Curiousor and Curiousor – Natalia Veselnitskaya Pictured With Obama Officals in DC on June 14th, 2016…

This is oddly interesting.
( h/t GWP ) At the heart of the current media Russian narrative du jour is a story about Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian attorney named Natalia Veselnitskaya.  That meeting took place on June 9th 2016 in Trump Tower.
Now it is discovered via video and images, that only 5 days later, June 14th 2016, Ms. Veselnitskaya was a guest of former Obama administration Russian Ambassador Michael McFaul in Washington DC for a House of Representatives hearing on U.S. Policy Toward Putin’s Russia.  [Video HERE – and Video HERE]

Ms. Natalia Veselnitskaya is pictured seated in the front row directly behind former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Mr. Michael McFaul at the House Foreign Affairs Committee. This is June 14th, 2016, five days after the reported meeting with Donald Trump Jr.

Link to Ambassador McFaul’s testimony (confirming date) is HERE

It should be noted that Ambassador McFaul was very publicly discussing the ‘Muh Russia’ conspiracy narrative in the media and appeared on numerous NBC and MSNBC broadcasts during the 2016 campaign, and immediately after the election.
Additionally, it was Michael McFaul who was the architect of the Obama/Clinton “Russian Reset”, that eventually led McFaul to becoming the Ambassador to Russia (NYT Link).
Ambassador Michael McFaul immediately caused quite a bit of controversy while in Russia as he indulged with various anti-Putin operatives.

Michael McFaul, the U.S. ambassador in Moscow from 2012-2014, was accused by Russian state television of seeking to orchestrate the overthrow of President Vladimir Putin after hosting opposition activists and Kremlin critics at the embassy in his second day on the job.  (Politico Link)

Another example of McFaul’s in-your-face antagonism is HERE.
On the heels of the 2011 WikiLeaks State Department Cables release (example below) Ambassador McFaul was kicked out of Russia:

(C) On January 14, National Security Council Senior Director for Russia Michael McFaul met with Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Milov of the Solidarity Movement, Grigoriy Bovt of the political party Right Cause, and Vladimir Ryzhkov, former head of the now defunct Russia’s Republican Party and professor at Moscow’s Higher School of Economics. All four leaders view Barack Obama as a highly pragmatic president focused on external cooperation with Russia, but supposedly not willing to pressure the Russian government for greater political freedom. President Medvedev is not seen as a viable alternative to Prime Minister Putin, who they believe will likely retake the Presidency in 2012. This, according to them, will ensure that a corrupt and unresponsive government continues to run Russia. They agreed that the aim of the political opposition over the next two years should be to prevent the return of Putin to the presidency. According to them, however, given Putin’s control over society only an emergency situation could bring about his fall from grace.
[…]  McFaul opined that “de-Putinization” must come from within Russia, from a focus on civil education to broaden demands within society for increased freedom. Though the President may not be as vocal about his support for civil society within Russia as opposition members in Russia might prefer, McFaul made clear to this group, all of whom he has known throughout his career, that the President fully supports democratic reform in Russia. All agreed that dramatic change in the Russian political landscape would not take place in the near future.
5. National Security Council Senior Director for Russia Michael McFaul has cleared on this cable.  (WikiLeaks Cable Link)

It should also be noted that Ambassador McFaul’s friend, Ms. Natalia Veselnitskaya, was initially denied an entry visa into the United States in 2016 and appealed her situation to the U.S. District Court of New York.  She was granted a parole letter allowing her to enter the United States on behalf of a client.
Here’s her filing to the U.S. District Court in New York.
[scribd id=353338031 key=key-gq91C3OkNEkpl7iqQiBp mode=scroll]
The actual date of the arguments in the case U.S. -v- Prevezon Holdings was the EXACT SAME date as the meeting in Trump Tower – June 9th 2016 CASE LINK
And look at the participating attorneys. A smorgasbord of anti-Trumpers writ large. Attorney(s) appearing for the case:

JACOB W. BUCHDAHL (Cory S. Buland, on the brief), Susman Godfrey LLP, New York, NY, for Movant-Appellant Hermitage Capital Management Ltd.
PAUL MONTELEONI, Assistant United States Attorney (Cristine Phillips, Margaret Garnett, Assistant United States Attorneys, on the brief), for Preet Bharara, United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, for Plaintiff-Appellee the United States of America.
MICHAEL B. MUKASEY (Jennifer F. Mintz, Jarrod L. Schaeffer, on the brief), Debevoise & Plimpton, LLP, New York, NY, for Defendants-Appellees Prevezon Holdings Ltd., Prevezon Alexander, LLC, Prevezon Soho USA, LLC, Prevezon Seven USA, LLC, Prevezon Pine USA, LLC, Prevezon 1711 USA, LLC, Prevezon 1810 LLC, Prevezon 2009 USA, LLC, and Prevezon 2011 USA, LLC.
Before: POOLER, LOHIER, and CARNEY, Circuit Judges.

Yes, THAT Preet Bharara:


Natalia Veselnitskaya was/is also a very vocal anti-Trump person on all of her social media accounts – SEE FACEBOOK ARCHIVE HERE –  So why would someone with a disposition of being anti-Trump want to deliver information to Donald Trump Jr?  …Especially considering Ms. Veselnitskaya was never identified within the original email request for a meeting? ….and Donald Trump Jr. said, correctly it appears, that he had no idea whom he would be meeting with(?) .
It’s enough to make you wonder what exactly is the nature of the relationship between Natalia Veselnitskaya and President Obama’s appointees such that they would be visibly working together only a few days after her reported meeting with Donald Trump Jr. in Trump Tower….
Curiouser and Curiousor…

As Jeans2nd aptly notes:  Natalia Veselnitskaya could have known Michael McFaul going all the way back to 2008 when McFaul was in Russia as an Obama campaign advisor.

“Michael McFaul, who served as U.S. ambassador to Russia during the Obama administration, said that he was in Moscow meeting with officials in the weeks leading up to Obama’s 2008 election win.”  (Washington Post)

Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) have ties to Azerbaijan going back to at least 2010, if not before, during Clinton’s many trips to Azerbaijan.

Hillary Clinton arrives in Baku for talks on Caucasus
AFP, Jul 4, 2010, 02.51am IST  (link)

Azerbaijan: Clinton meets bloggers Posted 4 July 2010 17:04 GMT (link)

Azerbaijan is also mentioned in the Wikileaks emails:

“In April 2015, the Clinton team had to decide whether to accept campaign donations from US lobbyists representing foreign states…like Iraq, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Libya and the United Arab Emirates.”
“After a great deal of back and forth, Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook said he decided they should just accept the donations”  (link)
“Azerbaijan: Could Baku Have Access to a Clinton White House? – A lobbyist connection between Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and Azerbaijan could create the appearance of a conflict of interest”.
“(since 2009) the Podesta Group, a high-powered Washington lobbying firm, has handled networking and image-building for Azerbaijan’s embassy in the United States.”  (link)
“Azerbaijan, a country the State Department said in an official report was infused with “corruption and predatory behavior by politically connected elites.”” “including slavery” (link)

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1,078 Responses to Curiousor and Curiousor – Natalia Veselnitskaya Pictured With Obama Officals in DC on June 14th, 2016…

  1. Mrs. M says:

    I’m thoroughly confused.

    • milktrader says:

      Basically we’re in a cold civil war.

    • lastinillinois says:

      Fasten your seatbelt Mrs M,
      You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!
      Only a family as strong as the Trump family could handle all this.
      And all thats coming.
      I sure am glad Mr DJT had a few years to gear up for this.

      • Sylvia Avery says:

        You know, I was thinking about all of this as I was grocery shopping earlier, and I think for those of us so inclined we need to say a few prayers for Don Jr.
        I admire how he has handled this, but this has GOT to be stressful all the same. I know the Trump kids are tough, but some prayers are in order I think.

        • lastinillinois says:

          Yes ma’am

        • Minnie says:

          Pray unceasingly ?
          Thank you for the call to prayer, Sylvia, I need to focus my strength on Him.

          • Sylvia Avery says:

            One of the things I love about this site is the community of other people of faith. And even those here who aren’t believers don’t give us a lot of grief for our faith, or at least I haven’t encountered that. Bless you, Minnie.

            • Oldschool says:

              Sylvia, I stumbled upon the treehouse with a link from Breitbart, enjoyed the sharp analysis, but it was the prayers to our Savior that brought me back to perch. God’s presence here is so comforting and gathering in prayer here is even more intimate than in my church community, which I love. It is amazing to feel His power here, coming from all the wonderful treepers.

            • jackphatz says:

              We are spiritual beings more so then people of specific faiths. WE have a common goal here to save our country and we are winning.

            • Jimmy Jack says:

              That’s what really drew me in at first.

        • fleporeblog says:

          Sylvia they fu….ked with the wrong Trump! Don Jr. is your typical NYer in the sense that he lives for the fight. I was born and raised in the Bronx and now live in Queens. Eric, Ivanka, Tiffany aren’t your everyday fighters. Don Jr. also carries his father’s name. That has put additional pressure on him all his life. Don Jr. and our Lion know that the purpose of that meeting was to destroy the Trump name and brand forever.
          The NYT’s reporter let that secret out by crying that he had been working on this for a year. They never ever thought he would win. They were going to use this to arrest our Lion and destroy his entire family. The Uniparty, Deep State, etc.had to teach everyone a lesson that an outsider that decides to run will lose everything.
          We ARE at War! Make no mistake about it! Their Luciferian Reign in OUR country is OVER! Jesus Christ is our King of Kings!

          • Sylvia Avery says:

            You know, one of the things that drew me to Trump in the first place is the man knows how to fight. I’m very glad for that!

          • LBB says:

            Love. Spot on. Prayers the Spirit keeps all safe & strong.

          • Minnie says:

            Fle, thank you!!
            “The NYT reporter let the secret out . . . he had been working on this story for over a year”
            That tool just showed all his cards and those of his accessories, as well.
            I’m certain TBTB are aware of this timeline and have connected the dots, I’m enjoin going the satisfaction of connecting them myself ?
            I take pleasure in the little things ?

            • ladypenquin says:

              I’m @Lady_Penquin (with a “q”) on twitter. Just tweeted several responses to him @JYSexton – including that I was sorry he missed out on Pulitzer. 🙂
              I’m surprised at how dumb the Lefties think we are, and they have called me dumb. They have no idea that almost all of us have incredible knowledge, resumes – real life and otherwise, etc.

          • fleporeblog says:

            FL_GUY wrote this in the Sebastian Gorka thread that mirrors my beliefs above.
            FL_GUY says:
            July 11, 2017 at 4:28 pm
            I believe that the whole Russia thing was a setup to persecute citizen Trump after HilLIARy won the election via fraud. When you look at all the fake evidence, it was all generated by the DNC. It looks like this stuff with Trump Jr was a setup just as Sessions’ Russian meeting was a setup by the DNC. It was all designed to rationalize HilLIARy going after citizen Trump and his team after she won.
            HilLIARy and the DNC were confident they had the election in the bag due to historical levels of voter fraud. This is why the media called many states for HilLIARy within 1 min of the polls closing before any votes were counted. This is why key states such as FL and PA were not called by the media for hours after it was clear that Trump had won them. They were suppose to be in the bag.
            The D-Rats are seriously stupid. They are following through with their plan of trying to persecute citizen Trump even though it is now PRESIDENT Trump. Because of this, they do not have the resources to keep the fraudulent nature of the “evidence” hidden. Had HilLIARy won, they would have been in control and made up anything they wanted to persecute Trump, his family and anyone, such as Sessions, that supported him. BUT she LOST thank GOD! I have been thinking this week just how awful things would be right now if HilLIARy and the D-Rats had succeeded in stealing the election. It was too damn close and only the MONSTER VOTE, identified by Sundance beat them. President Trump actually won the election by an incredible margin.
            IMO, President Trump has allowed the Russian farce to continue because it has distracted from all the good things he has done for the USA that the lefties would be raising hell about such as border enforcement and energy dominance. However, I think the D-Rats and media have crossed the line with this latest attack against Don Jr. a fine, decent individual with a wonderful family. President Trump has been toying with the mouse as a distraction but I believe he’s about to take a bite. The D-Rats, Rinos and media are going to wish they had kept their mouths shut. No amount of payoff money they received is going to be worth what President Trump is going to do to them. And I’m going to be right there cheering President Trump as he stomps them into goo!.

          • Plain Jane says:

            Can’t remember if it was Rush, Hannity or someone else today said that the black hats (didn’t use that term) need to blow Junior out now because he is his father but more conservative and a convincing, articulate speaker. The lefties know when he runs, he will be a formidable force.

            • fleporeblog says:

              You are absolutely right! Americans will be yearning for Don Jr. to carry Trumpism throughout the 2032 to 2040! After Governor Abbott, Ryan Zienke, TREX or Mike Pence carry it from 2024 to 2032.

            • Jimmy Jack says:

              I’ve seen similar statements in several places.
              They’re trying to kneecap him now bc they know he is a formidable opponent.

          • ladypenquin says:

            Just posted 2 tweets above, noting that “working on it for a year.” 1) He thought he could milk it, 2) A year and had nothing to reveal before election? Gee, Hillary must be mad as a hornet over that “fact.” 3) Well, JY Sexton might have gotten a Pulitzer if he had investigated Obama/Hillary/Rice/Kerry. No, guess not, then he wouldn’t have been a Leftist.

          • ladypenquin says:

            That’s right, Fle, you’re in my native Queens. Dgt lives in Astoria, unfortunately clueless because she hates politics. Anyway, Donald Trump Jr. as you noted, Jr. has had the pressure of living with the Trump name his entire life, and they’re tough, smart and strong in ways many of us might not be.
            Sexton is having a meltdown because his nothingburger got flattened by Don Jr. right off the bat. These so-called journalists need to go back to school and learn the meaning of “LEGAL” vs illegal. They think opinions and all behaviors are illegal when done by our side. We’re not at war with Russia, they’re not on our no-fly list or listed as a “terrorist country” – so nothing illegal. Obama imposed “sanctions” post-election, in December. Period. Probably to continue with the threads they were weaving to explain Hillary’s loss, and of course, what they think they can do to the President.
            I don’t believe they can pull it off, what say you?

            • fleporeblog says:

              Absolutely not! This will be their ultimate downfall and disgrace they will take to their graves and hell with them.

            • Jimmy Jack says:

              I also think it kills a smug prick like Sexton that DJTrumpjr bested him – they love to belittle and mock the Trumps as dumb. Imagine being publicly outdone by someone you think isn’t smart enough ti shine your shoes? Meanwhile he’s a multimillionaire living with a beautiful wife while you’re writing creative fiction at some school in the Midwest?
              That’s gotta really sting.
              I LOVE IT.

          • Jimmy Jack says:

            Fellow NYCer here and I agree – true old school NYC street fighter. I LOVE this about them.
            Let me add one thing about his kids DJTjr, Ivanka, and Eric – they faced RELENTLESS media coverage when their parents went through that divorce. Those kids were followed to and from school, photographed constantly,e even little Ivanka in tears etc. If you lived in NYC during this time you remember those DAILY photos in the papers. These kids know how to fight and know how to fight the media off publicly.
            Tiffany was spared a lot of this bc her mother raised her outside the city after the divorce.
            Barron may become a completely different kind of fighter simply bc he’s still at home with all of this going on and I believe Melania is based as hell but doesn’t show it publicly. She survived growing up in a communist bloc country and went on to become a millionaire in her own right before marrying a billionaire and becoming FLOTUS. Talk about a lifetime of overcoming and winning.

        • CountryclassVulgarian says:

          We need to be upholding this family in prayer. The forces of evil are out to destroy them.

        • ladypenquin says:

          Sylvia, thank you for your words to strengthen us, with Him and with each other. Sanity returns for me when I read CTH.

    • tempo150101 says:

      She’s obviously a ringer they were using to try to set up Trump.

      • ladypenquin says:

        Entrapment was my first thought when the story broke. A set up meeting. I believe that the Clinton campaign and DNC internal polling showed Hillary had significant problems running against Trump – even in June. That’s when and why the Russia narrative really took flight.

        • lastinillinois says:

          Good call

        • crossrib says:

          I think, too, that the Monster Vote was known by the “opposition” at this time, coupled with the fact that HRC was known by the dims to be a lousy candidate. The writing was on the wall for the dims and they had to come up with a plan. The polls were faked, their candidate was a fake and, as much as the MSM willfully ignored, they saw the # of, and the intensity of, the people showing up at the Trump rallies. The “muh russia” thing is a result of sheer panic.

          • Eric C. says:

            I don’t know about panic, but I think they clearly knew she would lose. If KAC knew Trump was winning, the DNC knew she was losing.
            Obama hates the Clintons, if she won the Clintons would be back. Obama would make more as the DNC figure in an opposition environment as opposed to Hilary winning and “fixing” O-care. He probably felt comfortable campaigning for her knowing she was losing. The she’s 800 points ahead narrrative was to fuel a collusion story. I think HRC got played.
            Think of how much savior Obama will make in the mid-terms and with his hand picked 2020 3rd term candidate…..

        • Paul Gerst says:

          Anybody want to bet that email was the basis for the FISA warrant?

        • MaineCoon says:

          Then-candidate Trump repeatedly said that he was the last person Hag would want to run against. I think she knew what he knew and he was right again!

