Senator Wyden Insinuates On Behalf of James Comey – Jeff Sessions Takes Exception…

Attorney General Jeff Sessions finally takes exception to democrat Senator Wyden’s insufferable innuendo:


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123 Responses to Senator Wyden Insinuates On Behalf of James Comey – Jeff Sessions Takes Exception…

  1. Regina says:

    3:50 – “some of that leaked out of committee, that he said in closed sessions”

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    • NC Mom says:

      OMG…Wyden is down right CREEPY! How the HE!! did he ever get elected!!!!!!

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    • franker01 says:

      I’ve seen better looking guys than Wyden laying in caskets with their hands folded.

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    • Stand Fast says:

      Sundance- your original post/playback of this youtube clip was prevented from being played by the “owner” of the clip (which is ridiculous because they don’t own the rights to the video. Youtube is messing with the treehouse). Just and fYI. If one goes to youtube from that prevented playback on your page, we are subjected to an ad about oliver stone’s “documentary” of his interviews with ….. Putin. guess the left is owning up to the russia meme. Thanks.


    • Stand Fast says:

      Notice that this drunk, Wyden who is “in a hurry, time is short” tries to fire off, pawn off the innuendo created by the LEAKING comey from his own closed door session of this Senate committee (a crime, btw). Wyden (who is a singularly stupid man, as in drug stupid and incompetent) “listens” to Sessions answer, and then immediately READS his rebuttal to Sessions as “not passing the smell test”. That is, this is what his staff wrote for him in a script– his staff writing a fictional legend, carrying water for the criminal leaker, comey trying to direct the narrative against Sessions who fired him for reasons stated in the firing letter. Wyden is a cypher, a moron, a clueless Franken like Leftist working the propaganda. He got up and was walking away from his chair as Sessions answered. His “script” did not work except for whom it was written– the lefty loons and foolish people being led by a lying deceitful manipulative comey to earn his clinton pay. This will play out, and we’ll see if mueller is playing along with comey…. grounds for firing him, clearly able to be demonstrated.


  2. mariclaire81 says:

    Great picture Back to work. Not under investigation 😂

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  3. Peter G says:

    General Sessions, you are the man!

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    • luke says:

      Session’s testimony today provided a much needed boost of momentum for our team. The stupidity of all this Muh Russian crap gets frustrating sometimes.

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  4. fedback says:

    AG Sessions 1
    swamp creatures 0

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  5. MaineCoon says:

    AG Sessions deserved to forcefully respond to Wyden’s lame “stonewalling” accusations.

    Sessions repeatedly made the point that only the President has the right to claim Executive Priviledge (dah), but he was going to maintain confidentiality of any of their communication in order not to pre-empt the President’s right to such claim and that this has been the on-going stance of DoJ forever.

    He repeatedly made this statement. Those not grasping it did not want to grasp it.

    Excellent pushback against Wyden. Wish the clip had about 2 more minutes of the exchange.

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  6. deqwik2 says:

    Wyden couldn’t look Sessions in the eye after suggesting Comey said something different.

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  7. Travis McGee says:

    Unfortunately Wyden is my senator. Total Swamp Scum. Glad to see Sessions put him in his place.

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  8. Now all the rest need to follow Session’s lead. Stand up like a big boy and call these morons out.

    This is now beyond stupid. Nothing gets done at all. But now a news report that the Russians tried to hack into 39 states.

    Let me ask one burning question I’ve had through all of this.

    If the Russians are behind this, what are we going to do, ask them to stop?

    We are now at 1 year and what is the plan? Today was about what it’s always about. Proving something that we all know didn’t happen.
    Do we have to go 2 years or 4 years before we admit nothing is there?

    Meanwhile back in the real world, the Russians are just getting better. And the Chinese will soon join them. ISIS is right now becoming more sophisticated at recruiting then we are at catching them.
    And we’re running around in Committee’s and investigation chasing the tail of an imaginary dog.

    And back here in America, we can’t even find a leaker of Classified Information inside our own people.

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    • Alison says:

      Congress might be chasing their tails but President Trump & his stellar Cabinet are making huge strides forward. Shiny objects will continue to attract those who choose glass half empty.

      This was a good day for the Trump Train.

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    • webgirlpdx says:

      Anybody hacking anywhere falls at the feet of Obama and leaving us so freakin’ vulnerable.

      Although you know he did that on purpose…..

