President Trump Arrives Home – Helps Marine With Hat During Windy Reception…

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrive home to a windy Joint Base Andrews.   One of the Marine-One guard’s covers blows off and POTUS Trump assists. Modern Day Presidential.

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295 Responses to President Trump Arrives Home – Helps Marine With Hat During Windy Reception…

  1. Sylvia Avery says:

    I can’t believe it! My local CBS news affiliate actually showed the video clip of PDJT picking up the Marine’s “cover” and putting it on his head. It is just simply charming and endearing. They are always so eager to portray him in a horrible light and this little vignette makes him look funny, human, loveable. So glad they showed it!

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  2. RAC says:

    Marine better save the video, when he tells his grandkids the President chased his cap for him they’ll think he’s pulling their legs.

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    • shallbe4 says:

      Our President does so many good things for people if only the Fake Media could make themselves cover the truth for a change.

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      This Marine will have a fond story to tell while another one will have the story of being told to hold an umbrella so the former prez didn’t get his hair and clothes mussed up by some light drizzle.

      President Trump has tough Scottish roots, he can take the weather. There’s video of him stepping off his property at Turnberry before he started the renovation. He’s wearing a Carhart coat and a bitter wind, maybe mixed with precipitation is whipping things up. He was undaunted even though it looked pretty darned cold.

      During the campaign he stepped off Trump Force One at a hangar rally and someone was trying to give him an umbrella because of light rain. He took it but quickly tossed it aside. He can take the rain. And the wind. And the heat. MAGA takes a tough guy and we got us one!

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  3. Realist says:

    America’s pathetic :LEFTARD biased Media will most probably be blaming Trumps cancellation of the Green NAZI Global Warming (Climate change) Treaty SCAM for causing the wind to be so strong.

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  4. Atticus says:

    Obama would have spit on that Marines cover.

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    • mightyconservative says:

      IF he did anything, it would have been to point to an aide to pick it up. Even that might have been beneath him.


    • Bailey02 says:

      Atticus: Remember during the 2013 Obama made saluting news and before, when he forgot to salute a marine guarding his chopper before he bounded up the stairs to board it. Instead of sticking his head out the door and saluting, Obama returned all the way to ground level and shook the young man’s hand instead.
      To teach Obama about manner, it recalls what Mark Twain once said: “It just like trying to teach the pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoying the pig too.”


  5. bitterlyclinging says:

    Contrast Trump’s efforts with the Marine with Baracky Obammunist’s, the Marine holding the umbrella so The One wouldn’t get a drop of water on his head or Baracky Obammunist’s 2 fingered salute with the hand holding the Starbucks’ latte as Obama disembarked from Marine One.
    Its good to have a President who cares about America.

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  6. As a 30 year Trump watcher this comes as no surprise at all. He’s a warm genuine gentleman with a big, generous heart. Like any genuinely generous person he does his kindnesses in private- never once bragging about them. The stories are legion- like the time a good Samaritan who helped DT when his limo was broken down. The guy opened his mail one day to discover his house had been paid off. There are all kinds of these stories out there- and for decades. God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless The USA!!! MAGA, Baby.

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  7. daughnworks247 says:

    My daddy was a Marine and as long as there is blood left in my body, I am the daughter of a Marine. The incident made me tear up.
    Can’t IMAGINE what was going through that young man’s eyes as the President retrieved his cover and placed it on his head. SOOOOOO, proud of that Marine for not breaking attention stance.
    And then there’s President Trump.
    Exhausting trip, at least 30 world leaders, discussing, perhaps, a nuclear war with North Korea, the economy of the world, MONUMENTAL energy deals, at least 8 bilateral trade negotiations, and launched a new global women’s entrepreneurship program, ……. and on the way home……… our POTUS pauses to help out a Marine.
    We’re proud again!!!

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  8. getfitnow says:

    As oppose to ..

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  9. mdt123 says:

    OT but the ads are making it tough and very slow to scroll and read the great content on this site lately. There is constant waiting for .. status at bottom. Is there anyway to fix this?


  10. The Heretic says:

    It is not a “hat”; it is a “cover”. Learn the vernacular if you wish to sound informed.

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  11. Comment deleted by Admin…


  12. BigJake says:

    It’s not a hat it’s a cover. Marines don’t wear hats.


  13. JBrickley says:

    General Mattis has been known to take a stroll and offer to take a Marines post to give them a break from duty. He surprised other junior officers when they walked by as a result. That is one of many reasons the military loves Mattis, Marines especially.


  14. Big Jake says:

    I bet the media is trashing him because it blew off again.


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