        • Sunshine says:

          I agree with everybody. Hannity was just mentioning a possible set-up.

        • Jimmy Jack says:

          The way the email was worded definitely clues us in to this. They used key word that could be used for a FISA order.
          The Trumps are street smart and I believe saw through this ruse, leveraging what ties they had to this pop singers to do so.

      • Sylvia Avery says:

        That is my take on it.
        And then didn’t I hear Sara Carter talking about she had ties to Fusion GPS, also??? And that is the business that provided the notorious dirty dossier, too, I believe, and has ties to the DNC.

      • Budvarakbar says:

        She had better not walk home from any bars in the middle of the night – She might get Breitbarted, or Seth Riched — and stay away from Fort Marcy Park and not go quail hunting in Texas — Arkancide country.
        Sessons should put her in a witness protection program — if she is back in Russia Though – she may already be toast — cold toast – that is!

    • fleporeblog says:

      I wrote this earlier! I absolutely love our side and how we are able to catch the creatures so quickly!
      What Don Jr. did today by sharing the email exchange was totally brilliant. It completely neutralizes the MSM, Uniparty, Democrats etc. They can’t run with phony stories for months about what was “possibly” written in the email.
      Plus what is most exciting is the fact that the clown that wrote the email to Don Jr. may have been employed by GPS. This could have been a hit job from day one. The woman they met with was denied a visa and then the visa was approved at a later date. John Solomon from Circa News said that is highly unusual to go from being denied to being approved so he is investigating ALL of this! These RATS will see this boomerang destroy them once and for all!

    • Dan says:

      The Obama administration wanted something to be able to obtain the FISA warrant to spy on the Trump team. So they set up these meetings, this one with Don Jr and at least one more we know of with Jeff Sessions. Don Jr’s mistake was taking the meeting. But if you read the email chain he released today, it was very obviously a set up.

    • Juzjon says:


    • Howie says:

      Not me. Nuke em’.

  2. […] sundance This is oddly interesting. ( h/t GWP ) At the heart of the current media Russian narrative du jour […]

  3. OldGreyGuy says:

    Deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole we go.
    Is there no limits to which the Dems will not stoop?

    • lastinillinois says:

      There is not

    • wyntre says:

      AND the RINOS, Nevertrumpers, Ene-Media, Deep State.

      • piper567 says:

        One thing I am really enjoying in all of these pseudo-kerfuffles is daily, unique and new revelations as to the stunningly comprehensive nature and extent of The Swamp.
        Swamp element disclosures bounce around from the Congress, the FBI, the CIA, the media, International intrigue, ozeros many seditious activities, all manner of illegal “wiretaps”; accidental admissions of the sins of the former administration; the on-going evil of hrc, and so forth.
        Several thoughts…TRUMP just keeps on tackling his agenda promise, and presenting his vision on the world stage; keeping the msm voluntarily chasing its tail for 48 Tweeting for 10 minutes whenever; Trump’s unparalleled Cabinet members are all over everywhere, each doing his/her part to MAGA, and co-operate by speaking truth into the cul-de-sacs of lies each Sunday; the joy I feel when I contemplate the intense and productive time well spent by all of the “killers” accompanying Trump during the Transition Period.
        Remember how Trump introduced the term The Swamp? Said he didn’t like it at first? How many of these killers participated in those discussions? I’m thinking Trump’s recruiting probably started fairly early.
        So, I believe that brilliant bunch, after several weeks of actual brainstorming, had a pretty good grip on what they were facing.
        Can you imagine the laughter when someone said, What we have here gentlemen is a friggin’ Swamp? That’s it! Drain it!
        Best time line Evah !!
        Thank you Lord God for your many mercies.
        And thanks to all of the patriots who are willingly dedicating their time and talent to advance the Trump Vision. Your work in the Lion’s Pride is Greatly Appreciated.

    • Gueppebarre says:


    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      At least we are all together in the rabbit hole. After 8 months of awful oppositons, we know there is more to come. Praying for us all and our Lion to stand firm-Covfefe.

  4. PDQ says:

    the more the msm digs up dirt…the dirt the dig up exposes the dems, et al.

  5. Convert says:

    And yet even Fox and Drudge are gleefully hyping this obvious dirty trick as a game changer. I despise these people, as does about 60% of likely voters. Mark my words: the Dems and their owned media are going to reap the whirlwind…

    • lastinillinois says:

      With all our tech advances these last several years, the revolution WILL be televised!

    • Sylvia Avery says:

      I have given up on most of Fox and Drudge. Drudge seems to have become utterly focused on getting clicks/dollars, and I can only assume Fox staff are trying to appease their new libtard bosses. Annoying. We must tune them out.

      • weddingcake411 says:

        Sylvia, you’re spot on! Fox is solidly drifted left. I noticed they play opposition network video clips repeatedly… thereby multiplying their effect. The analysis that follows focuses on the controversy with paltry vindicating follow up. Trump needs to flood these news shows with his strongest reps… Gorka, Bossie, etc

        • Sylvia Avery says:

          I limit my Fox exposure to Fox and Friends, Tucker, and Hannity and Fox Business which is really superior.
          I wish I got OANN. I’d give it a try, for sure. But hopefully it will become more widely available soon.

          • Ferret2 says:

            Switch to Direct TV or try their new streaming cable service DirecTV Now. $35/month will get you many of your normal cable channels plus OANN, FOX News, FOX Business, CSPAN, and CSPAN2. If you want your local sports network (FOX Sports) you will have to choose the $50/mo option.
            Direct TV’s parent company is AT&T which is getting ready to purchase Time Warner. I predict they will dump CNN at that time.
            Or you can download their app and watch them on Roku for $5/mo.

            • piper567 says:

              Ferret2: Can you buy online only? I have no TV, but would love to have OANN.
              I’ll check for an answer later tonight or tomorrow.

              • dogsmaw says:

                there is a main menu bar at very top of website and to the left are several ways to use the oann website, for instance links to YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, and RSS feed. I really don’t use any of these tools but they are available.

            • volintn says:

              Ferret2 I subscribed to OANN two days ago 5$ a month. It’s available thru ROKU. I tried it after a recommendation from a Treeper. OANN is a pro USA channel and I pray it continues to grow and prosper into a LOUD voice for our Constitution and MAGA.

          • Juzjon says:

            I gave up on all network and cable news. I hate all the negativity. I just come to CTH and read what is sooooooooo obvious. Treepers Rock!

    • Southern Son says:

      Not a spelling nazi, but you misspelled Dimms.

    • Paul Killinger says:

      “They sewed the wind, and now they’ll reap the whirlwind.”

    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Gavin McInnes did a piece when he left Fox and he said that when Trump won the whole building was quiet bc it was full of Never Trumpers and Hillary supporters.
      We still have people like Tucker, Dobbs, Hannity etc but overall Fox is dead.

  6. Lunatic Fringe, Phd. [undocumented] says:

    Sundance you are a rock star but I think you meant to say It’s enough to make you wonder what exactly is the nature of the relationship between Natalia Veselnitskaya and President Obama such that she would be visibly working with one of his appointees only a few days after her reported meeting with Donald Trump Jr. in Trump Tower….
    There, fixed it for you.

  7. Osugagal says:

    Sundance, thank you for your research and education. Prior to following the CTH and prior to the election of Trump, I believed that while there were a few bad apples, most DC politicians were well meaning. I thought that even of those with whom I strongly disagreed. Now I am beginning to fully understand the level of corruptness of the swamp and can see how deeply entrenched immoral behavior is within the uniparty. Thank you to you and the president for bringing all of this into the light.

  8. Niagara Frontier says:

    At this moment paper shredders are running at full speed and users are experiencing slow internet speeds due to so many simultaneous downloads of Bleachbit software. /s

    • Concerned Virginian says:

      You betcha the shredders and the Bleachbit are going full blast, for real.
      You betcha any number of Dems involved in this setup/ambush are now crafting plans to throw “good friends” under the bus to save themselves.
      And I think it might be an idea to follow the very good advice of Sundance in the article about the Panda becomes the Red Dragon: getting one’s business affairs in order (and maybe personal financial affairs also)…maybe add some ammo to the “stockade” perhaps?
      And buy some popcorn!

  9. Larry Bucar says:

    WOW, great sleuth work, how’d you get these photos so fast? You are in the pace locomotive car in front of the trump train…. Great work.

  10. tempo150101 says:

    Veselnit means happy; rejoice in Russian.

    • Southern Son says:

      Put me down for some of
      that there Veselnit Pie then.
      Just like my Russian Grandma used to make…

  11. Keln says:

    Sounds like a little back-scratching both ways went down. She needed a visa, the Democrats needed a Russian.

  12. Sloth1963 says:

    You mean like maybe she was catfishing Junior while working for the other team? I wonder.

  13. LBB says:

    Interesting that at the end of her appeal doc it states she can neither read or speak english and it was done through an interpreter.

    • rf121 says:

      So she is sitting in a hearing room with an interpreter?

      • LBB says:

        From the GWP story linked.
        “MORE— That looks like Emin Agalarov sitting next to Natalia Veselnitskaya. He was mentioned in Donald Trump Jr’s statement this morning. Emin helped set up the meeting with Veselnitskaya.”
        Also in the first video, which has the clearest , widest shot, she appears to be recording the session via phone ?

        • rf121 says:

          So it is a crime for anyone in the Trump campaign to talk to a Russian yet it it perfectly fine for a Russian to get a front row seat at a hearing in Congress. You can’t make this stuff up!

    • bkrg2 says:

      Noticed that too. So how did she talk to Don Jr? Not sure that he speaks Russian… Probably explains why he was aggravated at the end of their meeting. She was clearly a setup to babble some nonsense, then the Demonrats can connect him to Russia, Russia, Russia.

    • Sherlock says:

      Says neither read nor write English. I checked earlier because I read somewhere that she brought an “interpreter” with her for the meeting. Wondering.

  14. ALEX says:

    This was the lawyer statement immediately after first story ran Saturday in NYT…The Presidents team is on to this…Will be interesting to here Don jr. on Hannity tonight…

  15. WonkoTheSane says:

    I feel so bad for that cat. Looks like it’s coming out of sedation. I feel bad, but I laugh every time.

  16. bea12gle says:

    The left is all over this

  17. georgiafl says:

    Remember – the RUSSIAN ambassador that supposedly tainted Flynn or Sessions sat with the Democrats during the State of the Union Address.
    So disgusted with the RUSSIA-RUSSIA-RUSSIA cr4p!!!
    It’s nothing but projection.
    Hillary, Bill, Podesta and Obama are the ones that are tainted with Russian Deals and Islamist Deals.

  18. bea12gle says:

    The left is all over this

  19. alliwantissometruth says:

    There couldn’t be a more fitting post for that photo of “suspicious cat”
    Yeah PDQ, funny how that works huh? These fools seem to think they’re immune from exposure, even though almost everything they “expose” blows up in their faces
    Come to think of it, maybe the roadrunners nemesis who’s continued traps blow up on him may be more appropriate for this post

    • wyntre says:

      BUT . . . .
      If know one in the Ene-media EXPOSES them does it count?
      The old “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it did it make a sound?” conumdrum.

  20. Publius2016 says:

    Her statements today seem to make her an “exculpatory witness”. It would be great to have more transparency and release the entire Illegal surveillance files of President Trump, family and friends. It is obvious that members of the intelligence committees and agencies have this information already; they’ve been leaking parts to construct this scheme for impeachment.

    • Larry Bucar says:

      Impeachment for what? This is a 100% frame job

      • Publius2016 says:

        This is their plan…In the darkness they hatched it but the sunlight will expose all of them: RINOs, Nevertrumpers, and Dems. They have a bill waiting to be approved by the House sanctioning Russia…within that bill will be the new laws constructed ex post facto to impeach our President. That bill was overwhelming approved by the Senate!

    • lastinillinois says:

      “…..leaking PARTS ….”
      You just nailed it.
      the evil not-geniuses are leaking PARTS of ‘intelligence’ that – without full context – perhaps casts doubts on the Trump Admin.
      I can NOT wait until Pres Trump releases the hounds – hopefully it begins tomorrow.

    • ladypenquin says:

      That may be their fantasy, but Donald Trump Jr. hasn’t broken any laws, nor has the President. Any person would be open to meeting with people regarding information ie. oppositional research. Every story the media has run with has netted them nothing. There isn’t anything in this either. Donald Trump Jr. hasn’t testified under oath or otherwise, and it’s clear he has no problem publishing the emails. The Lefties (including the MSM) didn’t expect that move – they intended to milk this for as much as they could.
      Not all on the intelligence committees and in the agencies are totally corrupt. Maybe some would like to see it happen, but then they have bigger problems – We the People.

  21. mikebrezzze says:

    The moral of the matter is, you can trust a Russian about as far as you can throw a 747!

  22. Amazing work Sundance and crew! I tweeted to Hannity, hopefully more will do the same.

    • Minnie says:

      Thank you for doing that!
      I’ve resisted signing up at Twitter, I’m rethinking that position.

      • piper567 says:

        You do NOT need to “sign up on Twitter” to read the POTUS Tweets !!
        The box in upper right? just click on it, and it disappears.
        Then get to reading, Minniedaily fun!

  23. Swedishmeatball says:

    I noticed she perjured herself on the document she signed. Item #9 paraphrase, “I don’t speak English and this document was translated to me in Russian.” Could she have planted bugs at Trump Tower? Did she record the meeting?

    • Minnie says:

      They did meet at Trump Tower, that’s correct.

    • Sherlock says:

      Didn’t she say “read or write English?” Thought that’s what I saw. Read elsewhere that an interpreter was there. Can’t remember where I saw it. Sorry.

  24. booger71 says:

    She was working for these bunch of Russian money launderers? I guess the prosecutor couldn’t tie some of the money to the DNC

    • lastinillinois says:

      Is she Podesta’s pedo-pimp?

    • Sherlock says:

      It’s interesting that once that case was settled, she was quoted saying it was as if the government had given a gift to her client, right? They hit him for a few million, apparently his exposure was exponentially bigger. Wasn’t this a Preet Bhara case (I’m sure I spelled his name wrong). Anybody else see that?

  25. indiana08 says:

    This and the phony dossier timelines are looking like DNC/Obama/Hillary/Deep State/NeverTrumpForeverStupid set ups to get FISA warrants in order to spy on Donald Trump during the campaign. This is starting to really blow up in the democrats’ faces.

    • wyntre says:

      We hope.
      They (RINOS, DEMS, NEVERTRUMOERS, Deep State, Ene-Media will go to ANY lengths to stop POTUS.

    • Wend says:

      Ron Dellums was not a former “Republican” Congressman. He was a very radical Democrat from Berkeley.

      • seekingthetruth2 says:

        His nickname was “Red” Dellums…yes, a full fledged DSA…Democrat Socialist of America AKA a communist.

      • Sherlock says:

        Very hard indeed to confuse Dellums the commie with a republican. Remember when he said we didn’t need to actually build stealth fighters and bombers, because the enemy wouldn’t know we didn’t have them, because of—stealth.

  26. Atticus says:

    Make or break time is fast approaching.

  27. Minnie says:

    How ignorant do they think we are?!?
    The longer this plays out, the colder my anger. I’m getting VERY impatient and tired of their games!!
    President Trump we support you, now and always!!
    Let’s get it done!!!

  28. Minnie says:

    Sundance, I don’t know how you do it, but thank you!!
    Share this far and wide!

  29. Southern Son says:

    Suspiciouser and Suspiciouser…

  30. TrueNorthSeeker says:

    Darn Sundance, you beat me to the draw. I was just going to post this development on the open thread. You are right on top of things, as usual. Thank you for all you do.

  31. Colour me stupid but if she doesn’t speak English and needs a translator,what was she doing at the meeting taking notes?

  32. G3 says:

    United States Southern District New York- Preet Bharara’s territory. He was Obama appointed to filled Eric Holder’s slot when he stepped down to become Attorney General. Preet Bharara was unanimously confirmed by the Senate in 2009.

    • CharterOakie says:

      And fired by Trump’s DOJ.

    • mikeyboo says:

      And Bharara hates Pres Trump for firing him when he refused to resign his position.

      • Sherlock says:

        If I’m not mistaken, he was the one who filed this massive civil action against the “russian lawyer’s” client, then settled it very cheap, so cheap she woman was crowing about it.

    • Jimmy Jack says:

      He will be run int he 202 Dem primary. Mark my words. Unless Trump ammages to find a way to out him before then.

  33. rf121 says:

    If this was 20 years ago without our internet and blogs all we would here is Russia, Russia with none of this counter intelligence available. Makes you wonder about all the things we were deceived on growing up.
    This like many other stories so far looks initially bad for us but then facts come out that make it worse for the DEMS. Keep throwing mud MSM.

  34. Joe S says:

    I am wondering if this meeting was the evidence that was submitted and approved for the second FISA warrant? Was it fourther “evidence” that was used?
    Furthermore, was the FBI operating off of the Steele/Fusion dossier way back then? Or were they all sharing the same players? Was this an extension of the Steele operation?
    This whole thing really stinks like the ultimate setup or attempt at a political dirty trick.

  35. wyntre says:

    And Gowdy Doody basically INDICTING Donald Trump Jr. of collusion on the Mousy McCallum Show.

