Greta Van Sustern Departs From MSNBC…

Well, that didn’t take long.


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151 Responses to Greta Van Sustern Departs From MSNBC…

  1. Eric Kennedy says:

    Literally reshuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    The entire industry is dying.

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  2. Pam says:

    This article claims it was due to ratings. Rather you always agreed with Greta or not, she’s an excellent journalist. MSNBC was beneath her imo.

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    • yellowrosetx says:

      I also thought she was going to be wasted there. Love Vanity Fair’s tag line—-it reminds of the other delusional cheerleading that the liberal media does. Samantha Bee is on fire! Colbert is incredible! ratings are up up up! but when you back out to the wide shot its just the usual mediocre acts vying for a bigger piece of a pie that was never more than the size of a tart.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      If she has been fired for lack of ratings, I am sorry for her. I am not a big Greta fan for a whole lot of reasons, including that horrible bright yellow jacket she needs to burn.

      I watched her occasionally when she was on Fox. She was actually okay. Her personal style wasn’t one I especially enjoyed, and I viewed her with great suspicion.

      However I noticed she was pretty conservative fiscally and demanded accountability from government on fiscal issues.

      She is also friends with Franklin Graham and would have him on fairly often. I applaud her for that, especially since I have heard she is a Scientologist.

      She also is, I believe, a friend or at least friendly to PDJT. IIRC she was pretty even handed in her treatment of him, unlike others I could name.

      Considering what we have to choose from in the news media business, she is actually one of the better ones.

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      • flova says:

        She and her husband are friends of Sarah and Todd Palin. I believe her husband, an attorney, was one of Palin’s lawyers during the time they targeted her as Governor of Alaska before she resigned. It may have to do with Palin’s lawsuit against the NYT if Greta’s husband is involved.

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      • Oldschool says:

        Greta was very gracious and respectful to Trump and Melania. She also chewed out Gowdy often on her show for dragging his feet on Benghazi. She knew the courts and process and she cornered him more than once in his lack of using supeona powers and other legal avenues. She knew he was in the tank. She was always advocating for our military and was instrumental in freeing the marine Mexico imprisoned. Greta is a white hat. I put her in the Sharyl Attkinson category.

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        • Sylvia Avery says:

          Yes, I think so, too.

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        • YvonneMarie says:

          Greta was the only medium that cared about our American veteran prisoner in Mexico !

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        • mireilleg says:

          I agree! I don’t have a tv anymore so I miss a lot of that stuff. But from what I can remember she was a fair person. She does have some liberal views but we can respect her as a professional.

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        • shallbe4 says:

          I like Greta very much. She has fallen prey to the Leftist Hate crowd as have so many of today’s reporters. While I might not have agreed with everything she said I learned something everytime I watched her program. I will miss her style — her sense of honesty and her humanity. Its sad that we will only have the memories of those who made us think for ourselves because what’s left are those who feel they have to force us to think as they do.

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    • joninmd22 says:

      The viewers just don’t have the IQ required to follow her. they’re much more on CNN and Maddow’s level of stupid

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    • nwtex says:

      Hi Pam. I just came over to drop off the Vanity Fair piece and see you already have a link up 😉 Hope you don’t mind but I will go ahead post what I have …..the most notable parts (imho)
      MSNBC and Greta Van Susteren Agree to Part Ways
      June 29, 2017


      *…In an era where liberal anger is driving ratings, the former Fox anchor’s show never caught fire.

      *…Months later, she found a new home for her show, For the Record, at 6 p.m. on MSNBC.

      *…Some media critics were confused by what appeared to be a deliberate shift rightward by NBC leadership at a time when the network’s audience was suddenly agitating for a louder, prouder brand of liberalism

      *…The anchor, whose show struggled to gain traction even as the rest of her colleagues were buoyed by anti-Trump hysteria, has parted ways with the network.

      The decision comes as much of the rest of MSNBC has been enjoying a ratings resurgence and, in some cases, dominance over Fox News.

      For the first time in 17 years, the network beat both Fox News and CNN in prime-time viewership on weeknights in May amongst the crucial 25-to-54 age demographic—a giant 118 percent leap from a year earlier.

      In the full second quarter, according to ratings released by Nielsen earlier this week, the network came in second behind Fox for total day viewers, but its growth from a year earlier outpaced both its rivals.

