White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci Fired…

According to most reports and intellectually honest reviews, Anthony Scaramucci was fired today as White House Communications Director because the new Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, wanted more rigid “unidirectional” controls.


It will be interesting to see who might be considered as a replacement White House Communications Director.  One thought below:

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525 Responses to White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci Fired…

  1. Mike Watson says:

    What goes around, comes around.


  2. sunnydaze says:

    Seen several comments about a NYT gaff after the first one. What happened there? Missed that, apparently.

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  3. Curry Worsham says:

    But look at the baggage Corey brings in with him. 🙂

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  4. Donna in Oregon says:

    After reading about the China/North Korea/Russia (and coming soon Iran/Palestinian) conflicts; perhaps it is best that President Trump has a battle ready CoS with General Kelly.

    White House messaging been laissez faire and sloppy under the GOP led CoS & WH Communications team. In the heated rhetoric that will come at the White House from these conflicts the WH must be disciplined, with no leaks for protection and safety.

    Elimination of the political games of the first six months will be a welcome change.

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  5. Scotty19541 says:

    Good-bye Anthony …. we hardly knew ya! I really hate to see Scaramucci go …. I really liked him but I defer, of course, to Kelly’s decision. PLEASE remember tho …. Kelly would NOT be where he is if it wasn’t for the Mooch!! Whether this was all planned (and I do not put that past PDJT and his team) or if Kelly just didn’t want the distraction of Scaramucci only time will tell. If Scaramucci reappears at some point then this was all orchestrated. Or, the Mooch was planning on selling his business and told PDJT …. I have a couple of open weeks if you need some heavy lifting done!

    The bottom line is Preibus is GONE …. and THAT I feel is a VERY GOOD thing for President Trump! God Bless President Donald J. Trump and GO!!! General Kelly!!!

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  6. Not to go all 4d chess but… Mooch had zero experience in communications and could have been on a mission to take out priebus and cause chaos so that Kelly could restore order by “firing” him.

    If not you simply gotta go for being a comm director and being caught on the record blasting the chief strategist in the manner in which he did. Not only that, but it is quite likely he did not want to report to the General.

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    • PatriotGalNC says:

      Mooch was a “place-holder”, I am thinking…

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    • Jackson says:

      Or, the simple answer. Trump’s White House is seriously out of control. Everyone is puttimg this on Kelly. Bannon is the one he insulted, and now he’s gone. Bannon might be “just a guy who works for me”, but Trump was wondering how he was going to win pre_Bannon.


  7. klinowskiv says:

    Be funmy if Priebus was mamed communications director.

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  8. Albertus Magnus says:

    For the life of me, it seems lots of people here always want PDJT to simply make in-your-face decisions. He is a SUCCESSFUL businessman and didn’t get his success by acting RIDICULOUS.

    A Communications Director is NOT the Press Secretary. We have a GREAT PS in Sarah. Smooch made the story about HIMSELF and NO CD has any business doing that.

    He needs to find someone for the CD position who IS CONTENT TO STAY BEHIND THE SCENES but who is aggressive and direct (not confrontational) when getting the PRESIDENT’S Agenda out.


    PDJT needs a good person who gets the media, who has NO AGENDA, not even MAGA, but only whatever PDJT wants him to do. Steve Bannon is MAGA but he is also Make Bannon Great Again as well. That’s fine, but not in a CD.

    Please guys THINK and not think that every single person that PDJT has to be a flame-thrower. When you have a Rocky in the ring, you want him surrounded by people who are content to support HIS fight and aren’t looking for the limelight.

    It really isn’t that hard. Kelly is going to handle all this and put people in wherever who serve the PDJT Administration and MAGA as a team.


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  9. Jim Rogers says:

    No man has ever assumed the presidency with such a massive army of politicians, media and envious billionaires arrayed against him! A politician would have been overwhelmed before his inauguration ~ thankfully DJT is NOT a politician! He’s a leader, now ridding himself of the political chaff that he had to include in the first months of his presidency! He’s now surrounding himself with leaders themselves, who will follow his lead! So will I!!! Lead on, DJT ~ damn the RINO’s ~ full-speed-ahead…..