    • wyntre says:

      Comey’s BFF Benjamine Wittes, the original conduit for his leaks, sent out a tweet:
      “Tick tick tick tick tck tick.”
      They’re ALL in on it, RINOS, Deep State, NeverTrumpers, Demonrats, Ene-Media!

    • It’s pretty clear that Gowdy didn’t “intimate that Don Jr is guilty of collusion:
      ““There is no way to make that conclusion … on the face of that email,” he said.”

      • wyntre says:

        NO, he damn near said it. I watched the interview and posted about it earlier. Here are his remarks.
        If he didn’t specifically accuse Don Jr. of collusion he came pretty [email protected] close.
        Gowdy fumes at Trump administration over latest Russia controversy
        By Rachael Bade 07/11/2017 08:16 PM EDT
        House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy lashed out at the Trump administration Tuesday over the “drip, drip” in the ongoing Russia controversy, sarcastically suggesting that officials get checked for amnesia about any contacts with Russia.
        The South Carolina Republican first appeared on Fox News Tuesday night expressing concerns about email traffic showing that Donald Trump Jr. was not only aware that the Russian government was gathering intelligence on Hillary Clinton to help his father’s election, but that he also knowingly met with a Kremlin-backed lawyer claiming to want to share incriminating documents with the Trump campaign.
        “If you had a contact with Russia, tell the special counsel about it! Don’t wait until the New York Times figures it out!” an exasperated Gowdy said in a brief interview outside the Capitol Tuesday.
        Gowdy said the “somebody needs to sit everybody down” to find out what happened.
        Sign up here for POLITICO Huddle
        “Someone needs to get everyone in a room and say, from the time you saw ‘Dr. Zhivago’ until the moment you drank vodka with a guy named Boris, you list every single contact with Russia,” Gowdy said, referring to the 1965 movie.
        Gowdy, however, maintained his long-held argument that it’s Justice Department special counsel Bob Mueller’s job — not his — to probe the matter. The chairman has said he and his Oversight panel will not interfere or overlap with Mueller in any way.
        “Congress is not the place to litigate legal issues,” he said Tuesday.”
        AND he threw the ball back to MUELLER. Why? Because it’s a frigging SET-UP and Dowdy Gowdy is in on it.

    • Lulu says:

      Gowdy is a big phony and was anti Trump during the primary

    • Joe S says:

      gowdy is turning into the biggest Ahole in the republican party-a true nevertrumper scumbag.
      I will never trust him again-he is lower than ben sassy, mccain, and his lowlife associate senator from AZ-the big flake.

    • tom f says:

      I have often wondered why all the Goudy videos are pushed my way on U-tube.
      Seems he is pushed for cred. Which I don’t believe he has earned.

    • Jimmy Jack says:

      I really can’t stand Gowdy. Maybe I’m wrong about him and he has some greater plan in action but I doubt it.

  36. jaded9876 says:

    I am wondering about the date. Michael Weiss tweeted one photo but says it was from 2014. Regardless, this is a dnc set up.

  37. big bad mike says:

    Fact: Donald Trump Jr. Is a man and has nothing to hide . The truth will set him free
    Fact: He is fearless like his Father. Fact:. He and his brother Eric fought like hell to help their father become POTUS. Fact:. Mike Pence and Jared Kushner are pussies and would throw their grandmother’s under a bus if it would give them more power. Their treachery will be noticed by the Boss.

  38. mw says:

    I also read somewhere on Twitter that her Russian law firm may be a shell. Will see if I can find link

  39. This is what’s great about Don Jr releasing the email. Everyone now has to focus on the cast of characters involved.
    Putin wasn’t sending his best. /s

  40. wyntre says:

    I hope like HE!! someone got this info to Don Jr. in time for his interview with Hannity tonight!

    • wheatietoo says:

      I think it was recorded earlier today…they’ve been showing teaser clips of the interview, for hours.

    • Southern Son says:

      We will know soon.
      But the Truth/Sunlight, cannot be denied.
      There are no Coinkidinks, when it comes to the Dimms.

    some comments:
    This is key- 11 APR 17- “The shady dealings of Donald Trump associate Carter Page with Russian officials set off significant enough alarm bells in the U.S. intelligence community that the FBI sought and was granted permission from a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judge to monitor the communications of the Trump adviser as far back as July 2016, the Washington Post reported Thursday evening. Page was the only American a FISA court has granted the government permission to eavesdrop on as part of the probe into Russia’s election meddling, officials told the Post. The 90-day FISA warrant to surveil Page was renewed at least once.”
    The email sent by the Brit HAD to have the correct key words to trigger this response and the meeting HAD to take place. When the meting took place DJT Jr. and this Russian Lawyer are looking at each with the “WTF is going on here look and nothing comes of the meeting”.
    But that the meeting actually took place was the key- and THAT is what triggered the whole FISA court approval.
    “Could Azerbaijan Have Access to a Clinton White House? ——- November 7, 2016
    just before she was supposed to WIN!!!
    For the past seven years, the Podesta Group, a high-powered Washington lobbying firm, has handled networking and image-building for Azerbaijan’s embassy in the United States. Azerbaijan ranks alongside Tajikistan as the third worst rights abuser in the former Soviet Union, behind Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, according to the watchdog group Freedom House.
    “The connection to Hillary Clinton’s campaign is worrisome,” said Rebecca Vincent, a former American diplomat who has been active in Azerbaijan human rights causes.
    “The US will speak out against the Aliyev government’s rights abuses if the government in Baku gets much closer to Russia or begins to disagree with the US on issues that are important to Washington,”

    • Gil says:

      Guantanamo may be mostly empty of foreign enemies, but there is a WHOLE lot of space for domestic ones. And looky, Jeff Sessions was just down there making sure it was tidied up and suitable.

    • CharterOakie says:

      Interesting. But in case relevant, that photo that includes Billary & Shrillary was taken MUCH earlier than Aug. 2016. I would guess late in BJ’s 2nd term.

      • wheatietoo says:

        I was just going to mention that…but I think it was probably during Hillary’s term as Senator, or early in her days as Sec of State.

        • CharterOakie says:

          Could be so, in which case I would think it was when she was in the Senate, as her tenure as Sec State was too recent for that photo. Just my 2 cents.

          • wheatietoo says:

            I see that Sundance has now added this to his OP…good.
            Yeah, I’m thinking that photo was from around 2005 to 2009.
            The Clintons were probably hitting up this Russian billionaire for money…either for her campaign or for the Clinton Foundation.

      • Gil says:

        It was probably just to remind us how long Hills has been playing at corruption. WE know it, but think about how many people out there knew or know zero about her time in the WH with Bill?

    • piper567 says:

      I love it when The_Donald proves the lie re who they are.
      They’re on top of everything.
      warning: salty language.
      but hyper Trump, originators of God Emperor Trump. Culls divergent opinion.

  42. Joshua2415 says:

    Set up or not, this story is just another blast of hot air. So DJT Jr was willing to hear about potentially damaging Russian opposition research on Hillary. So what? Team Hillary paid to get potentially damaging Russian opposition research on Trump with that phony MI-6 dossier. Sure, Jeb Bush probably paid for it first, but who cares. Camp Hillary heard it was for sale and they happily paid for it. They were in a hot presidential campaign. So what is the problem?
    At this point, it looks to me like the Russians (or some group pretending to be the Russians) were dishing dirt on both sides just to have some fun and make some cash. So we’re supposed to be mad at them because our establishment stooges fell for it? Sorry. I have no sympathy for the idiots.
    Lastly, it is actually possible that this Russian lawyer lady is in fact just lobbying to get the Magnitsky Act repealed. Her making friends on both sides of our political ledger is probably a good strategy. She may be just another useful fool in all of this. Kind of like Michael Flynn.

  43. Aintree77 says:

    I believe this present controversy won’t lead to an indictment for anything criminal or illegal but I noticed the tension on the brows of Watters, Guillfoyle and Gutfield when they defended the Don Jr. e-mails. Dem Juan Williams was invigorated and cheerful and anti trump moderate Perrino appeared optimistic that evidence will be found. Similar reactions are going on across America.
    Don Jr. made a hindsight and a political error in not reporting this “meeting” with a “Russian” months ago and that error has given an early Xmas gift to the floundering Dem media. But the media is also demonstrating their despicable double standards. The plethora of leaks of classified info from the Deep State that the media has received from genuinely treasonous fellow Americans to impugn Trump are marginalized but a meeting that went nowhere is an alleged bombshell. However, the e-mail mention of “Russian gov’t sources” will provide months and years of Collusion fodder for the Dem media or until Comey’s pal Mueller and his Dem lawyers reach their conclusions on this never ending insanity.

    • ALEX says:

      We need to find out who told the Gold person the words about Russian government and helping Trump campaign in the email to junior…..Those are loaded words to trigger what I posted below…

      • ALEX says:

        Secondly…stop watching Faux news…hehehehe

        • Aintree77 says:

          Exactly! Goldstone has the most explaining to do in this fiasco and he had better have a good lawyer as he will be heavily investigated for Russian or Dem connections.
          I only watched the Five today to see what they were saying about this stirred pot. I occasionally watch Hannity and Carlson if something out of the ordinary occurs but I fast forward most of Carlson whenever he debates a wacky lefty.

  44. ALEX says:

    The last sentence of this is particularly interesting…
    So there’s a current working theory that this was the bait used to get the FISA warrant for the monitoring of trump towers that The New York Times reported back on in January.
    By the way The New York Times reporter spilled the beans when he complained about trump junior leaking the saying he’d been working on the story for over a year so The Times knew about this virtually from day one they were in on the loop ..
    This was The bait dangled by the Clinton campaign to get enough to justify a FISA Warrant by Obama to spy on Trump
    Truth is now I hope they were monitoring trump because all that evidence is still out there and obviously there was nothing else it already heard about it so it’s basically clears Trump
    They’re down to leaking the original bait as the story

  45. emet says:

    She declared under penalty of perjury that she is being harassed by the government. Let’s hear the details, lady.

  46. filia.aurea says:

    This is akin to a “Russia” screenplay, in 3 Acts. A well timed package designed to continually smear and cause controversy.

  47. Mike says:

    Looks like the Russian attorney is a Trump hater

    • tazz2293 says:

      The evidence points to a setup, a trap.
      It is time to send the traitors back to from where they came, hell.
      But… For the time being I’ll yield to PDJT to give him time to fix this mess.

  48. TrueNorthSeeker says:

    Lawyer may have a “shell” office. No address, phone, email on her website.

    • tazz2293 says:

      I am to the point I don’t want to live in the same country as these morons from the left.
      I do’t want to breathe the same air they breath.
      Don’t want to share a table, a drink, a meal or a smoke with these traitors.
      It is time to send these people packing.

      • rf121 says:

        What they are doing is sedition. We stay, they go. I am hoping things eventually calm down. If not, patience will run out and there will be violence. Not what anyone wants but at some point the push back will be severe.

  49. gary says:

    I’m beginning to believe that Obama/Clinton collided with Russia to make sure Clinton won the election but it backfired because the MOVEMENT that Trump headed, awoke the American Patriots to the danger the country was headed in. Many of us felt the danger our country was going in, and it scared us.
    Clinton was a KNOWN for China and Russia, they knew she could be manipulated and controlled.
    China and Russia had no idea about how to deal with Trump. He was an unknown, and not a D.C. player.
    Putin might have been playing with Trump before the election, and he was in on the “fake Russian story” .
    China and Russia FEAR Trump, they didn’t fear Clinton at all.

    • That’s what I think also; that Russia colluded with the Dems and it didn’t work….POTUS better be really careful around PUTIN…They didn’t fear Clinton because she was colluding with them..Dems always project….I really wish this would all come out but GOP is part of collusion, so I don’t know….

  50. Howie says:

    The Uniparty game is impeachment. It was initiated upon inauguration after everything else failed. They tried to stop the nomination and failed. They tried to stop the election and failed. Tried to prevent inauguration failed. Now they are down to impeach or die.

    • lastinillinois says:

      They are flailing, throwing – and then immediately piling on – anything and everything at anyone or anything having to do with Trump.
      Team Trump has been letting the villians punch themselves out.

      • Gil says:

        Not going to post image, but poo flinging monkeys is what they are.

      • kpm58 says:

        I just saw on Newsvine that the ALT-Left is now saying the e-mails of Don Jr. are verification of the Steele dossier.

        • lastinillinois says:

          Of course they are.
          Pretty much every projection-accusation the left has made has been “verification of the Steele dossier”, no?

        • Deb says:

          The “Steele Dossier” has verifiably false information in it. It is simply not a reliable piece of evidence. And that’s all they have. There was no crime, and they haven’t been able to “manufacture” one. As a lawyer once said “they have no case.”

        • Mike says:

          The Don Jr. emails verify the Pee-Pee report?

        • Jimmy Jack says:

          Let them make themselves look even more stupid. It’s just more ammo for us later.

      • carrierh says:

        As I have mentioned, attack Trump, then nothing there, then onto Eric, nothing there, then on to Ivanka and nothing there, tried on Barron but again failed, so I suspect they will start up next on Tiffany as now the whole garbage about Donald, Jr. has collapsed. I listened to PSB tonight and Wow! did they distort Donald, Jr.’s emails and now we know this female creature was trying to catch him. Well, he is and was doing this as a non-Trump candidacy helper, so again nothing there but maybe he should file suit and I hope he does. My question now is how did the NYT even get Donald’s emails? Hacked or how needs to be answered as supposedly they obtained them before he placed then on Twitter. They are trying way too hard and flunking at every turn. As one blogger put it today, will they never learn. NO!

        • Mike says:

          Maybe they’ll find a tape of Tiffany getting tipsy and slurring her words a bit, and then the left can act scandalized for a month. She probably doesn’t drink though.

          • piper567 says:

            Tiffany’s already been trashed on those gossip sites on the right sidebars of so many independent sites.
            Trump has said, she’s still a student…I think she began Law School this yr…when some reporter got snarky about her.
            They know nothing, They just look for the first thing they can distort.
            Pukes, the lot of them.

        • Nan says:

          I thpught he revealed them himself.

          • snarkybeach says:

            how did the reporter get them? Don Jr is a private citizen…

            • In Az says:

              Exactly. Which proves the commie Dhimms had the email information, waiting for the perfect moment to release it to public.
              And proves the commie Dhimms are colluding with the media to go after Trump and his administration.
              And proves all this Russia garbage was manufactured to get Trump. All this was obtained by Obama spying on Trump and family and people helping the Demoncrats set up traps for Trump and family

    • mimbler says:

      That’s what they would like, but a close second is to just keep his administration pinned down so they can’t enact their agenda, and replace him at the ballot box because “he hasn’t accomplished anything”.

      • Gil says:

        Thats what it seems to be, but its a petty squabble on the pinning down part. Our POTUS is fighting the big fight, the long game, and he prepped well in advance. I remember him talking about how he discussed the presidency with his kids. They know or at least planned the road ahead a long time ago.

      • carrierh says:

        mimbler, ain’t gonna happen as they rant and rave and lie like a carpet on the floor, Trump continues to work and is still getting a lot done, along with making connections and deals abroad. They will continue to lose and deserve to lose. Grasping at straws when I would like to see them grasping at rope necklace in vain.

    • Sentient says:

      Any Republican even tempted to vote to impeach (House) or remove (Senate) should know that they’ll never get another vote from a big swath of the Republican electorate.

      • Mike says:

        The same threat from the GOPe primaries will apply. If the GOP tries to remove Trump, we, his army, will blow up the GOPe. Then it’s game on.

        • dekester says:

          As I have stated before.
          I will come down from Canada, as my admiration for your President knows no bounds.
          I am still amazed at the patience of your President.
          He has watched utter pieces of dog S**t disparage, and insult his beautiful family. I am watching Hannity. Don Jnr. Is a real star, and braves like a lion cub.
          The clips from the MSM shown on the show, were disgusting.
          Daddy Lion is going to be on the prowl tonight.
          Tomorrow looms ominous for those threatening his cubs.

          • Wend says:

            Precious cubs.

          • DelilahFL says:

            Yes!!! He protects his own. Love your sentiment.

          • John Good says:

            I live in London ON, & I too am a TRUMP supporter. I only know 3 other people here in London that dare to say they support POTUS.
            Mark my words… “Donald J Trump’s face will be on MT. Rushmore someday & the TRUMP Family Dynasty will continue in American Politics for the next 100 yrs!”
            IMO, we here in Canada will never get our own Donald J Trump, as we don’t have an Electoral College System & Toronto & Montreal will always dominate what happens across the rest of the country. Our only hope here in Canada is that Donald J Trump somehow saves Canada also!

        • Loves republican says:

          Time to form The Nationalist Party.

      • Stringy theory says:

        Damn right!! They would be signing their own electoral death warrant.

    • p'odwats says:

      Agreed Howie. This whole thing was obviously a failed set up. The Dems and the MSM are throwing every bit of slime they have in their arsenal because they have nothing but lies and innuendo to use against the president. They also know damn well that payback is a you know what. President Trump has held his fire all this time. When he hits backs the whole Deep State will get rocked to its core. They know it and are in full desperation mode hoping to get him impeached because if they don’t they know what’s gonna happen to them and the entire Deep State apparatus when the president drops the hammer on them!

      • Howie says:

        This was for Comey to get his FISA warrants. Bad Faith to the max. This Goldstone fellow is dirty.

