Attorney General Sessions Affirms Immigration Enforcement – Warns Philadelphia to Reconsider Sanctuary City Policy…

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in Philadelphia today and specifically challenged the city to reconsider their decision to be a sanctuary city for illegal alien criminals.

“The residents of Philadelphia have been victimized,” Mr. Sessions told federal prosecutors here, denouncing the city for “giving sanctuary to criminals.”  (link)

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  1. Donna in Oregon says:

    As President Trump learns more, his admin. will change. Change is good. Sean Spicer had his part, Sessions has his. This government is dedicated to the American people, not a party. President Trump is not an idealogue, he’s a pragmatist.

    No wonder no one in the media understands him. It takes common sense and a superior intellect to understand. The MSM will never be on board. We will have to replace them all.

    Don’t forget CNN Headquarters protest tomorrow in Atlanta tomorrow. 🙂 around 12:00pm

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    • i'm just sayin'.. says:

      CNN is now averaging 1 million (and descending) viewers in prime time. President Trump has about 34 million Twitter followers. In effect CNN has one thirty-forth of President Trump’s audience (measured against Twitter – the total including all social media is much higher).
      CNN is desperately clinging, by their fingernails, to the sidewalls of the bottomless pit of irrelevance.
      CNN, at one time was somewhat competent in reporting on some types of news. They have today, by their own choice and action, relegated themselves to the dustbin of political jokery. Their value lies in being the ripe target of mockery but that will subside as their viewership slips below 500,000. CNN is a dead man walking……

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  2. I doubt Bull Durham or many others will call me a NEWBIE tim (if you are). Some of us have backgrounds in using propaganda, could teach classes on it. Bernay’s ring a bell tim, and all of his books on the subject. tim, google Dr. Steve Pieczenik, the master of using psysops and propaganda. Dr. Pieczenik has been mostly silent on Sessions, its small potatoes really in the big game. Though Sessions claims he made the decision to recuse after talking to people who advised him to recuse. So it wasn’t his decision. Think about that.

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    • SR says:

      Session can talk with same people again and back in game again.

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      • keebler AC ovfefe says:

        Exactly, if he got played by swamp creatures and realizes it now, he can undo it. He alone can remove Rosenstein and Mueller. Will he? Obama and Hillary are still out there with no investigations. Getting MS-13 but losing Trump as president is not a good trade. Lots of AGs can get MS-13. The reverse is not true.

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        • Dan says:

          Spot on. And of course MS-13 will never truly be defeated unless someone like Trump is in power,and he won’t be if we don’t start investigating them.

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        • shadowcole says:

          How do you know there are no investigations going on of Hillary and Obama? Do you work in the FBI or Justice dept? We won’t know when investigations are started but only when they end with indictments. I believe much is going on behind the scenes and secretly of course due to the nature of the crimes and the amount of swamp creatures involved.

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          • hippielouie says:

            that’s what i’ve been thinking. plus…aren’t grand juries secret??

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          • bolshevict says:

            Thats right. The premier investigators, the FBI? Trump just got rid of Comey, and only has had a confirmed replacement for 3-4 days….

            Another way to look at it, but related…..3500 pedos arrested since Trump started Jan 21…only 400 the year before w/ Obama. But the Big Fish require more pieces set on the chessboard. I still believe its coming.

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      • SR, would that be the same people who advised him to recuse, and most likely said it might be a “good idea” if you appointed Rosenstein.

        Sessions offered to resign, or so say reports. Well he made that offer right when a major overseas trip was about to begin. Not only that was going on, the puppet masters were pulling strings to promote failure on that trip at the same Time. Maybe Sessions offered to resign at a bad Time “politically”.

        On the other hand, Trumps rant on Sessions was recorded in the Oval office by the reporter it seems. Funny that, ya know I would bet there is some special way to keep that from being done, unless Trump wanted it done.

        Tangled webs, none of which Al Gore made


        • Sherlock says:

          He didn’t appoint Rosenstein, the President did.

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          • keebler AC ovfefe says:

            I wouldn’t be too sure about that. Trump would have asked Sessions his trusted ally if Rosenstein as Deputy AG was reliable. Obviously, Sessions felt he had enough confidence in Rosenstein to recuse himself. Wrong move. Even if it was solely Trump’s decision, how the recusal occurred is a grossly CLM.


            • Sherlock says:

              Only the President has the power to appoint the Deputy AG, who must then be confirmed by the Senate. He was recommended by President Trump’s transition team.


        • shallbe4 says:

          If anything Sessions seems stronger in his position today than he was a month ago.


    • Sherlock says:

      Consulting with people before making a decision doesn’t mean you’re not making the decision.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Sessions was following THE ACTUAL LAWS and regulations of the US – which are quoted in the thread above.

