Democrats Attempt Creation of Populist Rebranding Using Same Trump Platform/Policy They Simultaneously Block…

David Mamet famously said (paraphrased): ‘when questioned on policy and consequence, in order to avoid the conflict within their ideological message, modern liberals will always pretend not to know things.’

In today’s audio/visual example we find top national democrat leadership pretending not to know their rebranding message, “A Better Deal“, is nothing short of an almost identical policy platform created by the current President, Donald Trump. A policy platform they are committed to blocking.

You just can’t make this stuff up folks.

We Haz Plans

Seriously, it took months of carefully poll tested review of each specific point to create the agenda that Democrats hope will help them win election in 2018. However, if you look at the substance of their “Better Deal” proposals a person cannot help but find themselves feeling deja vu, all over again.

The platform includes: •a $15 minimum wage (economically inadvisable and already having devastating consequences in local areas of enactment), •a $1 trillion infrastructure plan (hey, isn’t that Trump’s idea?), •new trade laws more beneficial to American workers (wait, what, yup, Trump again?), •and a plan to engage in job training and national apprenticeship initiatives (yup, more Trump). Heck, if they throw in a modern Glass-Stegall they can just call it “Trump’s Better Deal 2.0”, or something.

What makes the entire exercise intensely ludicrous is the amount of energy, effort and execution they put into the roll-out:

[…]  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California, along with other top House and Senate Democrats, are making the presentation after months of internal debate and analysis of polling and focus groups. (read more)

So the Democrats spent months of internal debate, analysis and focus group testing, only to exit with a populist national Democrat plan that mirrors the policy objectives of the current President of the United States.  Those same Trump policy objectives the same Democrat leadership are on record saying they will fight tooth-and-nail to ensure never reach fruition.

It would be funny if the irony wasn’t so serious.

Wait, no…. it is both ironic and actually funny.

2018 will be fun.

Carry on.

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260 Responses to Democrats Attempt Creation of Populist Rebranding Using Same Trump Platform/Policy They Simultaneously Block…

  1. jbrickley says:

    $15 Minimum Wage is hurtful to low skilled workers, especially fast food workers. It’s also going to devastate the waitress jobs because they may only make $3.20/hr with tips but now they make $15/hr with no tips and end up making less money overall.

    You tell folks you are paying $15/hr for fast food workers and all of a sudden there will be unemployed skilled folks willing to do that job for $15/hr competing with the losers who can’t follow orders, can’t think for themselves, slacking off and hiding, and blowing off work on a regular basis. Talk to any franchise holder about the number of minimum wage workers they need to keep on staff part time to fill the holes in staffing and the slackers. They would go from 30 workers to less than 15 in a heartbeat. Suddenly, you have people who always have a smile, are constantly moving quickly and efficiently and when they have nothing else better to do are cleaning. Their uniforms kept clean and even pressed. Their appearance super clean and cheerful. The junior managers will be gone because now you have responsible employees who self-manage and solve customer problems of which there will be much less. The place will be spotless too. No need to pay extra for the night shift due to closing and extensive cleaning that comes included in the salary.

    The whole reason fast food joints pay minimum wage was because it was saving them money and it was worth the hassles with crappy employees because they offloaded that on shift managers and junior managers. But you tell them to pay those losers $15/hr and all that goes right out the window.

    If it’s just a city you see the mom and pop restaurants and dinners close up and move out of town because they just can’t afford to do business that way.

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    • mimbler says:

      Yes, and another way it hurts the poor/lower middle class is that the cheapest restaurants will be the hardest hit. Labor is a big part of their cost and when fast food or diner food doubles in price, their customers start brown bagging it for lunch and cooking at home for dinner. Those cheap places to eat will disappear.

      Now for the fancy restaurants, an extra 10 bucks on a 75 dollar meal won’t have the same impact.

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    • Susan in VA says:

      Not only will a $15 minimum wage lead to fewer jobs for low skilled workers but robotics has been introduced to fast food restaurants. McDonald’s and Wendy’s in select markets are already testing robots to perform duties currently performed by humans.

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      • Esperanza says:

        That’s already the case here, all touch screens. It’s actually not a very pleasant experience, and our minimum wage is 12 e. Also it becomes notional, where I live, lots of people DON’T make minimum wage per month.


      • Maquis says:

        I encountered a young woman getting signatures for something of this bature in Washington Stste and this subject came up, and I told her she was pricing herself out of a job, that robots would be doing it pretty soon if they succeeded in making themselves too expensive. She actually had a light bulb go off and acknowledged that I was probably right and she needwd to rethink it.

