Long Morning Interview – White House Communication Director Anthony Scaramucci…

White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci gave an almost 30 minute interview to CNN earlier today.   Just about every possible topic imaginable was covered in the half-hour discussion.

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76 Responses to Long Morning Interview – White House Communication Director Anthony Scaramucci…

  1. SandraOpines says:

    Scott Adams gave the Healthcare part high marks 😀

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  2. milktrader says:

    There goes another 30 minutes of my day

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    • mw says:

      You are a braver soul than me. I left at ‘banging on members of his party’. What is he, three?

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      • jmclever says:

        It seems as though Scaramucci’s M.O. is to get them so off balance that they actually agree with him or say something truthful about the President. This interview, Scaramucci got Cuomo to admit that Trump has great political instinct, a good ear for the people, and a mandate to make things better. Starts at about 27:00. I’m really starting to like watching the interviews because Scaramucci has them eating out of his hand by the end of the interview and laughing about it.

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    • mw says:

      Watching without volume would be good. Cuomo’s facial expressions throughout, priceless. He’s outgunned and knows it.

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      • Dixie says:

        Cuomo’s facial expression must be typical of CNN because Jake Tapper has the same look.

        They must practice in front of a mirror every day.

        It’s like the way a dog looks at you and turns it’s head when it doesn’t understand.

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  3. Owlen Rose says:

    Great analysis by Scott Adams. The Mooch is a definite upgrade.

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  4. Windy Day says:

    I know very little about Scaramucci, but his face has a permanent sarcastic, scowling, disgusted look to it. Or maybe that’s just his “Fake News Face”!

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  5. Paco Loco says:

    “The high ground maneuver”… awesome to watch Smooch in action. He’s a genius and very articulate. The Whitehouse is on the move.

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  6. SR says:

    This Cuomo ever grilled Obama and other rats on Obamacare?

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  7. D Lo says:

    “He could throw that speed ball by you
    Make you look like a fool boy” MOOCH!🇺🇸

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  8. stillers213 says:

    If an interviewer kept interrupting me like this asshat, I would walk away from the interview and tell him to have a discussion with himself.

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  9. Charles says:

    Cuomo was flailing away for 30 mins trying to hit the ‘gotcha sweet spot’, but his arguments were variants on ‘moving the goal posts’, ‘red herrings’, and ‘strawmen’. You could tell Cuomo was being fed several inconsistent questions through his earpiece.

    Scaramucci had them all out numbered. The only thing I’d like to see different is for Scaramucci to call out the fallacious arguments and name & shame them for what they are: moving the goal posts, red herrings, and strawmen, plus the ever popular “what does I don’t know really mean”, as if Cuomo doesn’t actually speak or hear English.

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    • setup2100 says:

      But you end up WATCHING and supporting CNN by watching. Big Whoop! Cuomo made a ass out of himself ,AGAIN. Just Like WOLF, Lemonl and every other LIB talking head on CNN . Man need to get something else to do for Entertainment than supporting CNN.

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  10. Beenthere says:

    Hey folks! This most entertaining interview is the epitome of 2 NYC/LI guys from an ethnic background having fun sparring with each other. The 1 liners were incredible.

    Scaramucci is the “Mooch!” Looking forward to more of his interviews!

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  11. Troublemaker10 says:

    Wow! Just wow!

    Can’t wait to hear more of these types of interviews on the anti-Trump MSM. Never thought I would ever say such a thing.

    That being said…..I wish Cuomo would ask his question and then shut up while the answer is given.

    Scaramucci (thunder and lightning is so very frightening) has his job cut out for him retraining the MSM to serve the truthful power of journalism and to serve the interest of the people, as designed, instead of being combative and ever dark and dreary.

    I look forward, with hope, to seeing how this relationship develops.

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  12. todayistheday99 says:

    In the very first few minutes on the interview where Scaramucci is explaining the economics of deregulating and he said “it’s like getting rid of cobwebs in your attic”, I believe that his choice of words had a double meaning and he was subconsciously referring to the fact the Como is an idiot and his head if full of cobwebs.

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    • dayallaxeded says:

      That’s absolutely how I took it, too–“cobwebs in YOUR [Cuomo’s] attic”–and I think it whizzed over Cuomo’s head so fast, he knew he’d been hit, but wasn’t quite sure and couldn’t muster any response. Scaramucci is a sharp one! Even better, we’ve got an administration that is producing such objectively positive achievements, that a good spokesperson becomes virtually invincible against silly naysayers.

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      • cobweb – ah,the power of a metaphor, or in this case, a simile. The layers of meaning that ripple across your brain, firing over and over!

        I must admit, I didn’t get it in High School English class, no matter how many times the teacher explained it. Most of the other kids didn’t either. If she had said, “A metaphor can hit you like a punch in the stomach,” we might have caught on!


    • Beenthere says:

      The Cuomo brothers are not “bright lights.” Their father, Mario, was a liberal but he was reasonably intelligent. Apparently the smart gene skips a generation or 2 in the Cuomo family.