      At the time Sessions recused, it was considered a plus that the AG would obey laws of land and recuse to remove any taint of prejudice from DOJ.

      After 8 LONG painful YEARS watching the partisan, lawless DOJ of Obama, Holder and Lynch, and Comey’s farce of an investigation of Crooked Hillary, we welcomed Sessions move and were relieved to see a man of integrity at the helm of the DOJ.

      I still am relieved!

      Sessions is doing a jam up great job as AG.

      This administration and the DOJ will have to use some other means to take down the politicization of Mueller’s investigation if it turns out to be a ‘dirt search committee’ for political campaigns.

      Trump will do just that and has multiple ways from declassifying Obama and Hillary’s crap actions to feeding Wikileaks and revealing truth to real conservative media, such as OANN, Dobbs, Hannity, Pirro, et al.

      Trump will hit back harder than he is attacked.

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      • Joan says:

        Nice guys finish last, Georgia.


      • Risin'Tide says:

        I agree, Georgia. Sessions is following the mandate given to him from PDJT. He is re-establishing law enforcement and rule of law across the country. Taking on the immigration issues is paramount. Now that he’s got a real FBI director, investigations can begin, be reviewed and completed so that the AG’s office can bring charges. The new FBI director will have all of Comey’s information delivered to him and leak investigations will begin along with the Clinton email issues truly investigated. Expect reviews of the investigations to cross Sessions desk over the coming months. Remember, everyone, much of Trump’s appointments have not yet been confirmed, including in the Justice department.

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      • shallbe4 says:

        Georgia right you are. Sessions is loyal and will work his heart out to do the job he was hired to do.

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    • Payday says:

      I just can’t get past what Sessions did to undermine this administration. Wasn’t it he who recommended Rosenstein? And it confirmed my suspicions when Rosen got appointed with 97 Senate votes. Think about it. Just 21 days after confirmation he appointed Mueller. Something seriously wrong with this picture.


  3. JESUS H….
    Trolls everywhere..
    I wish, As does Howie.. and a few other(s),, wish Sessions would “pick-up-speed”..
    Yes; we get, or are frustrated…
    I get this, I feel it to,,, at times.
    The Wheels of Justice turn SLOWLY..
    Lord it takes a YEAR to get a divorce! (In my state)..
    LIGHTEN UP folks..
    I’m ALL IN For Sessions..
    (I just wish the forth-coming indictments will come faster)…
    BUT, As President Trumps says..
    **It’s a Complicated Business**..
    Ya’ll know where I STAND NOW, OK? 😉 😉
    Moderators , Let Me know if you need a re-Supply ,, STAT.. 😉

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    • dreadnok89 says:

      Difference of opinion isnt trolling sir

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    • Matt says:

      The President and his administration have been in office a mere six months. He’s receiving flak from all sides. Did anyone really think it would be this quick and easy to drain the swamp? Lawdy, if one refuses to bide their time, at least ask the Almighty for patience, and maintain your trust in the President and his decisions.

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    • scott467 says:

      “Lord it takes a YEAR to get a divorce! (In my state)..”


      Not if you don’t participate in their scheme by obtaining a ‘marriage license’ it doesn’t.

      What is a license?

      It is a permission to do something that would otherwise be unlawful. For example, James Bond (007) had a ‘license to kill’.

      But getting married isn’t unlawful, and there were no license bureaus for thousands of years of human history, so why is there a license today?

      Because miscegenation laws made it illegal for members of two different races to marry, so if members of two different races wanted to marry, they had to get a LICENSE (permission) to do what would otherwise be illegal.

      Over time, the miscegenation laws were repealed, but the State liked the power (and revenue) from licensing. In addition to being a great source of revenue, marriage licenses have also become a means for the State to exert control over the marriage, marriage ‘assets’ and any children produced by the marriage.

      Because if you are married with a license from the State, that is a THREE-WAY CONTRACT between husband, wife and State.

      Neat, huh?

      And THAT is why the State has the Authority to tell you that you can’t get divorced for a year. That is also why, if things get ugly, the State will determine who gets custody of any children (good luck, men!), who pays whom alimony and for how long (good luck, men!), how marital assets are divided (good luck, men!), etc.

      You allowed all of that intrusion into your business and your affairs when you obtained a LICENSE from the STATE to do something that is NOT illegal in the first place.

      You DO get certain ‘benefits and privileges’ from the marriage license. The State had to give you SOMETHING in exchange or it wouldn’t be a valid contract.

      So you get a marriage deduction on your taxes.

      Whatever that amount comes to, that’s the cost of freedom. In that particular scenario.

      You don’t need a license to get married.

      You can draw up a contract with your spouse-to-be, and determine, while you are happy and in love, how things will be divided if things go wrong, and under what circumstances (e.g., the division of assets and other important considerations may be adjusted in the case of infidelity or violence).