        Bit too late. Fifteen an hour is killing restraunts left and right, worried for the owners and the kids both.


    • helix35 says:

      It’s called the “Robot Full-Employment Act”.

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    • dayallaxeded says:

      I have long argued that increasing the minimum wage for unskilled labor like burger flippers is a guarantee of increased automation–I would already prefer to place my order through a touchscreen kiosk and have it assembled by robots than the slovenly, slackers I see on the rare occasion I go to a ff joint (Cane’s, Chick-fil-A, and Atomic Burger (is AB a chain?) are notable exceptions–always better than average service–shout-out to my neighborhood Popeye’s as well–they even put flowers on the tables–above and beyond). Wanna put young people and low-capability workers completely out of jobs? Raise the minimum wage and watch as automation removes those jobs from the human job market forever or at least until the big EMP.

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  2. joshua says:

    “yes we can, hope for some about a bitter deal?
    the democrats are so totally uncreative and nerdy….when you trot out Pelosi and Schumer to be your cheerleaders, you might as well just go back and get Debbie Wasserman Schulz and Anthony Weiner to pitch your crud……

    Disney could not make this hit a break even …not close.

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    • starfcker says:

      Listen to this piece of crap. relevant portion at 43:00 of the video. Former CIA Director Calls For A Coup If Trump Fires Mueller | Zero Hedge

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      • babethebeagle says:

        Could you imagine us calling for a coup on Obama! These folks are nuts!

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      • dayallaxeded says:

        I liked this comment over at ZH:

        “WarPony armada Jul 24, 2017 8:32 PM
        Coup? … Who, you? … You bring it Brennan, and we’ll finish it for you loser. Signed U.S. Unorganized Militia.”

        My feelings exactly! Quite a few looked something like that. Detest the anti-semitism in comments over there, but the actual blog writers put up some decent stuff–well, maybe 70% decent. Nothing like SD, who bats 999 (nobody but God’s perfect).

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      • deplorabledooku says:

        A special prosecutor/special counsel/kangaroo court is extra-Constitutional meaning that it is not authorized by the Constitution. It is a construct of the sewer rats. Mullah Brennan is the rattiest sewer dweller around in that he allowed the Obama gang ignore, break, and contort the Law of this land so often and with no protest.

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      • Adjudicator says:

        Brennan is a vile POS sewer dweller who is not too bright, but is as dirty, as corrupt, and as anti-American as they come. He is the epitome of the s**t that President Trump, a duly elected “outsider”, is facing from all sides. God bless President Trump!

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        • Maquis says:


          Brennan, the Islamist CIA director. Could the Obama Regime have possibly been even more farcical than it was? I think Zero of the “Muslim Faith” was the most ridiculous figure on the Americam public stage, EVER. Most dangerous too.

          I surely do want to see Mueller nab Clinton and Obama. All the Left’s praise for Mueller will be our ammunition for when these Anti-Americans start screaming.
          Can. Hardly. Wait.


    • Valery Vebelfeltzer says:

      If only they could manipulate the general election the way they do their primary.

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  3. Stringy theory says:

    Voters will see through this fraud. Besides, the dumbocraps won’t be able to stay on message as they will fall into their knee-jerk Trump bashing and “muh Russia” horescrap. Trump will crush them.

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  4. Bouchart says:

    Resist we much

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  5. alliwantissometruth says:

    The democrats want to change course & have an America First platform?

    Yes they do

    Wow, that’s really great. So they’ll be getting rid of all the illegal aliens stealing our jobs & ruining our neighborhoods?

    Well no, that would be racist, & besides, they need those future voters

    OK, but they’ll be cutting all the business killing regulations & excessive taxation that hurts business?

    Well no, we have to keep our planet clean & we need those taxes to pay off all the parasites we allow into the country for votes, not too mention our own parasites that we need to keep happy

    Oh, OK, but they’ll enact trade policies that are good for the American people, correct?

    Well, they’ll have to consult with their major donors & their globalist pals to see what they want, but I’m sure they’ll come up with something that might be a little better than what we have now

    Oh, but they’ll be doing job training & the like so people can find jobs & get ahead?

    Well sure, we’ll train them on the proper gloves to wear for dish washing, the proper shoes to wear when waiting tables so your feet don’t hurt so much & the proper way to flip a hamburger

    Don’t illegal aliens have a stranglehold on those kind of jobs?

