Sketchy and Triggered – Ralph Peters Calls Tucker Carlson a Hitler-apologist

Ralph ‘sticky lips‘ Peters is a dangerous person. His previous behavior and advocacy showcases his ideology as one which espouses American intervention and elevation of the war machine at any cost.

His history of advocacy for illegal weapons distribution to any foreign entity, regardless of their eventual and predictable disposition to the United States, is littered with outcomes supported by John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Peters constantly pushes the memes of war, any war. He previously asserted that President Trump should appoint Lindsey Graham to be the Director of National Intelligence after General Mike Flynn was fired.

A few months ago Ralph Peters claimed Fox Business host Lou Dobbs was a Russian operative working on behalf of Vladimir Putin. His unstable mind previously caused him to be suspended from Fox News for using vulgarities to describe President Obama.

Ralph Peters is a seriously unstable and dangerous war-mongering person; and nothing triggers that mindset like a threat of demilitarization. Cue the audio visual demonstration.

CAIRO/BEIRUT (Reuters) – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told Reuters on Tuesday that it had “confirmed information” that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed.

[…] The Pentagon said it had no information to corroborate the reports. Kurdish and Iraqi officials also had no immediate confirmation.

Baghdadi’s death has been announced many times before, but the Observatory has a record of credible reporting on the Syrian conflict. Islamic State-affiliated websites and social media feeds have so far said nothing.  (read more)

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203 Responses to Sketchy and Triggered – Ralph Peters Calls Tucker Carlson a Hitler-apologist

  1. Bull Durham says:

    If you want to read the authority on Russian military history, there is a Lt. Col, David Glantz, who is recognized worldwide as the prolific author of Soviet warfare.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Thanks Bull I’ll check that out.

      I go through stages where something random catches my attention and I’ll read every book I can on it. A few years ago it was the looting of Russia. That reading is really paying off in spades now.


      • DoggyDaddy says:

        For me, the most important author on analyzing Soviet military strategy was the late Thomas W. Wolfe who worked at RAND Corp. His translation and analysis of Sokolovski’s work is top notch (you can download the .pdf here: ). Shtemenko’s autobiographical account of the Soviet General Staff in WWII is amazingly accurate of how the Sov’s did their business up until the demise of the USSR, although I would bet there are still similarities in today’s Russian General Staff ( ). Also, check out Liddell-Hart’s 1929 classic: Sherman. ( ). Patton considered this book to be a brilliant expose of maneuver and the indirect approach, while Tukhachevsky was influenced by the deep battle and total war ideas of Sherman. I only have Tukhachevsky’s works in Russian so I don’t have a reference for you; but perhaps Glantz has done some analysis of Marshal T. As a side note, the two most studied wars at the Soviet General Staff Academy were the American Revolution (how a rebellion can defeat the world’s most powerful army) and the US Civil War (how the world’s most powerful army can defeat a rebellion).


        • scott467 says:

          “As a side note, the two most studied wars at the Soviet General Staff Academy were the American Revolution (how a rebellion can defeat the world’s most powerful army) and the US Civil War (how the world’s most powerful army can defeat a rebellion).”


          Very interesting!

          My initial thought is that geography was critical to both.

          In the American Revolution, we had the home field advantage against the most powerful army in the world.

          In the Civil War, both sides (or neither) had home field advantage, so all other things being equal (they weren’t, but for sake of argument), the most powerful army won.



    • jsal says:

      And POS Peters voted for Hillary. Look it up.


  2. Mike says:

    The guy is a lunatic. Why Fox gives him a platform is beyond me.

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  3. Swenny Dawg says:

    He retired a light colonel so maybe there is some vexation toward anyone making decisions on his behalf. Prozac may indeed help.


  4. Joe S says:

    I saw this interview last night, and I immediately considered posting a suggestion and comment on it on the general resident politics blog here at CTH.

    But then I thought, why bother, this interview was so impactful that someone SURELY will notice it anyway, and it would end up as a separate topic here.

    I totally agree.

    And, BTW, Tucker Carlson absolutely shredded him and stripped him down naked.

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    • paulyho39 says:

      Yes! Tucker was great in countering his crazy opinions! I thought this was a terrific segment last night…love it when Tucker really comes down hard like that!


  5. Not only a lunatic, but a virulent Trump hater, never-Trumper, against Trump, yadayadayada. Fox keeps paying him as a contributor.


  6. Bubba says:

    Sundance is being too nice. Peters is bat shit crazy!

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  7. bluejean says:

    Reminds me of this guy from 1990 movie “Total Recall”….


  8. imalulu says:

    Col. Ralph Peters is actually a much “safer”,albeit just as insane version, of John McCain. Why do I say “safer”? Peters does not sit in the U.S. Senate and carry the clout of a Senator,running to and fro,from one “news” channel-talk-show venue to the next proclaiming his Trump hatred, lunatic war mongering, and half -baked Muslim brotherhood support on the American tax payer’s dime,and get lauded as a “maverick” for doing so. I am so sick of ALL these self-proclaimed “experts” and the complete mess they have made of the U.S.! “Fox (fake) news” seems to feature a special breed of “pretend” conservatives and libertarian malcontents and just rotates them from hour to hour. Try the sickening showcase on “Outnumbered” featuring John McCain’s no-it-all-no-nothing daughter! Peters is just one more lunatic hack that is evolving ever more insane.

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  9. litlbit2 says:

    Almost daily when these people talk, McCain, Peters, Graham etc we all know the names. I am appuled at just how badly they want to engage in a war with Russia. MSM, 24/7 is on the same page, may they all be removed quickly.
    I pray Putin and President Trump realize how much effort is being advanced to provoke them into being enemies. All for their hidden agenda NWO and complete control of everything. Very Evil People.


  10. Someone had robbed Ralph Peters of his “precious bodily fluids.”


  11. lisaginnz says:

    I don’t remember Peters being this bat guano cray cray during the long O years…. Sjundance is spot ON – Peters has gone downhill mentally… and revealed himself as an anti-Trumper awhile back … The Trump campaign really really really separated the wheat from the chaff (spelled?) – revealing the fake news, fake “conservatives” and fake “Republicans”…. thank God I found CTH. Ye’ll help me stay sane! (and less of me yelling at the TV too)…. hehe

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  12. Maquis says:

    Gee, hard to see why that dude didn’t make General…

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  13. Paladin13 says:

    I used to have a lot of respect for Ralph Peters. No more. He shows himself to be foolish and slightly unhinged. Clausewitz was a practical man and would have supported the USA cooperating with the Russians in destroying ISIS and other terrorist groups. Peters appears frustrated because the pro-war types such as Peters are no longer in style.


  14. Stand Fast says:

    This discussion was, for Peters, all over his logic map, based on his prior administration based business plans. The discussion on Iraq (the creation of a 3 part Iraq which never happened, not even when the UK created Iraq in the days of the Sykes-Picot agreement- see “Lawrence of Arabia”)- brought up the Kurds (and foolishly, Peters shows he has no idea who would run Syria after Assad (and says.. the Kurds- like Turkey was ever going to allow that). No one is saying that Russia is some kind of saint– they are the leftover thug run oligarch of a massive country of natural resource wealth. But acting like it’s the “same” Russia as the Soviet Union is not realistic, except in the reality of how their military is run and who is commanding them, especially as regards nukes. The hegemony of Russia is the same as it has been since before the Soviets.


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