      Much of this growth is due to prime-time anchors like Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell, whose nightly newscasts have tapped into a potent mix of liberal anxiety and schadenfreude over the Trump presidency.

      In the second quarter, Maddow’s show won the demo in prime-time, though Fox’s Tucker Carlson had the highest number of total viewers. Van Susteren’s show, however, fell behind its rivals in the 6 p.m. hour.


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      • boogywstew says:

        Some way … some how … I just can’t bring myself to believe these ratings numbers. Liberals invent new ways to cheat, lie or exaggerate about everything, every day, so why should TV ratings be any different? The MSM media lied about poll results for … forever! TV ratings are a form of polling … so … ?

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    • Sherlock says:

      Ari Melber, former John Kerry campaign official. That about sums him up.

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  3. AmericaFirst says:

    I always wondered about her there, she never seemed like she could keep up with them in the lying department.

    Bet she goes somewhere willing to support or at least honestly report on America First.

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    • rumpole2 says:

      Goes where?

      ALL of the legacy media is corrupt. Fake News

      If she wants to be “an honest journalist” she will have to set up something herself online

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      • AmericaFirst says:

        Thought I read here that Sinclair Global Broadcasting, SGBI, is trying to do just that? Wasn’t there hope that Rightside Broadcastiing would go big? What do we think about One America News Network, OANN? Are these hopeless? Aren’t there others?

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        • rumpole2 says:

          I haven’t seen much to get enthusiastic about with OANN.. yet.

          That could be my fault.

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          • Cyber says:

            They did a 30 minute special on Seth Rich this month. No other network even touches it.

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          • Sloth1963 says:

            Much repetition, currently, but they seem to be slowly expanding their horizons. They don’t suck and do cover some things other “news” Outlets ignore or choose not to cover.

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          • Ferret2 says:

            They do a very good job of just reporting the news. Not dwelling on Russia, Russia, and more Russia. They have a few opinionated shows at night but it is not 24 x 7.

            AT&T via DirectTv has added them to their lineup both on their satellite service and streaming DirectTV Now. I thought this was very interesting due to the impending takeover of Time Warner. Maybe they will boot CNN and we will be watching OAN at the airports instead. Real News instead of Fake News.

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          • CorwinAmber says:

            ya gotta watch Graham Ledger at 8PM weeknights…flows nicely after Lou Dobbs at 7PM on the Fox Business channel

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          • Athena the Warrior says:

            Have you checked out Graham Ledger’s The Daily Ledger and Liz Wheeler’s The Tipping Point? OAN needs more market share but they are promising. They actually cover the news around the country and the world not simply what PDJT is doing.

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          • WSB says:

            I watch the 80 Lb. Truck-driver sometimes…Liz Wheel. Never seen anything like it. I need a rest after her show. Fills in the 9 PM hour when the -5 is on Fox. But I always watch with CTH on the other screen!

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        • Sylvia Avery says:

          I get the sense others are trying to get something going, but maybe that is wishful thinking.

          Bill O’Reilly hired Bill Shine the head producer guy from Fox that got tarred with the brush of sexual harrasment scandal and they are working on something, but I don’t know what.

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      • Ohio hayseed says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised to see Greta join Bill O’Reilly’s new project, whatever that may be. And I’m glad of it, I’ve long admired Greta for her work for vets, especially Andrew Tamouressi (sp?), and her work with Franklin Graham.

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      • CaptainNonno says:

        Maybe join with O’Reilly? More Fox anchors will be going, I think as they move more left due to the kids running it.

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      • Wend says:

        Or she could go back to practicing law. Unfortunately once those cameras get you, you’re got.

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        • Sherlock says:

          I remember when she was actually a practicing lawyer in LA, but that’s a long, long time ago. You’re right, she won’t go back now. Too long away.

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      • G. Combs says:


        With luck we will see the relatively honest journalists (not the urinalists) migrate to OANN and help build a real HONEST news outlet.

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    • deanbrh says:

      She talked of leaving a few months ago, teaming up more often with Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse endeavors. I always thought MSNBC way beneath her. During the Gulf War, she did spectacular reporting and during the OJ Trial as well. But Fox began going down the drain and she seemed less and less relevant to their dumbed-down audience. I don’t think there’s any place that isn’t way beneath her anymore. I’ll be surprised if she surfaces anywhere on TV, until OANN gets really big.