        • Wend says:

          Mom likes to say “he wears his pathology”-he is indeed dirty, obese and ugly. It’s a frickin’ hat trick!

        • blognificentbee says:

          I see him more as the stupid bragging type (oh yes, I’m tight with don jr & donald) that got played by these Obama-loving Russians. Could be wrong, just my opinion. Either way, the Natalia person is going to pay for playing both sides, she’s the dirtiest one.

        • piper567 says:

          He’s a mercenary.
          They’re all mercenaries.
          Its beyond my comprehension that the media, the dhimmies, or Congress have a shred of validity in anyone’s estimation.
          must be bedtime.

      • tempo150101 says:

        Payback will be when they start perp-walking these people. It’s coming.

        • p'odwats says:

          I think it’s like the weaker boxer trying to land the big punch early to knock out their opponent because they know the longer the fight goes on the weaker they get, and then they get overwhelmed by a big counterpunch. That’s what’s about to happen soon and the Deep State knows it. They’re expending all their ammo now but they’ll have nothing left when the president starts to counterattack!

    • Southern Son says:

      I Like this Howie!
      Is that You Howie?

    • This is not “news”……… These are the same idiots who told us till 9 PM on election night that DJT would not be PDJT……….
      THIS is NEWS…………..

    • Joe Blow says:

      OK. Die it is, then.

    • David says:

      EXACTLY…I’m sure President Trump knows this also…and would agree with you when you say “Attack”

  51. Aintree77 says:

    Another excellent researched article by LR. The lightning fast speed that a copious amount of info can be uncovered by competent and determined researchers on anyone including in this case Natalia Veselnitskaya in this cyber world is incredible.

  52. tony5460 says:

    Sounds to me Trump Jr. took a bait. The strange thing is Paul Manafort was supposed to be an experienced operative. And he also did not see it through.

    • lastinillinois says:

      Seems to me like Don Jr did NOT take any bait.

    • Deb says:

      Having a meeting isn’t taking the bait. I’m sure Manafort saw right through it, hence the lack of follow up.
      This whole story is based on third hand information and innuendo. It’s worse than tabloid journalism.

      • tony5460 says:

        Here is what I thought this woman was up to. It appears to me that she is the type of person who wants to be perceived having lots of connections with powerful people so she can profit from it in some way. Remember the political system in countries like Russia does not have transparency. People navigate the system quite often through relationship, eg. knowing government officials. So knowing the son of the president in these countries tends to mean lucrative political or business opportunities. By simply having a meeting with Trump Jr., she can tell her Russia network that she knows the son of the president of the U.S. and trust me there are people (Russians) would fall for it. It did not matter whether there was any substance in the meeting, which she knew there was none. She came up with an idea (opposition research) to lure Trump Jr.. It was far fetch to say that Dem or Obama Administration somehow orchestrates the episode. But it was a scam and unfortunately Trump Jr did not do due diligence beforehand.

    • thefrankproject says:

      IMO it’s quite possible they fully planned this out. Trump operations tend to be like this. 1. Do or say something controversial. 2. Mainstream news is whipped into a frenzy. 3. People start paying attention and chattering. 4. Trump drops a bomb.
      I am certain they knew or at least strongly suspected this is how this would play out. She’s connected to the Obama Admin and the Clinton campaign and was used as fodder for an illegal FISA warrant against Trump.
      Not only that but this is circumstantial evidence that Trump Tower WAS BUGGED! THink about this: how did the NYT know about the contents of this meeting? Who is the leaker? In this case the info came from a Trump Tower wire tap.
      This story is just beginning!

  53. I posted this at Gateway Pundit too
    It’s as if the Deep State doesn’t realize there is an internet these days and that they won’t get caught.
    It’s clear as day, Step by Step
    – Deep State uses Natalia Veselnitskaya to get meeting with Trump campaign.
    – Deep State uses bureaucracy to get her into the country
    – Deep State creates fake Russian hacking attempt narrative, leaks to media – Russia has now just gone from new friendly ally, to sworn US enemy based on nothing but a phony created narrative
    – Deep State names a list of Russians that govt needs to monitor… Natalia Veselnitskaya is named… wink… wink
    – Deep State acquires FISA to “legally” spy on Trump. Translation: they simply got court permission to commit an illegal act with no legal consequence
    – Obama uses executive orders to allow deep state to conspire with media and leak and unmask with no legal consequence
    – Deep State “investigates” Natalia Veselnitskaya and all of her communications. Oh my God, she met with Trump!!!!!!!! wink. wink. What a surprise. Leak. Leak. Leak. Leak.
    All fake.
    The real story is this: The Trump campaign met with someone from a friendly ally country, who claimed to have opposition research damaging to their opponent. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing illegal. Nothing even morally questionable, considering that opposition research is 50% of every election in human history.
    The fake news media, the Obama administration, NeverTrump GOPers and Deep State changed Russia from an ally to a fake enemy (after the fact and under everyone’s noses) to make any communication with anyone even remotely connected to Russia seem incendiary.
    Everything you see and hear is fake. Russia Gov’t wanted Trump to win? So what? Every country in Europe, and in addition Mexico and Canada, openly and gleefully supported, encouraged, and meddled in the election to help Clinton win.
    That isn’t a crime. Every nation is allowed to have an opinion. They are allowed to try and influence public opinion, just as we are… and just as we do bigger and worse than any nation in the history of earth.
    It’s frustrating, but it won’t work. The American People won’t stand for it. Never have, never will.
    Bill Clinton lied under oath and obstructed justice – actual real crimes. And when he was impeached, the vast majority of the public punished Republicans for trying to oust him. Why? It’s real simple… they voted him in, and the American public decides who our Presidents are. Not bullets. Not impeachment. Not Congress.
    If the Democrats run their 2018 midterms on “Impeach Trump” – they will lose seats like we’ve never seen before.

  54. Honest Abbey says:

    For the life of me, I just cannot believe how this Russian woman (whose plane had just landed) was able to meet with Donald Trump Jr and Steve Bannon in Trump Tower and five days later she is sitting front & center at a Congressional hearing on Capitol Hill as a special guest of Obama’s Ambassador to Russia……..And………..
    Nobody caught this until NOW????
    Her VISA was declined, then mysteriously it was approved. Somebody should have been documenting her movement in this country.

    • Deb says:

      And they weren’t concerned at the time because the whole “Russia is ba narrative didn’t start until October. When this meeting took place the “Russian collusion” narrative hadn’t started yet. So Trump Jr. has no reason to be weary of meeting with a “Russian.”
      They are rewriting recent history, as if we are all stupid.

    • CharterOakie says:

      Not Bannon. Manafort and Kushner…allegedly.

    • CountryclassVulgarian says:

      Steve Bannon? The meeting happened in June 2016. Bannon was not on the Trump campaign.

      • Honest Abbey says:

        Thank you for the correction. My mind was in a hundred different places when I typed that…….. But I hope you still got the gist of what I was saying.

  55. BobW462 says:

    I’m also not a “spelling Nazi”; but, Sundance spelled “curiouser” without the “u” a few times in this post. I sense that this may have been intentional.
    If so, is this spelling significant for some reason? What’s the “punch-line” that I’m missing?

  56. Orygun says:

    I really think they thought Hillary was going to win and they were setting up the entire Trump family on phony charges backed up by the traitorous pukes in the CIA and FBI. They intended to destroy Trump and his entire family for shedding light on the crime family running this government.

    • Howie says:

      They are still trying. My bet, he is gonna nuke em’. He knows what they are up to. he still has the power to declass all of it and the power of the pardon. I hope he uses it to take them all down. Drop the gloves Mr. President.

      • lastinillinois says:

        I agree.
        I think Pres Trump’s silence (other than a couple tweets per day) speaks volumes right now.

        • WSB says:

          It is now clear to me that he is waiting to trip them all up on a conspiracy of treason. I believe there needs to be two witneses to treason…maybe this is just a connect-the-dots strategy.
          Too many peole doth protest.

        • jackphatz says:

          Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Trump just simply did not tweet anything, no nothing for a few days? The MIM’s would go out of their minds with anticipation and fakery.

      • DelilahFL says:

        I think the master chess player is putting all the pieces on the board and lying in wait. New FBI director approved soon. Then BAM!!

    • Joe Knuckles says:

      I think you are right. The Dems would have crucified them.

  57. Paco Loco says:

    This is all crap and another nadaburger!

    • WeThePeople2016 says:

      That is what I think too. They are admitting they have nothing up to this point. They are throwing everything they have out there and hoping something sticks to the wall. The Trump camp is onto this; this story is going to boomerang back onto them when things like this article by SD and the Gateway Pundit start to post. It will take a few days, but just watch.

    • mopar2016 says:

      This is another nothingburger, there’s nothing there except dem obstructionism.
      But of course it will take many months of investigations.
      I think we need to investigate the the Russian Uranium deal, Hillary’s Emails, Podesta’s addiction to pizza, and the whole democommie party.

  58. kimosaabe says:

    Sundance doing the work the Drive By Lame Stream Media refuses to do.

  59. I haven’t started reading the comments yet, have to wait until my gut quits hurting from laughing at curiousior cat.

  60. mazziflol says:

    I said it before and Ill say it again. She is an attractive woman.

    • lastinillinois says:

      Who is “she”?

    • rf121 says:

      The Russian? At least a six pack.

      • lastinillinois says:

        Shes a 2:00 a.m.’er (or whenever the bars close nowadays).

        • Wend says:

          She looks like a pig.

          • She looks like she was hired to ensnare Don Jr and is still playing that game while keeping her defenses up. I base that on her expression when she went out of her way to say they pressed me about negative information, that was what they really wanted. That was an attempt to stick the knife deeper into Don Jr whom she would have no reason to damage if her cover was true.
            She knows that information was what was dangled, why wouldn’t they have pressed since that was what they meeting was supposed to be about. They must have been confused when no such info was on offer. They only messed up by not being suspicious enough to think someone was baiting a hook for them. They put it down to her wanting to get the adoption market reopened but that was a thin pretext since as Don Jr said they had no control or leverage over that situation. A more suspicious person would have seen through the obvious falseness of the reasoning..

    • Disgusted says:

      Now that we are discussing women’s appearances, does anyone else completely DOUBT the veracity of the given date for the photo of Bill and Hill (yellow suit) as being taken in 2016? Not a chance, fellows! We all know exactly what she looked like last year! And it wasn’t like she looks in this photo!

  61. kpm58 says:

    Am I correct in remembering Hillary having one or two fund raisers in Europe?

  62. Ted says:

    When was the first FISA request rejected?

    • Applied for might be the right question.

    • wheatietoo says:

      I think it was July 2016 when it was rejected.

      • Jim in TN says:

        Wasn’t it accepted, with the exception of spying on Trump? I.e., they were allowed to spy on all these associates within the campaign, but not on Trump?
        Then, they used the ‘new’ information in October to get it expanded to Trump.

        • wheatietoo says:

          I thought it was totally rejected…for lack of compelling evidence.
          But I think they had already been doing the spying, on Trump and his Team.
          They manufactured the whole ‘Russians’ story in order to get a FISA warrant, to retroactively ‘legalize’ what they had already been doing.
          Why a FISA warrant?
          Because that is the only type of warrant that is kept secret…but to get one, there has to be ‘foreign espionage’ involved.

    • luke says:

      Hmmm Ted you might be on to something. Was this meeting the event that was used to attempt to gather the 1st FISA warrant on Trump?

      • Sherlock says:

        It’s right about that time, for sure, but unclear to me which came first–fisa warrant or the meeting. All within a matter of weeks, though. So, one scenario is they used the meeting to get the FISA warrant, having gotten wind of it through NSA surveillance/taps on the Russian lawyer. Or, could be they had the warrant first, and this is how they got the info on the meeting.

  63. waicool says:

    All of this is wonderful cover for the great things POTUS Trump is actually accomplishing.

  64. The gateway pundit is also pointing out that it appears Emin is sitting behind Natalia.

  65. elleb77 says:

    This was a set up.

  66. William Ford says:

    This whole meeting was a set up. U.S. intel agencies have been sitting on this waiting to use it. Impeachment is the game. What Trump is not grasping is that being innocent of any crime is irrelevant. This is not a legal trial in a court of law to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. It is a political trial. Mueller will manufacture the pretext….even if it pure BS. The Congress will vote to impeach because it’s the political result they need to save the corrupt system. They don’t need any evidence of wrongdoing. They will knowingly lie and sleep well at night. Foolish Sessions left his president naked to the jackals when he recused himself. He had no idea what the real game was.

    • lastinillinois says:

      So get the word out.
      Tell your friends and relatives.
      Show up at public buildings with signs.
      This is it.
      The election was just the beginning.

    • Deb says:

      We the people can demand truth.
      We can demand accountability.
      We can demand the rule of law be upheld.
      Do it.

    • Anchored says:

      That is where this is headed, and they will get the votes to impeach. The desire still is what it has been for the RINOs all along: get Paul Ryan in the White House. Getting Pence out of the way will be a piece of cake after toppling Trump.

      • snarkybeach says:

        they do this at their peril. if they attempt to remove a duly elected, much beloved by his base President on a flimsy pretext, it will start Civil War II.

        • Piper says:

          The blood will run ankle deep in the streets if they DARE to impeach THIS president!!
          The rules have changed- we have nothing to lose if they insist on taking us down the immoral, satanic, globalist path!!
          They have NO IDEA just how bad this will be for them!!

      • Wend says:

        So I better start checking out Hungary again?

      • No this is a tempest in a teapot. They may want it to mean something but at the end of the day its the deep state that is going down.

      • Curry Worsham says:

        Impeachment is the indictment.They don’t have the 67 votes to convict in the senate trial.

    • Howie says:

      That is where this is heading, with the help of the RINOS. It has always been so. He must nuke em all. RINOS included. If he does not they will try to impeach him eventually, leading to civil war. Sessions does not have a big secret investigation going on. He is rearranging the furniture in his office. Rosey is running the show with his pal Muelley.

    • rf121 says:

      As you said, Impeachment is a political process. You also assume that the Deplorables will stay home and watch it happen on TV. I sort of envision about 5 million people marching on Washington in protest, voicing their first amendment rights. Backed up with their second amendment rights.

    • WSB says:

      You seem to forget that Trump is holding all the evidence cards against his foes. He is just waiting to drop the hammer.
      The Art of War.

    • John says:

      Now you know why Clinton said something to the effect “they are all going to hang” if Trump wins after the Matt Lauer interview.

    • CountryclassVulgarian says:

      You really believe the a Republicans are foolish enough to follow the evilcrats into impeachment? I have no doubt the NeverTrumpers will but they are not all that stupid.

    • They will make a greivious error if they impeach President Trump. Believe it, they won’t get the outcome they’re seeking.

  67. Oldschool says:

    This crap has Comey’s fingerprints all over it.

    • Anchored says:

      True. Others up-thread have noted his seemingly urgent visit to the NY Times about a month ago, followed by FYI tweets from one of his cronies about a ticking time bomb planted at the NYT. Today that same person tweeted out “BOOM”

      • lastinillinois says:

        This was the “boom”?
        The Don Jr crap?
        If this is all they have they are thru – done – kaput.

    • Howie says:

      Just part of what Mueller and his 15 democrat henchmen are covering up.

  68. wyntre says:

    What really galls me is the “Well-I-never” attitudes of the despicable pundit class gasping over the notion of opposition research.

    • wheatietoo says:

      Yeah, didn’t WaPo offer a multi-million dollar Bounty for any ‘dirt’ on DJT?
      Or was that the NYTimes.

      • Harry Lime says:

        Not to mention what they did to Sarah Palin during the election and after. Didn’t one of these creepy news organizations send an army of people to Alaska to pick through her emails?

        • dutzie60 says:

          I didn’t keep up to tip top speed on that but didn’t one of the sleazbags rent a house next door to her to spy. I think he could actually see in her kitchen or something. Am I remembering right or making it up? lol

    • roccoboy1 says:

      Exactly. Fox is right along with them. They have a special show on now just on this and the hyperbole is ridiculous. I feel like I am living in the twilight zone. Just making something about absolutely nothing.

  69. Suspicious says:

    The declaration says she can’t read or write English. Was there a translator at the meeting, or can she speak English?

  70. Tejas Rob says:

    Wait, haven’t they been saying she worked as a lawyer for the Russian government? That Visa application doesn’t say anything about her working for the Russian government.

  71. GregA says:

    Can someone explain to me how what happened in media and senate today is not slander or defamation of private citizen Trump jr???

  72. wyntre says:

    Sean Hannity means well but he is so NOT providing effective coverage of this issue.
    He ALWAYS goes back to “Well, what about HJRC” when the problem is the long knives wielded by RINOS, Ene-Media, Nevertrumpers, Dims and Deep State.
    Watching Don Jr with Sean and he seems flustered. Like he’s beginning to understand the lengths to which the fothermuckers will go. I’m not sure even Trump Sr. had a grasp of just how evil the government has become under Hussein.
    Yes, he’s dealt in the dirty world of real estate but this is a different scene.
    I feel he needs Bannon like no other time in his presidency. Bannon knows how to play dirty and is not afraid of keeping his hands clean.

  73. wyntre says:

    So this is the reason Mitch announced a 2 week extension of the Senate today. Plausible deniability, oh yes, we’re trying so hard to pass the President’s agenda, all the while he’s probably schemed with the Dims and Ene-Media to take Trump out.

