Thursday Morning – Kellyanne Conway Discusses White House Intrigue…

Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox and Friends morning to discuss the current state of White House intrigue:

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92 Responses to Thursday Morning – Kellyanne Conway Discusses White House Intrigue…

  1. magatrump says:

    Preisbus needs to go.


  2. Bob Thoms says:

    I don’t trust her.

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  3. Chuck says:

    Who do you trust Bob?

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  4. Sylvia Avery says:

    Tense, turbulent times. I don’t know what to think. I am not very good at reading the Washington tea leaves. Will Reince soon be:

    1. Doing the perp walk?

    2. Named as Ambassador to Zimbabwe?

    3. Resigning to spend more time with his family?

    Or maybe Reince is staying and everyone else is leaving. Anthony sure seems to have stirred things up.

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  5. Michael says:

    She did not deny or explain why the tweet was “copied” to RP. Hmmmmmmmmm?

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  6. Watcher says:

    All this firing talk is IMO following the resist narrative.


  7. Around 3:00 of the video, did KAC say she’s “a jerk for hiring a chief of staff?”

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    • Bob Thoms says:

      Yes she did……………………interesting isn’t it. Is she getting ready to fall on her sword and exit?

      Being away from her family in NJ has got to be hard. They are young and need a mom at home.

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    • mark4trump says:

      Kelly Anne carefully avoided defending Prebius — and called herself a “jerk” for hiring him.

      So has she just “shivved Prebius” to protect herself from scrutiny — or is Prebius the leaker? I have kids so I KNOW how devious & convincing the guilty can be….

      Since Prebius isn’t doing the talk show circuit I would have to believe that Prebius is the guilty one.

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    • Michelle says:

      I didn’t take it to mean she meant preibus, I took it to mean she was a jerk for hiring (or not hiring) her own chief of staff?


  8. ALEX says:

    I really don’t watch much of this and no FOX besides one or two shows, but this all seems pointless…It’s literaly a soap opera in many ways..Looking at the numbers it appears 2-3 million people enjoy it….

    Just clean house and start over would be my plan…If there are still any holdovers then look in the mirror, that’s who to blame…The press is not going to stop lying and making up sources…I honestly believe the only thing keeping the Fake News numbers up is replying to all this because I don’t know anyone who cares…I will just go back to ignoring…My mistake watching…

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    • I think the drama (although the leaking needs to stop) helps President Trump get things done under the lying media’s radar. It’s like saying, “look over there, a squirrel” while President Trump keeps his momentum going to MAGA.

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    • She has been around the GOPe forever , was surprised when moved from Cruz to Trump , seems loyal , but a professional facade(?) who knows , just a high visibility job ? Not a real believer? Certainly no history with Trump organization etc . I remember back in the 90s when she ” dated ” Lindsay Graham and as it turned out was just acting as ” his beard” . So a real insider

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    • Michelle says:

      I agree, I would love to fire everybody and start over with only people I know! Even if you end up with a tiny number of staff.


    • YvonneMarie says:

      President Trump will handle the drama. He is good at it. WashingtonDC is a super mess. Our culture (the world population) is extremely turned up side down as far as honor & nobelity standards go. Anything can happen.


  9. 4sure says:

    As Bull and others have rightly stated, Trump can blame no one but himself for some of the bad moves he has made or not made. He should have had a better transition staff. He should have never surrounded himself with swamp rats in his transition team and should have not picked a member of the swamp to fill any position. He should have fired all Obama holdovers in all of gov’t. on day one. The positions would have served him better if unfilled rather than filled with those who are hell bent on destroying him. He just needs to clean out the sewer rats and start over.

    He should declassify all the crap Obama and the deep state has been doing and put it on the internet for all to see. If he is going to go UGLY, then go YUGELY UGLY and expose all the swamp rats. He could easily fill all the positions w/volunteers who would gladly serve. We would do a hell of a better job and wouldn’t be stabbing him in the back every min. of the day.

    Mr. President, I’m more than willing and able to serve. I’ll live in a tent on the mall if I have to.

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    • Deplorable Ukie says:

      Let Trump be Trump.

