Senate Nomination Hearing for FBI Director Christopher Wray Scheduled for Wednesday 9:30am

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold the nomination hearing for the position of FBI Director on Wednesday July 12th at 9:30am EDT.   President Trump has nominated Christopher Wray to become the head of the FBI replacing fired director James Comey.

Chairman Chuck Grassley announces:

The Senate Committee on the Judiciary hearing entitled: “Nominations” scheduled for Wednesday, July 12, 2017 will now begin at 9:30 a.m., in Room 226 of the Dirksen Senate Office Building. (link)

Christopher Wray’s confirmation hearing may dive into his legal background but will almost certainly focus on the political nonsense infecting DC. Democrats will be seeking assurances of his independence from President Donald Trump. Lawyers and FBI agents who have worked with Mr. Wray don’t expect that to be a problem, describing him as calm, methodical and even-handed.

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81 Responses to Senate Nomination Hearing for FBI Director Christopher Wray Scheduled for Wednesday 9:30am

  1. snaggletooths says:

    Wray is a good nomination am so disgusted with all of congress.

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  2. Stringy theory says:

    Hope he’said a white hat.

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    • Alexsandra says:

      Hope so too. I like that in his photo he could almost compete with the suspicious cat pic Sundance put at the end of the Hawaii Soldier/ISIS post.


  3. BobBoxBody says:

    Just more reasons why people will abandon the Democrats in 2018, irregardless of how stubborn the GOPe will be with Trump’s America First policies. No matter how bad the Rs are, the Democrats are straight up radioactive. Also:

    Ryan won’t go to a a town hall. That right there should tell you about the state of the GOPe, and the fact that people are on to their scam. The villagers are right outside the gates, and they’re wielding torches and pitchforks.

    And they’re P1$$ED.

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    • The Deplorable Tina says:

      ❤ Styx!!!


    • Wink says:

      Frankly, town hall meetings usually get high jacked by paid liberal protesters, who pretend to be from the local areas. Foolish congress members then fall for the ruse.

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      • Oldschool says:

        Exactly wink. I would never defend one of these rinos, but holding townhalls now are only giving the lefty professional thugs a platform with msm licking their chops waiting to air each repub that gets beat up. These are NOT grass root tea partiers who attended town halls with policy objections and manners. After what happened to Scalise, I do not blame any R for not holding a townhall, unless they are secured and attendees provide proof of residency.

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        • Michael says:

          I do not like lyin ryan one little bit but I am POd that the leftists have pretty much destroyed the idea of a Town Hall meeting. Congressman here only does online TH.

          I would absolutely support limiting Town Halls to proven residents of said elected official’s district. Make that residents who actually voted. If you don’t vote don’t bitch.

          One may have the right to free speech but that doesn’t require anyone to listen.

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          • Doug says:

            absolutey should be those who live in said district.. it also should be done on a lottery basis with online questions…i dont like ryan but hes right here… stye who i usually agree with mised the boat on his point here.. yes people dont like ryan and are fed up but the townhall format is overrun by loonies

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      • Pam says:

        Exactly. They are paid Soros bots. My congressman skipped a town hall that was scheduled here a few months ago for that same reason.

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      • Daniel Camac says:

        Is that not the reason we have laws and officers of enforcement? Speaking when you are asked is lawful, disrupting a public forum is not. Why is this so incomprehensible? Arrest the law breakers, it’s that simple. And then fine them, they won’t be back.

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    • iswhatitis says:

      Well I hope they are “pissed” enough THIS TIME to vote differently than last time.

      I have (and will donate again) to Paul Nehlan’s campaign to take that spot (as an ‘out of state’ donor).

      But it’s really “up to the locals” to get the job done – and last time – they didn’t.

      I do hope this time is different. We shall see..

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      • tellthetruth2016 says:

        I really wish TRUMP would come out in support of NEHLEN because he is a not only a business man but a big TRUMP supporter……. District 1 has pretended NOT to see how Lyin Ryan has lied to them for years , so, I do not have high hopes they will get rid of this PoS…….NEHLEN tried really hard to inform District 1 in 2016, But they chose to stand by their darling…. It’s a shame because Everything NEHLEN warned them about was shown to be true……


        • Alexsandra says:

          Some battles are not wise to fight when there are bigger wars.