    Well sure, but job competition is good for business, so they can keep wages down

    But I thought you wanted a really high minimum wage?

    Well yeah, we haven’t quite figured that one out yet

    But don’t you think a true business leader running an America First agenda would be a better idea, & wouldn’t someone who actually loves their country & it’s people be better suited?

    That’s insulting, I’ve been a social justice, illegal alien, refugee & welfare advocate for decades, not too mention I’ve been against the business community for many decades too. I’m all about helping people

    But you seem to be all about helping everyone except your own citizens, & it seems your “new agenda” is nothing but more of the same, the old agenda. Nothing you say makes any sense. What do you have to say about that?

    I say, “shut your mouth, do as you’re told, trust us & keep voting democrat………”

    Oh, & be thankful if you find a dishwasher job. You can repay us by sending in donations

    Ah yes, our new vision for America, it will be glorious, glorious I tell ya!

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  6. pageoturner says:

    Isn’t it funny they’re branding it using Paul Ryan’s “Better Way” nonsense that we rejected in favor of Make America Great Again?

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  7. visage13 says:

    Thank you, I thought I was reading it wrong that they are going to help the working class? It is totally what President Trump is already doing but they think Reps are all about corporations and making the rich richer. They are so out of touch!

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  8. Well since we are trotting out “old stuff”. How about PDJT has a white board “a la Ross Perot” their plan on one side his on the other. Oh.. and use a monkey paw stick to point out the similarities.

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  9. joshua says:

    when the demorats hold an attempted trump-like rally, they will have Pelosi swoop in on a broomstick and Shumer will get delivered for a drone fly by to get the crowd of 10 all ramped up and excited…then there will be loud hip hop break dancin music playing Hell to the Cheaps…..

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    • Raven says:

      Even sour puss Amy Klo-“Butcher,” Senator from Minnesotastan, is seen in this picture standing among her people — the DemonRats.

      Yes, that’s a proud group indeed (not).

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      • Maquis says:

        Democrats standing around their standard-bearer always look so, corrupt. They are just seriously warped people. Nothing wholesome and good about a one of them.


  10. Howie says:

    Even worse. The GOP will hate it..


  11. Sassy says:

    Fake populists to go with the fake news. They really, really, really do think we’re stupid. We have Trump; why do we need them?

    If this is their better deal, what took them 8 years to come up with it? Shouldn’t it already have been enacted by Obama? Why didn’t Clinton run on this “better deal?”

    Papa John’s called; they want their slogan back.

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  12. trylikeafool says:

    They’re using some of the same populist language that Trump did/does, but the actual policies aren’t the same. The Democrats are espousing Marxism and socialism as their better deal. Trump is taking a different approach – one that would actually work if the Republicans in a Congress were competent.

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  13. dissonant1 says:

    Yeah, the irony here is so thick that only SD could cut through it. I wrote online a long time ago that the difference between Reps and Dems is that the Reps promise to do good things and don’t; Dems promise to do bad things and do. Could it be that the Dems are now promising to do good things and will? No, it is only another instance of their trying to induce mass delusion (which they have been doing for at least 75 years). On top of that, the Dems and liberals have both the lack of moral clarity and the audacity to claim that “good” ideas aren’t good unless they are done by the “right” people. I still hate their hypocrisy and the BS they propagate only for their own potential benefit.

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  14. IntoTheFray says:

    I remember that the Democrats, during the Bill Clinton administration, did exactly this. Any thing good proposed by the Reps, was co-opted as the Dems idea. Of course, the Reps just folded and moved on, without a fight, to the next idea, which became a Dem idea, rinse and repeat.
    Somehow, I don’t think that POTUS Trump is going to put up with this, but seeing as he’s not only fighting all of the Dems but also two thirds of the Reps… it’s going to get interesting.
    More popcorn!

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    • mimbler says:

      But that was generally good for the country. I don’t see these dems actually doing anything good.

      Their new slogan is all marketing other than the bad things they are proposing: minimum wage, wasteful repeat of obama infrastructure, job training which would be more political job corps training, etc.

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    • Kaco says:

      Oh, I’d love for Pres Trump to call them out on this!

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  15. R-C says:

    The democrat party is rotten to the core.

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  16. joshua says:

    Shumer plans to outdance Trump for A Better Deal

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  17. janc1955 says:

    Oh boy. This will be a yuge hit in 2018 and especially 2020, when most voters will have a much clearer picture of what MAGA means to their bank accounts and lifestyles. So we’ll be MAGA’ing away, and the Chuck & Nancy show will roll up in matching wheelchairs to pitch “A Better Deal.” Snort.