    • rjcylon says:

      Hey Mitch, we knew after the first couple weeks your heart wasn’t in repealing Obamacare. After almost six months we aren’t expecting much anymore. You guys lied to get elected.
      Here’s to you fighting a tough primary though, that ought to be fun!

  74. big bad mike says:

    The Power of the Presidency will save the President. Impeachment is the Red Badge of Courage that the Uniparty won’t dare to commence. Weak Johnson and Crooked Hillary’s husband survived it. DJT should tell the traitors to ” Make My Day”. There will be 10 Million of us in DC with tar and feathers if they try it.

  75. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    Curiousor and curiousor indeed. The tangled web of deep state, very fake news drive by media, UniParty deceit is becoming quite stunning.

  76. Howie says:

    Who can investigate the back story? Nobody.

  77. shannynae says:

    It was fun watching Tucker Carlson take Peters apart tonight. How dare we get along with Russia!
    Peters became unhinged at the thought.

    • Wend says:

      He’s (Peters) become really insane. And that voice!

      • shannynae says:

        Insane is a good word because I think that the left have reached the point where it is becoming a type of mental illness with this Russia, Russia, Russia. Completely unhinged for sure.

      • Alexsandra says:

        That was my thought — Peters changed persona to show his real self, which is actually much worse than the sorry sanctimonious self wee usually see, and he appeared unhinged and insane, and full of rage. Couldn’t hide it.
        I consider what is happening with people like him and the media a blessing, as they actually are unmasking themselves so we can clearly see them. I had a similar feeling watching Trey Gowdey trash Don Jr. this evening — like once and for all Gowdy had finally lost it in his rage and now could clearly be seen for who he is.

        • tempo150101 says:

          I’ve said this before and sometimes have gotten crap about it, but if Peters is the kind of person we have in government right now, we have truly become the evil empire. You’re going to tell me that Russia is more evil than Saudi Arabia? Nobody’s buying that.

    • blognificentbee says:

      Is this Day One? Best Tucker segment ever!!

    Before Donald Trump Jr. met with Russian intermediary Rob Goldstone, comedian Kathy Griffin met him first.
    In a now-deleted tweet, Griffin, 56, posted a photo of herself and Goldstone, writing, “Don’t recall taking this photo with Russian intermediary Rob Goldstone, but I am in my Dynasty hat waiting for my interview with Mr. Mueller.”
    Griffin initially tweeted that the photo was taken in 2010, but deleted that tweet and posted another without a date.

    • Howie says:

      He is dirty.

    • lastinillinois says:

      They make a lovely couple.
      Careful Fat Bastard, don’t lose your head over her ……

    • shannynae says:

      It’s interesting that the left can claim “I don’t remember” but if a conservative makes that claim then they are a lying, obfuscating nazi. The double standard is alive and well and quite frankly will never change.

    • piper567 says:

      The_Donald first posted this photo under the heading.
      Picture of Goldstone with Terrorist

  79. Howie says:

    The only reason I can think of for this scheme at the time frame was FISA.

    • bflyjesusgrl says:

      Yes, think about it, Comey’s fingerprints are on this, someone who knew how to “work the system”. What if Comey tells Clinton this is how to spy on Trump. Have Fusion GPS get Goldstone, a “British” national, to send an email to “American” Don, Jr,. with subject of “Russia and Clinton – Private and Confidential”. Ding, Ding, Ding! Alarms get triggered by FBI monitoring, which enables them to apply for FISA so they can tap Trump Tower!! Just because the court didn’t approve warrant in July doesn’t mean the FBI didn’t install the tap anyway. This would answer the question of how NYT reporter know about this for a year – Comey told him! I’m sure Comey knows a lot more from spying illegally, but he can’t reveal until such cover gets created (in this case, the leak of Kushner’s updated form info) for him to hide behind without everyone knowing it came from him.

    • Southern Son says:


    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, chairman of the US Senate Judiciary Committee, asked the US administration on Tuesday how the Russian lawyer who met President Donald Trump’s son in New York in June 2016 was allowed to enter the United States.
    Grassley, in a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, said US permission for the lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, to travel to the United States had been set to expire on Jan. 7, 2016, and her request for an extension had been denied, Grassley’s office said in a statement.

    • Troublemaker10 says:

      Exactly! Who signed off on her VISA allowing her to stay in US to pursue the Trump JR meeting?

      • Curry Worsham says:

        Travel visa – allowing her to come here.

      • The filing was an appeal to a district court. Logically, if her parole letter was discontinued (Jeh Johnson would have been the one issuing the one that expired), the court would have had to be the one “signing off” on it, citing this filing in which she claims her client’s legal defense would be adversely affected. Sooner or later an actual court order to that effect will no doubt pop up. I doubt she was “an illegal” as some have speculated.
        Apparently she was cited in the same complaint citing Fusion GPS for unregistered lobbying, so someone was taking full advantage of the extension. The Trump Jr. meeting seems to have been part of that effort. I don’t want to speculate further, but that’s a strange set of coincidences in my book.

  81. Judiciary says:

    I have problems with the photos of the Russian lawyer and singer (mentioned in Don Jr’s emails) which are supposed to be from a 2016 House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing. I want good info to counter the let’s hysteria and witch hunt. But, McFall was no longer Ambassador to Russia in 2016. This must be an earlier photo or McFaul’s sign wouldn’t say Ambassador.

  82. SR says:

    Whenever something good happen to PTrump and we think Russia is over then Russia is back. These fake MSM, rats and RINO are pushing PTrump too much and it’s not good for them. I am hoping PTrump would MOAB Lynch, Rice, Hillary, Huma, Comey, liberal God Obama after Obamacare repeal vote.

  83. Judiciary says:

    I have problems with the photos of the Russian lawyer and singer (mentioned in Don Jr’s emails) which are supposed to be from a 2016 House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing. I want good info to counter the let’s hysteria and witch hunt. But, McFaul was no longer Ambassador to Russia in 2016. This must be an earlier photo or McFaul’s sign wouldn’t say Ambassador. Right?

    • The youtube description box says:
      Michael McFaul (Former American Ambassador to Russia)

    • Piper says:

      The reason the Russia story will not end is because people refuse to punch them in the wallet.
      This should be a boycott unlike any they have ever seen!
      We are the hardworking, taxpaying citizens of this country! Leftys sponge off of us like ticks.
      Every single Trump supporter needs to have their cable turned off immediately, and begin to boycott every single corporation that has any ties whatsoever with media orgs.
      I’m already doing it as it is my only weapon against them.

      • Chickficshun says:

        Ive been saying that since last July. National boycott.
        Im contacting Main Street Patriots tomorrow. They are the ones who organized the CNN boycott. They have state contact people. Look them up on the internet for your state contact. We need a national boycott of the media. Cut cable and satellite now, millions of Trump voters can put a huge financial hurt on the media.
        They are a powerful democrat propaganda machine. It’s that or civil war folks. We win a financial war or we face physical war.
        Comcast cable
        Time warner cable
        Other small market cable companies
        We’re talking billions of dollars, six months and the media companies will be on their knees.
        It will scare Rinos and dems alike.
        Call your congress critters tomorrow and tell them to do their job and back our President from the smear job.

  84. eric says:

    the only thing true in this fake russia story…is that Donald Trump Jr. is the Presidents son.
    Thats it.
    The rest is made up crap to undermine our President.

  85. Troublemaker10 says:

    Scott Adam’s on Tucker Carlson’s show about Russia and why Trump keeps winning. Says nothing to Don Jr Russia meeting also.

  86. This was a good read – Russian Lawyer Linked To GPS Fusion and Former MI6 officer Christopher Steele Who Authored Trump Dossier

  87. jstanley01 says:

    Donald Trump Jr. on Hannity…

  88. big bad mike says:

    Time to get organized. No more basking in our Victory. Make sure you attend your next County Republican Committee meeting. Usually the 3rd Tuesday or Thursday of each month. Observe. Report back.

    here is part of comment-good
    As we see from this article that was just posted . The Russian lawyer is sitting right in front of Emin (who set up the meeting) 8 days after the meeting happened in congress right behind Obama’s Russian ambassador (he could coordinate everything). We also know this isn’t just any Russian lawyer, she is connected to Fusion GPS which is connected to the DNC paid for foreign agent acquired piss dossier Here is the Russian oppo research from the DNC in May 2016 (one month before the meeting and BEFORE ANY HACKING TOOK PLACE). (search for Emin and he is their entire link to “Putin” because President Trump is in one of his music videos).
    So in closing, the DNC in May of 2016 BEFORE THERE WAS ANY HACKING planned to use Emin to connect President Trump to Putin since he was in a music video of his. Kerry met with Emin’s father in law in May of 2016, one month before the meeting was requested with DT jr. in June. The Russian lawyer who attended the meeting was spotted with Emin 8 days later in Congress (who let them in?) AND is connected to the Fusion GPS fake piss dossier.
    MOST IMPORTANT PART (summary). This DNC hit job to connect Emin to Putin and then Emin to President Trump was planned BEFORE THE DNC WAS “HACKED” BY “RUSSIA”. This was their end game all along. Their next “bombshell” will be “Who is this Emin that set up the meeting? Oh wow he’s connected to Putin and here is President Trump in his music video”. This is how they’re going to use this bullshit cooked up meeting to go after President Trump. All planned since May of 2016 before anyone was f**king “hacked”. And they weren’t his name was fu**ing Seth Rich you f**ks.

  90. Ursula says:

    SD you are a genius and ahould be in the spotlight making tons of money— I sense you love your country and are very generous with your time and research. May god be with you and your family.

  91. Curry Worsham says:

    And look what hack showed up on MSNBC today pushing INTENT! He’s in this scheme up to his eyeballs.
    Interestingly, at 2:27 he says, “We should sit down right away and interview” then quickly corrects himself: “not [we]…, the Americans investigating this, right?” Very curious…. in a Freudian sort of way.

      • MAGA Happy Boy says:

        I cannot believe the hutzpah of this gimp, but you have to admire the discipline and execution of the Deep State. As other posters have mentioned, thank the heavens for the internet and the boundless research energies of the Treepers. This clown probably provided the draft email that was sent by the fat English promoter. Heck, they were probably bunk buddies at Oxford…….

  92. JoD says:

    Is it me or is anyone else creeped out that EVERY dirt road always leads to that psychotic bitch?
    A woman (?) with average intelligence, an obsessive liar who couldn’t even pass the Bar exam, hitches HER wagon to a slick, fast-talking, white trash wannabe who has a penchant for sexual assault.
    How is it possible that these 2 people have gathered enough like-minded individuals worldwide, to control every agency in the Federal Government, the entire entertainment industry and nearly all of the media?
    They ran/run a criminal enterprise with impunity and seem to have no fear of ever having to face Judgement Day, because they have cultivated so many valuable “relationships”.
    “What the Hell is going on out here?”

    • LKA in LA says:

      JoD I was ranting at dinner with my family the same exact thought! All of this destruction, constant lying, constant corruptness with same old players for an old hateful hag who couldn’t give two craps about this country. The media and Congress hate anything good.

    • Southern Son says:

      The Money, was on the Globalist Train.
      But Trains are Not submarines.
      The Trump Train, runs A to B, without fail.
      This wll pass.
      Where is Bluto, with his List!?
      Too many Updates?
      Dog me out, if you must.
      But MAGA Is happening!
      Give Me more of that Russian Pie!!
      I forget the name of it.
      But it’s become my Addiction…

    • piper567 says:

      greed and power, with a strong component of self-worship. and a side of delusion of self- importance due to self -worship/

    • Paul says:


  93. Mike says:

    Why would Fake News “reveal” the Donald Jr. emails, when it would come out almost immediately to indict Obama, Comey and Co for dirty tricks? Are they really that stupid?

  94. ray76 says:

    This excerpt from a court document contains a brief biography of Nataliya Veselnitskaya:
    I am an attorney admitted to practice in the Russian Federation. I have been practicing law since 1998. I am the founder and managing partner of the law offices of Kamerton Consulting. In 1998, I graduated with distinction from the Moscow State Legal Academy with a degree in jurisprudence. Upon graduation from the Academy, I started working at the Prosecutor’s Office. I worked there for three years, overseeing the legality of statutes that were adopted by legislators of Moscow Oblast. After that I moved into private business. In 2003, I formed a private legal firm, Kamerton Consulting, which later grew to 30 employees, including five attorneys. My firm and I specialize in corporate and property disputes in courts. Among my clients are large state-owned and private corporations, as well as clients from the real estate and banking sectors.
    January 5, 2016
    New York, New York

  95. entrapped says:

    check out her facebook


  96. big bad mike says:

    Rules for you first Republican Central Committee meeting.
    1. Try and say nothing. Just smile and enjoy.
    2. Concentrate on the Chairman. See if he/she is Pro, Anti, or Neutral Trump.
    3. He/She will notice if new people attend. The more of us who show up will influence their attitude. Remember. These meetings are sparsely attended. Most of the Committeemen don’t show.
    4. You will be surprised that most of the Committeemen are grassroots and support the President.
    5. If they invite you to meet afterwards for coffee at the local McDonald’s. Go.
    6. Be patient. The midterms are not until next November. Things won’t get serious until later in the year, or if your Republican Congressman get’s primaried. Whichever comes first.
    7. Your Republican Congressman will have an office in the Town where the meeting is held. And his Toadie will be at the meeting to make sure nothing new happens
    8. The second meeting you attend will be more fun. That’s when you will be able to start being heard.

  97. Convert says:

    OK. That’s it. I finally understand what it means to be triggered. Hot-air. National Review. Drudge. Most of Fox. You really are wanting to help force Trump out. You think you can actually pull that off and everyone will shrug and things will go back like they were. But you are wrong. So tragically and completely wrong. If you doubt me, go to Twitter and type #cnnblackmail in the search box. If you are no longer on our side, on America’s side, we will turn you off. Put you out of business. Destroy you. You’ll get no clicks, shares, tweets or traffic from me. Too bad it has to end this way. You used to be the good guys, my sanity guys. No more.

  98. realcapedcrusader says:

    Does Natalia Veselnitskaya know what happens to people who know too much? The only thing that might keep her alive is to come lean and talk, otherwise spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder.

    • lastinillinois says:

      Maybe she’s the one responsible for all the Russian intelligence deaths the last several months.
      Maybe she’s CIA.

      • This pic has to be from 2014, Mcfaul was ambassador only until 2014.

      • farmhand1927 says:

        Sure appears quite possible she’s on the payroll of somebody that’s powerful in American politics. Whomever she’s connected with here, the story will unravel and as is often the case, the connection goes straight to the top.
        This Russian story started long before Donald Trump even got the nomination. It started when Obama promised more flexibility and when Hillary cut a deal for our uranium and her husband’s foundation profited from it.
        Wake up, House and Senate intelligence committees and all committees that have investigations going on this. You keep reeling in an empty net with respect to the Trump family. Cast your nets on the other side of the boat and we’ll get somewhere. Subpoena the aide John McCain sent to personally pick up the dossier, then haul McCain up for questioning. Why did McCain take it upon himself to get the dossier and immediately hand it off to Comey? Who appointed McCain Master of the Universe for a Day that made him think it was up to him to spend taxpayer money to undermine a candidate for president in his own party, knowing there was no proof to back up the dossier?
        Thankfully, a few honest people like sundance with the necessary connections to find the truth, will find the truth.
        The President’s highly successful G20 trip just couldn’t stand. He actually reset relations with Russia with a firm handshake and an America First agenda. No plastic reset buttons from a gag store were needed.
        Obama seethed with anger at the outcome of the G20. Michelle seethed at the remarkable and graceful cleanup job Mrs. Trump did to revive the dignity of the position of First Lady of the United States. Knowing their anger and hatred, the media snapped to attention and before the jets on AF One had cooled, they rolled out the Don Jr., Fake Story that has no substance.
        If there is justice left in this world, the significance of the email exchange and 20 minute meeting DT, Jr., had will be it finally legally unmasks all the key players that colluded and plotted this entire Fake Story known as the Russian Conspiracy/Election Hacking/Collusion, et al, story. May the unraveling of truth on this be the final stake through the heart of one of the biggest political con jobs in history.
        May the true perpetrators, plotters, scammers, corruptors and liars that cooked up this entire scandal be exposed, indicted, tried and held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. May real law and order prevail, not the Fake kind Comey followed. No excuses, no passes based on last names or political miscle, no looking the other way and no more insults to our senses by saying there was ‘no intent’. The hell there wasn’t intent. The true intent of all this is unspeakable.
        Congressional investigators, stop pedaling a bicycle that has no chain. Once and for all, go after the sources of this dangerous game being played by media executives, news anchors, newspaper editors, loyalists to all previous administrations and the current Uniparty that are fine with harm coming to America as long as their own political backsides are advanced and protected.
        Until you–Congress–ends this witch hunt and destructive game plan plotted against our President, his family and our national security, nothing will change. This is now your job. Pass healthcare reform, pass the President’s budget which includes funding for The Wall and pass tax reform, then go after this Russian story from beginning to end like ravenous lions. If you can’t connect the dots, hire sundance to come help you. Enough is enough.

    • starfcker says:

      How do you say “Arkancide” in Russian? Natalia? Anybody?

    • setup2100 says:

      She will be handled by the Russians and we will never know about it. FAKE NEWS is not in Russia.