      How any future children might be shared, who will support whom and for how long, if at all, based on rational examination.

      All of this and more is basic contract law.

      And if you have no marriage license, but you DO have a marriage contract, then that contract is what will determine when you get a divorce, and under what conditions, and the ONLY say the State will have is to ENFORCE that contract if one of the parties to the contract decides to violate the TERMS of that contract.

      Just something to think about…


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      • Scarlet says:

        This is brilliant.

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        • scott467 says:

          “This is brilliant.”


          The scheme is brilliant.

          Devious beyond the willingness (of many) to believe.

          But what I described above is not even the tip of the iceberg, it’s barely even a perceptible ripple on the surface, compared to the size of what lurks just below. In many ways it is analogous to concepts in the movie ‘The Matrix’, as you begin to peel back the layers of the onion, and uncover and understand the schemes that have been put in place over the generations, which have tied us down like Gulliver by the Lilliputians.

          And that’s the problem.

          It’s complicated, and unless it can be explained simply and relatively briefly, most people will just dismiss it, because they are simply not prepared to grasp the enormity of the deception, what we have ‘lost’, and how it came about.

          It’s complicated, but it is fascinating, especially if one is interested in history and the difference between ‘rights’ vs. ‘benefits and privileges’.

          Wait until you find out about the ‘Driver’s License’ scheme, and that, just as you don’t need a ‘marriage license’, you don’t need a ‘Driver’s License’ either, lol!

          Many of these things will make you angry at first, when you understand how you have been deceived, and how pervasive it really is.

          It’s a fascinating subject, but you can’t go off half-cocked and just start driving without a license or license plates, you have to understand how the scheme works, and then extricate yourself from it in an orderly fashion.

          And you have to understand your actual ‘rights’ well enough to be able to STAND on them when (not if!) you get pulled over for driving without plates. And if the officer does not understand that what you are doing is entirely lawful (some do, it is becoming more common, but many don’t), you need to be prepared to spend 24 to 72 hours (depending on what state you are in) in the county jail while they check out the documents you have in lieu of insurance (e.g., a bond), in lieu of Certificate of Title (e.g., MSO, Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin for the car), in lieu of a State I.D. (personal identification without State I.D. is a whole other subject area).

          But if you have done things properly, they will have to let you go, because we have a Constitutionally guaranteed right to travel, by whatever mode is common, and few things are more common than the automobile for travel.

          The car (basically an internal combustion engine attached to a carriage) was invented in the late 1800s. In the early 1900s Henry Ford began mass-production of the Model “T”. Most States (probably ALL States) had NO licensing requirements for driving, or even the organizational/legal structure to do so.

          People were driving all over the country, for YEARS, and NOBODY had licenses. Like many areas of life at that time, where legislation (or statute, or code) did not exist (or where people had no yet ‘consented’ by opting ‘in’ to the system), Common Law was the Law of the Land.

          Our Constitution was based on Common Law.

          Common Law is superior Law to any legislation, statute or code. In other words, no legislation, statute or code can make ‘illegal’ what is (or was!) lawful under Common Law.

          Side note: that is also why, if your name and date of birth was recorded in a family Bible, that family Bible is an acceptable form of identification to apply for a passport, to this very day, because once upon a time, the family Bible was, in many cases, the ONLY place a child’s birth was recorded. And since that was a lawful form of ID under Common Law, it must also be so today — no matter what legislation or code or statute the government comes up with, they must allow a loophole or a work-around so that the family Bible is still accepted as proof of identity. They cannot make unlawful what was lawful under Common Law.

          Family Bible To prove Citizenship for a Passport:

          U.S. Passport Service Guide:

          Forms Required for a first-time Passport Application:

          Here is an example of a Family Bible Affidavit:

          But nobody tells us these things, because most people don’t know (judges know…), and the people who DO know (judges and higher government officials) don’t want you to know. The entire ‘system’ is geared toward steering you INTO the spiderweb of control schemes, not OUT of it.


          Most of us have little to no experience with Common Law, because we have consented to this spiderweb of control schemes, ceding authority, rights and jurisdiction over nearly every aspect of our lives to government, in exchange for all sorts of ‘benefits and privileges’.

          [We have ‘consented’ unknowingly, without full disclosure, so that ‘consent’ and the related contracts which sprang from it (e.g., licenses, SSN, birth certificate, et al) are not actually valid…].

          Every single ‘benefit’ or ‘privilege’ that we have from government was obtained by relinquishing or waiving or ‘consenting away’ some “Right”. And that is always a bad trade, unless one is literally incompetent and a ward of the State.

          In effect, over time, with much planning and purposeful effort, the powers that be have made us ALL ‘wards’ of the State through these schemes.

