Reince Priebus Interview With Fox News Sean Hannity…

Former White House Chief-of-Staff Reince Priebus was interviewed by Sean Hannity earlier tonight to discuss his feelings about being voluntarily resigned.

…”Paul still likes us.” … “Yeah. Remember when we used to like Fridays?” …

…” Well, if there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever” … “And we’ll always have Paris”…

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260 Responses to Reince Priebus Interview With Fox News Sean Hannity…

  1. Lee says:

    Does anyone remember who Obama’s people were those first few years? Other than the really bad ones, did the media breathlessly follow this kind of stuff for him? No they were too busy worshiping him, and Valarie Jarret. I have normal friends who do not pay attention to this stuff and they think liberals are nuts, (and they voted for Obama). They are happy with PT and think he is getting a raw deal in the media. But they tune it out. It is a relief to know some people who do not follow CNN and trust the news. They have never been solid dems, or republicans. I have never asked them what they are registered as. Their 18 year old son is all in for Trump, which has been amazing to see. My friend said he talks to them about how bad the media is. The young people I know are not bleeding liberals and very distrustful of the mainstream media. Take hope on those from the street observations. BTW, I live in a liberal posh town near SF, so this is a crazy liberal area. They young people may save us yet in the future. My own kids, ( just out of college), told me they have never seen a good economy and they both just got raises and are feeling better since PT was elected.

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  2. OK, guys, riddle me this: Why are so many people clutching pearls regarding who is reporting directly to our “CEO?” IMO, HE will decide who reports to him and who will go through Kelly. I just don’t get it. Kelly works for PDJT, not the other way around. (side note: if any of you caught FNC Special Report with the now very discredited Bret Baier who know the genesis of my question)

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    • KBR says:

      I missed that, b/c I don’t like Bret Baier and therfore do not watch him. Thanks though. Good to know where that garbage is coming from though: Bret and al.

      I agree: The CEO decides, the rest abide. Like it or lump it!

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    • Real people couldn’t care care less.. The media and politicos are just talking amongst themselves. They have forgotten about viewers.

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      • KBR says:

        Their opinions of most viewers were expressed over and again during the campaign of 2016: “uneducated” and “trailer trash” etc etc ad infinitum. Of course they were mostly quoting their own colleagues, with whom they agreed.

        No reason to believe they care now about what the people care about.

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    • redleg: I get it and happened to see Baier’s spew, which was absurd!
      Pres. Trump is in charge; he will handle his staff according to his desires, not that of any pundit or politician who has worked in the WH in past administrations.
      Seriously, this kind of gossipy, snarky, BS is not news reporting, newsworthy, or journalism.
      Meanwhile, NK is firing off more test missiles and some speculate much of the USA is vulnerable.
      It’s clear where the priorities of the LYIN’MSM, progressive left, Trump haters and swamp critters lie.

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    • pac7071 says:

      Don’t like Bret baier at all…used to…but his performance at the debates with kelly, soured me and no longer watch him.

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    • mikeyboo says:

      Oh redlegleader68, what are we do with you? You insist on being sensible!

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  3. vrajavala says:

    Reince is French for “king”. Unfortunately, he is way too close to the treasonous GOOP( no, that wasn’t a typo)
    Plus he’s a politician.
    Drain the toilet!!

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    • TimeIsNow says:

      Nope, Roy is French for “king”, and Le Roy is French for “the king.”

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    • chbailey says:

      Now that you mention it, the meaning of this name is interesting, a very nice name to have. Reince short for Reinhold and it turns out to have kingly qualities.
      Wikipedia – Reinhold is a German, Scandinavian surname and male given name.[1] This Germanic name is composed of two elements: the first is from ragin, meaning “counsel”, “power” and wald meaning “ruler”. The second element having been reinterpreted as hold meaning “dear”, “beloved” in the 16th century.[2]
      This name was brought to the British Isles by Viking conquerors, in the form of the Old Norse Rögnvaldr. In the 11th century, the Normans further established this name as Reinald and Reynaud.[3] There are other spelling variations of this surname, but all have the same etymological Germanic origin.

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      • I thought “wald” meant forest in German. Unless it comes from Vlad, pronounced Vold, but spelled Wold, which came from names of early Viking rulers of Central Europe and Russia.

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        • chbailey says:

          I have the same experience with Wikipedia. Wikipedia has some errors and on some topics the information is downright biased. I like Wikipedia for a fast overview of topics, they have good pictures. Also Wikipedia works to quickly string some topics together.


  4. America First says:

    Again, consider who Trump is. And I’m sorry if this is stepping on anyone’s ethnic sensibilities, but he’s a WASP survivor in a Jewish/Catholic dominated NYC business world. If he were as disorganized and unprepared as all this intrigue is making him appear, he and his father’s fortune would have been DEVOURED in the NYC real estate world he came from instead of increasing many-fold. Trump as unprepared, poor decision-maker is what is unrealistic to me. Most likely? Mooch was brought in to say publicly what Trump cannot, and Reince has been told be nice after you leave or face legal consequences. As far as this nicey-nice interview with Hannity? Wasn’t he at that leaked dinner Mooch was so peeved about? Yes, he was. Trump is running the game folks. Relax.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      “Mooch was brought in to say publicly what Trump cannot, and Reince has been told be nice after you leave or face legal consequences. As far as this nicey-nice interview with Hannity? Wasn’t he at that leaked dinner Mooch was so peeved about? Yes, he was. Trump is running the game folks. Relax.”