          We’re here to support and send $. Why should POTUS intervene and cause chaos — that would not be wise at all. And he prayed for wisdom!


    • adoubledot says:

      I hope alot of those villagers live in Janesville.

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    • frjas says:

      I really like Styxhexenhammer666…follow him daily! Incredibly intelligent and insightful for his age. That’s about all….peace out.

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      • Daniel Camac says:

        My 32 year old son has the same line of thinking as Styxh…66. He told me as a philosophy major he was taught to look at all angles. He has chosen the correct path and he’s a bigger Trump supporter than I, morally not financially. Gomer Pyle is smilin’ , Surprise, surprise!


  4. youme says:

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    • youme says:

      WH Legislative Affairs Dir Marc Short, off camera, blames Senate Dems for the “slowest confirmation process in American history.”

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      • youme says:

        Let Obamacare implode & let Democrats explain it to public

        Lets get Trump’s judge picks in for the vote / DNC stonewalling

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        • Budman says:

          Totally agree “youme”. Let the whole HC system implode and blame it on Zero. He has his name on it. If the public like it so much, let em have it! Also, the repubs will have to answer to getting NOTHING done. So dont think you are going to skate by unnoticed, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Jeff Flake, Sassehole and Mclame et al.

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      • Ogre says:

        Actually, I put the blame squarely on those running the show – the GOP.

        At any point in the game, Mitch and Co. can declare that time for a particular nominee is no longer being spent on relevant topics, and thus has become merely showboating, grand standing, an stalling. He could then move to close the hearing and send the nominee to the floor for an up and down vote. He hasn’t done so on any nominee yet.

        Likewise, he could very easily schedule the nominee hearings as taking precedence over any other hearings…and it isn’t like they have a full calendar of bills to consider (they don’t). Yet, he doesn’t, and hasn’t done so for any nominee PTrump has picked for consideration.

        Mitch McConnell and his supporters are as much part of the stall as are the Democrats.

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      • Oldschool says:

        Well, if these unqualified congress critters knew how to actually write something, how about some new rules for approving appointees?

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    • Chuck Finley says:

      There’s also no historical precedence for the governing majority doing nothing about it but whining about “historical precedence.”

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  5. fleporeblog says:

    WOW this is huge! It is amazing that this man was nominated about a month ago but you hardly hear a word about him. Even the day our President tweeted that he selected Mr. Wray to head the FBI, the next day was the Comey testimony so it went unchallenged in the MSM or among the Democrats. Now out of left field we get this wonderful news. In the time since our President’s tweet, Comey has completely destroyed all his credibility and had our Lion sent this tweet out today:

    This will be the beginning of the end for the Clintons and many more of the RATS in D.C. HRC will no longer be called a pathological liar because her comment will ring true for the world to see.

    If that fu..king bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!

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  6. rashamon says:

    Egad!! It’s about time! And both parties fear exposure for all their misdeeds.

    Now he needs to start draining that SWAMP, which has turned into its own fiefdom outside the law. But then again, since the beginning of our Great Society, what Alphabet Agency hasn’t accumulated power that has destroyed the original Founders’ idea of “checks and balances”? Besides the 500+ employees removed from the VA, I’m waiting for about 50,000+ from a few other agencies.

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    • litlbit2 says:

      50,000+ a marvelous idea as this administration works through the corrupt. Imho, we will need to be patient till November 2018. By removing the stench in both houses or getting enough American Republicans in office to finally take a legal broom to all the corruption puppets. The final cleaning of the swamp will begin.

      McConnell, Ryan, McCain, Graham, Clinton, Obama, Podesta….
      Billy more than likely will not make the meeting here! Karma com’n.


  7. Thurstan says:


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  8. Maquis says:

    Dude surely looks the part, I hope I’m reading him right, much to learn still, but I do know I support him 100%, he’s PDJT’s man and that is enough for me.

    Still, gotta get in the weeds so we can fight for him and our Amazing Servant President. Thank Heaven for CTH, this is the place for such learning, and fighting!

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    • thluckyone says:

      Wow, Maquis, you set me off with “Amazing Servant President”.

      A.S.P. VERY dangerous type of snakes – especially in Egypt (friend and guardian of President Al-Sisi?)