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  10. mamajen says:

    When I heard the situation about Scaramucci’s wife and that he allegedly did not visit his premature baby immediately, I had a feeling that would be the last straw. The salty language was somewhat embarrassing, but President Trump is a family man, and I didn’t think he would want someone who was willing to leave his wife and child in the lurch to work in Washington. I do not know the whole story, of course, but it does not sound very honorable of him. Not to mention, I don’t see how he could do a great job while embroiled in a divorce…maybe that even had to do with his outburst with the reporter. It’s a shame because he otherwise seemed like he would be great at the job.

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    • Wisc says:

      He was likely under a lot of stress, but he answered Trump’s call when asked, which is honorable in its own way. There’s more to all of this than the public could possibly know, yet that doesn’t stop us from judging. Speculation by the inflammatory media is hardly charitable, esp when it involves the Trump Admin. Let’s hope that he settles his affairs and returns to public service in some capacity, if that’s his calling. Wishing him well!


  11. Trump is the cat’s pjs.

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  12. Bruce says:

    Great job of misdirection by DJT. Lots of trolls on this site, pimples on the butt. Mooch had a history of liberal progressive alliances. I wondered at the time of his employment wasn’t just kabuki theater. He just couldn’t bear the strain. Everything is normal, rats are squealing louder and louder. Head em up, move em out. Keep them doggies movin. Rollin rollin rollin……

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    • Albertus Magnus says:

      I agree. I doubt he thought he was the right man for the job on a longterm basis.

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    • Paper Cranes says:

      I posted something earlier regarding this: Why misdirect about this? That makes no sense. There’s no need for kabuki theater here. Trump has full authority and power to hire and fire whomever he wants on his own staff, and he’s (clearly) not scared to do it!!!

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  13. trapper says:

    The thought that keeps coming to mind is that Luca Brasi is a master at solving particularly vexing problems in a very specific way. Once his work is completed, you don’t make him your PR guy. You save him away out of sight for the next time his skills are needed. Loyalty.

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  14. HMelville says:

    Corey is an effective surrogate but he’s too hot tempered and openly combative with the media. He could end up like Scaramucci but not by stupidly leaking WH gossip and uttering profanities to a CNN contributor but by losing his cool in other ways. The Dem media are experts at goading and finding a Trump official’s hot buttons and they press these buttons at every opportunity.
    Trump has to only hire people that can efficiently deal with the jackals and remain calm so he/she doesn’t fall into media bear traps and rant and rave.

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    • georgiafl says:

      In that case, Kellyanne Conway may be the best at doing that job. She’s the coolest head in the group. She’s also a very sharp mind, lawyer, an experienced and talented pollster and knows what floats with the Trump base.

      Corey may continue as a surrogate – and he’s very good at holding his temper for the 5-10 minutes and staying on message.

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      • Marc says:

        KAC is tainted by the DC Uniparty swamp. She doesn’t have a MAGA spirit in her heart. You can tell listening to her that she doesn’t believe the fight she’s in. That’s at least how I see it.


  15. Convert says:

    Have you seen Kristol and Goldberg’s tweets about this today??@$_&😣 continuing to reveal themselves to not only not be conservative supporters of Republican ideals BUT TO BE ON THE SAME LEVEL AS MAXINE WATERS!! just wow….

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  16. GoldenReT says:

    Hi all –
    Along with some others I was initially impressed with Scaramucci’s ability to speak to the issues and firmly but politely stand up to the MSM.
    Then, within days, he violated what I see as one of the cardinal rules of media relations – you must always assume that anything you say to a reporter will end up in the public arena. In the communications profession, reporters are never your friends, pals, buddies, chums! (although this may not currently apply if you are a Democrat or Liberal. Sigh!). As the days passed I could see Scaramucci being someone who would often have to backtrack on, clarify, or apologize for his remarks. No can do as White House Communications Director.
    Unfortunate turn of events all round. Hopefully West Wing will Keep Calm and Carry On.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

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  17. Keln says:

    Well, it certainly brought an angry Cernovich out of the woodwork. That’s at least a positive in my book. I’ve been saying that guy is a hack for a while. Now maybe some folks will stop listening to him so much.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      I want to like the guy…but his mercurial nature makes that hard to do.