    • Natasha says:

      Don Jr is being accused of collusion/attempted collusion/conspiracy to collude
      Guess who DID COLLUDE? DNC with Ukraine to HURT and DID HURT Trump Campaign resulting in PAUL MANUFART firing.
      UKRAINE interred to push and started Trump/Russia collusion since LATE 2015 (READ PODESTA EMAILS)
      IF Don Jr is investigated then the DNC collusion with Ukraine officials MUST BE INVESTIGATED . If Don Jr is to testify, then DNC operatives MUST ALSO TESTIFY
      Never-Trump and DNC used a foreign agent ( British spy working for Russia) to meddle and push RUSSIA Propaganda and disinformation against a SITTING PRESIDENT
      PRESIDENT TRUMP TEAM NEED TO PUSH THESE TWO ANGLES HARD! ……..Every day until they stop pushing collusion….
      DO NOT ALLOW DNC and Never-Trumpers a pass!………THEY ALL MUST TESTIFY
      Call members of congress or write and DEMAND an investigation to UKRAINE MEDDLING refer to the POLITICO article……..LET EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS AND DEMAND IT BE INVESTIGATED!!!
      WANT RUSSIA TO GO AWAY……….Push ACT Actual collusion (UKRAINE) HARD

  99. SR says:

    Is it all have to do anything with Trump trip to France?

    • deanbrh says:

      SR, as I understand it, trip to France is one day for their Bastile Day celebration. Macron is so Globalist, doubtful anything will be accomplished.

  100. mireilleg says:

    It’s exhausting!

    • SR says:

      We all are feeling same and I think average American who work whole day, pick kids from camp, make dinner, check emails and whenever they see news all about Russia all the time. Very soon people will runaway from news websites too. Fake msm is dying and irrelevant in 2020.

      • It’s interesting you mention people running from news sites. My massage therapist is a Democrat. We don’t discuss politics because of our disagreements. Today she brought up Trump herself and thought he was doing things that needed to be done to stir things up. She and I agreed on a lot of issues with regard to the machine running things, the Unitparty, etc. she also does not follow any news if it becomes political because she agrees that the discourse has gone off the rails. I was very surprised to hear all this but gratified to know that what I have thought about people leaving the Democrats might really be true. Please GOD I hope so!

        • Serena says:

          I was a Democrat for all of my life as well as my parents and grandparents. Most of my family left the party or I should say the Democrat Party left us in 2008. Only a handful are left and they are slowly starting to see the writing on the wall.

          • TheLastDemocrat says:

            Many in my family, and long-time friends, are in the cult.
            Across the decades, they did not notice the move from political party to virtue-cult.
            It is very sad.

          • Raven says:

            I spent this past weekend working at a Republican Party booth in a tiny town in Democrat northern Minnesota. As the county Chair I walked out to every passer-by, shook their hand and introduced myself, never knowing the reaction I would receive being in enemy territory. On Friday not one person who passed the booth said they were Democrat. On Friday 75% of the people who passed the booth literally whispered to me that they were “closet Republicans” who “voted for Trump” but could not say so out loud. The other 25% had no trouble saying they voted for Trump, no matter their party affiliation.
            Saturday the Democrats came out and just refused to either shake my hand or give a civil ‘Hello’ to another human being. Did get into a conversation with a group of Democrats who laughed at me and repeated a few of the standard President Trump lies, again laughing at me and us. They all acted as though they held the high moral ground until I pointed out to them — very nicely — that they did not show me any respect during our conversation, and laughed at me as though they were bullies on the playground.
            They apologized.
            I hope in some small way that encounter helped those people see the writing on the wall.

            • MTeresa says:

              Good for you. I am on the left coast and it takes a bit of backbone to say you voted for President Trump. I’ve felt the same thing. Many of my friends/acquaintances out here do not even bring politics up and I’ve suspected more than a few voted for Mr. Trump but can’t admit it. Despite all of the “muh Russia” BS on the news, they understand that the Dem candidate, HRC, ran a terrible campaign and lost…..bigly. She and the DNC pulled a fast one on Bernie supporters which I suspect has done immeasurable damage splintering the Democrat party. All of this Russia Russia Russia has become very tedious. It’s verbal vomit from the media day in and day out. I won’t turn on any news programs anymore.
              What I am interested in hearing about is what Congress is doing about homeland security, healthcare, the border, and the opioid crisis in this country.
              The media has made this story all about them. It’s so narcissistic. I hoped we were rid of that when BHO left office.

              • Raven says:

                “It’s verbal vomit from the media day in and day out. I won’t turn on any news programs anymore.”
                Me either, MTeresa, and like you I would love to hear how our country is improving under President Trump’s leadership, but the vomit-ers want none of it.

            • Serena says:

              Raven, I can attest to what you are saying. All the time I considered myself a Democrat I acted the same way as the ones you described. I am not proud of it today but back then it was just ingrained in me as being normal,moral and all knowing that I and all the Dems were in the right. I could not imagine anyone being a Republican or a Conservative. Liberalism was just the only way to go. Even though I couldn’t identify with them and thought they were just plain ignorant I was constantly noticing that most of my co workers and friends who were on the right were most always very nice and well mannered when discussing politics. I even wondered sometimes why I wasn’t like them and wished that I could be that way.
              I was thinking back the other day and I am ashamed at the way I acted back then to people I disagreed with and how they never treated me the way I treated them. My sister and I used to discuss all the time how civil they were. After the 2008 election and the way the Democrats acted towards anyone who was not in the tank for Obama I saw things a lot more clearer. Now the contrast between the people in the two parties is just as plain as the nose on my face. The Left is the most intolerant and hateful class of people I have ever seen. Sure I know some on the right can be that way especially the GOPe and Never Trumpers but in my opinion they don’t hold a candle to the nasty hypocritical Leftists.

              • Raven says:

                I am so glad you are on “our side” Serena. It is interesting hearing how so many Republicans were once Democrats — including me.
                So I give those still stuck in blindness a lot of grace, hoping that like both of us one day civil discourse will lead them to a clearer understanding of both parties, and more intelligent people like you.

          • Serena, I hope you are right. I have 2 former coworkers who think Trump is the devil. I pray that all those who have been brainwashed will be converted.

            • Serena says:

              There is hope. I have one friend who hates Trump but have seen where she has ‘liked” some pro Trump posts on different web sites.

  101. JeremyJohn says:

    This so called bombshell could not be found by anyone over 13 month of investigation and specially last few months of collusion witch hunt. now suddenly this is found after comey was fired. Put this into context of fisa and how ny times knew about contents.
    My theory is that it was used by comey and now leaked by comey. the attempt os setup with no substance.

  102. Mike says:

    That clip is too funny!
    Curiouser and Curiousor…

  103. jeans2nd says:

    Natalia Veselnitskaya could have known Michael McFaul going all the way back to 2008 when McFaul was in Russia as an Obama campaign advisor.
    “Michael McFaul, who served as U.S. ambassador to Russia during the Obama administration, said that he was in Moscow meeting with officials in the weeks leading up to Obama’s 2008 election win.”
    Clinton and CGI have ties to Azerbaijan going back to at least 2010, if not before, during Clinton’s many trips to Azerbaijan.
    Hillary Clinton arrives in Baku for talks on Caucasus
    AFP, Jul 4, 2010, 02.51am IST
    Azerbaijan: Clinton meets bloggers Posted 4 July 2010 17:04 GMT
    Azerbaijan is mentioned in the Wikileaks emails.
    “In April 2015, the Clinton team had to decide whether to accept campaign donations from US lobbyists representing foreign states…like Iraq, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Libya and the United Arab Emirates.”
    “After a great deal of back and forth, Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook said he decided they should just accept the donations”
    “Azerbaijan: Could Baku Have Access to a Clinton White House?
    A lobbyist connection between Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and Azerbaijan could create the appearance of a conflict of interest”
    “(since 2009) the Podesta Group, a high-powered Washington lobbying firm, has handled networking and image-building for Azerbaijan’s embassy in the United States.”
    “Azerbaijan, a country the State Department said in an official report was infused with “corruption and predatory behavior by politically connected elites.””
    including slavery
    The Don, Jr. emails obviously were used for a FISA, probably the one that unmasked Gen Flynn. The question is, how did the NY Times obtain the Don, Jr emails? Those emails are from early June 2016, before the July 2016 FISA.
    insert pic of revenge cat here (l8r) -.-

    • WSB says:

      That’s great. So Sexton tweeted that he was working on the story for a year? How did he know?…maybe he had Comey’s trail of Don Jr’s emails since June? Whoops.

      • dilonsfo says:

        Sexton is lying about being on this for a year. He tweeted that out to take the heat off Comey who unmasked Don, Jr., who was under FBI surveillance as part of the Russia surveillance. Comey went into the NYT and that same day Wickes sent out his famous Tick, tick, tick tweet. The NYT began releasing the story and then were going to follow up with the emails, hoping Don, Jr. would deny or lie about it. Then, before they could print the emails, Don, Jr. released them. I would bet large money on this scenario. Why, cause that is just how big a rat Comey is. They were just hoping Don, Jr. would lie about the whole thing. He didn’t and the bite was taken out of it. So, the MSM just decided to make as much noise as they can…like always.

        • Sherlock says:

          He’s really sort of a nobody, it seems. He doesn’t work for the Times or any newspaper.
          He’s a teacher, who has put pieces in the Times i the past. He wasn’t hired to investigate this, says he was doing it on his own. Sounds more like a part time wanna-be. If you look at his twitter stuff you’ll see what I mean, I think.

          • Somebody says:

            Perhaps he was fed the information by somebody in the DNC, the O administration, Comey?

            • Sherlock says:

              I don’t think he had any information. Somebody posted his “tweets” because they made him look dumb (rightly). From that people assumed his involvement. He’s just another lefty writer trying to prove the Russian nonsense, get rich, get famous, get an actual writing J.O.B.

    • Crystal says:

      Perhaps they were already spying BEFORE they received the FISA order.

      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        I agree. They could not find anything, so they decided to manufacture something, rather than wait and hope.
        If they did find something with their illegal spying, they could almost certainly figure out a way to reverse-engineer the matter and stumble upon it another, innocent, legal way.
        But that was going too slow.

    • Sherlock says:

      How did they get them? Well, one plausible scenario is they were looking at her all along, and remember, they can easily access the communications of foreigners, without warrant.
      So, every foreigner who emailed him, or who SHARED his emails with other foreigners, probably had their stuff looked at.

  104. Marica says:

    I am ready to MARCH on DC! we need to show up in force–with plastic pitchforks ( seriously) no stupid signs and play the Les Mis song over and over again! Can Keln or someone post our fight song? AND lets do this in August–While McTurtle and company are pretending to stay to “work on the agenda”..Do You Hear the People Sing…? COLD ANGER #MAGA

    • In Az says:

      @ Marica on,
      I am with you. I was going to say the same
      But we need thousands of people. One million plus would be better. And we need to burn these azz wipes in effigy and / or guillotine them in effigy along with their masters.
      And tell them next time it will be for real.

    • CaptainNonno says:

      Yes. A thousand times YES! It should be early August the theme pass ACHA NOW! TAX REFORM in Septemberor you’re now on Obamacare like the rest! Instead of pitchforks bring cork gun rifles!

  105. starfcker says:

    This article is one hell of a piece of work. Talk about connecting the dots. Major props, big guy. Nobody does it better

    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Yeah, this blows it out of the water. My only question is how the INTERNAL Russian politics impact this broad – because THAT has to be extremely complicated, but I think it will ultimately explain what she was up to. American actors aren’t all playing to the same tune, and it must be the same with these Russian political types.
      They kept this gal’s identity covered so she couldn’t be researched before the meeting – THAT right there should tell us a lot. They KNEW that something about her would stink.
      You know – I just realized something, thanks to that bit about hosting the opposition two days after he got there. What if Hillary’s “reset” wasn’t just a failure because of her ineptitude, but rather because she (and Obama) were LYING about what they were trying to do with the “reset”? What if it wasn’t about better relations, but an excuse to exert foreign/globalist influence on the Russian government? The McCain / Graham / UniParty / globalist vision? And THAT is why it failed – because both Medvedev and Putin were NOT impressed with Hillary and Obama hooking up with their opposition to try to change Russia the way they had changed the US. Remember all the Soros / Femen cray-cray of those early years? Bet they were causing a lot of trouble over there.

      • redlegleader68 says:

        Hey WolfMoon, how long was that Trump/Putin meeting again? Just askin’ … 🙂

      • WSB says:

        I agree that Natalia’s name was kept from the team most likely for your reason stated above, but wouldn’t someone at the Trump Organization or Trump Tower have interest just for security reasons? Manafort or anyone?
        Every time I went to the residential entry, I had to stop at the desk to be announced after an appointment was previously. And that was just for a condo owner.

        • Curry Worsham says:

          Goldstone says to DTJr, “I will send the names of the two people meeting with you for security…”

  106. Troublemaker10 says:

    Why Donald Trump Jr. is Innocent. Period.
    The Code of Federal Regulations makes the law immunizing Trump Jr.’s actions precisely clear: any foreign national individual may volunteer personal services to a federal candidate or federal political committee without making a contribution. The law provides this volunteer “exemption” as long as the individual performing the service is not compensated by anyone on the campaign. See 11 CFR 100.74. For example, as the Federal Election Commission advises all, “an individual can provide volunteer services to a candidate or party without considering the value of those service a contribution to the candidate or party.” Section 30121 of Title 52 does not apply to voluntary activity or services. The thing “of value” must be actual money, or its transferable equivalent, not a volunteer of services or information. Otherwise, if volunteering information in coordination with a campaign constituted donations, everyone from John Harwood to Chuck Todd (and maybe all of CNN) made millions in donations to the Hillary campaign, as WikiLeaks emails disclosed.

    • Sherlock says:

      We can list dozens of reasons no crime has been committed (and yours is quite good, BTW). The media cannot list even one that suggests the contrary. They really don’t even try, for when they do, even their own lefty lawyer-type talking heads come on TV and point out the error. Which is why they use amorphous terms like “collusion” to mislead. First it was “hacking” , then “collusion”, then a shift to “obstruction” (of something) and now apparently “contact with a Russian” is deemed enough for media shrieking. All ridiculous.

    • Mike says:

      Yet, as far as I can puzzle things out – they used this legal meeting using a Dem operative, as a pretense to get a FISA warrent and start the whole “unmasking.” This from the Obama administration, who was openly campaigning for his SOS Hillary Clinton. But we know the whole investigation ended up with – nothing. So why would they bring up this old legal meeting, when we already know the outcome of the investigation? They are looping back to the beginning again.
      Unless I am missing something, the fake news media is very stupid. Or very desperate. Or both. This Russian flap must be the only plan they got, and they are hanging on to it fo dear life, They may be harming Trump, but they are commiting suicide at the same time it seems.

      • WSB says:

        Sounds as though this was the fourth or fifth story, and they are now on their fourth or fifth story.

        • H.R. says:

          The Dems and YSM (redundant, I know) have climbed to the 81st story of an 80-story building with the ‘muh Russia’ bit. They are wind-milling like Wile E. Coyote just before the drop to he bottom of the canyon.
          ‘Muh Russia’ isn’t working.

          • WSB says:

            I think I know why. Everyone in a position to instigate these lies is out of touch with the internet and the speed of alternative news and information sources.
            They really must not know that we can crowd source a person’s history in about a half a day, and we have access to more 1st source proof than they could ever fathom.

      • algues says:

        Query: SOS = secretary of state, or sack of shit? Genuinely curious.

  107. Sherlock says:

    Lots of negativism lately, people here fearful of “impeachment”. Amazing the fear that a phony media can still instill, even in those who know better. Time to get a grip. Impeachment odds same as Jill Stein successful recount.

    • Oncefired says:

      If the Democrats gain control in 2018 they would actually be Stupid enough to try! Trump has dealt with worse then this dealing with the NY Unions! The Libs can keep lying and throwing red meat to their base, but this is a big Nothing Burger! The Wild Card id Mueller the fixer, who just happens to be staffing up with Clinton Cohorts, IBT had a really good article on why he should Recuse himself. but really the most he will get is some poor slob on a Perjury Charge like Scooter Libby. Everybody says this sucking up the oxygen so Trump can’t get anything through Congress, but as Sundance says…nothing is going through because all the Rats in the Swamp have been bought and paid for! I am actually hoping Trump pulls the Trigger on a Government Shutdown in September. I also say let Obamacare Crash & Burn and put the blame squarely where it belongs…on the Kenyan Prince and his Minions!

      • WSB says:

        President Trump’s timing is based on primaries and the 2018 elections. He will let us know know who to revolt against when the time comes. You will see.

      • Sherlock says:

        IF if if if if. I get exactly what you are saying, but here’s the thing: You can choose to live in fear, always expecting the worst case scenario to develop. I saw people do it throughout the campaign, every single day. “He’s done for!”
        Then I saw it all through the “recounts”! “They will steal it, mark my words!” Heck, even during the convention: “Lee will steal it, they will NEVER let Trump be the nominee. They will parachute in Cruz (Ryan, Bush, etc.). Why do we never learn?
        I’m all for healthy concern and attention, but this abject fear I do not understand. It is self defeating.
        Look, it’s simple really: The enemies of our country, and of our President, will not give up like some assumed. They will fight like the cornered rats that they are. So, if people aren’t willing to fight back for 8 straight years, just quit. It’s simple. Continual bemoaning of the hand dealt is really worse than non-productive, it’s positively harmful. Play the hand, fight joyfully and confidently, and win.

