BREAKING: President Trump Fires Reince Priebus, Hires General John Kelly as Chief of Staff…

President Trump has just announced via Twitter that he has fired Reince Priebus from the position of Chief-of-Staff and has replaced him with DHS Secretary John Kelly.  It would appear GOPe Priebus’s inability to guide ObamaCare was the final straw.

Perhaps this also provides the opening to move HR McMaster out of the NSC and into the DHS position….  interesting development, but not unexpected:

“My hunch is that Reince Priebus will be gone by the end of August along with Sean Spicer and most of their RNC team of White House leakers.”  ~ CTH July 23rd

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1,251 Responses to BREAKING: President Trump Fires Reince Priebus, Hires General John Kelly as Chief of Staff…

  1. Just Curious says:

    Honestly, I have lost faith in the elections. In 2010, 2012, 1014 and 2016. we have elected numerous so-called conservative republican candidates in Senate and Congress, and nothing changed even with a wonderful and patriotic president we have elected last year. I guess money and power change those elected politicians to a point where we, the peoples, who have put them in office have become worthless to them. All these talks about the next election cycles and primaries are fine, but I have no faith in the next elected batch when they come to DC and face with the same money and power temptation. I am old and tired and do not know what the real solution is to solve this corruption. Thank God for Donald Trump and enjoy his fight while we all still can.

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    • I know this won’t help much but it has taken 30 years to fully entrench the swamp. The beginning of the purge started in 2010. It’s really only been 3 election cycles and the results have been pretty good. It’s a process. As time goes on we see more and more the lies and collusion between the dhimmicrats, RINOs and enemedia and realize that we’re all being played. That is how PDJT came to be elected. The real test, I think, will be the next 3.5 years. PDJT is used to making things happen and he’s a man of his word. There will be no namby pamby excuses. He will do everything possible to follow through on his promises. Sundance calls it the coming “big ugly”. I am not sure exactly what it’s going to look like but I will continue to support PDJT through it. We need to stand with our President and make sure we vote.

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      • JAS says:

        ^^^^This^^^^ Patience…..

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      • Aparition42 says:

        Truth. There are nine winnable Democrat seats in 2018. More than enough to overcome the seven “Republican” hold outs. Plus, with sixty potential votes, a real repeal can be proposed and that’s going to put a lot more political pressure on them. We need to be confidently marching forward, not moping about a temporary set back. This fight was never going to be fast and easy.

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    • Kristin says:

      Old and tired people can still vote. Never give up. That’s how we got our President Trump in office. We never gave up and so did he!

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      • Rebcalintx says:

        Kristen, yes old & tired can still vote. I am not that old but hate to admit it really have health issues & hard to walk. I got my butt out the door to vote. Hell if I was staying home. Happy to see President Trump in office & I am seeing with my eyes the changes he is making & trying against many odds. Let’s believe in more positive news. The exposure of the uniparty will really leave naked with no excuse these politicians & that will also help the voter see what & who they are. Making progress takes time.

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    • whoseyore says:

      The root of all evil is the love of money.
      Once the elected officials get there, they are hot after money. The more they get, the more they want – insatiable desire for corrupt money (e.g. Bill and Hillary). They sell their souls to Satan for money and they lie, they cheat, they put their wants above all else. It completely changes who they are, they are no longer recognizable.
      Our president had money – he had no need for the money – as a matter of fact, he handed his businesses over to his kids and donates his presidential salary every quarter. I don’t understand how nearly every citizen cannot see how our president is working so hard to help us the average/normal citizen and not the big businesses that fill the pockets of Congress, Senate, and Judges.
      Like you, JC – I am weary as well. President Trump is nearly all alone in his fight for us against the swamp. I continue to pray for him, his family, and his cabinet, and I continue to write the Senators and my own Congress reps. It is the least that I can do for all that he has subjected himself and his family to this. There truly is a war that rages.

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      • Stringy theory says:

        Great comment and I agree.

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      • scott says:

        yes, thank the Lord that we finally have a common man who is just like us in the WH. Can’t drain the swamp fast enough, so glad he has appointed outsiders to all of these positions – again, regular working people just like us – instead of the usual case of connected insiders with their own vested business interests in the industries they are now overseeing. God bless these people, all of them, for putting us ahead of their own self-interests.


  2. mw says:

    Wow, the pace of this administration is unbelievable! I take a nap, and a walk on the beach, and I’m way behind, there’s a new Chief of Staff!!! Thanks for all the winning Mr. President!!! Love you!!

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  3. 6x47 says:

    Who is taking over DHS?


    • Sandra-VA says:

      Right now, Kelly is still head until Monday when Elaine Duke will become acting Secretary (she was part of the original DHS under Chertoff and resigned in 2010. President Trump nominated her in April 2017 as Deputy)

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      • 6x47 says:

        I hope she make sure good inbox President Trump’s promise to give the Border Patrol Agents a say in who heads ICE.