      He was a valiant fighter for our Candidate Trump, and I will always be grateful to him for that.
      But since then, I dunno…it seems like he’s been trying to cash in on it.

      I still don’t know what to make of him.
      It’s like he’s created a beast with his ‘following’ and now sometimes resorts to clickbait to feed that beast.

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      • Tonawanda says:

        Cernovich is a young man lacking sound judgment.

        His wild ambition makes him foolish and unreliable.

        Before the internet his imprudence would be checked by reality.

        Now he is (IMO) undermining his own future and ironically tainting his stated political goals.

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      • Keln says:

        Guy reminds me of a typical “dude bro”. Slams creatine in the morning, spends half the day at the gym, measures his “T levels” every chance he gets and is a general a-hole towards anyone he feels he can tower over. Mix in an over-the-top motivational speaker, and you have Cernovich.

        I get the whole backlash against feminism that guys like Cernovich represent, but he seems to do so at the expense of the whole “gentleman” part of it. And if something bugs him, he goes off all half-cocked and doesn’t try and think it through first. Which inevitably causes him to say nearly the opposite at a later date sometimes.

        That’s just my sense of the man, and a lot of it might be based on a bit of acting on his part, but I haven’t found much value in listening to him other than the occasional good tweet or somesuch.

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    • You may be right. The self promotion is annoying, and Julian Assange just tweeted about him in a positive manner. 😔


      • Keln says:

        I don’t take Assange’s tweets as positive or negative. He just points things out a lot. I’m still fairly convinced that Assange is a left-of-center libertarian type, probably a fan of “the pirate party”, and no big fan of Trump or conservative ideology in general.

        The only thing he does seem to stick to, no matter what, is the truth and revealing the truth. For that reason alone I respect him. I doubt he and I would see eye to eye on politics though.

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  18. Sedanka says:

    Click through and read Wictor’s entire thread of comments:

    He hasn’t been wrong yet.

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  19. Nigella says:

    So possibly Kelly Ann? What do you all think?

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  20. gary says:

    Gee, Scaramucci didn’t last long. Maybe Trump used him to get rid of Prebius and Spicer, and a few staffers that couldn’t deal with Scaramucci.

    New Chief of Staff seems like a stern, hard-hitter, and it will be interesting how Trump works with him and the staff.

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  21. Bekah Lyons says:

    I never bought the narrative that the Mooch went off half cocked talking to reporter. This was all set up from the jump. Trump Administration needed to flush out leaker’s asap. Think about it , the mooch is worth 80 million plus , has been a TV contributor , and was part of Trump campaign. He is not new to conducting effective and productive executive management nor professional decorum. Like him or not the mooch is not dumb. The way I read this is as follows : Following the leak about the pardon conversation ,Trump faced the glaring possibility that his very inner circle were leaking He bristled publicly on Sessions , and also Spicer and Prebieus . Suddenly , Mooch appears and Spicer walks ( shown door ), his underling walks in mooch’s first meeting with staff( shown door ) and within 3 days mooch is contacting a reporter to vent? Does that sound plausible? Remember when Rush L . used colorful language about Sandra Fluke to force media to address free contraception in ACA? Mooch knew his convo would go public and that the reporter would focus on profanity laced palace duels. He was ready to call into Cumo on Cnn while the reporter was live with the story and in doing so the reporter had to review whole conversation . This is when the world and Preibus found out that .Both Trump and I have the digital footprint we know who is leaking .” Thursday , Trump ( shows Rience the door on a plane) and we here nada , not a peep, no leak of this until Trump tweets on Friday . Classic triangulation , Reince was a major leaker and he got caught red handed. He was instructed if you take the high road and do not attempt to shiv us in the back by disclosing your inner knowledge of our Administration any further , we will refrain from outing you to all Americans as a primary leaker. Mooch;s days were alway numbered he was a relief pitcher ,and maybe 2 weeks maybe 3 mos , he was always just passing through. He completed the task he was set up to perform.

