Weasel Boy Being Weasel Boy – Embarrassingly Juvenile Behavior By Emanuel Macron on World Stage….

French President Emmanuel Macron left his position during the G20 group picture in an effort to place himself next to US President Donald Trump and make himself more important on the international stage.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel watches as Emmanuel Macron abandons his position in the rear right and weasels his way down to the front row so that he can be pictured next to U.S. President Donald Trump.  Leaving a hole in the picture where he should have been standing.   Too funny…. weasel boy.


It did not go unnoticed by U.S. Media:



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203 Responses to Weasel Boy Being Weasel Boy – Embarrassingly Juvenile Behavior By Emanuel Macron on World Stage….

  1. G. Combs says:

    I wonder if Macaroni is scared that The Donald may decide to NOT go to France and he will end up with egg on his face as a result.


  2. Neural says:

    I know you all see a “weasel boy” or an “idiot”. The man is a globalist, who, like other globalists, has in his mind the global agenda of destroying the west, including America. I do not like that he is trying so desperately to get so close to the one man who is standing up and thwarting their plans.


  3. mailmannz says:

    Come on, clearly he wanted to stand next to a man! 😊

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  4. WeThePeople2016 says:

    You can see some of the others looking at him and questioning what he is doing as he “weasels” his way through to get to Trump. This was called “sucking up” or “brown nosing” the teacher in school.

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    • Emroled says:

      I’m really not trying to rain on the parade, but at the very beginning of the video, doesn’t some kind of “official” or usher point Macron to move to the front row? I have no doubt the guy’s juvenile enough to do this (especially with the shoulder grab he gives President Trump), but it looks to me like he was instructed to do it.

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      • Osugagal says:

        I agree. Seems to me he is directed there. Per the Daily Mail, leaders who are both heads of state and heads of government, as are Trump and Macron, are on the first row. In the center front is the host surrounded by previous and next host. Then other leaders arranged by seniority in position. Trump is new compared to others. Macron is newer, thus they both belong on far edge with Macron to left of Trump. Regardless Macron is still a weasel.

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      • whoseyore says:

        Yes, I was watching Fox News this morning as the group was assembling and they said that the line was in order of newbie. Macron and then President Trump.


      • fred5678 says:

        You are exactly right, and I noticed his obvious direction of Macron right away. No need to apologize when you are being accurate. This negates the whole premise of this post, unfortunately.

        It is obviously the official photographer, or his assistant, getting folks in the right place.

        Macron just started off in the opposite end, maybe because he didn’t read the morning briefing over his croissant.


      • carrierh says:

        Emroled, you are right, the French god!! didn’t hesitate either to be moved next to Trump. All it did was point out Macron is a little man in so many ways that he had to marry an old hag as mother (and her money as well). Pity France as it goes further down the sewer!


    • nuthinmuffin says:

      while macron was in the back, he was polishing his apple


  5. Jlwary says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if he was cut out of the frame because he is too far over. That would be Awesome lmao… love the clip and the music. Even merkel was like, “where are you… oh, oh yes, go, go…” pathetic!

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    • Patriot1783 says:

      A tactic my kids learned playing sports…always try to get closest to the center or the trophy at tournament win…you will never get cropped out from the group photo!

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  6. dginga says:

    Not to be catty, but do you think Angela could have dressed up a little for the G20 summit? Even for the Philharminic concert she looked like it was casual day. I expect that from Macron’s wife, but doesn’t Merkel own a pantsuit that matches? She could have called Hillary and borrowed one.

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  7. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    What a slithering, slimy, toad… The only thing that would make this funnier is have CNN’s logo on his head like a foppish hat…

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  8. osugagal says:

    It is interesting how some of the media sites are covering this. At both Newsweek and NBC, the focus is on the fact the President Trump has been seemingly relegated to the outer fringes and that is being interpreted as a sign of disrespect by the other leaders. From what I read in some of the European press, there is a set protocol for where everyone was supposed to stand. In the center is the host, on either side are the previous and next host, and then the rest of the heads of states are arranged by seniority in their positions. Since Trump is a new leader he is on the edge. Since Macron was elected after Trump, he is to Trump’s left. It did appear to me in a number of the videos, that Macron was being directed to move from his original position to the position next to Trump. Of course the MSM is trying to make this seem that this was a slight to Trump and some are even gloating that this time “Trump could not shove his way to the front”. Which is why I rarely look at MSM sites.