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  18. roy1982blog says:

    They really do rely/prey on the “uninformed/ dumb” voters.

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  19. Betty says:

    I read this on ZeroHedge, called Amy Klouchar’s DC office and read it to her minion. Then I came here and low and behold there is Amy right behind the lying Chuckie.

    ZeroHedge: Politics Of The Next 4 Years: Part 1 (Rise Of The “Dirtbag Left”)

    “A lot of people remain in denial about the current political environment. Whether it’s a neocon Never Trumper, or a manic Hillary dead-ender, what these people all have in common is they firmly and passionately think their world is somehow coming back. They still don’t understand that the party’s over.

    In our foolish apathy, we entrusted the country to these “very smart people” and they handed the entire thing over to crooked oligarchs, while simultaneously cheerleading us into a never-ending stream of reckless, inhumane imperial wars. They hollowed out and feasted on the entire nation and now, incredibly enough, have rebranded themselves as leaders of a toothless resistance to the mess they created. Delusional doesn’t even begin to describe these people. They genuinely think Trump’s rise represents some bizarre historical blip, and once the hideous blemish is removed, things can carry on as they were. That’s not going to happen.”

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  20. Bruce says:

    Simply put………everything the dems have done for 6 months has further hurt Americans and stalled their personal growth. This includes the children. They are chronic liars and thieves.

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  21. Modernlove says:

    Will that scary old creature ever take off those glasses from his foot long Pinocchio nose? He has NO. FANS.

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  22. Piper says:

    It’s extremely worrying that the corrupt, globalist’ puppets of the uniparty are telling whomever will listen that “they are planning to take Trump out”, not NOT by impeachment

    Tread carefully you traitors, anything happens to our President Trump and you will reap the whirlwind!

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    • Oldskool says:

      The President’s safety shouldn’t be of any concern, remember his Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s brother is Erik Prince the founder of Blackwater and Xi, or whatever it is now. People wonder how the President is always at least two steps ahead with intelligence, believe me it ain’t from any of our agencies. Prince would know who the Ghosts are and what they’re up to.

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  23. Anon says:

    Wasn’t there a so called president at some time in the past who said something about putting lipstick on a pig? And it was still a pig?


  24. joshua says:

    This time, Democrats decide to offer the voters

    “A Better Deal”

    here is their plan

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    • joshua says:

      no barking, no coughing, no brain either….with Chelsea, you get Three Clintons In the White House

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      • Grant MacNichols says:

        I think Chelsea is not the democratic front running flavor of the up come future. To vanilla. Kamela Harris is the new POS in town.

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        • Maquis says:

          Hey yeah! Muslim sounding name? Check! Brown skin? Kinda, so Check! Communist leanings? One term Senator with no record of accomplisment? Check! Check! Another “chance to vote for an Historical First”? CHECK!

          Oh, wait, we already did a Muslim Black Communist Senator No-Account Loser.
          But, but, he wasn’t a woman!
          Two words: Mom Jeans.

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    • kathyca says:

      Oh, I HOPE they run Chelsea. She’s one of the most unlikeable, uncharismatic and unattractive (inside and out) women I’ve ever seen. She’s her mother’s daughter entirely, and then some. She has NO chance. Although I’d love to see her try 😀

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  25. liberty2828 says:

    Demos…” A Better Deal” A-lready B-een D-one

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  26. MaineCoon says:

    Basically I take the message to mean Ds are basically endorsing Trump candidates in ’18. This could turn into a good ad.

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  27. wheatietoo says:

    Better Lies, Better Talking Points, Better Propaganda…Better to Fool You With.

    The jokes almost write themselves.

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  28. TheWanderingStar says:

    The democrats showing up at their roll-out without their suits and ties so they can connect with the common man. Gonna be hard to get that socialist elitism stench off of themselves though.


  29. bkrg2 says:

    Ok… I seriously thought Sundance was punking us on this post! I had to go read the Head Clown’s op-ed at the failing NY Slimes (ugh).
    So yes, idiot Demon rats are basically hitching the wagon to MAGAnomics. Only difference is the $15 minimum wage.
    HOWEVER, if you need to feel sick to your stomach, start reading the over 2,400 comments. I made it through about 100. About 20% praising Head Clown for such great ideas and the otehr 80% of snowflakes crying because it doesn’t include single payer healthcare, amnesty, or free college. Idiots…

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  30. Minnie says:

    This “Better Deal” crap is targeted to whom, exactly!

