President Trump MAGA Rally – Huntington West Virginia – 7:00pm Livestream…

Tonight President Donald Trump travels to Huntington West Virginia for a “Make America Great Again” MAGA Rally at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena.  President Trump is anticipated to speak at 7:00pm with pre-speech speakers earlier.

UPDATE: Video Added

RSBN LivestreamAlternate Livestream #1Alternate Livestream #2


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552 Responses to President Trump MAGA Rally – Huntington West Virginia – 7:00pm Livestream…

  1. I’m listening,, I’m late….
    Listening AND watching “Big Jim” ….
    I’m going to give My honest opinion…
    He was under “pressure”..
    AND He is under the Influence of Drugs…
    It Shows.. I listened loosely..
    He is under the influence of heavy duty Opioid Meds..
    I’m STICKING to that..


  2. Bryan Masson says:

    Maybe I missed something and maybe I’m wrong, but, my frustration is growing with the president’s seemingly refusal to address directly the swamp in the Republican Party.

    They are the real enemy and they are screwing him/us with a smile on their faces.

    We know the Democrats are going to obstruct no matter what, but these evil rats are the ones blocking the agenda, with the O Care disaster being a tragic example.

    McCain’s vote was directly spitting in the eyes of millions of suffering Americans just for spite.

    I’m positive the President knows this, but I think it’s really time to ditch the generalities and go for the jugular here.

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    • Owlen Rose says:

      Gee, I guess you have a better handle on this than our President, I should have voted for you. What was I thinking?

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      • Bryan Masson says:

        Geez, being nasty is really not necessary is it? I’ve been reading this blog for a year and I love it and the wisdom Sundance imparts.

        It can be intimidating to post here on this site because of people like you. I figured that the first time I posted something that was bothering me, someone would come along and get nasty.

        It keeps people from outwardly joining y’all. If I wanted snitty comments, I’d post on Breitbart.

        We need as many as possible to join in this fight, so, perhaps a more welcoming attitude?

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        • Owlen Rose says:

          I shouldn’t have voted for you for President?


        • Sayit2016 says:

          We are ALL in this together and it will be a fight to the death….make no mistake on that- parasites want to cling to the host…Rome was not built in a day and The Swamp will not be drained over night….I wish things did work that way…..but Trump has been in office for a mere 6 months..he deserves a lot of credit for what he has done so far….I think we all need to be a but more patient….I smile sometimes at the intensity of comments here because I realize at the root of the matter we ALL want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN NOW !! ; )

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    • big bad mike says:

      Did you even bother to watch the rally? All the things you said he should do ,- he did. Sundance, please call out these Soros trolls.


    • Sayit2016 says:

      In the speech he took it right to the GOP on the Obamacare vote…7 years and then they have the nerve to vote no ? He is telling the PEOPLE CALL tell you Senator to repeal and replace.. If is unfair to expect Trump to do ALL of the heavy lifting. l There is a lot of discussion on the merits on that vote– we shall see…

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  3. The Boss says:

    Is this a real twitter account?


  4. Piper says:

    Jim Carey is supposedly riddled with STDs and infected others without telling them, causing one to commit suicide- he should keep his disease ridden mouth closed- for the good of society…

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  5. budmc says:

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  6. Left_at_Dunkirk says:

    I celebrated the rally by going to the donaldjtrump web site and buying two t-shirts and a “Drain the Swamp” bumper sticker.


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    • Bryan Masson says:

      Cool, I’m going to check it out. Imagine if hundreds of thousands of folks are donning the shirts! Perfect time for it to happen since the swamp is getting “swampier.”

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    • Piper says:

      That’s great! I bought the long sleeve t with the presidential seal this morning.
      Time to stock up, all my apparel from the campaign is getting worn out looking because I wear it so much!
      Love that I can contribute directly to Trump also.

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  7. waltherppk says:


    • waltherppk says:

      Message to the people who aren’t aboard the Trump train …….

      All you “masterminds” go ahead and do what you think is smart,
      and see how that works out for you.

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  8. mot2grls says:

    Wow I could not be prouder to have supported and voted for this President. This speech was fantastic and well- received. He was truly on fire. He was disciplined and stayed on message. He took the Russia story head on. Notice not one mention of fake news. Good President Trump! You are so far above that. We know what the truth is and how insignificant they are. Thank you Sir! I stand with you! MAGA🇺🇸


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  9. waltherppk says:

    The present White House has a weekly Bible study, revival of a practice that hasn’t occurred in more than a hundred years

    Once a week, about a dozen or so Cabinet members and other prominent officials in President Donald Trump’s administration attend a group Bible study led by Ralph Drollinger, founder of Capitol Ministries, according to the Christian Broadcasting Network.