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    • whoseyore says:

      Poor President Trump coming into office just prior to “weasel boy”. You can never pick who you get a locker next to in high school either. Ugh!

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  9. Convert says:

    He thinks he deserves to sit at the big table with the grown-ups ( on the front row). Just. Wow.

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    • Your tour guide says:

      Next, he’ll start pulling a Cynthia McKinney:
      Showing up early for a good spot, wearing impossibly
      bright clothes so that the camera will be sure to catch it.


  10. whuptdue says:

    How incredibly petty – several in the photo smirk or make note of Macron…including Merkel and Putin who glance at and acknowledge each other’s recognition of such at 0:34 seconds in the video. I’d screen cap it but Merkel is in focus when she glances over to Putin and then the camera zooms out to capture the entire group when it becomes obvious Putin is amused. Anyway, here’s a few images depicting Merkel actually following and actually attempting to halt the French pup’s shenanigans as well as another reserved smirk by Putin

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  11. trumpforthewin says:

    I came back and noticed a couple posters wanted a cropped version of the pic, without Weasel Boy. Here it is…with an additional improvement imo.

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  12. sheridan says:

    Maybe little Mac had to be coerced to step forward because he was scared that the President would offer to shake his hand again.

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  13. The Recent Republican says:

    Even Justin from Canada is like, “Wait… what are you doing?”


  14. Killdozer says:

    my 2nd wife was 100% Nork a small women just like Emmanuel Macron ,she talked all the time and I never understood anything she ever said moreover she would cook all the time and I never knew what I eating and I love her and she loved me but neither of us cared but like all my relationships things started going sideways after about 9 weeks so I had her arrested and that was the end of her too ,boom

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  15. keebler AC ovfefe says:

    I don’t see where anyone approached Macron to advise him. The only people I see were other G20 participants taking their place beside him. Possibly he whined to Mama Merkel with a note passed to her and she gives him a pat as he makes his way to front of the class. I think she turned around to see the kerfuffle and realized it was him on his own. Macron leaves a gap at top and messes up the official group photo symmetry sticking out at the end. Nope, this was pure France misses their Bourbon King complex.

    Either way, it is unseemly for Angela especially in view of the disastrous Hamburg protests. She cannot be left in charge of Germany and the EU. Very unfortunate for Germany to have a Disorganized Hillary in charge.

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  16. keebler AC ovfefe says:

    Pedo wife is Islamic France’s First Lady. Emmanuel getting to be too old for her?


  17. Martin says:

    Nice president you have there, France. /s


  18. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    I didn’t see the sock boy from Canada.


  19. we300 says:

    Loved the look on Vlad’s face, though 😜

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  20. Patrick Walsh says:

    Little Macron is made of same stuff as Little Marco!

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  21. Sue in MT says:

    If Macron would have stood in that spot, he would have still been missing. 🙂


  22. rgf0419 says:

    Le Douche Bag

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  23. Kent says:

    Erdogans eyes were shifty to say the least…like he was looking for aloha snackbar guys to show up any second……


  24. dj says:

    Did not see his mother there to correct his behavior…..


  25. deanbrh says:

    How ironic that we have done here such a good job of mimicking what MSM and the Liberals do; keep pushing a false narrative despite the evidence of fact presented by the few. (Protocol dictated the arrangement of the photo but we had fun mocking Macron all to pieces and back again.) Just yesterday some jerk being interviewed by Tucker again stated as fact that 17 intelligence agencies proved Russia meddled in the 2016 Election. Facts don’t have a fair chance EVER!

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      The “17 intelligence agencies” has become the Media’s historical “fact.” Such “facts” as this do go into the history books. Just saying.

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  26. fred5678 says:

    SD – PLEASE read this comment:


    I also noticed almost immediately the man in foreground, back to camera. gesturing to Macron to move over. Macron is just following directions.

    Your whole premise I believe is mistaken and deserves an UPDATE before we are accused of fake news.


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