          And it has gone on for so long that nearly everyone just thinks it’s ‘normal’.

          That’s why nearly everyone automatically obtains a ‘marriage license’ when they get married, because… well, because that’s just what everybody does, right?


          The best prison ever created has no bars, so it never occurs to the prisoners to try to escape.



          • Rick says:

            We also have a Constitutional 2nd Amendment right that “shall not be infringed”. Try carrying concealed in CA and get caught and see what happens to your rights!

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            • Rick says:

              without possession of a legal CCW license……The San Diego sheriff won in the 9th Court that residents must abide by “may issue”, which does not entitle a law-abiding citizen to carry a weapon for self defense….in his twisted view of the 2nd!

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            • scott467 says:

              Rick wrote: “We also have a Constitutional 2nd Amendment right that “shall not be infringed”. Try carrying concealed in CA and get caught and see what happens to your rights!”


              I definitely would not advise carrying concealed without a permit until you know exactly what you are doing, and you have tested the system, been to court a few times (hopefully successfully, eventually) and passed lower thresholds that don’t involve lengthy prison sentences.

              That is why learning how to go about traveling by car without a “driver’s license” and license plates is great practice, a great trial-run before moving to other areas. The concepts involved are all the same, so if you can get that down, you have a solid foundation for going forward. The downside to learning how to exercise your right to travel without ‘licenses’, even if you mess it up, is minimal. A fine at most. Baby steps. Make your mistakes in situations where there are not life-changing consequences if you screw up, because you WILL screw up, it’s part of the learning process. You have to learn to crawl before you walk, and walk before you can run.

              The ‘rabbit hole’ goes much, much deeper.

              This analogy might be helpful.

              Suppose that you (an individual American) are on a football team. We’ll call the team the Washington Redskins (symbolizing Washington D.C., the federal government, but using a football analogy).

              When you sign a contract to play for the Washington Redskins, you “consent” to the team’s “jurisdiction” over you. You don’t actually give up any of your Constitutionally guaranteed, God-given unalienable RIGHTS — they still exist, but you WAIVE certain RIGHTS by consent, by contract, with the football team. If you attempt to exercise those rights AFTER you consented to waive them, you will be penalized, as long as you remain under contract. You can’t have it both ways, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

              You do get some nice “benefits and privileges” for being on the Washington Redskins football team, in exchange for waiving certain rights and agreeing to their jurisdiction over you. You get a nice salary, for one thing, if you’re a pro-football player. But if you have anything resembling a “regular job”, you’ve waived all the same rights, you just aren’t being compensated nearly as well.

              Common Law is the foundation upon which our nation was created. Legislation, code and statute is what has been built on top of that foundation, and only applies to those who are within the jurisdiction of said statutes, codes and legislation.

              The Constitution is like a Trust. The Founding Fathers were the Grantors, elected officials are the Trustees, and We the People are the beneficiaries.

              The Trustees have a fiduciary obligation to the Beneficiaries. If they violate that obligation, then they can no longer be Trustees.

              Continuing with the analogy.

              The football games are played on Sunday. On Saturday night (like any other night) you have a Constitutionally guaranteed RIGHT to stay out as late as you like with your buddies if you want to, but your TEAM, the Washington Redskins, imposes a 10pm CURFEW on Saturday nights so you are rested for the game on Sunday, and you agreed to that curfew by contract (consent) whether you remember reading that clause or not, so if you get caught breaking curfew, the team is going to fine you $30,000 (for example) and bench you for 3 games, because you CONSENTED to the team’s *jurisdiction* and rules (and penalties) by contract.

              Your buddies who stayed out with you until 3am on Saturday night won’t get any fine or sanctions, because they’re not on the Washington Redskins football team. They have no contract, they are not part of that system so the Washington Redskins have no jurisdiction over your buddies. It’s like they have diplomatic immunity; they cannot be fined or imprisoned for the same things you can be, because Washington Redskins’ jurisdiction does not apply to them. You all have the same unalienable RIGHT to stay out as late as you want, but YOU waived your right by CONSENT and by CONTRACT with the Redskins football team, for as long as you are on the team.

              Same concept applies to the federal government.

              It used to be that we were each on our own State’s ‘team’, where we live. Nobody was a “United States Citizen”. If you were born in Georgia, you were a Georgia citizen. The concept of a “United States Citizen” did not come about until after the Civil War, when a means was needed to give former slaves the same “rights” and “equal protection” as everyone else. The slaves were freed at the end of the Civil War, but then they had no official ‘status’. They weren’t “citizens”, they weren’t anything, until the 14th Amendment was passed in 1868.