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      • G. Combs says:

        The way for OANN to get really big is for decent journalists to help build it. None of these people are hurting for money so it would pay to buy in and drive OANN to the top especially now that FOX news has shown it is nothing but “the controlled opposition” and it is no longer even pretending to be that.

        We already know there are several million people out their who support President Trump and MAGA so now is the time to take down the corrupt MSM with some REAL competition.

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  4. beaujest says:

    Don’t let the door hit you

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  5. Mrs. M says:

    Anyone know if she was fired or quit?

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  6. Steve Wright says:

    MSNBC is wholly devoted to the Trump hate narrative. They will give no quarter, as that is their target niche for an audience. There is (sadly) enough hate out there for our President that they can scratch where the haters are itching, but the “purity” must remain. Greta was doomed from the start.

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    • Doug says:

      And frankly there isn’t anything than allowing our enemies to go and create an echo chamber to make them feel good… me I prefer to see people and ideas from all over and understand what’s going on… surrounding myself in a Giant echochamber all the time does me no good

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  7. Ted says:

    Due to ratings, ok …Who’s next? …. (insert photo of megyn)

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  8. Johnny says:

    She’s even a cancer over at super fake news, says volumes.

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  9. NYGuy54 says:

    Her ratings sucked. Terrible show.

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    • snaggletooths says:

      Maybe finally people in general are getting it thru their heads that the MSM is evil and needing to be boycotted as far as I am concerned no one should be watching them people can catch them online if they have a favorite host.

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  10. pjb535i says:

    I wonder if she met Hugh Hewitt in the revolving door as she was leaving and he was coming in?


    • Eric Kennedy says:

      Youtuber Styxhexenhammer666 predicted this several weeks ago. He said legacy media smelled blood in the water with FOX and has decided to add “conservative” voices in order to build market share. Problem is their shrinking, captive audiences don’t want to listen to these outside-their-bubble voices. He argued it will only hasten their own inevitable decline.

      So what’s happened? Megyn is tanking at NBC. Greta was at MSNBC long enough to get a cup of coffee. On “our side” the Murdoch boys are moving more to the Left.

      I doubt what is left of the industry will be recognizable to us in 10 years.

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  11. snaggletooths says:

    I did not watch her so…

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  12. Question Everything says:

    I haven’t kept up with her but when I did even though I did not always agree with her I found her to be a straight shooter. I never saw MSNBC as a good fit for her but then again maybe she like many, many others had me fooled.

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  13. Never watched her on MSNBC. Will never go there and CNN. Or abc, NBC! Tired of their smear.

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  14. rumpole2 says:

    Quitting MSNBC (or even being fired) is a HUGE plus.. something worth stressing on her CV

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  15. fred says:

    When you left a good job with a reputation you never go down in the dirt just for a paycheck Greta. You went and hored yourself with the evil ones. At least you woke up or you would be nothing ever again……….Look what happened to megyn……….

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    • Rebcalintx says:

      Fred, I thought Greta was fair but something always bothered me. She said & I remember vividly that she personally knew Loretta Lynch and she was such a fair person. That was when Lynch was being announced for the position.

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      • Azrajo says:

        Lots of Republicans praised Lynch and slobbered all over Comey….

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      • kiskiminetas says:

        Greta was a mouth piece for FNC no more no less. It would make sense she would speak well of a swamp dweller. FNC to me was always about good cop and bad cop. The good cops would laud and praise those deep state miscreants while bad cops such as SH would rag on the swamp dwellers. But alas what would you expect from a news outlet run by globalists.


        • flova says:

          Yes many Repubs did support Lynch and voted for her!.And many in the media and in the halls of DC are either ill informed or naive.

          Tucker Carlson called Van Jones a “nice guy” last night on his show and he wasn’t being sarcastic -check it out. My God, go to Trevor Loudon’s site and vet this bff of Valerie Jarrett.

          A card-carrying communist who loved Fidel Castro and who in the 1990’s began the war on cops that have led to the slaughter of cops we have witnessed almost 20 years later, Jones also wrote an editorial before Breitbart died that the latter would get his ‘comeuppance’ for exposing black racist Shirley Sherrod.

          Definitely not a nice guy and Tucker should correct that!

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          • Marc says:

            Tucker is deathly afraid of being called a shill for the right so he tries to pepper in praise of the Left or criticism of the Right occasionally on his show to give an air of non-partisanship. I think he’s a solid conservative but he’s embarrassed by it at the same time. The man lives in DC for crying out loud.