    Among those who regularly attend are Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Agriculture Secretary Sunny Perdue and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. Vice President Mike Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions also attend, according to the report, whenever their busy schedules allow.

    Pence, along with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, sponsors the group.

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  10. waltherppk says:

    There are so many “masterminds” in this world who think it is “smart” somehow,
    to trifle with this good man …..
    (and every one of them are the worst kind of damn dangerous fools headed for a reckoning)

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  11. brybaby59 says:

    Ok, to say I’m a “Soros troll” and a “mastermind” just for expressing irritation is beyond the pale. Everyday I “preach” Trump to doubters and like many of you guys, I have lost friends because of it I have lived and breathed this for two or more years like many of you. It’s a roller coaster and sometimes it’s hard.

    I am on this blog on and off all day. I love and admire this President, but sometimes the fight just wipes me out. So it would be nice if this was “The Last Refuge” Somewhere to go not only when you’re feeling great about everything, but also when you’re doubtful or angry.

    But it seems there are quite a few here that just want to be judgemental jerks, jumping to conclusions about someone they know nothing of, from one blog entry, behaving like kids in a clique.

    I see you all lifting each other up all the time, but evidently that kindness is not extended to a newcomer, unless He says exactly what you wish.

    It took me a long time to get the nerve to post something a little more substantial. I shouldn’t have done it. You guys really should think about how you treat strangers on here, even if they are wrong. I’ve seen you gang up on people before. It’s really disappointing. You’re never going to make any “converts” if people come here searching for truth and they get hammered.

    And, for those quoting the scripture with this self righteous pomposity….spare me. I’m a Christian and have been a music minister my entire life. I’m not perfect, but I strive to serve God and others the best I can.

    I probably sound like I’m overreacting, but these are times like none other and people feel intensely, I know. And people need to find others to lean on even when they disagree.

    I’m really sorry that I came from out of the shadows to try and join you guys. I know you’re not all the way I described, There are intelligent and kind people here but, I’ve been watching and reading a long time and I see the way some behave.

    If you want the “train” to acquire more passengers, some of you need a change of heart. Nobody’s going to ride with ugly behaving people.

    And, for the record, Sundance is probably the wisest and the most brilliantl blogger out there. I’ve learned a ton and it’s helped a bunch in the fight.

    I’m definitely going back in the shadows.

    Take care, folks.

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    • hippielouie says:

      agree…i too mostly lurk


    • Lin Rei says:

      It takes courage to make that first post in social media. Congrats.

      Please don’t let any one person’s reply have the power to put you off from what you get from this site.

      I don’t do social media for the most part. One of the first times I tried was on another pro-Trump site maybe mid-campaign last year. –the experience was like receiving a bucket of cold water — the world of social media has its own surprising rules. It sometimes reminds me of the worst of junior high behavior.

      So I’ve retreated to CTH. Thankfully, most people here, those in the shadows and those who participate are usually respectful of differences of outlook. And yours was hardly a troll comment! Far from it.

      Yes, I cringe when I read unkind comments or read someone saying they hope one of our political opponent dies a horrible death…. That behavior mirrors one of the things that I dislike about the Left, the rigid PC enforcement. With emotions so high these days, I hope the MAGA movement and CTH doesn’t ever, ever tilt over into a mirror version of the Left’s ugly PC enforcement.

      Also, be patient in waiting for more replies to your comments as they were made late night (for East Coast) so not many people were up to read or respond. Hopefully others, who missed the rally, will check in during the day and you’ll get some additional positive replies.

      Social media takes tough skin. Mine hasn’t grown in fully yet, so I mostly stay in the shadows too. Stay strong and proud and MAGA!


    • gogogopher says:

      I’ve been too busy to read here the last couple days, but want you to know how much I appreciate your post. I too posted something here a month or so ago and got the tar and feather treatment. I just can’t believe that these ‘tolerant’ people can be so quick to judge. So snarky and quick ‘tell’ Sundance or someone to block the post. Unbelievable. I’ve been reading since Trayvon, and it seems the ones that are so snippy are names I have seen only recently. So who are the Soros trolls?


  12. brybaby59 says:

    And for some reason my Word Press account engaged. I’m not a troll sneaking in under multiple identities to spread doubt amongst the faithful. I am Bryan Masson, AKA, brybaby.


  13. WVPatriot says:

    I attended the President Donald J. Trump rally this evening in Huntington, WV. The rally was electrifying!!!.

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    • LULU says:

      We watched on TV. It was indeed electrifying. His speech was perhaps his best ever and the crowd was with him all the way. We were glad we were able to watch. Fortunate you to be there!


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