              The “United States” is a corporation, and has legal ‘jurisdiction’ in Washington, D.C. and any consulate or territory or property owned by the federal government (national park, federal buildings, embassies, etc.). So if you are on the sidewalk outside Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, you are standing on Wyoming land and subject to the jurisdiction of Wyoming State. When you step into the Yellowstone National Park, you are on Federal land, “United States, Inc.” land, subject to the jurisdiction of Washington D.C., should they choose to exercise it, rather than letting local authorities handle minor transgressions.

              Over time, those who are born in America effectively obtained dual citizenship, we are State citizens of the state in which we were born (as was always the case), AND we are “United States Citizens”. Those who are born elsewhere and are ‘naturalized’ are “United States Citizens” only. Making the distinction between the two doesn’t serve the interest of anyone in a position of power, and over time, with the spiderweb of schemes in place, and jurisdictions overlapping to a large extent, there is no practical difference… unless you really know what you’re doing, and you EXERCISE your rights.

              If you don’t EXERCISE your rights, then for all practical purposes, they cease to exist; they become an abstract concept without real life application.

              If you do not exercise your rights, if you remain “silent”, you have ‘consented’.

              It is an ancient universal Maxim of Law.

              Maxim [mak-sim]
              1. An established principle or proposition
              2. A principle of law universally admitted, as being a correct statement of the law

              Qui tacet consennire videtur, ubi tractatur de ejus commodo: “He who is silent is deemed to consent.”

              The maxim is Qui tacet consentiret: the maxim of the law is “Silence gives consent“. — Sir Thomas More

              The ‘powers that be’ abuse that concept mercilessly and comprehensively.


              Today, for all intents and purposes, nearly the entire population of America is under contract to the Washington D.C. Redskins, so much so that the Washington Redskins don’t even have any real competition, it’s like the Harlem Globetrotters vs. the Scrubs. It’s a rigged game and the outcome is determined before tip-off. Nearly all of us have consented (through deception) to “federal jurisdiction”. And 99% of us don’t even realize it. And the State governments aren’t any better, over time they have become nearly carbon-copy corporations of the ‘mothership’ in Washington D.C.

              Nearly all of us have signed multiple contracts (or our parents signed on our behalf, e.g., SSN and Birth Certificate) giving the federal government (and State governments) jurisdiction over us with regard to things where the State ought not have any jurisdiction at all, i.e., matters of lawful Rights.

              Marriage license, birth certificate, Social Security Number, Driver’s License, Hunting License, CCW license, and on and on. By virtue of those contracts, we have consented to various jurisdictions, waiving certain rights, in exchange for ‘benefits and privileges’.

              We have all heard that “driving is a privilege!” a thousand times, and legally speaking, if you obtained a ‘license’, then it *IS* a privilege… one which can be revoked if you violate the terms of your contract.

              ‘Driving’ is a privilege, but traveling by or operating a car is a RIGHT.

              But since you (we) have consented to all of these other contracts, demonstrating in countless ways that we are on the Washington Redskins team, we have likewise agreed to be bound by the PENALTIES if we violate the Team’s “rules” (legislation, code, statutes).

              So if, by consent and contract, you are on the Washington Redskins Team, you better NOT go around without your CCW license, even though you still retain a Constitutionally guaranteed RIGHT to do so — or you will be in violation of your CONTRACT, and subject to the jurisdiction and penalties which you agreed to when you signed the contract, including prison.

              And since it has been assumed long ago that everyone is on the Washington D.C. Redskins team, if you are going to claim NOT to be, if you want to be like your buddies in the earlier football analogy who had no contract, then you need to be able to show that you withdrew from or voided all of those contracts properly, and intentionally removed yourself from the “team”. You need to be able to show that you left the system of legal schemes (the ‘Matrix’), and you meant to do so.

              Part of that is making sure that you don’t take advantage of any ‘benefits & privileges’, which would demonstrate the opposite of what you are trying to show, prove and establish.

              Back to the subject of consent, and all of those contracts we have become a participant in (even your car insurance, which invariably required a SSN on the application, or your mortgage, everything is oriented toward participation in the overlapping legal schemes, the ‘matrix’). In order for genuine, lawful “CONSENT” to be given, in order for ANY “contract” to be valid and enforceable, the government or other entity (insurance company, mortgage lender, et al) had to give full disclosure, including what RIGHTS you were waiving in exchange for the “benefits and privileges” that were ‘given’ to you as consideration in exchange.

              I don’t know about anyone else, but I never received any “full disclosure” about anything, certainly not about anything mentioned above. In the case of the birth certificate and the SSN, for most of us, our parents “consented” on our behalf, and you can be sure they had no idea what they were ‘consenting’ to, either.

              And because full disclosure was never given, those “contracts” wherein we all “CONSENTED” (one way or another) to state and federal jurisdictions and legal schemes are NULL and VOID, and can be lawfully dissolved.