        PDJT said that during the campaign but then Kelly tapped a bunch of Obama holdovers (the guys responsible for implementing DACA and DAPA) to lead the Border Patrol and ICE

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        • daughnworks247 says:

          The head of ICE has been AWESOME.
          Follow ICE on Twitter. What they are doing every single day is amazing.
          Gd Bless those fine men and women. Whereas we used to read about a big ring of criminals or a big drug bust once every few months, ICE is keeping the pace of Donald Trump.

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  4. wyntre says:

    I’m wondering how much of this week was previously scripted by our genius POTUS. Several sites have said Kelly has been on board for two weeks and Priebus was also aware of the change.

    Scaramucci going all Sopranos on Ryan Lizza also seems somewhat theatrical . . a deliberate attempt to throw presstitutes off the scent.

    POTUS called this week Recognizing American Heroes. The LI trip was long-planned. I think he had chosen this moment to introduce Kelly as a tie-in between Kelly’s work on immigration, on the border, and the MS-13 epidemic in Suffolk County and elsewhere.

    It’s also almost like he also knew Repeal and Replace would fail and he seems not the slightest bit worried about it. I wonder if that was also a set-up with McConnell.

    POTUS has such impeccable timing. I remember thinking that as he spoke in Ohio earlier this week. He’s an absolute natural. (I’ll bet he would have made a fine pianist or conductor).

    He’s also honed his dramatic timing and scripting through many seasons of The Apprentice as well as through his association with WWE.

    I truly think failed novelist Ben Rhodes has more than met his match with the genius of Donald Trump. And with Stephan Miller cranking out one brilliant speech after another which POTUS delivers ever more exquisitely, Rhodes and Schmuck Barry are being revealed as the talentless hacks they always were.

    POTUS is the supreme producer, writer and actor in his WhiteHouse. And the ending has already been written. MAGA.

    Reaching for a sports analogy, it’s like Tom Brady coached the team, drafted the players and is also the star quarterback.

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  5. Ziiggii says:

    “Reince’s Last Moments: Here’s How Priebus Left Trump’s Side”

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  6. Ziiggii says:

    His appearance gives validity to the fact that he was given a chance to leave with dignity and not in cuffs!

    “Reince Priebus Still Won’t Defend Himself From Leaking Accusations [VIDEO]”

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  7. B Woodward says:

    According to this article, McMaster won’t be going to DHS, but may be going to jail along with the other leakers–whenever AG Sessions starts draining the sewer.

    BOOM! Report=> McMaster Caught Privately Communicating WH Internal Politics to Deep State McCabe. The Trump base will be happy to hear this. Investigative reporter Mike Cernovich wrote McMaster’s time is running out. Cernovich has been reporting for months that McMaster is on the globalist’s agenda and secretly working against President Trump’s ‘America First’ plans. McCabe is the swamp! As TGP previously reported, Comey’s replacement as Acting FBI Head, Andrew McCabe, has ties to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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  8. Sherlock says:

    Oh, this could be a twofer. Could be these leaks are coming out to give these guys a chance to back out now. Getting interesting.

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  9. Bannon and Miller stuck it out while CEO of GOPe is out. Yuge win for the populists-nationalists.

    Remember that time when the Republican Party said Trump wasn’t going to lead the repeal of Obamacare 😜

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  10. TatonkaWoman says:

    Woohee!! Pages flying here so fast that my tablet is hot enough to pop my popcorn on it.
    What a day.

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  11. Ghostrider says:

    Reince Previous was head of RNC and during the time period in which he campaigned for 8 years on repealing O-Care. So, after Trump won, he was probably brought on board as an olive branch to GOP establishment.

    Although RP was most likely linked to the leaking, he was probably terminated due to the failure to align the Senate and the GOP around the repeal vote and the clear disunion in the Republican Party. Mr. Previous lacks leadership skills and is a terrible mole.

    Trump terminated the former head of the RNC and appointed a USMC general as his new Chief of Staff. Let that sink in.

    Battle lines have been drawn, and you’re either on Trump’s side or you’re not. I read a comment where John McCain was allegedly over heard by several staff aides after the vote laughing and saying “Let’s see Donald try to make America great again now”.

    So yes, battle lines are now going to be distinguished. No more Mr. Nice Guy President. Got that RINO’s?

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  12. julegate says:

    Thank heavens!!! I am so happy.


  13. Sylvia says:

    Jay sekulo -ag

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    • Gil says:

      Now that i like!!😄 Need to replace McMaster….

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    • law4lifeblog says:

      I worked for Jay for years and am still in touch with him. He’s doing an incredible job as PT’s personal attorney, but that creates impossible conflicts that cannot be cured. Moreover, Jay would NEVER get confirmed by the Senate. I agree he would be excellent AG, however.


  14. TAS says:

    Preibus on Hannity now….purple tie sure jumps out…his signal is clear!

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  15. webgirlpdx says:

    I’m listening to all of Preibus’ glowing and loyalist words and I don’t believe a single breath out of his mouth. I do believe that he primed the pump for others to do his dirty leaking work.