    Better than what their POS ex-President offered and/or attained after 8 years of “fundamental change”?

    Who do they think they’re fooling, seriously 😐

    The lame libs who hung on every word out of obunghole’s putrid mouth, who gladly drank the kool-aid?

    Their leadership is truly delusional.

    I can recommend some excellent anti-psychotic meds to clear their thinking up, quickly.

    On the collapsing obunghole care pla, however, it would be out-of-pocket.


  31. WeThePeople2016 says:

    In the meantime, Paul Ryan is skipping town later this week. Paul Ryan bashes Trump today but look what he is doing or not doing in the House. They are leaving town for the month of August. Unbelievable!

    5. House will leave town without passing all 12 funding bills. For weeks, House GOP leaders and rank-in-file lawmakers have told reporters that they were certainly going to have action on all twelve funding bills for the federal government. Reporters tried not to laugh out loud, knowing full well that was not likely. After this week, the House will be gone from Washington until Labor Day, and the plan is to jam four of the twelve funding bills into one package, and pass them in what’s known as a ‘minibus’ (the smaller version of the omnibus). Funding bills for the military, VA, energy and water programs, and the Legislative Branch (Congress) will be in that plan – but eight other bills will not voted on this week. And yet, the House will go home for five weeks. As you can see, a lot of budget work has not been done in both the House and Senate. Unfortunately, that has become standard procedure no matter which party is in charge.

    6. One odd provision in the minibus. One interesting choice made by Republicans this week is that the House will vote on money to build the border wall backed by President Trump – but not the underlying bill that funds the Department of Homeland Security. A provision for $1.6 billion to start work on the wall along the border with Mexico is part of the “Make America Secure” minibus appropriations bill – but the plan to actually fund Homeland Security operations won’t be voted on by the House – until after Labor Day. You can see the House schedule – a rare five day legislative work week is scheduled this week for the House, and then lawmakers head back home for five weeks.


  32. Charles says:

    Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    The Dems know Trump’s plan is working and his message is resonnating, and the ‘collusion delusion’ and ‘Russian concussion’ are played out. They can see no one is buying Mueller’s investigation and Trump and the deplorables will fight Mueller tooth & nail.

    They are forced into playing catch up ball, but they have zero credibility and will lose their base if they actually try a “better deal”.

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  33. distracted2 says:

    You can’t simultaneously be for and against something. I thought the Dems were idiots before but this is just ridiculous. And ridiculously funny. 😂


  34. America First says:

    Why the surprise? This is American Uniparty politics. Lobbyists shell out millions of dollars to buy the best consultants to put their fingers to the wind to figure out what we want to hear. They then pay the best speechwriters to figure out how their hired guns should say it. The hired guns get elected by us. They then go to DC and do none of the stuff they said and do what the lobbyists want them to do. Lather, rinse, repeat.


  35. distracted2 says:

    Is this their strategy to stop resisting and cooperate while saving face? Because they have to know if they don’t support an infrastructure bill or tax cuts, they are toast.


  36. JoD says:



  37. Question Everything says:

    I was just talking about this earlier on the prior page of comments and then I came across the same conversation on another site and this was posted in the conversation.


  38. MIKE says:

    I’m guessing they paid huge sums of money to means testers and pollsters only to come up with basically a re-worded pizza slogan, and now they’re trying to sell it to what’s left of their voting base… Taking the definition of “out of touch” to a whole new level here. Professional political clowns don’t even deserve $15.00/hr. Take their salaries and perks. Frickin’ grifters!


  39. jmclever says:

    The first thing the enemy does is hijack the language. This is exactly what they are doing. They don’t have a different agenda, they are reframing their true agenda so that it sounds like a better deal but in reality, it is the same raw deal they’ve always pushed. Watch: this is more about confounding and resisting by confusing the language than it is about actually getting anything done.


  40. Papa John’s pizza slogan….

    Dems really, really suck!


  41. Ken Watson says:

    If it’s such a winner we can expect a consensus among Dems and Reps both, no? No. Trump should come out in favor of respiration. The Resistance and #NeverTrump rump will be dead in 300 seconds.


  42. “I just want to let all you irredeemable, deplorable peasants that the Democratic Party cares about your stupid, useless lives and whatever else it is you bumpkins like.” – Sen. Chuck Schumer

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