  13. Growing up in Boston we all knew Wednesday was Prince spaghetti day for Anthony!

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  14. Pam says:

    Wow, I don’t know how he got through it, but Mooch gets high praise from me. I’d give him a gold medal right now if I could. LOL

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  15. Daniel says:

    “The CBO score… the CBO score says… the CBO score…..” Enough with the CBO score. It’s a predictor which fails more than it is correct. It’s an unreliable metric based on political agendas.

    Someone needs to call that institution out.

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  16. palafox says:

    Liberalism: A Short Play

    Scaramucci: Here’s how bad the healthcare system is: Young, healthy people would rather pay the tax to NOT have health coverage than to pay the healthcare premium.
    Cuomo: Maybe that means the tax isn’t high enough.


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  17. gfgustav says:

    Gotta love this guy. I swear “Scaramucci” is old Italian for “Scare-em-much.” 🙂

    Now, can SD get a succinct message to Anthony S. that articulates in a sound-bite-sentence that Anthony can hurl back at them, to the effect that the President is calling Sessions out the only way he CAN call Sessions out, because if he met privately with him, the President and Sessions would be accused of “colluding” and violating the AG’s “independence” from the WH, which apparently only applies to Republican administrations?

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  18. Minne says:

    Cuomo appears to be in need of some fiber.

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  19. leoinstalls says:

    I could only watch the first 10 minutes of the interview before my head exploded. I would have allowed Cuomo to interrupt me about 3 times before I would have decked him.

    As others have mentioned, the MSM is stuck on their same old worn out talking points. Anytime that Scaramucci presented a valid or compelling argument Cuomo would have to interrupt and whine while spewing preprogrammed nonsense. I am surprised that Russia did not come up during the healthcare portion of the interview (which is all I managed to watch). “Isn’t it true that Trump is colluding with Russia to import healthcare for Americans?”

    I am looking forward to great things from Scaramucci. I am glad President Trump has tapped him to give the MSM a taste of their own medicine.

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Glad there are so many other patriotic Americans out there. During the Obozo years I was starting to wonder if I was it.

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    • Bendix says:

      Nice post.

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    • jmclever says:

      Cue the video to 27:00 to see Cuomo admit that Trump has a mandate from the people to make things better! Scaramucci had him eating out of his hand by the end of the interrogation.


    • piper567 says:

      I for one am gratified that Scaramucci had no reason to not appear on this caca show.
      The remaining few people who watch this bile cannot ALL be so dense as to not understand Scaramucci is running circles around Cuomo.
      this is a good thing.
      Some people may need motivation for searching for actual news…this is a good motivator.
      Folks who cannot see the truth here are never going to be aboard the Trump Train…
      we want those to come aboard that see exactly this sort of interview.
      Scaramucci knows this is no challenge…these vile msmers are a part of the stupid people Trump talked about during The Campaign. Scaramucci knows this, we know this, Trump knows this.


  20. Just me says:

    It is hard for me to listen to…..The constant interruptions, the talking over, how rude. When did it become appropriate to talk over some one you are trying to talk to to get info from? Quite honestly I don’t know if newspeople always did this since I never listened before Trump, who had time when you were raising a family and working.

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  21. Abster says:

    Omg…Scarramucci is right on target. He knows his stuff. Mooch held Cuomo captive. The push back is finally happening. Mooch reminds me of the Fonz.

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  22. Lester Smith says:

    I wouldn’t give CNN the time of day. I must say that POTUS new team are fearless and ready to go to war. Now AG needs to fight for Justice, I believe belonging to senate for so long Republicans have become the Democrats whipping boys and react like an abused spouse. President Trump is using reverse psychology. In other words get a back bone or get replaced, fight damn it and grow a set.

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  23. JC says:

    Scaramucci is a college-educated Street Fighter on a street overpopulated with flailing msm wannabe gangstuhs. He’s fearless, capable, concise, surgically effective. Enormously satisfying and entertaining, but couldn’t make it to the end because my nervous system has never tolerated screaming-tantrum toddlers. I’ll hold his jacket and cheer him on, though…

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  24. Bendix says:

    Here’s the sort of dirt Chris has to pretend not to know about as he looks for reasons to attack President Trump over anything and everything.
    These celebrities think they are squeaky clean moralists of the highest order.
    I am sickened by the way the concept of not for profit has been corrupted into a vehicle for the 1% wanna-be’s to support themselves in high style while performing no useful function that would generate legitimate income in the marketplace.

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  25. Plain Jane says:

    Scaramucci argues and holds his ground. He stands more chance to appeal to, and gain the respect of, the mill worker, refinery worker, etc. type of people that I grew up knowing and loving. Laborers can relate to a street fighter who cleans up well. He talks their language.

    Those who watch CNN are getting a look at someone who talks their language, not a stuffy Ryan type that uses too many multiple syllable words. They are seeing someone who represents Trump, possibly for the first time. That is good. No, it is excellent.

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  26. jmclever says:

    Scaramucci got Cuomo to admit President Trump has a great ear (to hear the people), great instincts, and a mandate to make things better (around the 27:00 mark). Scaramucci looks like he’s not getting through but then he gets his opponent to say what he wanted them to say all along!!!


  27. Sunshine says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. A work of Art. Finally, DJT has the right communications guy.


  28. Time Lee says:

    Coumo looks shattered. Needs a long rest or serious therapy. TDS can do that to you.


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