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    • Larry Bucar says:

      100% agree


    • keebler AC ovfefe says:

      Libs are gloating over Scaramucci only working 11 days, but he accomplished a lot in those few days! Kelly is now in, thanks to Scaramucci, and will take it from here as COS to finish more swamp cleaning I hope!


    • Curry Worsham says:

      Excellent theory. Quite plausible. I would add that the pardon leak may have been the canary trap that caught a Priebus.


  22. somaspecialist says:

    I’ll take Corey any day of the week. I liked Scramucci but that interview he did was STUPID….probably why General Kelly let him go.

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  23. keebler AC ovfefe says:

    I took SD’s message to mean either Lewandowski or Scaramucci would be rehired again but under different circumstances better suited to their skills set. Let’s not forget, in only 11 days, Scaramucci accomplished a lot too! Let’s let those gloating libs have it on twitter back! I don’t think Trump was likely to let Schmucci go so quickly but he wasn’t agreeing to report to Kelly after having got rid of Priebus and so resigned. To Schmucci’s credit, he accepted because he realized he didn’t start at the gates well and he wants MAGA for the country. I honestly don’t think Schmucci wanted to work under Kelly, they didn’t mix well.

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  24. G. Combs says:

    I think Scaramucci was brought in to be the 2X4 upside the head of the mulish media as well as to get rid of Rinse Pubis.

    Those in business use hired guns to shake things up and I think that is exactly what Scaramucci was. A short term hired gun.

    I must say this has been the most entertaining presidency I have ever lived through. 😁

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  25. Pam says:

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  26. Ziiggii says:

    Smooch did his job – he ruffled enough feathers to out the leaker….. ie Mooch got Rinse My Prius!

    Back to the ExIm Bank and I’m sure secret meetings with The Don when needed.

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  27. Wisc says:

    Scaramucci had a lot on his plate. He served when called, despite personal issues that began long before Pres Trump hired him. “Scaramucci Insiders: Papa Mooch Deserves Our Sympathy”http://dailycaller.com/2017/07/31/scaramucci-insiders-papa-mooch-deserves-our-sympathy/?utm_campaign=atdailycaller&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social


  28. MfM says:

    If Katrina is correct who fired him? Kelly hadn’t been sworn in.

    Then again he hadn’t been sworn in either. Does that mean Scaramucci doesn’t have to abide by the lobbying promise?


  29. millwright says:

    Yes, Mr. Scaramucci has a lot on his plate, but he should have learned from the sparrow’s mistake !


  30. MVW says:

    How did Trump run hundreds of companies? He had to have John Kelly’s to handle them. Then he worked on the deals, China, healthcare, taxes.

    The key parts of Trump’s administration is solid. Financial, foreign and domestic security, diplomatic, Trump is good with messaging, but it would have been nice to have someone as smart as him to run that. I have no idea nor do I care what the real story is with Scaramucci, but Sean just was not getting the job done – but what do I know… it’s Trump’s business.

    Kelly will have the running of the administration organized and information flow handled.

    I listened briefly to a bunch of smoke blowers on a cable network and there was no perspective. Trump’s team is masterfully handling the big, hard issues. To wit, GDP up bigly, national debt actually down, trade changes in motion, diplomacy, and does anyone notice, no new wars or huge expensive military adventures. Sanity, competence, focus, results, and now someone to replace the chief of staff placeholder, Priebus.

    Perhaps this is phase 2, a normal smooth running staff and staff manager. Now it is starting to look like a Trump organization.

    Legislative forward motion is a work in progress that is heading towards a midterm election corrective solution, and Priebus may be moving in the direction to assist with that. Kellyanne too may be working on that. Notice the fund raising?

    So, there is a reason I don’t waste my time on any network shows, pure crap. Chaos? Only in the imagination of the drama queen media.


  31. fangdog says:

    Scaramucci reminds me of that show; “King for a Day”.


  32. waicool says:

    TIL occams razor is nothing like quantum dimensional chess.


  33. Donna in Oregon says:

    I appreciate anyone willing to help America. I don’t understand what happened but I thank him for his service. Divorce is a hard thing.

    Mr. Scaramucci, “Una candela non perde nulla illuminando un’altra candela”. Thank you sir 🙂


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