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    • Chuck Roast says:

      But we must continue to have more hearings so these senate wankers can continue to pontificate.

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      • old deplorable owl says:

        Free campaign exposure, unassailable excuse for not doing the job they were sent to do, and the perfect way to run out the clock until summer recess. What’s not to like?


    • Realist says:

      OHOMO personally interfered in the Kenyan, Israeli and French elections and the British BREXIT referendum and America’s MARXIST MEDIA said and did DIDLEY SQUAT


  9. Kelly says:

    I’m very proud of AG Jeff Sessions for remaining a gentleman while being interrupted and completely disrespected by lesser men and women. He did brilliantly today.

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  10. rsanchez1990 says:

    See, this is why I didn’t understand the worry over Jeff Sessions’s testimony before today. Sessions has decades of dealing with these cretins. Don’t y’all think he knows how to deal with them? He had the balls to call out his colleagues on immigration years before Donald Trump announced his candidacy. I didn’t expect anything less than to see Sessions put those swamp dwellers in their place.

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    • MakeAmericaGreat says:

      Not only was I not worried about Sessions’ testimony, I was eager for it.

      Guys like Sessions are smart to the level that they can run rings around inferior intellects and inferior legal minds.

      Bring it on. And bring on the Crazed Dem Witch Hunters who turn the public off, too.

      Sessions knew what he was doing by having the hearing public. I’m sure the boss is pleased.

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  11. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Sessions is one of those guys who is nice, but if you go to far you will get the back of the hand.

    Love it. That’s what we need.

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    • Carolina Girl says:

      Exactly what I keep thinking whenever a lying liar bleats about the great Jeff Sessions: Where the he!! were you when Eric Holder was running roughshod over the Justice Department for years? All Southerners with a normal or higher IQ realize that we always stun a lot of hypocrites anytime we speak and show knowledge, intelligence, or (gasp!) wisdom. It’s remains widely accepted that those who drawl are stupid. And Jeff Sessions even had the audacity to name himself after a Confederate general. Lordy.

      Why, why can’t South Carolina find someone like Jeff Seossions to replace Miss Lindsey? I’m not sure that SC has sent anyone with brains and a backbone to Washington since the death of Rep. Floyd Spence. The patriots are difficult to find. I’ve been extra ticked off about the socilalists and idiots going after AG Sessions.

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  12. beaujest says:

    This ugly Commie Wyden has moved to the top of my list for water boarding ! His Halloween mask would scare adults !

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    • janc1955 says:

      Kamala Harris tops my list for “enhanced interrogation.” And waterboarding is too good for her, so I want to know what’s next on the list.

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      • One way ticket to Syria or Afghanistan and self guided tour book for the hinterlands.

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        • Merle Marks says:

          Kamala Harris’ “outrage” is purposeful, for exposure…she wants to make a name for herself…watch her climb the “ladder” of next big thing in Democratic party…a woman, just African-American enough to fake outrage, from California, attractive enough for a second look…look out Hillary…you and Pocahontas have competition!!


  13. TreeperInTraining says:

    I love a man with a thick, rigid spine.

    I saw Session’s backbone today…and it WAS sexy….and I don’t necessarily like the guy.

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  14. Bill lee says:

    but of course mainstream media they’re going to put a different spin on it all these answers that sessions is given or make it look like the senator put sessions in his place you know how these Democrats are but our attorney general did a great job today proud to have him on Trump’s team

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  15. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Yes sir. He got sick and tired of these “former colleagues” and jumped on the Trump Train early because he recognized that Trump is what this country needs.

    Now, Sessions as AG, may be in a position to prosecute some of these traitorous, pedophile bastards.

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    • Mike says:

      Time to fire Mueller and end this sick charade.


    • Dixie says:

      Not to minimize pedophile bastards (hope they get theirs too), but Sessions did make reference today to a lot of investigations going on regarding leakers other than reality winner in Georgia, and he said some of them were going to wish they hadn’t leaked information.

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  16. litlbit2 says:

    Wow! Sessions came with a pair…..of bricks. Tonite the democrats, MSM, some GOPe types shorts are filled with water 🎈. Smash, smash.

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  17. It is past time that President Trump put an end to all this total bullsh!t of fifth grade level “innuendo”.

    It is simply alinsky schoolyard insanity and it must end for good.

    It’s We the People, not we the globalist puppets posing as government.

