there-and-did-that, guy. Mr. Faddis’ stories about “what really happened” for certain specific events are true, imo. Mr. Faddis has some excellent critiques and suggestions for improving the intelligence community. Pres Trump/Gen McMasters would be well-served to listen to Mr. Faddis. imo
    Mr. Faddis’ talk and Q & A is well worth the time to listen.
    Mr. Faddis

    Mr. Tomarchio

    Btw, John Podesta said there were two “hacks” into the DNC servers
    Seth Rich, and the Awan Islamic Mafia. imo



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