      A.S.P. – a Microsoft technology popular in the late ’90’s and early ’00’s (a method of presenting information reliably on the web) – .NET version still used by many.

      (I’m borrowing all of this from DuckDuckGo)

      A.S.P. – an “active service provider” (software as a service) AGAIN a method of managing information through communications channels (in this case, the web).

      Our communicator. Our patient, deadly “DO NOT TREAD ON ME” bringer of justice. Our Amazing Servant Prophet/President.

      Whew! You caught me by surprise but THANK YOU!


      • Maquis says:

        No ploblemo! We are blessed though, truly, to have found CTH and have this incredible, and I do mean incredible as in previously completely unthinkable having so long despaired over the abuses and destructions of Obama, this incredible view of our Country on the World Stage and the nascent renaissance of American Moral Authority and Righteous Leadership that President Trump is methodically establishing while America’s Enemies, spearheaded by the Dark Legacy Media, are still choking on their own bile and recklessly launching assault after assault on The Sons of Liberty despite their vile volleys mostly landing on tbeir own heads.

        The perspective that Sundance freely offers us is simply astounding. Our Treehouse is full of intelligent people who are, despite our Cold Anger, at peace. Walking with an understanding that affords us the ability to recognize that we are watching, nay, participating in, a Restoration, a moment of American Revival wrought by Providence through a remarkable man who will be regarded by History as one of our most consequential, successful and important Presidents.

        We are not tempest tossed as are those that only see what the Enemies of America spew and vomit in their unbridled obsession of destroying our President.

        Those enemies are failing, only feeding the Loonies the lies they live to hear and fervently swallow without discernment nor comprehension of the foolishness of their senseless hate and relentless opposition. The Enemy Media will fail, but they are doing much damage, wilfully, to the minds of those that feed on the muck, further poisoning their sick souls.

        They are also confusing and wearing down those inclined to support our President but who cannot find a sane source of reporting. Positivity and Truthfulness is an elusive quarry, difficult to find in the best of times.

        That is why I send people to The Treehouse. To learn the reality, understand the players, trust in MAGA, openly support our President, and fight with confidence and an arsenal of Truth.

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  9. Thurstan says:

    Needs to investigate graft in a House and Senate. Trumps agenda will pass in no time.

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    • Thurstan says:

      Graft is a nice old fashioned term that fits well. Politicians taking payoffs in terms of campaign donations and undisclosed promises of high incomes from crooks who back them once out of office is no different than graft. Bribery is more, IMO, like taking money for a single action. Graft implies reciprocity. IMO politicians have reciprocity when they get plum jobs after leaving office. Graft implies complicity as well.

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  10. Mashall says:

    If enough people convince President Trump that he would not win re-election he would absolutely allow prosecutions to proceed.
    He’s walking on sunshine with a big grin in almost every photo op.
    He loves being POTUS. Thank goodness we have him.
    Restore American faith in the Justice System and convene the Grand Jury.

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  12. The democratic party has been disbanded, it is now called the Hypocrite Party.

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  13. psadie says:

    I am so damned “disgusted” with Congress…do the freakin’ job you were elected to do! Time to throw each and everyone of them out through 2018. Average Trump supporters may have to step forward and take a run at these fools. MAGA.

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    • kerneath says:

      I agree. People who voted for our president should run. We have abdicated our role in the political process, have refused to get involved, and would rather complain. I don’t want to sound harsh, but complaining without attempting to work for different results through campaigning and finding people to run for office is not a good thing. Now is the time for people to network and reconnect and find good candidates for the primaries. Candidates are declaring now for some races.

      Virginians, I know the Republican running for governor is a disappointment. The big picture is Virginia does not (?) have an election for governor until after 2020. Democrats are going to do more of the same and legalize more felons to vote in the presidential election if a Democrat wins that race, so please think about the big picture.


      • Daniel Camac says:

        Kerneath, we did not abdicate. We voted for President Donald Trump and beat the beast.
        But I do agree that we need to step up. I retired at 55, five years ago and have just signed on to making the RNC understand that they would not be where they are without President Trump.

        Saying that, I understand the pressures of working, raising a family and being politically involved. I never was until last year when I saw realized our country was being destroyed.