      • 1stgoblyn says:

        They don’t have to wait if they are stupid enough to try now. They have all those RINOs on their side.

    • spren says:

      I don’t know why you say you see fear on this site of potential impeachment. I’ve certainly not seen it. And how many people conflate impeachment with removal from office? Bill Clinton was impeached and served out his term. The requirement of 2/3 of the Senate to convict is a very high threshold to meet to be forced from office.

      • elleb77 says:

        Clinton wasn’t impeached. Only the House voted for impeachment, the Senate didn’t. You need impeachment votes from both houses to be impeached.

        • Stansbury says:

          Actually, Clinton was impeached (charged by the House) and the matter went the Senate for trial (presided over by Chief Justice Rehnquist, United States Supreme Court. The trial was covered by the MSM (and was almost as much of a circus as the OJ Simpson trial; everybody knew he did it, but everybody knew he would never be convicted). Clinton was acquitted.

      • Frankly Ben says:

        There is zero basis to even mention impeachment. The Uniparty is trying to defeat Trump’s agenda through deception and subterfuge.
        They don’t need impeachment. All they need is for Traitor Paul and Traitor Mitch to keep gumming up legislation and try to outlast Trump while giving the appearance of supporting reform (healthcare, taxes and voter fraud).
        The Repugs are quite happy to let the Crazy Maxines take the impeachment lead. All leadership has to do is continue as they are: bottle up all pertinent legislation and act like the’re “fighting for the American people”.
        The only place to stop this charade will be the Republican primaries but even here leadership knows it’s next to impossible to primary out an incumbent.
        We’re in checkmate. The only wildcard is for President Trump to expose this duplicity and campaign hard for reformers in next year’s primaries.

        • Curry Worsham says:

          We are not in checkmate and chess doesn’t have wild cards. Trump is two moves ahead of them. That’s how he got elected.

    • Gnu and Improved says:

      Sherlock, appreciate your sanity check. This kind of constant witch hunting in historically unprecedented (at least in my lifetime). It’s hard to not get sucked into the pool of doubt. Even Apostle Thomas (from which comes the term “doubting Thomas”) had his moments with Jesus. ?

    • Thank you for your concern. Now either jump on board or go away.

  108. Yes, fear, stir in some trolls…. It’s a panic! ????

    President Bill Clinton meddled in Russian affairs in the 1990s and helped Boris Yeltsin get elected to a second term, political analyst Dick Morris told Newsmax TV.…
    “Hillary [Clinton] on Saturday gave a speech warning [Russian President Vladimir] Putin against interfering in the U.S. elections. The FBI has talked about foreign interference and Obama has warned about it,” Morris said. “This goes back to something that happened in 1996.”
    “When I worked for Clinton, Clinton called me and said, ‘I want to get Yeltsin elected as president of Russia against Gennady Zyuganov, who was the communist who was running against him. Putin was Zyuganov’s major backer.…
    “We, Clinton and I, would go through it and Bill would pick up the hotline and talk to Yeltsin and tell him what commercials to run, where to campaign, what positions to take. He basically became Yeltsin’s political consultant.
    “I think that Putin resented that, hated it, thought that it was an inappropriate intervention by Bill Clinton and I think he’s determined to take his revenge out on Hillary Clinton.”
    In other words?
    Forget Donald Trump — either President Donald Trump or Donald Trump Jr. The reason Morris ascribes to Putin’s outrage at Hillary Clinton isn’t about Hillary Clinton at all. It’s about… Bill Clinton. And then-President Bill Clinton’s decision to directly and personally intervene in the Russian presidential election.
    Take a look here in this January, 2010 issue of the UK’s Telegraph. The headline is of one Tatyana Yumasheva — Boris Yeltsin’s daughter. It reads:
    Boris Yeltsin’s daughter attacks Vladimir Putin
    What we have here is a President of the United States — Bill Clinton — who deliberately, willfully and personally intervened in the election of a Russian president. That president — the winner — was Boris Yeltsin. Who was eventually to sour on his acolyte, Vladimir Putin.
    Fast forward to 2016.
    There is the now all-powerful Russian President Vladimir Putin, mentor and ex-President Boris Yeltsin having long passed on to history. And who does now-President Putin see as the potential next-President of the United States? None other than Hillary Clinton — the wife of the American president who humiliated Russia by personally meddling in the Russian presidential election. And Putin’s instinct is all too easy to believe: revenge.
    The essence? Once upon a time Yeltsin, the Russian president, and acolyte Vladimir Putin were allies. But Putin favored the Communist Zyuganov over Yeltsin. And Bill Clinton had gone out of his way to collude with Yeltsin. Where was Donald Trump in all of this? In New York real estate. Ditto young son Don Jr. The hit Trump series The Apprentice was still eight years distant. Not within a country mile of President Clinton’s personal meddling in a Russian presidential election.
    Which is to say?
    There is that caution out there that one should always be careful of what one wishes for. Democrats are demanding an investigation of Trump-Russia ties. Now? Now, with the laughable suggestion that Don Trump Jr.’s actions somehow prove collusion with the Russians? It’s time for the GOP to open wide the doors to investigate the Clinton-Russian collusion. Not just all the shenanigans surrounding the Clinton Foundation or Hillary as Secretary of State or the ties of Clinton aide John Podesta.
    No. It’s time to call in former President Clinton himself. And Dick Morris. And ex-President Obama and Susan Rice and all the rest.
    Again, as the saying goes? Be careful what you wish for.
    Every single move to investigate Donald Trump, Jr. must mean the expansion of the investigation into the Bill Clinton meddling in a now-long ago Russian presidential election. And the consequences for America in 2016 that resulted.
    Or, in the famous words of the Senate Watergate Committee’s late Tennessee Senator Howard Baker?
    It is clear that President Clinton colluded with the Russians to manipulate a Russian presidential election. So? So….
    What did President Clinton know — and when did he know it?

    • spren says:

      All well and good, but Putin above all else is a pragmatist and his desire to enhance his power would blind him to old grudges, especially when the target was only the wife of the person he holds the grudge against.
      Putin favoring Trump to win the election just doesn’t add up. He already had Hillary in the palm of his hand and had many favors he could call in due to the donations to the Clinton Foundation. Trump was/is a nationalist whose policies were to rebuild our military, unleash our energy supplies, remove our entanglement with destructive trade agreements and climate agreements, revitalize our economy, and return our status as to the leader of the free world. All of these things would directly countermand Putin’s ability to exercise power around the world. I can’t see any rational reason why Putin would prefer Trump over Hillary, let alone meddle in our affairs to bring that about.

      • Bull Durham says:

        From my Russian friends in Crimea and Russia and here, the reason Russian people and the Russian government would favor Trump was Clinton meant war. Probably in Syria, and also in Ukraine. Trump was not-Clinton. They expected nothing more.
        Russians don’t care who the President is. They know he can be limited by politics and distractions. And that is exactly what has occurred.
        But, Clinton was hell bent on conflict with Russia, especially once they entered Syria.

        • DelilahFL says:

          Yes. Putin might not be a white hat, but he’s an anti-globalist.

          • Mariainohio says:

            My heritage is 100% Russian. My children are 1st generation American. Based on my personal experience, Russians never forgive and never forget! Trust me. They might pretend to like you but they don’t. Russians are very kind and giving people but if someone stabs them in the back , even if it takes a lifetime, they will make him pay for it

        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          Bull – do you or your friends have a reading on this woman’s politics? I assume that it’s complicated, but what I’m wondering is if she’s (genuinely) pro-Putin or anti-Putin.

      • Jimmy Jack says:

        Everything you said is common sense but we’re dealing with people who have no common sense and even less knowledge about history. It’s very, very frustrating.
        Imo They have bought into this as a reason – Trump is so stupid and incompetent that evil Putin knew he could easily manipulate Trump and hurt America.
        Seriously, that is the cartoonish level of thought we’re dealing with.

  110. millwright says:

    I wonder if a canary won’t out her and her cohorts !

  111. Bull Durham says:

    Trump has unmasked the IC, Obama, the MSM, the entire Russophobe warmongers of DC, Ukraine and NATO.
    It’s sunlight (Son Light) on the dark games of our security services and Intel agencies.

    • Mike says:

      You think this Russian flap is ever going to end, Bull? Seems like it’s been going on for 10 years now.

      • Bull Durham says:

        Prosecutions will take this right up to 2020.
        The entire first term will have this in hearings, grand juries, investigations, and finally, prison sentences.
        It’s a huge crime that has corrupted NSA, FBI, CIA, DNI, and feeds a frenzy for war with Russia.
        Sessions will carry the key cases as they come into the daylight.
        He’s a methodical prosecutor, meticulous and dogged.
        This also blows up our foreign policy in Ukraine bigtime. They meddled.
        It wasn’t the Russians.
        Everything has Ukie fingerprints on it.
        And as this unfolds, Putin may provide hard evidence to the investigation by DOJ.
        He is a lawyer by training and they have central investigations bureau that amasses all the crimes done against them or blamed on them.
        It’s like the radar readouts on the NK missile proving it wasn’t a ICBM. Now the South Koreans say so also.
        But this is far-reaching, has many culprits, and is festooned with lies and deceptions.
        Grand juries will be on this for over a year after it gets “investigated”.
        The biggest scandal in American history, and now clearly seditious and intent on taking down DJT.
        Patience, folks. Lots of smoke and BS thrown to distract from the obvious truth.
        They won’t get Obama. But they will get some big Dems and a lot of IC top level guys and gals. FBI will have a special section at one of the federal prisons.

        • Mike says:

          Sounds good!

        • WSB says:

          Obama seems easy to me.

        • Wend says:

          I like it, thanks. Hope a LOT of ham sandwiches get indicted (old NYC saying, a grand jury will indict a ham sandwich).

        • bigsy says:

          This Zerohedge story yesterday says Russia considering expelling US diplomats and seizing US assets as a countermeasure to OBama administration actions.

          Fits in with a scenario you’ve laid out if it’s true and Putin starts kicking ass and taking names.

        • Jimmy Jack says:

          Thanks for your insight Bull.
          Why is it that you think they won’t get Obama? I have my own suspicions but I’m not sure they’re legitimate.

        • wyntre says:

          I will never forget the infamous Asst SOS for European Affairs Victoria Nuland’s remarks on the Ukraine Crisis. “F**K the EU!”
          “On February 4, 2014, a recording of a phone call between Nuland and U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, on January 28, 2014 was published on YouTube.[14][15]
          The State Department and the White House suggested that an assistant to the deputy prime minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin was the source of the leak, which he denied.[16][17][18]
          In their phone conversation, Nuland and Pyatt discussed who should be in the government after Viktor Yanukovych’s ouster and in what ways they might achieve that transition, with the name of Arseniy Yatsenyuk (whom Nuland refers to as “Yats”) coming up several times. Specifically, the two spoke about which opposition leaders they would like to see in government, what pitches they would give each opposition leader in subsequent calls to achieve this, and strategies on how they would try to manage the ‘personality problems’ and conflicts between the different opposition leaders with ambitions to become president.[15][16] Yatsenyuk became prime minister of Ukraine on February 27, 2014.[19]
          In the recording, Nuland makes an obscene reference to the European Union.[20] After discussing Ukrainian opposition figures Nuland states that she prefers the United Nations as mediator, instead of the European Union, adding “Fuck the EU”, and Pyatt responds, “Oh, exactly ….”[15][21]

        • SEJMON says:

          Bull- my intuition is he bho will be “ousted” different way …but he will be he had eunogh warning…..

        • olderwiser21 says:

          Wow! Thanks for he analysis. Who knew? I learn so much from everyone here at CTH!

    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Amen Bull.
      I sense evil, literal evil, from many of these Deep State people when they speak publicly. It oozes off of Hillary. They will go to any lengths to get Trump which is why I worry so much for him.

    • Sherlock says:

      She actually had a post that said “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” I’m not so sure her page is anti-Trump.

  112. Seems quite a few are picking up on this Story, some “Heavy hitters” on Twatter..

    • Jimmy Jack says:

      It’s funny. Real evidence is routinely ignored but by God if it’s on Facebook it’s the real deal.

  113. In Az says:

    If I remember correctly, Azerbaijan is controlled by a very brutal dictator who has anyone tortured in horrible ways. His children are just like him.
    Of course the Communist Dhimms and traitor Republicans like McCain, are closely associated with the lowest of the low corrupt elites and politicians all over the world.
    DC will never be cleaned up through elections.

  114. Greg says:

    Trump should get every bit of Russian contact information out now no matter how tangential or innocuous to avoid the slow drip. The NYT has had this info for a year so I assume Deep State has had the Trumps under surveillance since then and has videos, calls and emails. Mueller real task should be to expose how the Deep State has become the most powerful branch of government and aided an Obama political investigation of a candidate. Also, Trump still appears to have some traitors in the WH leaking to Maggie etc that he should terminate. The reality of the Deep State is more frightening than a TV show depiction.

    • Bill Wright says:

      That assumes Bob Mueller is honest. He is not. Look at who he has hired. This in no way is going to be a fair investigation.

    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      I think he must have – that reporter at the NYT was – hilariously, I would say – completely devastated. I don’t think he had a .22 short left to fire.

      • wyntre says:

        He’s been reduced to writing inane pop song lyrics.
        I just met you /
        And this is crazy /
        If you’re interested in collusion /
        Call me maybe?

  115. Curry Worsham says:

    I don’t believe the young man with the full head of hair behind her is Emin. He sports a comb over.
    But is the kid to her left, her son? Children also denied visas.

  116. rsanchez1990 says:

    You just don’t honeypot a Trump, it doesn’t happen. Don Jr is more than happy at home to be looking at a female Russian AGENT.

    • Wend says:

      Especially an overweight not overly attractive one.

    • Raven says:

      Years ago my mom trained to do handwriting analysis for the FBI and she was very good at what she did. Freaked me out growing up because she could “see” what I was up to or how I was feeling just by checking my school work.
      Through the years I learned a lot about handwriting analysis — nothing like my mom, but some fairly basic things I watch for in other people.
      Although foreign writing is often harder to read, there are still things people do when they write “just because” — kind of like smiling is universal — so are some moves of the pen.
      Nataliya Veselnitskaya has a long name with only 2 characters that go below the “line.” Look at her signature at the end of the filing in District Court and you see three loops below the line, loops that are extremely large in comparison to the middle section of characters (acemnorsuvwx letter heights). Marks below the line show many things depending on many factors. Excessive size of marks below the line generally tell two things, drive and energy in business and in bed.
      Ms. Honeypot’s signature shows she may have been just that — a corrupt and evil carrot dangled before one of the Trump men.
      I’m with you rsanchez, you just don’t honeypot a Trump.
      As an aside I find it fascinating that our President and First Lady have signatures that are so similar it confounds me. It is amazing. I have never seen two people with such similar signatures, let alone a husband and wife with them. To me it says a lot about who they are as a couple and why they are each others greatest allies. I love those people, yes I do.

      • 1stgoblyn says:

        Handwriting was one of my interests when I was younger. Shame they quit teaching cursive in schools. My grandchildren cannot read my notes to them.

      • rsanchez1990 says:

        Regarding the characters, in Russian cursive (and I have to assume she signed her signature in Russian cursive since the document states she knows no English and needed a translation) her name would have only one character that goes below the line, so those marks below the line are even more excessive than they need to be.

  117. Howie says:

    The NYT reporters is whining because he has been working the story for a year. The matter was a year ago. WTF?

    • WSB says:

      Or has he been working on this since Comey walked it into the NY Slime in late June this year?
      Dunno, maybe the reporter is just that slow…

      • doogiesblog says:

        Or maybe there was a planned/timed release of the article to cause MOST trouble and milk the most out of the narrative. The reporter didn’t have control over release date of his article- the editor/publisher did.
        The article was ready to go BUT publishers sat on it too long and DJTjr’s early release took away the reporter’s “scoop.” Reporter would be just as mad but couldn’t tell that version.

        • lastinillinois says:

          The Dems are desperate, there is nothing illegal here but they have put it forward anyway with the help of their MSM spin.
          No laws broken here, but being presented as treason.
          I smell desperation.
          I think something bug is coming from the Admin and the villains – along with their lapdog media – are trying to get out ahead of it and control the narrative.
          Maybe now since Wray goes up for confirmation today?

        • bigsy says:

          I saw somewhere that the NYT story had a large edit history. The thinking is they were going to run the story either without Goldman’s emails or with selectively edited Goldman emails and just use quotes from Goldman from an interview he gave the NYT.
          When DJT jr. went public with all the emails first it blew that apart because what Goldman wrote in the emails didn’t match what he told the NYT (or what the NYT decided to ‘hear’).
          The NYT won’t be able to say DJT jr. hacked the emails as they most likely would have done if the NYT published edited Goldman emails first.
          The reporter was most likely building a collusion narrative. That’s why his snarky tweets said DJT jr. actually admitted to it himself. That’s a stretch taking the email chain in full context, so if he continued the NYT article with that accusation and it went to print it would get debunked immediately and serve as a reference point for a defamation lawsuit.
          He was probably told the story is over, dead in the water, we’re dropping it, so he pitched a fit on Twitter where it isn’t officially a NYT release.
          I think the ‘working on it a year’ is BS and he was told to say it.
          If the NYT gets a report today from Trump’s side with solid evidence of the Clinton campaign meeting with Russians they would be almost forced to run it or risk a defamation lawsuit (IMHO) by DJT jr. They may have put the ‘working on it a year’ qualifier out there so they can say they have to research the Clinton collusion story like the did the DJT jr. one before they run with it.
          Comey is definitelyplastered on the radar because of his NYT building visit recently and the set up by the Russian girl as a pretext to unmask Trump campaign staff safter a FISA request folds nicely into Comey walking it into the NYT.
          That’s just my take.