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  18. The Devilbat says:

    I am so fed up with communists and their imbecilic useful idiots – democrats who are outrightly working to destroy our great country. Ron Wyden is a seditionist. He does not represent the people, at least not the American people.

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  19. If you think Wyden looks bad, take a look at Burr. This man looks like he drinks a fifth every night, maybe two…that’s what they do all day and night, drink…

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  20. Cheezus says:

    From now on I shall refer to Wyden as Daffy Duck!

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  21. Brant says:

    Congress proves every day the Upton Sinclair quote, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”

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  22. missmarple2 says:

    I watched this and followed the live thread comments on the Reddit The_Donald site today.

    Verdict of the pedes: Wyden looks like a zombie and sound like Sylvester the Cat.

    Also, Jeff Sessions BTFO Wyden. HA!

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  23. albrevin says:

    Wyden looks like a cross somewhere between Al Gore and Freddie Kruger.

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  24. joshua says:

    I want Trump to close down all alcohol in Administration offices and at administration meetings and social and watch the Congress jerks and lobbiests have to face the world sober.

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  25. Watcher says:

    Wyden said the standoff was “a situation where the virus was spreading,” and action needed to be taken.
    He’s now spreading a virus. Maybe he caught something.


  26. Mike says:

    Sessions is required to read Comey’s mind about what he meant when he said “problematic?” And if he doesn’t, He’s “stonewalling?” This isn’t even funny, it is rage inducing. These people are flat out criminals and should be treated as such.

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  27. recoverydotgod says:

    AG Sessions is a good man. That came through….like sunlight.

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  28. Driver1 says:

    When did Mr Burns become a Senator?

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  29. txjohn says:

    I figure Sessions should get out from behind the table and kick Wyden’s ass.
    Then the committee would have accomplished something & they can all go to lunch & let the Trump administration get on with running the country.

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  30. mashall says:

    President Triumph should use Executive Privilege to its maximum effect to stop this coup.
    His voters would understand. Remember WE ARE LEGION!
    Fire Mueller and Rosenstein, if necessary.
    Fire them before they start dragging out more garbage that the curious “hey, there is a car accident” rubber-necking crowd” salivates over.
    Fire them before they create a “Truth stranger than fiction” Narrative.

    As loud as a Sonic Boom!


  31. Risin'Tide says:

    Sessions got a little feisty there. I think he learned from getting pilloried years ago and he’s not going to take it lying down this time. He’s got some steel in his spine!

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  32. Mike diamond says:

    Weyden has no respect, and again I ask why are women on computers in the back ground camera angle is disrespect to attorney general sessions! Then in a wide angle view thy are not right behind sessions,its like thy spliced them in from another part of the room,they did not do this during the comey hearings! Just saying its a distraction!

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  33. Lucille says:

    The show’s over, now get to work.
    June 13, 2017 – by Bruce Thornton


  34. jrapdx says:

    I’m yet another Oregonian and a long-term one at that. Wyden has not aged well, even though he’s not that old, in fact 3 years younger than President Trump. Worst of all, he’s become astonishingly harsh and seems to have lost whatever social grace he might have had. At the hearing today he very quickly sputtered to a halt after he was challenged by Sessions. IOW Wyden has become a mean-spirited bully. He represents Oregon poorly, too bad he was just reelected. But maybe if he gets beat up a few more times—and not everyone in Washington is as well-mannered as Sessions—he’ll call it quits after his term in the Senate.


    • old deplorable owl says:

      He rode in on the backs of the elderly by promising to give them anything they wanted. By the end of his 3rd term, he didn’t know they existed until campaign time. But the idjits vote for him out of habit now.


  35. TONYA PARNELL says:



  36. Lester Smith says:

    Wyden is a predator with no teeth, an apex ass that has no moral compass and the only Justice he practice’s is injustice. What he has tried to due to sessions, and the IC directors was just plan embarrassing. A man of honor he is not an old has been of hate he is. He and his and other Democrats want to see men of honor fail, want the country to fail. They hold on to power by destruction, obstruction and reduction of faith in the future. The Democrats are the party of poverty, deprivation and propaganda. The party dependent on hate, mistrust and Lie’s. This not John Kennedy’s party, but a sick perversion of a once proud party. In fact the Democratic party has reinvented it self to its true past of intolerance and hate. Wyden is throwback to the present he should remember good is the enemy of evil and goodness always wins.


  37. Computer says:

    You know the drill…


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