        I lost my first wife, mother of our four sons, at 36. Lost my 2nd wife 10 years later due to mental illness, she hung herself. Then my second oldest son Jarek, after serving 3 tours as a gunner for the 10th Mountain Division of Fort Drum in Afghanisistan, OD’ed on H when the VA cut off his opiod scripts.

        So I”m fighting for all of them and the rest of the “deplorables”. We beat the British from an ocean away, surely we can defeat creatures hiding in the swamps.

        If you read all this…..thanks for listening. “God Bless and Good night”- Red Skelton

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        • Rough sad times! God bless you! Most every family go through tragedies and we can only learn and move forward! Our lives on this earth is short lived!


        • Rainy says:

          Life is heartbreaking and wicked hard at times. Thank God we are just passing through…..and until we get to go home…….


        • margarite1 says:

          So sorry to hear this about your life’s tragedies…but you are obviously strong and have a mission….like all of us here at CTH….a mission that we share with President Trump. I can’t think of much that’s more important to do than fight for those who come after us …just like those who came before us fought to leave us the tremendous gift of the United States of America.


        • Maquis says:

          Daniel, God Bless You and Yours. I hope you are at peace, knowing all your losses will be made up to you, your lost ones restored. I’ve had many a complaint in this life, but your story is truly humbling. You are clearly a good man to have persevered and blessed those souls in your charge. I salute you.

          I am furious with the VA and their war on our veterans, claiming concern for addiction, when they can offer no effective alternative. Any soul in such pain is at great risk when political concerns trump compassion and duty.

          We are honored to have you standing with us, in the battle to MAGA, in doing right by our progeny.


  14. BillRiser says:

    It seems like everyone in Washington is in a delay mode for President Trumps Nominations and Policies. Was not Washington just on recess and why did not President Trump place his back log of nominations while they are on recess? Who’s job is to put pressure on the Senate in the Administration getting these Nominations through? Trump needs to tweet this everyday.

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    • kerneath says:

      We could call our senators about the nominations, too.


    • Alexsandra says:

      The only good thin about this is that the Trump Effect is making us — and America at large — well aware of things we either did not clearly see or did not notice at all before.

      Part of draining any swamp is clearly identifying all the critters. And, boy, are we seeing them, dirty muddy things that they are.


      • Maquis says:

        True that.

        No matter one’s former level of political awareness, PDJT and MAGA are nevertheless lifting the scales from our eyes. Thank God for Sundance and CTH.


    • Maquis says:

      If Trump placed them on recess, a recess appointment, then their term is limited to the end of the next session of the Senate, now roughly interpreted as the end of the following calendar year, unless they are confirmed during that time. Case in point, John Bolton, recess appointed by BushII, who was never and confirmed and had a brief tenure as our UN ambassador.

      I am certain that PDJT intends his chosen leaders to endure to the end, not begin as Lame Ducks whose only chance at confirmation lacks the political pressure of a vacancy and also carries the burden of having actually performed well in the position, which a disqualifier to the Left whose voices and lies against the official will only escalate if they accept a temporary appointment and develop a successful track record.

      I also believe that PDJT understands that making a temporary appointment conveys, in the minds of too many, a sense of illegitimacy, that would be super-hyped by today’s Left. It would undermine the effectiveness of the official, his every action a risk and liability on so many levels, reducing his effectiveness at MAGA.

      We need to fight, now, for these appointments. No American should be unaware of what McConnell and his Leftist buddies are doing to our Country’s well being.


  15. MaineCoon says:

    Here’s is an interesting article of Wray.

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, but, as a Georgian
      I’m not too fond of his former law firm employer.


      • MaineCoon says:

        As a Georgian I’m not too fonr of his former employer Although I thought he was still there until confirmed). I am giving him the benefit of the doubt with some reservation. We’ll see.


    • Maquis says:

      Thanks, great insight. I have high hopes, but, as always, all too prepared to be disappointed. We most assuredly will never again trust without verifying.


  16. bulwarker says:

    “Lawyers and FBI agents who have worked with Mr. Wray don’t expect that to be a problem, describing him as calm, methodical and even-handed.”

    Meh, they said the same of Comey and Mueller, actions speak louder than words…


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