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      You forget that during the transition, then President-elect Trump was defending against some of the fiercest incoming from the opposition, including from the POTUS and the entire intelligence community. It was during that period where the SOB’s were creating havoc and causing much of the damage that is being felt now.

      Remember also something Sundance said in a post a few days ago about the thin rolodex. As an outsider and interloper, President Trump didn’t arrive in D.C. with a cadre of vetted and qualified people to lasso the huge bureaucracies and turn them immediately in a direction of his choosing.

      That he’s accomplished as much as he has considering all the opposition is nothing less that miraculous. Still, there’s so much to do.

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    • seventhndr says:

      You need to remember that President Trump still needs to work within the confines of a very complex government. He could not walk into this with 100% (or 80%) outsiders.

      As I view it, he is gradually replacing those that need to go. Calling out his direct reports that are not doing the same (Sessions). He is moving the ball further in the right direction than anyone since Reagan (and I think he’ll supersede him as far as accomplishments). And he’s not slowing down. In fact, I’d say the last week has shown us that he’s just now even starting to turn the volume up.

      I’m happy. I’m not in the know of the minutia of DC. I trust this President.

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    • joshua says:

      bla bla bla…..many have volunteered….few have been called.


    • piper567 says:

      4sure…you missed your opportunity to be a WH Councilor.
      Maybe you should re-apply.
      I’m sure President Trump needs your help.


  10. Elwood says:

    Remember Trump is a counter-puncher. EVERYONE is getting trolled. WH has their momentum back. (This after the disappointing senate vote.)


  11. emet says:

    God raised up Trump to smite the Philistines. Nobody else. Right now the Obama CIA is working with Pakistani spooks to get Awan to the Embassy. They both want him secured and incommunicado. The WH catfighting is just a distraction

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    • georgiafl says:

      Obama was, in reality, Pakistan and Muslim Brotherhood’s agent provocateur in the US.

      He was never our President or acting for America’s best interests.

      Remember, Obama spent a heck of a lot of time in Pakistan when he was young, even when it was a violation of US law to travel to Pakistan.

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  12. Mike diamond says:

    I really like Kellyann she is very real and faithful to President Trump ! She is a sweet heart!


  13. joshua says:

    Scaramucci takes control of the WH communications act….

    what he finds….

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  14. Meanwhile the smarmy oh so smarter than us, condescending big mouth scummy what’s her face is, uh, well….. Maybe not such a hot shot after all… Nanner nanner nanners…..

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  15. Donna in Oregon says:

    Whenever President Trump takes his staff with him to see the American people (Youngstown rally) there is an air of relief within the staff.

    I think it is important for the Trump admin to stay connected to us. Whatever their particular leanings it appears that We the People unite them.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      One of our Treepers had mentioned that the staff interacted graciously with all of the supporters there. I guess people were coming up to shake hands and have pictures taken, and the staff seemed to be really having a great time with it all.

      I really think you’re right. It’s great for our President to reconnect, but it is also really important for his staff. They get to see first hand again the significance of the connection our President has with the American people. I think it’s so awesome! Totally 😎 cool and they’re having a great time to boot, so it’s a reenergizer as well.


  16. maiingankwe says:

    My phone is doing really weird things lately. I’ve got the KAC video where the Scaramucci video is supposed to be.

    Anyways, I was surprised to hear her say that she thought when she had hired the chief of staff they were supposed to talk policy and our President’s agenda, not trying to get on tv etc. To me, that was saying he was the leaker. In addition, she said the WH is a small place in which to work, it’s easy to spot the leaker.

    If it was so easy, why has it taken so long? I’m just surprised she pretty much came out and declared Reince to be the leaker or did I hear it wrong?


  17. joshua says:

    Mooch assembles the troops to travel with the President…ok, all of you that are part of the team still stand up and come with me….uh…not you Reince…….


  18. How could we get so lucky as to live when Trump is president. We get competency and entertainment! Does anyone even go to the movies anymore?
    The only things worth watching on TV are the Kansas City Royals and Trump’s speeches, and Cable news at times like this when the talking heads are exploding. So good to be an American!

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  19. Mike says:

    Kellyanne’s lookin’ good. She looks 10 years younger than when she started with the Team Trump.


  20. Some sleep agrees with her ….. 🙂


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