      I have also concluded that PT brought Mooch in blow up this in Rince’s face (& GOPe) publicly so it’s a clean, severed break when he’s fired. The nice Hannity routine is so Rince & GOPe can ‘save face’, but is Rince ever leaks any crap again, Mooch o/b/o PT will go after him again – legally. After all, Hannity & KG had dinner with PT Weds pm.

      Mooch has the NYC personality to blow it sky high, has set up his Cain/Abel relationship with Rince and even once mention this week that Cain killed his brother. Rince is lucky to walk away without a jail sentence.

      PT says he’s a good man. He’s being generous, because whatever good traits Rince has imo they are overshadowed by his disloyalty to PT and irreparable damage done by leaking WH information.


    • setup2100 says:

      That is what happens when a BUSINESSMAN is in charge and not a POLITICIAN. Things are expected to be done and if not find someone who will get things done. Politicans try to get consensus on anything that is bold or right. Guess what they are usually wrong and LOSE. TRUMP makes decisions and plays his cards close to the vest. Smart Business people usually do that. Does not tell anyone what his next move is and is totally unpredictable most of the time and does not care what the politicans THINK because not cannot think objectively. IT is GREAT having a businessman POTUS. Goooo TRUMP.


  5. botvinnik says:

    “…it was Rinsed Penis all along.” – Don Vito Scaramucci

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  6. Ejay says:

    A very slick, more appealing version of Uriah Heep.

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  7. MVW says:

    Reince Priebus is past history. Nothing to see here with Priebus as far as the future goes.


  8. chbailey says:

    Informative…a good interview.


  9. Rinse Pubis is a self formed Elite and has sold his soul to the Swamp. He has always struck me as a weaselly kiss a*s and does not at all engender one’s trust or respect. He has deep roots in the GOPe and that’s where his bread is buttered. It would not surprise me if he believes Trump is temporary and he’s keeping his creds with the ooze that would replace Trump if he is oustered.

    Quite frankly good riddance. Send the puffballs home and let the warrior class fight of the American People!

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  10. Msher says:

    Priebus says he passed out copy of Trump’s Youngstown speech to senior staff and told them this is his agenda, focus on it????? Senior staff wasn’t already aware of Trump’s agenda???? They have to be old NOW to get aboard?????

    Priebus needed to go, but I think that was true on DayTwo. How has Trump not focused on his own White House and gotten that in order? Doesn’t that come first?

    Priebus did a nice interview. He seems sincere. Is he going to stay nice, or is he rushing off to Ryan to join the destroy-Trump team?


  11. Michael says:

    I wonder General Kelly be moving from post to post taking names and kicking a$$?


  12. jcthewizard says:

    Amazing to see how ‘grey’ Priebus’ hair became over the past 8 months!


  13. mypitztop says:

    Why is Hannity covering for Priebus? Post his buddy-buddy interview with Prince Reince, Sir Sean had his gaggle panel on to offer up 2-cents of their globalist salaries on the Hannity-Priebus waste of airtime, and Geraldo Rivera – SĂ­ señor y seniorita! Que Geraldo Rivera! The unlikely choice of all elite media actors – took aim at Sir Sean (the last self-proclaimed guardian of the O’Reilly Bloated Ego School of My Way Conservative Journalism) and Don’t Mess with the Hair Geraldo wanted to know why Let Not Yor Heart used only kid gloves and pandered to the Prince of the GOPe, and did NOT ONCE ask about leaks, and Sean Lack of Sanity Hannity cut him off!

    What a circus!

    This clown owes his career to the swamp, for without the deep state he’d be doing the noon farm report, following the Limbaugh Community Swap Shop, on a 1,000 watt Iowa radio station!

    Thank the Lord for CTH and honest Twitter feeds like POTUS, Gorka, et al.

    Are we approaching the last days? Could be, but unless his latest medical issue is just one fraudulent taxpayer funded ‘Hands off God’s Annointed’, Senator Hero McCan’t better get his life’s house in order! Me thinks he, along with his other elitists also better wake up and realize their swamp doesn’t have nuclear protected sides, and the Jesus I know – NOT the phony one some just-as-guilty evangelicals have been peddling for profit for the past 50 years (No, not Pastors Jeffers, Falwell Jr, and Graham! God bless them!) – my Savior is more than ticked off, remembers the names of those who have forgotten we were all given knees to bend them in front of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and to confess our sins, and this Jesus IS coming back! To revenge His Father’s glory, and to gather up and protect His children, the ones you have turned your back on and persecuted since your cushy days in the Hanoi Hilton! Or maybe you’re too excited about finally meeting your lord Lucifer face-to-face?

    Watch out dude! You think you’re scary! Wait until you get a load of this traitor!!

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  14. TheWanderingStar says:

    Waiting for the media to pivot on this story…


  15. TexasDude says:

    The Chief of Staff is a secretarial position. Matter of fact, there was not a Chief of Staff till the 20th Century. FDR got the ball rolling and Nixon solidified it.

    Trump may have had Preibus do more than normal scheduling and other traditional Chief of Staff duties, but I doubt it.

    He was a sup to the GOPe and, it appears a very likely leaker.

    Other than the leaking and rhe symbolism, replacing him is not that big of deal.


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