              They can be voided “Ab Initio” – as if they never existed, “as if it has at no time had any legal validity” ( ).

              And if those contracts never had any legal validity, then the record of their existence can be lawfully expunged, completely removed from the ‘system’ — with some effort.

              Let the ramifications of THAT sink in.

              The government has been corrupted to the point where they treat us like cattle, like slaves whose sole purpose is to send them money; they have eroded and violated our RIGHTS by intentional deception for purposes of control and revenue generation.

              But there is always a way out, because they cannot make unlawful what was previously established under Common Law, they can only trick you into participating in their ‘system’. The vast majority of what passes for “law” today is legalities — statute and code — and they hide their intent and deception behind legalese. But the foundation of all American Law is still Common Law, the Constitution itself was founded on Common Law, and we can still stand on it, on our Rights.

              But it’s sort of like being set free after serving a lifetime (your life up to this point!) sentence in prison. A lot has changed since you went in, there is a lot to learn, and it’s going to take some adjustment. For some people, that is going to be more effort than it’s worth. Others have become ‘institutionalized’, they are incapable of functioning on their own, outside the ‘system’. And some people are doing very well (by their own standard) inside the current ‘system’, like slaves who get to live in the Master’s house.

              But they’re still slaves.

              For those who are interested in real freedom, it is still attainable.

              Like anything else worth having, it takes time and effort.

              I’m certainly still learning myself. I am trying to communicate ideas and concepts in broad themes, in an effort to try to explain something that is not only somewhat complicated, but also outside the ‘boundaries’ of what many people have ever really given much thought to, and so it is difficult to have a general discussion about it without at least some background understanding.

              It’s one thing to ease someone into this subject matter, and quite another to ‘shock’ their system by throwing a bucket of cold water over their head. You get a very different reaction depending on your approach, and I try not to do the “bucket” method, lol! But I believe the overall essence of what I am trying to explain is, generally speaking, correct.

              If anyone decides to explore this subject matter further, I think you will find that it is a fascinating journey, with lots of American history involved.



      • WSB says:

        The scam is so simple and yet so far reaching on most private affairs, including a state’s or city’s control against its own citizens to affect a gruesome invasion by criminal foreigners.

        See how that works?

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      • dayallaxeded says:

        This is the main reason I scratch my head when gays go crazy to get a marriage license! I usually end discussion on the subject by saying I think gays should suffer the travails of marriage and state interference equally with the rest of us.

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      • Rick says:

        scott467…I love your perceived wisdom and conceptual understanding of marriage law. However, in a society that that labels you a racist, bigot, islamaphobe, insensitive gender pariah, and countless other things….I find it hard to believe that the STATE & Litigious Progressive Attorneys wouldn’t attach your wages and dry your arse up for 5 years before you drop to your knees and plead for mercy….and you would settle for unconditional alimony, child support and the old pick up truck just so you could find nirvana with that thirty something replacement….LOL! Divorce is never amiable. HA! /sarc


        • scott467 says:

          I understand, LOL!

          When someone calls me a racist, a bigot, an islamophobe, an insensitive gender pariah or countless other similar things, I have (basically) two responses.

          The Andrew Breitbart response: ‘So?’

          It leaves your accuser utterly defeated, because you’ve owned the downside, and they’ve already used all of their ammo. They have nothing left, and they can’t ‘harm’ you if you don’t care what they think. It’s hilarious, lol!

          The other response, depending on circumstances, is to enjoy taking someone to school. To educate them, preferably in front of their PC friends, what each of those words actually mean, and then turn it around on them, to show them that they are the real racists, bigots, islamophobes and insensitive gender pariahs.

          It’s amazing how unprepared for a fight the kind of people who hurl such epithets really are, when you put your rhetorical knife to their throat and look them in the eye — or through the Internet, for that matter.

          They don’t have an argument, just the epithet, and when it doesn’t have the expected and desired effect, they don’t know what to do next. Especially if they suddenly find themselves on defense, lol!


          As far as attaching wages and other forms of legalized theft, without a marriage license being present, the CONTRACT between the spouses is the ONLY law. Contract is law. Both parties signed the contract, neither party was under duress, both parties benefited from the contract, it’s a lawful and valid contract, the only lawful input from any Court can be is to enforce the of the contract if one party or the other violates the terms of the contract. Without the marriage license, the State has lawful participation or input.

          But you want to protect yourself anyway, just in case.

          I understand!

          Lots of ways to do that, and most of them are beneficial and recommended whether you intend to get married or not.

          First, create a private express Trust, with yourself as the beneficiary. You can’t be the Trustee AND the beneficiary, but you CAN be the beneficiary.

          I’m not talking about “legal” trusts that lawyers will ‘help’ you with. Those ‘trusts’ are a form of civil trust that is governed by statute and code and legislation, which means the State can pierce that type of “trust”, if they really want to. Like a ‘corporation’, it’s a creation of the State, so they have control, ultimately.