  118. robertnotsowise says:

    Archive of her Facebook from anon

  119. Joan calhoun says:

    godalmighty ma, I long for the old days. Get Trump the heck out of DC and drop a MOAB on the place.

      • Remington says:

        I remember hearing that LSD clown Timothy Leary, of all people, saying that DC was completely corrupt; and the best thing that could be done was get rid of it and establish five other cities as “working capitols”….Laughed at the time, but not so much any more.

    • MTeresa says:

      I understand your sentiment, but many have family in DC – military folks and can’t imagine them being hurt. As much as it looks as though the corruption is everywhere, it is not. Of all of the political systems in the world, guess what? Ours is the best by far – no contest. We have corruption just like any other country as SD said, we need to find the white hats.

  120. Thurstan says:

    I favor the setup scenario. Natalia etal detail in email record the basis for Russia info dump. They have meeting to complete the setup. That was all they needed to accomplish. Once present at meeting they have no major substance and no follow up. Actual meeting was only a ruse since the reason for FISA baloney had already been successfully put in place.

    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      I think they may have been fishing, too. Hoping a family member would reveal something useful, like what Trump had on Hillary, even if indirectly. It sounds like they did some arrangements in the open, but then on the side – off paper – they tried to sell to Don Jr. the opportunity to “get information”. They may have hoped that repeated questioning, against protestations of “no information”, would reveal what the Trump Team was interested in, and thus what they might have known already.

    • distracted2 says:

      Exactly. Because Trump is clean. All they had was an Access Hollywood tape that didn’t have the effect that they thought it would.
      This was a plan concocted, just like the dossier, in an attempt to take Trump out.

    • jmclever says:

      I guess that since CNN messed with a redditor, 4chan is going after anyone connected to CNN. DELICIOUS!

    • tvollrath66 says:

      Yep Comey did this. I bet this has to do with the fisa. Remember Nunes saying that people were being unmasked on the campaign. Also he was shocked at what was in the unmasking. Washington is so nasty… Both sides = uniparty = Obamacare = trillions of dollars at stake. They used to think we were stupid now they just don’t care. I’m not tired of winning yet. I seen turtle yesterday. Reporters were asking about Jr. He let go of a couple grins. They know this is a sham.

  121. ray76 says:

    a tidbit
    Michael McFaul, the U.S. ambassador in Moscow from 2012-2014, was accused by Russian state television of seeking to orchestrate the overthrow of President Vladimir Putin after hosting opposition activists and Kremlin critics at the embassy in his second day on the job.

  122. franker01 says:

    Beyond Excellent Investigative Stuff going on here.
    Felt the same way about Jessica Chambers.
    That came crashing down with a thud.
    Hope this does not.

  123. Gadsden says:

    This theory is not unreasonable. Remember the Gen Petraeus scandal? The chick that blew the whole thing open – a “socialite” – had met with John Kerry and visited the White House within the previous year.

  124. jmclever says:

    Here’s the connection for all this “muh Russia” nonsense: It was all a big set up, but like Haman’s gallows, it will be the instrument of their own demise.

  125. maggiemoowho says:

    I can’t believe(well I guess I can) that the MSM is acting like Rob Goldstone is some Russian bad guy. This is nuts, there isn’t an actor or news hack out there who doesn’t know who this guy or his business partner David Wilson is. Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Anderson Cooper, Geraldo, Robert Di Nero, Michael Jackson, Kathy Griffin, Quentin Terantino, Donny Deutsch, Clive Davis, David Foster, Betty White, Hoda, Joy Behar, Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, Judy Collins, Lady GaGa, and almost anyone else you can think of. Funny thing is, Emin has a new record coming out this summer. Wow talk about good timing, I never heard of Emin until yesterday.

  126. LoveTheSmellOfCOVFEFE says:

    This Reddit post puts the pieces together + pictures of the villains together:
    SUMMARY: The DNC in May of 2016 BEFORE THERE WAS ANY HACKING planned to use Emin to connect President Trump to Putin since he was in a music video of his. Kerry met with Emin’s father in law in May of 2016, one month before the meeting was requested with DT jr. in June. The Russian lawyer who attended the meeting was spotted with Emin 8 days later in Congress (who let them in?) AND is connected to the Fusion GPS fake piss dossier.

    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      This is amazing. AMAZING. It’s a wikileaked DNC email showing collusion between the DNC and Hillary on MUHRussia BEFORE the convention. LOL! They copy Hillary and the DNC as they snarf up the video.
      Yes – this is mid-May. Seth Rich is presumably aware of this downloading and storage of videos, and he sees that Hillary is basically running the show.
      OMG – what if Seth Rich tried to inform the FBI about the MUHRussia conspiracy?

  127. Troublemaker10 says:

    Kushner and Manafort did previously reported this meeting.
    Forget Don Jr.’s email — it’s Hillary Clinton who ‘colluded’ with Russia
    In the Times’ first story published Saturday, reporting a meeting among Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, and a Russian lawyer, the meeting is curiously described as “previously unreported,” despite the fact that both Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort disclosed the meeting before the Times’ reporting.
    The Times’ own reporting admits this several paragraphs down and then adds, “Because Donald Trump Jr. does not serve in the administration and does not have a security clearance, he was not required to disclose his foreign contacts.” In short, this meeting, which was portrayed as nefarious across several anti-Trump media outlets, was disclosed and openly reported by its attendees – Kushner and Manafort.

    • nimrodman says:

      Nice catch

    • Howie says:

      Did Kushner and Manafort disclose it? Why would they if she was not a Russian official? Trump haz got to put a stopper to this scheme. Declass it all and pardon all his friends and associates. Grounds…BAD Faith. It is in the public interest to bust this wide open,,,NOW!

    • Timmy-the-Ute says:

      Don Jr. was not part of the official campaign. The closest he cam was that he was a delegate at the convention. He was under no obligation to disclose anything. Until he was under investigation. Kushner and Manafort were part of the campaign and why they were at the meeting, and why the honey pot contacted Don Jr originally rather than say Manafort. It was a set up.

      • Howie says:

        A sting to get FISA, That there is a crime. Too bad it will not be pursued by the legal authority. They would have to indict themselves.

  128. RC says:

    An astute acquaintance has noticed that Donald Jr.’s willingness to meet with Natalia Veselnitskaya in the summer of 2016 strongly suggests, if not proves, that Donald Sr. had no prior / ongoing relationship with Vladimir Putin.
    If Donald Sr. was really that close to Vladimir over the previous 1 — 2 — 5 years, anything Natalia had to offer about Hilary’s Russian activities would have been duplicative / second hand at best.

  129. keebler AC ovfefe says:
    While Trump’s ACA is fighting a battle against uniparty, this is a timely warning against single-payer systems – doctors get indoctrinated and start to behave like hostages who start to empathesize with their bureaucrat captors to survive. Patient care suffers as a result.

    • DebbieUK says:

      I worked in the NHS with many doctors and believe me they don’t know everything. They are under pressure to empty their beds and especially the elderly get booted out of hospital when they are still unwell. Charlie Gard is a symptom of that. For the rest of us there was the scandal of the Liverpool Care Pathway.

    • elleb77 says:

      I believe the UK will reverse the decision on Charlie Gard. The pressure is great and growing. Bad optics.

      • bofh says:

        Difficult for them to reverse – they would either have to admit that the whole death-panel concept was wrong over-all, or else that there was an error in this specific death-panel judgement (which destroys the necessary faith in the infallibility of their bureaucratic process). Either way it should stir up big unrest in a populace that was paying attention. This is as much a test of the Brit people as it is of the Brit government, and I’m not optimistic.

  130. Aqua says:

    Thank you all for putting out the real story. Hannity did a good job with his interview of Donald Jr. tonight, and Donald Jr is as strong as his father. This is nothing g but a political hit job by the Dems and far worse, by the media.
    Now I want to see all this part of the story get revealed to the rest of America. Or will the fake news just dodge the truth once again?

  131. Realist says:

    Ohomo and his lying corrupt undemocratic DemoncRATS and disgusting evil RINO’s like McCain have their grubby fingerprints all over this.

  132. Adjudicator says:

    Every time one of these fake news Russian “gotcha” stories pops up, it always turns on the Dems and the Obama Administration. This June 2016 meeting with Trump Jr. was an obvious set up and has DNC/Obama fingerprints all over it. As President Trump recently tweeted, the real crimes that took place were (1) spying on Trump campaign officials/family members; (2) unmasking; and (3) leaking. There should be a DOJ investigation into all of this because it probably goes right up to Obama (“What did the president know, and when did he know it?”). People like Rice, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and several others, potentially including Obama, should be investigated.

    • nimrodman says:

      “… probably goes right up to Obama ”
      Even higher – up to ValJar

      • bofh says:

        Hush! Now you’ve gone and done it! You’ve mentioned she who’s name must not be spoken, and we’re all dead meat.

  133. mari says:

    I think it’s time for President Trump to take off the gloves and bring the Democrats who have broken the law to justice. If they think they can impeach the President on trumped up charges inflated by the Marxist MSM, then it’s time for the law breakers in the Democratic Party to face the American people and see justice served. The President owes this to the American people. We’ve been lied to, used, and deceived by the corrupt Mainstream Media/ Democrat Party. Initiate an independent counsel to look into Comey’s leaks, move on to Lynch with Bill Clinton, Hillary, and Obama. They all need to be brought to justice. No more Mr. Nice guy Mr. President, because these people are not nice people.

    • Howie says:

      I don’t see how he can function with his own FBI,CIA,and DOJ, all going to undermine him, in addition to both parties D and R. Drastic action is called for. All this travel can wait until he deals with it.

    • georgiafl says:

      “are not nice people.”
      That is the understatement of the century.
      Ruthless is not even sufficient.
      They dissect tiny infants for parts.
      They buy and sell little children to predators for prurient purposes.
      They betray and sell our country’s secrets, resources and interests for their own gain.
      Without Conscience. Completely Inhumane. Totally Evil. Monsters.

      • albrevin says:

        ‘dissect tiny infants for parts’….. that right there is the one reason, throw out all others, that I do NOT listen to, respect, believe, trust, etc anything they have to say. These are demonic, evil people. They are not ‘patriotic’, they do not ‘care about the poor’, they are black-hearted low-lifes akin to the worst of the worst Stalinites.

  134. Nunya Bidness says:

    Whoo boy! This is some spicy meatball! Much too byzantine for my feeble intellect. They are all going full tilt after the Donald after his yuge win overseas. Collusion is now a crime in the media, equated with treason. Dan Abrams just declared that the meeting is a violation of campaign finance law and that Mueller will be investigating. See how it works?

    • Howie says:

      I predicted this many moons ago. They will go after all family, friends, and associates. Sessions weak recusal haz left him vulnerable. It led direct to Muelley. No matter how you slice and dice it.

    • Crystal says:

      How can this be a violation of campaign finance law when no money changed hands? Yet we just read on this page or the first one how Hildebeast was allegedly accepting campaign donations from foreign powers and how Mook told her to accept the Russian one also.

      • Nunya Bidness says:

        A matter becomes a violation of campaign finance law when Dan Abrams says so. You clearly did not attend the same law school as Mr Abrams who is keenly attuned to the ever-shifting nuances and penumbras of the living law. Plus he looked right into the camera when he said it, and he has a nice tan.

  135. Jeff says:
    ” Accuse the other side of THAT which YOU are guilty ” ~ Joseph Goebbels , NAZI propaganda minister

    • Howie says:

      This is going to lead muelleys henchmen to go after Kushner and Manifort. They omitted this meeting in their filling in of forms. The worst crime in Washington is filling out a form wrong. That is how they got Sessions.

      • mikgen says:

        No both Manafort and Kushner have noted this meeting on their disclosure forms, although Kushner only did so on his updated form.

        • Howie says:

          Recantation of an error is a valid defense if made in good faith. Sessions should have recanted and not recused. He did not make the errors on his form in bad faith.

          • bofh says:

            I thought that the penumbra from the Good’nPlenty clause made “recantation” a defense only for Democrats. Sort of like “Going into Rehab”.. I don’t think it’s available for R’s, and definitely off the table for Don Jr because of the Trump Exclusion Clause discovered during the reign of the previous administration.

          • Sherlock says:

            I think we need a new acronym: SDS= Sessions Derangement Syndrome.

    • georgiafl says:

      That is their whole game in a nutshell.

    • georgiafl says:

      ^^^^THIS ALWAYS!!!!^^^^

  136. MfM says:

    Sloppy attempt to set Trump’s people up. I bet anything that she had recording devices on her. There just wasn’t anything to get.

  137. Howie says:

    The President has got to attack. Supporters worked their butts off to get the Swamp Drained and are growing restless. One of the MAIN issues he got votes on was the corruption in Washington.

  138. wodiej says:

    It’s interesting that this is one time when it is good that people don’t pay attention to the news. Most don’t know or care about the Dem’s hissy fit about a make believe Russia story. They are worried about getting a paycheck on Friday, going to the grocery store, getting to Dr. appointments, helping the kids with their homework etc. Any response from Trump just feeds the fire. He is doing well to just let them burn themselves.

  139. Howie says:

    Assange: I urged Trump Jr to release emails on Russian lawyer before NYT story

  140. Comrade Mope says:

    Interestingly, the media is starting to do timelines. On May 19, 2016, Paul Manafort took Corey Lenandowski’s job. Three weeks later this Russian lawyer gets a meeting with DJT, jr. That’s just days before this whole Russia thing blows up.
    If the Russia collusion narrative was used to support the FISA warrant, then Manafort’s connection to the Ukrainian government would explain the Russian set-up. And Manafort’s early departure.
    Also, this Don jr. angle must have been known by both sides as Team Trump has been on top of this as soon as it was published. Obviously, Team Trump saw it coming. Conversely, the Deep State had this information since June 2016, why now? This is the last gasp of a dying narrative.
    The media didn’t show this much concern when candidate Obama was colluding with the communist FARC rebels 18 days after announcing his candidacy.

    • Howie says:

      Russia is a Bad Faith Scheme by the whole Deep State, CIA, FBI, DOJ, MSM. As such it should be called out and busted wide open by the President. It is tainted through and through and a criminal conspiracy to remove our President. Senators Juan McCong and Linda are main players too. Goat Roper and Pence are looking at 2020. The stinking swamp is vast and deep. Washington is at total 100% corruption level. It is not going to stop unless the president stops it. This is not business as usual.

      • benifranlkin says:

        Now what exactly Howie do you propose the President should do to stop the Russia flack? I personally believe the President should accept Jeff Sessions’ resignation and appoint an already vetted interim head of the DOJ. All of this nonsense going on goes right back to Sessions recusal and weakness in the line of fire. Say what u will of Eric Holder but nothing like this would ever have happened to Obama because of his AG in charge.

        • benifranlkin says:

          And the Pres should fire Rosie, too…and not because Rosie won’t fire Mueller because he hired him for the witch hunt.

  141. Papoose says:

    Here’s my theory… several weeks ago Comey’s friend and cohort tweeted “tick, tick, tick” and alluded to a bombshell that was going hit that weekend. Nothing was reported. Then Comey shows up at the NYT building for an event that wasn’t identified and there didn’t seem to be any other comings and goings of VIPs at that time…. Did Comey with his wife as a decoy deliver hard copies of the DT Jr.’s emails? Were they carried in his wife’s huge handbag. Did the NYT hold off dropping their article once all their tracks were covered? Did Comey deliver them himself to ensure that there was no trail as to how the NYT got the emails?
    Who set up the Trump campaign? Is Comey involved with the expose?

    • Howie says:

      He has to be. He is the lynchpin. Muelley is working with him in the cover up. Rosey has to be dirty because he appointed a main line swamper.

      • thetrain2016 says:

        Too much confusion. The key issues are, Mueller was appointed to investigate the Russian involvement in the 2016 elections, not to investigate President Trump. His scope of work extended to investigate any wrongdoing and criminal activity that surfaces during the base investigation. That means, after clearing the Trump campaign based on lack of evidence, the investigation going to turn against the Democrat conspirators who initiated the whole circus. That will include Obama, the Clintons, Podesta, Comey, Lynch and the whole cartel. To think differently is the admission of distrust toward President Trump and his judgement.

  142. Nunya Bidness says:

    Have you noticed that when Natalia the “Kremlin Lawyer” is interviewed on TV that she speaks only Russian? But she clearly is fluent in English to judge from some of the stuff posted on her FACEBOOK page.What gives with this deception?

  143. The Boss says:

    I look forward to seeing the role Cryin’ Chuck Schumer played in this illegal action. Even if he only knew, and said nothing, he may be looking at a criminal conspiracy charge.
    Then Schumer will see how criminals can be prosecuted ‘six ways to Sunday’.