      • WSB says:

        I remember that, too. Like Cronkite, Greta hides it well or she is clueless about who Lynch really is.


  16. Troublemaker10 says:

    I didn’t watch her regularly; but my impression was that she was not an ideologue……but someone who approached things from the mindset of “common sense”. She asked those common sense questions (not political ones from a political angle). She was fair to Trump from what I remember. she came across as a truly nice person and became friends with Franklyn Graham working with him on some of his charity projects.

    MSNBC has tried adding some more conservative voices……but, I think they are getting hate mail and boycott threats from the left over it.

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  17. auscitizenmom says:

    I am a Greta fan because of how she worked on helping get the Marine Tahmooressi out of the Mexican jail.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      I had forgotten about that. She was good on keeping attention on him when BO would do NOTHING.

      Actually, things have gotten so awful in Media World that Greta, when she was at Fox, looks better and better compared to so much of what is out there. She was at least pretty sensible overall and not painfully partisan.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      She & P45 worked together on that, IIRC.

      Greta is a very good person of deep faith. I don’t see how she fits in with msm.

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      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        Greta co-hosted legal eagles a show, “Burden of Proof”, on CNN for about 8 years (1994-2002) before getting her own hour over on FOX. She was destined for failure at emsNBC because she is not an ant-Trump raving lunatic like the rest of the people at that network.

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  18. Donna in Oregon says:

    Greta works with Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse and has a grudge with Sudan Prez al-Bashir for murdering Christians. Do an expose on it with Amb. Haley. Real journalism….

    MSNBC is not meaningful employment.

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  19. booger71 says:

    The Home Shopping Network may be hiring.


  20. LBB says:

    I hope Greta got some good “intel” out of MSNBC while she was there.

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  21. alliwantissometruth says:

    “Bet she goes somewhere willing to support or at least honestly report on America First”

    Where would that be? Is there a TV news organization that supports or at least honestly reports on America First & President Trump?


  22. Bob says:

    Who cares….. why do we need another reporter…..

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  23. Troublemaker10 says:

    Progressives demanding MSNBC stop hiring white conservatives rewarded with Bret Stephens


    Actor Mark Ruffalo Demands NBC Stop Hiring ‘White Conservatives’

    On Saturday, the actor and social justice warrior tweeted a petition meant to “tell MSNBC, don’t promote right-wing hate.” The petition threatens repercussions if more white conservatives join the NBC family stating, “We need to let NBC executives know that there will be a sharp backlash if MSNBC becomes another platform for right-wing hate.”

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  24. NYGuy54 says:

    Greta affiliates herself with a cult. That’s not good.

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  25. fleporeblog says:

    I think Greta realized there was nothing she could do to raise the viewership without throwing her morals out the door. I actually give her credit for that!

    Maybe she also saw the writing on the wall after viewing the press conference of our President where he talked about approving a pipeline with Mexico and making sure the pipeline will fit under the WALL!!!!!! The pressure would have been greater to destroy President Trump because of his plan.

    From the article linked above:

    President Trump on Thursday said he’s approved a new petroleum pipeline to Mexico as part of a broader plan to export American energy around the world.

    “It’ll go right under the wall,” Mr. Trump said of the new pipeline during a speech at the Department of Energy.

    His address coincides with the White House’s “Energy Week,” and the president used Thursday’s event to announce several new initiatives that he says are key to economic growth and kick-starting a “golden era of American energy.”

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  26. railer says:

    There’s no turning back for MSNBC. They went full retard long ago, and now their viewers will bear no truck with anything other than their prejudice. Greta always has done a credible job, but it wouldn’t really matter at MSNBC. They market to straight-up barking moonbats.

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  27. Lumina says:

    I think the other so call news professionals should be more like Greta and present the facts to open discussions as she does. Her Twitter is interesting. She once said something along the lines that one should have the audience guessing which side presenter is on. This was in response when she retweeted a negative comment about her being a Dem. She does wonderful humanitarian work, actually travelling and learning about the problems and people first hand. Her pictures of her travels are beautiful.
    I do not have cable, never had, so I admit I have never seen her shows, just clips and XM radio of her Fox show.
    She will be fine and find her way…how about a Girl Power Network with Sharyl Attkinson…

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  28. Lumina says:

    She walks the walk…
    While Madonna adopts status babies & throws cash for African kids Greta actually helps….