          A private express Trust is a creation of a living man — the REAL you — and it is your God-given unalienable Right to create such a Trust, as many as you like, in fact.

          A private express Trust is based on Common Law, and the government can’t touch it, even if they could find it. That’s the kind of Trust that Kennedys and Rockefellers and Morgans and such have, and if it’s good enough for them, there’s a good chance it would be good for you and me too 🙂

          Put your assets and personal property (anything you want to protect) in the Trust. You are the beneficiary, you get to use it and control it, you just don’t “own” it anymore, so it can never be “attached” or “seized”.

          Own nothing, control everything.” — John D. Rockefeller

          As far as wages go, that gets more complicated (and interesting), but there are entirely lawful means to receive payment for services rendered without said payment being subject to attachment.

          Remember, they can only ‘go after’ things that are somehow ‘connected’ to one of their various ‘schemes’. Imagine a checkerboard, as long as you don’t step on any of the red squares (or black, whichever you prefer), they can’t touch you.

          The deception is that ALL of the squares are red (or black, whichever), so no matter what you do, you’re in their ‘jurisdiction’ and they’ve got you. They have worked very hard to create and maintain that deception, for a very long time (much longer than the 30+ year plan the globalists were hoping to complete until DJT came along).

          But it’s not true.

          ALL of their schemes are built on legislation, statute and code.

          The foundation beneath their entire spiderweb of schemes is still Common Law, and that is the key.

          The Constitution is based on Common Law. It is within Common Law that all of our Rights are found. You have a God-given unalienable Right to work, and to receive the benefits of your labor. That is bedrock.

          And no matter what scheme they come up with, from before Jekyll Island to the year 2525 (classic rock music reference, Zager & Evans), there has to be a ‘back door’ or a work-around in their ‘scheme’ so you can lawfully conduct your affairs under Common Law, or their ‘scheme’ is not Constitutional.



          • scott467 says:

            Edit: I should not have said “It is within Common Law that all of our Rights are found.”

            Our Rights are inherent, God-given and unalienable. They are literally a part of who we as human beings are.

            What I meant to say is that the exercise of our Rights exists or is manifest in the environment of Common Law, as opposed to corporate and government jurisdictions where you have waived certain Rights (without realizing it, of course).

            It is because of this confusion that people are constantly asserting their RIGHT to do this or that or the other, and a statutory court (not a Common Law court!) is always slapping them down, while never explaining WHY their RIGHTS don’t apply.

            For example, why can’t you carry a concealed weapon in Kalyfournya without a permit? The Constitution says you can, but every time someone does it, they find themselves in a world of legal trouble.

            The reason they can do it, the reason your RIGHTS didn’t matter, is because they tripped you up with one or more of their other schemes in which you waived rights and accepted their jurisdiction.

            The schemes are all connected. Were you conducting yourself at the time of arrest as a U.S. citizen (14th Amendment citizen) or as a State citizen? They will assume you are conducting yourself as a U.S. citizen unless you can establish otherwise.

            If you are conducting yourself as a U.S. citizen, you’re under ‘contract’ to the Federal government, you’re on the Washington Redskins, and if you stay out past 10pm on Saturday night, you’re going to be fined and benched. Even though you have every RIGHT to stay out as late as you want, you agreed to the team’s jurisdiction and penalty structures (schemes!) when you signed up.

            Extrapolate that analogy to every single connection to government that you have. Every license, every corporation (including L.L.C. and sub-chapter ‘S’) you own or are a partner in, every document you ever signed that includes your SSN, your State I.D., it is a SPIDERWEB of interconnections.

            You have to understand what they are, and how they ‘imprisoned’ you (i.e., tied you down, made you subject to their schemes), before you can get out of them, before you can quit the Redskins’ team and stay out all night with your buddies (if you want to), without having to be concerned about being fined and benched.



          • scott467 says:

            Edit #2: correction: I meant to say “Without the marriage license, the State has NO lawful participation or input.”

            My original post accidentally omitted the word “NO”, which would make what I said exactly the opposite of what I was trying to say.



          • Rick says:

            You’re definitely a “thinking man’s man.” I have the book The Creature from Jekyll Island in my book library, written by G. Edward Griffen. A phenomenal read btw! If all Americans read this book, many of the things you mention about our liberties and freedoms would not have been lost because we would not have allowed the covert usurpation through deception. (More laws and restrictions). Also, always liked the song In the Year 2525, brings back my earlier years.

            Be well scott467….live long and prosper.


    • Payday says:

      It only took 21 days for Rosenstein to name special council. Think about that.


