BREAKING: Another UK Attack – London Bridge Terrorist Attack

[ There are two incident scenes near each other. ]  According to initial media reporting up to 20 people are feared to be injured after a white van reportedly ploughed into pedestrians on London Bridge.  Approximate time 10:10pm (local) or 5:10pm EDT U.S.

Initial eye-witnesses report the vehicle drove onto the pedestrian pavement at the scene in central London this evening and drove directly into the crowds of people.  The driver, and possibly passengers, may also have exited the vehicle and began stabbing or shooting the survivors.

There are reports of massive amounts of gunfire taking place at the same time.  The van is estimated to have been driven at a speed approximately 50mph into the crowd.  The rapid gunfire lasted for several minutes.

Via Daily Mail […] One witness said she saw three people with what appeared to be their throats cut on London Bridge.

Others said they saw three men, described as being ‘of Mediterranean origin’, jump out of the van and began ‘randomly stabbing people’ along Borough High Street with 12-inch long knives.

The car, believed to be a B&Q vehicle, was reportedly veering in an ‘S shape’ at 50 mph across the bridge and has driven towards the Shard and is south of the river. The drivers have not been caught.

Terrifying footage from the scene shows police officers shouting ‘Clear the scene now!’ as panicked pedestrians flee.


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499 Responses to BREAKING: Another UK Attack – London Bridge Terrorist Attack

  1. sundance says:

    New Thread Alert !!

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  2. pam2246 says:

    “In September 2016, (Sadiq Khan, the Muslim mayor of London) actually had the gall to say that citizens in big cities should just get used to terrorism.

    “At a glitzy event in New York City called “Building Progressive, Inclusive Cities” alongside his counterpart in the Big Apple, far-left Mayor Bill de Blasio, Khan talked about the virtues of immigration and multiculturalism, explaining that some sacrifices had to be made.

    “Terror attacks are “part and parcel of life in a big city,” Khan later told the Evening Standard just hours after police foiled multiple terror attacks in New Jersey and New York.”

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  3. If you’re looking to make a few bucks, I hear there’s a momentary shortage of Rebooking Agents for London Tourism.


  4. youme says:

    Just waiting to read: “known to authorities”

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  5. McGuffin says:

    Time to change those social media gravatars to the Union Jack. Again. Wash rinse repeat.

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  6. NHVoter says:


  7. Mike diamond says:

    Forget global warming we need to use that money to fight Isis and terrorism !!

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  8. taxpayer says:

    About time in England as well as Australia on the Terror List be deported. They hide the name in Australia of 16 year old female and boyfriend now doubt still in School amongst other people. Deport all the family as they will all be on welfare. Two Junior Jihads have dad a Teacher. Let them back into a so called Selective School Sydney High. All the media and so called Terror Experts do all they can to cover them up.


  9. The never ending fruits of progressivism.


  10. I’m so sick of these evil losers going on these rampages. And I’m sick of not being in the least bit surprised, especially because it’s ramadan now. On Hommaforum, a Finnish discussion board opposing open borders and destroying our country, they have a thread where they collect the news from over the world about acts of violence committed by muslims around ramadan time. They’ve noticed that the evil losers always ramp up their anti-Christian terror attacks during ramadan.

    In a way it’s not even surprising that they go on rampages during their holy month whereas Christians celebrate their holy days calmly and peacefully. Take a population with average IQ in low 80’s, the sweet spot for violence. Deny them food and water during the day when they are expected to function in their jobs and see them get dehydrated and their blood sugar crashing. That’s already bad enough because we’ve all seen 2-year-olds throwing terrible tantrums when they’re hungry. Add to the mix stuffing their faces with high sugar foods at night, causing massive sugar rushes and even worse dips in energy and mood when the sugar rush quickly burns out. Plus eating and partying at night means sleep deprivation too. So now imagine a 2-year-old who’s not only hungry and thirsty but also tired. But wait, it gets even worse. An average 2-year-old has parents who tell him or her to stop being violent and act nicely or else. These losers have an imaginary skydaddy who through a madman told them that it’s okay to be violent when you’re violent against people not in your in-group. So we have a bunch of hungry, thirsty, sleep-deprived, badly socialized, low IQ 2-year-olds acting out. We have to pretent they’re adults capable of taking care of themselves and that they’re just as good as we are, although their IQ is so low they can’t hold a job in our high-tech high automation societies. Half of their population is below their average IQ which itself is already so low we don’t have any suitable jobs for them anymore. We have machines to do the simple physical labor jobs they are capable of at maximum. Add to that the resentment their skydaddy and his madman prophet are promoting in them by claiming they’re the best and the others are worthless while they clearly see they’re lagging behind in success. It’s all so damn logical if you think about it but the leaders in the Western world refuse to do that, except a few smart individuals like Trump, Farage, Le Pen and the like. I’m thinking it has to be because they want to bring down the IQ in their populations, because higher IQ people are more difficult to lead than lower IQ people.