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  29. Molly says:

    I’ve always liked Greta, beginning on CNN with her court show. At FOX News she seemed to have a genuine friendship with Trump — even before his candidacy. She interviewed him often for years. Never saw her show on MSNBC. Wishing her the best.

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  30. rsanchez1990 says:

    I guess her freak out about President Trump a few days ago was a desperate attempt to avoid getting fired.


  31. stillers213 says:

    Greta would fit in over at OANN. I have come to really like this network. They are growing rather quickly since being added to directv in April. I like the way they present the news. I also like the the historical short stories of our nation they do sometimes in place of commercials; and, even when they have ad breaks they are the shortest I have ever seen on any channel.

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  32. NoeliCannoli says:

    Who? /s


  33. John Doe says:

    I watched Greta’s 6:00 show pretty regularly, mostly because Brett Baier gets on my last nerve. She had every loser pundit in MSNBC’s stable on her show to spew their typical loser vomit. I think she just couldn’t do it any more. I like Greta, and I have since the OJ trial days. She’s different but she’s no dummy. And her charitable work is pretty awesome.

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  34. Keln says:

    As an honest leftist, something of a unicorn in media today, there was no way she could fit in with the liars at MSNBC. I do not condone her politics, but I will never forget that, when the rest of the left were saying incredibly foul things about Sarah Palin and her family, Greta got to know them and became friends with them.

    She was always fair and always gave people their say. So I respect her and wish her the best.

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  35. npsrangerman says:

    God Speed, Greta. You were too good for them anyway. As the Good Book sez, “Do not cast your pearls before the swine.”

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  36. McGuffin says:

    I honestly did not know she was even at MSNBC.

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  37. I started out not liking her, but she won me over. She was very friendly to Mrs Palin, covered her often, remember the bus rides? Her husband was a head in NYC’s Democrat party, but she seemed to have her own perspective. Once she left Fox never followed her again.


  38. USARose says:

    I keep hoping a Patriot is planning a new network with real journalism to replace Fox. Someone to carry on the legacy of Roger Ailes. They could get all the decent journalists and create a winning formula. It’s ok to show both sides as long as there’s journalistic standards. Are you listening a Bill O’Reilly? Please do it for America.


  39. indiana08 says:

    I use to watch her on Fox occasionally. She seemed pretty fair considering how utterly unfair most of the MSM tends to be. Because I never watch MSNBC, I had all but forgotten that she had a show on there after she left Fox. I didn’t see anything about her show on MSNBC…ever… anywhere.

    I wish her luck in her next gig.


  40. First Last says:

    Maybe CNN has a warm, comfy chair for her.


  41. W-D says:

    Greta was more tolerable to watch than Martha McWhatshername.


  42. NoeliCannoli says:

    I lost interest in Greta when I discovered that she and her husband are Scientologists. Evil faux religion.

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  43. Howie says:

    This guy Hemmer on FOX sucks so bad I had to destream him and switch to Infowars. The FOX lineup of Sheppie, Cavuto, and Hemmer is worse than awful. They suck.

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  44. Paul Killinger says:

    PLEASE come back to Fox and “repeal and replace” The 5 (or any of the shows in their daytime lineup), Greta.

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  45. treehouseron says:

    Greta was one of those rare journalists that was pretty ‘middle of the road’, i.e., fair. The reason she appeared to lean right is because common sense leans right. She was fair to liberals, often agreeing with them, and fair to conservatives, usually agreeing with them.

    I didn’t agree with her on everything…. but I know one thing. Someone with that mindset has no place on television anymore. In the past a good responsible ‘journalist’ like Greta would be able to work wherever she wanted. No longer, she’s not partisan enough.

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  46. Paul Killinger says:

    Indeed, if it weren’t for Greta we would STILL have had a US Marine in jail in Mexico until Inauguration Day (but not one day after!).

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  47. F104 says:

    Greta … Honey… how did you think that was going to fly??????

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    • treehouseron says:

      I doubt she had much choice, she probably thought they would let her skate by, but really every other station is even more to the left. Fox likely wanted her out.


  48. Pam says:

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  49. TONYA PARNELL says:

    Nobody twisted her arm to go to MSNBC, no sympathy for her here, follow the money and the traitors

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