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  16. 100% YOOPER says:

    Sneaky snake. To those snakes in President Trump’s administration! Hope it links 😀

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  17. Vr says:

    Like I told you first up, PTrump’s appointing Republican Party functionaries and Never Trumpers who hate all he stands for would be a disaster.
    And so it is.
    PTrump has to understand that the Republican Party want him gone as much as Democrats do.


    • Stringy theory says:

      He knows more than you ever will.

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      • Vr says:



        • R-C says:

          I STAND WITH TRUMP. You stand alone.

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          • Vr says:

            Yep, Priebus was a superb pick…no doubt about it.
            Ring PTrump on your bat phone and tell him how much you stand with that appointment and how you want Priebus back.
            But he probably doesn’t take calls from morons.


            • R-C says:

              I STAND WITH TRUMP. You stand alone.

              With that pick, President Trump made an attempt to bridge the ENORMOUS gap between us (real Trump supporters) and the slimy, scummy globalist RINOs. Priebus was supposed to be Trump’s ambassador to those clowns in Congress. Priebus (predictably) failed.

              In ‘advancing’ Priebus to the WH, Trump removed him from the RNC. And put him under a 5-year moratorium for lobbying.

              Priebus (predictably) failed, and now he’s out of a job, and out of the way.

              I STAND WITH TRUMP, and not with you.


  18. dizzymissl says:

    Holy moly, he wasn’t kidding when he said he was going to drain the swamp. I love the guy so much 😍😍😍

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  19. Oldschool says:

    POTUS has done a six month assessment and is making personnel changes. Reince was ineffective as COS and in his role to convert congressional swamp creatures. If he was a leaker, no way would he remain in the whitehouse for several weeks transitioning Kelly into the position. He would have gotten off AF1 and driven home.

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    • law4lifeblog says:

      Not true, old school…..Spicer is a verified leaker and he’s staying around to transition, and so is RP. Don’t think for a second that thus isn’t for make nice show and they won’t be on very short leashes with access slashed to all but the mist innocuous info.


      • Mariainohio says:

        Wouldn’t THAT be a great way to identify any other leakers? If they tell you who your go-to guys should be, that kinda outs them as some of the additional people who should be “retired”.


  20. vfm#7634 says:

    Sundance, you should have said “July” instead of “August” in that last statement. Wink.

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  21. NoOneButTrump says:

    I think our POTUS has always known nothing would pass this Congress. He’s setting them up like bowling pins to be knocked down in next years elections. We, thanks to Sundance, see the Uniparty with crystal clear vision. Our glorious POTUS is letting the rest of the nation see the Uniparty for what it is. Next year, he will campaign during the primaries for MAGA supporters and he’ll campaign on all the things the Uniparty is blocking. It’s hard to wait, but the result will be worth it. He’s getting ready. We should, too. His Chief of Staff is now a General. He’s signaling that this is a political war he fully intends to win. Let’s be ready to follow our leader into political battle and MAGA!

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  22. tony5460 says:

    I like General Kelly. He seems to be doing a great job in DHS. But is chief of staff really something he can handle? The White House senior staffs are so fragmented and full of people with different ideology and agenda. Will Ivanka or Anthony listen to Kelly? If they don’t, I can see this appointment as the career suicide for Kelly.


    • Vr says:

      Good point.
      But look on the bright side, now President Trump doesn’t have a CoS more loyal to Republican Party grandees and the same old administrative state than the President .Reince was supposed to be PTrump’s right arm. More like a 5th column I’d say.
      Of course most problems could be easily solved with Steve B running the office, he knows who’s crony State and who isn’t.

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    • R-C says:

      The man was a 4-star general and commander of US Southern Command. He’s up to the job. Sheesh.

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  23. jhorn85 says:

    I remain humbly stunned, yet not surprised by the continuing “Nostradamus” like quality of Sundance. It literally feels like this blog is a peek into the future. I find myself frustrated because the surrounding opinion of those around me (Long island NY) is that Trump is falling apart and Scaramucci is a psycho. But I come here and either I am being fooled by a master manipulator, or this guy SD is really a step ahead. I feel like there is everyone else’s news, and my news. And there is a stark difference. Either way, I love this blog, and I hope we are all correct.

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  24. G. Combs says:

    Trump swaps out second-in-command at DHS
    “President Trump will nominate Elaine C. Duke for second-in-command at the Department of Homeland Security, according to a departmental press release issued late Monday.

    Trump will nominate Duke for deputy secretary, directly below the recently confirmed DHS Sec. John Kelly. If confirmed, Duke will replace acting deputy secretary Chip Fulghum.[…]”

    She was confirmed.

    She is a long entrenched swamp rat and liked by the pro-immigration types.


    • Chickficshun says:

      She has been confirmed for second in command since Feb. Shes acting head of DHS until someone else is nominated. I dont think Kelly would agree to leave if he wasnt confident she would uphold the status quo. Kelly knows how important border security us to PDT.


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