    Anyway, I just thought up a potential new way of reducing terror in the West. What if we made eunuchs of all dead terrorists and made that known? What if we announced that from now on, before the body of a dead terrorist is released to his family for burial, we cut off his dick and balls and cremate them? That way when they get to their heaven to the 72 virgins, they’re unable to f*ck them. Since their skydaddy is not putting any limits on his own 2-year-olds, the grumpy neighbor next door will need to do the job in harsher terms than would have been needed if they were properly socialized by their own skydaddy. Let’s make it painfully clear that on their own skydaddy’s yard they can misbehave (unless skydaddy has a smarter brother or grandad or whatever who does put some limits), but as soon as they misbehave on the neighbor’s yard, they get a punishment they’re not going to easily forget. Every child and every dog senses unfailingly who they have to obey nicely. Why do we treat muslims in the West as something incapable of learning the lessons every child and a dog is capable and expected to learn?


    • 7delta says:

      Interesting post, Mindy. I agree there isn’t a “smidgen” of logic behind how the West deals with Islam. However, I wouldn’t say all Muslims are so inbred they have IO’s lower than a stunted chimpanzee, but a large number of the “refugees” probably fall into the category.

      Traditionally, the sex slave business and war booty brides probably helped inject DNA outside of the usual mating with first cousins, but until ISIS, there wasn’t much of an open market after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. (Also, think of the Jewish DNA lurking inside their gene pool from the initial conquests. Oy vey!) Nearly a century of little new blood injected in many Islamic areas hasn’t been kind to them, not to mention, the disdain for education, save Qu’ranic studies. There’s not much of a belief in meaningful employment, entrepreneurship or inventiveness, especially when residing in kaffir countries…where, in the West, all non-Muslims are seen as Christians and Crusaders, whether they are or not. Jews have a category all their own, but overall, it matters most that someone Western is someone Western to be converted, killed and forced into submission to Shariah. The dhimmi, however, is supposed to keep them up, technically by paying the jizya, but welfare works too.

      I’m a big fan of bacon. Personally, as an essential food group, and as a cheap weapon. Wang-ectomies, I suppose, are a option, but it would be simpler for the West to launch an awareness campaign to expose the truth that nearly all gunpowder, bullets, and explosives contain pig parts. Pork is in most gun cleaning oils and lubricants. Manmade materials used to make a knife’s hilt may also contain some form of pork byproduct. Pork’s used for various reasons in manufacturing lots of things.

      All firearms are tested (fired and oiled) before they leave the manufacturer. Therefore, every gun a Muslim touches, every bomb they strap to themselves, every one that’s shot has already sealed their fate, according to their beliefs. They’re one with Porky…unclean. Since Mohammed isn’t around to come up with an off-the-cuff-cognitively-dissonance abrogation of the “pork rule”, it’s a done deal. To be sure, bacon makes a great wienie wrap too.

      The 3 that got aerated last night, like all the others before him, according to my beliefs and theirs, were roasting on an open fire, the second after they drew their last breath. Pork, the inescapable weapon.


  11. kidsndogsncats says:

    Another candle, another card, another flower, placed at the site where terrorists blew people up or ran them down or knifed them. There, that makes us feel better.
    I want to blow those ***** up myself! and take back our country! I’m a granny and remember, pretty recently, when no one walked around staring at devices in their hands, oblivious to what was happening all around them. Maybe they feel helpless about what they can do so they retreat into themselves or what they are looking at on their phones.
    We are so shallow, not wanting to see the danger we are in, unconscious, hoping for the best. Be prepared to protect yourself, your family and your home. That’s all we can do. President Trump has his hands full. We can help him by taking care of ourselves and protecting our loved ones.


  12. moe ham head says:

    gee what a shocker
    so lets see all three men will have been known to authorities
    it was a lone wolf attack by 3 mentally ill people all named mohamud
    nothing to do with islam
    yup that about covers it
    same shit different day
    aint multiculturalism great

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  13. Chris Hiscock says:

    busy monday for islamb


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