  4. George says:

    Until President tells me there’s a problem, fake news. Don’t resign unless you broke the law. They been selling propaganda since the election. Sessions may know the law. Innocent conversation about Trump campaign is not collusion. If Sessions broke the law I will be surprised.

    Liked by 6 people

  5. tim glave says:

    Bickerstaff, I’m so sorry. I now must bow to your obvious superior intellect. I’m so sorry that your ego has been damaged by my absolutely stupid and inane comment. I shall now diminish and disappear from your withering gaze so you don’t have to be bothered by a comment by someone who just doesn’t name drop every person he’s read or heard about. Is Isaak Bickerstaff your real name? Tim Glave is mine. Ad rem Sundance I wish you well.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. tim glave says:

    I see that your intellectect is so great that you could only be a cheap copy of another mans pseudonym. Why don’t you try Tom Swift instead namedropper.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ad rem says:

      tim….you musn’t have been here too long. You don’t even know how to properly reply to another’s comment. Do you see that “highlighted” reply button under each comment. That allows you to address the person you want WITHOUT having to scroll down several comments away….and losing all context.

      BTW…can it with the name calling or you’re gone.

      Liked by 7 people

      • tim glave says:

        Ad rem I meant no disrespect. I shall now leave and never comment here again. Goodbye Treepers. I’m going to miss you guys. This was the one site that I could actually get good information from. However I can see that I have worn out my welcome.


        • Ad rem says:

          Don’t misunderstand my comment tim….it was not meant as an attempt to discourage you from posting. It was only meant as encourageent to post in a correct format and following Tree House etiquitte. The other party had his goading comment deleated.

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  7. SR says:

    PTrump is not worried about Russia collusion but Mueller’s deep state investigation in everything is a problem and making him weak. RINO are running away from MAGA now. I hope Mueller give clean chit to PTRUMP soon that will end everything. But Why Mueller will do that and he is also working hard to put his name in history.

    Liked by 1 person

    • kiskiminetas says:

      RINOS have been running away from him since he threw his hat in the ring and still running. RINOS never wanted to make America great again. Mueller will be taken care of no sweat here. People need to meditate daily on MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Search for your inner Trump, experience it and let yourself be molded into a faithful follower of DJT, one with no worries and an ironclad commitment to a just cause.

      Liked by 4 people

    • keebler AC ovfefe says:

      Yes, SR, I saw the worry too. He spoke in the most agitated manner I’ve seen. I got rattled seeing people dumping on him in favor of the recused for it. He’ll do anything even put himself in the spotlight, but he doesn’t like it happening to his family. This is a MAGA Lion, and I would go to NYSlimes and demonstrate to everyone too that he holds the cards, and to not to play games with him including complacent hires.


  8. Billy Dunn says:

    I think AG Sessions will do what is what
    He is bringing the heat on immigration and the Anti Americans want him gone at any cost.
    If the left hate him then i love him.
    I really believe we are about to hear
    from our AG.

    Liked by 7 people

  9. realcapedcrusader says:

    I long for the good old days when SD posted a story, and Treepers researched it, solved it, and/or gave intelligent insight.
    There was minimal name calling, and unfounded accusations. There was a lot fewer posts telling others how they should live their lives. (Like, we have to cut our cable, turn off the TV, because someone thinks we are too stupid to listen to a show and not be brain washed by it.) I can give more examples, but I think that makes my point.
    It was a time when the moderating was left up to the Moderators.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Orygun says:

      You mean just before the NYT interview that seems to have set off a rash of concern trolling on this site.
      I love this site and it’s inhabitants but there are some concern trolls and sunshine warriors that seem to know better than a man who has paid a major price to try to bring us our country back. It is my Presidents show.. let him run it.


  10. teaforall says:

    Is Trump playing 3D chess with his comment on AG Sessions?? Sessions did the honorable thing on recusing himself from the Russia probe. Now with all the attention on Sessions , how does this effect Mueller. If anyone should recuse/fire it is Mueller

    Liked by 1 person

  11. ODOEMENA Chinenye Benedict says:

    This message is for Donald J Trump. You were never elected by the GOP in the Senate and the House. The very cabal and so called machines you beat in the Presidential elections are closing in on you! What they couldn’t get through the electoral process, they now want by force! What to do? GO TO YOUR SUPPORTERS AND THOSE WHO BRAVED EXTREME WEATHER TO GIVE YOU THE PRESIDENCY! This is not about KUSHNER or IVANKA! Tell your supporters to stand up and defend their votes! None should run away again from anaichists parading as protesters. Give your supporters the power to stand their ground and to unmask any ANTIFA that confronts them. Overhaul the DOJ with PITBULLS. You won the PRESIDENCY BY FIGHTING. This is your last fight. Make your stand. Your supporters are waiting for your order. Let them hear you!

    Liked by 3 people

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