Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Deconstructs Matt Lauer’s Talking Points…

Earlier today Secretary of Commerce Wilbur “Wilburine” Ross was interviewed by Today host Matt Lauer. Wilburine doesn’t suffer fools especially when they are quoting from oppositional talking points disconnected from facts.

Lauer throws the progressive talking points and Wilburine simply chews through them while reminding Lauer the Paris Treaty was about economics not climate.


The underlying principle of the Trump Economic Team’s policy is how they plan to effectively grow the economy beyond the current 1-1.5%. Without the insufferable regulation, and with renegotiated trade deals, the baseline for economic growth jumps enormously.

This is the fundamental disconnect most financial and economic followers are missing. All current assumptions for growth are predicated on the burdensome status quo; remove those blocks and the national GDP has no upper limit. Three to four percent (or higher) growth becomes the reality.

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  1. NJF says:


    “That is all.”
    ~This day….Wilbur Ross

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    • He’s amazing to watch. Whenever he asked by the MSM’s a dumb, obfuscated question, he cuts them down like Zatoitchi with the “one stroke kill”.

      Such a package of dynamite and so refreshing to listen to!

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Mark T not only did he cut Lauer down to size, he went after their messiah! Their messiah can never be wrong. Yet the Wilburine got Lauer to admit that the deal China got compared to us was very different!

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        • I need to watch the video. I hate television but love the fact that I can selectively watch the interviews I want without commercial interruption via the internet.
          God Bless Wilberine Ross!

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        • Yes fleporeblog, not only is their messiah wrong but so is 120 other countries.

          Go Wilbur Ross.

          The US leads, we do not follow everyone else down the wrong path no matter how many are on it.

          If the whole wide world wants to go down the wrong path to “climate control” correction we will march to our own drummer.

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          • Sentient says:

            As Ross pointed out, it’s not that the other counties are wrong, per se, it’s that we would’ve been committed to forking over our money to them, and they would have gotten our money. Helluva deal for a developing country. They want us to feel guilty and pay for our supposed damage to the climate over the last 125 years, whereas I think the rest of the world owes America for developing everything from cars, airplanes, the assembly line, GPS, computers, the internet, TV, the green revolution, etc etc. Sure, we emitted some CO2 along the way, but we gave the world much of what constitutes modern civilization. By all rights, they should be paying us, but a simple “thank you” would suffice, and there’s no way in hell we should be paying others out of some misplaced guilt.

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        • maiingankwe says:

          True, however, he just couldn’t resist throwing in that China had promised to cut their emissions by 60% after 2030, and not allowing Ross Wilbur to respond. Got me angry as all get because I would have loved to have heard his response.

          Does anyone seriously believe China will cut it by 60% after they’ve been allowed to do whatever until then? I sure as heck don’t see them doing it. I thought they were just blowing smoke, so they can continue doing whatever they want just like they have always done. JMO.
          Be well,

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          • Wayne Robinson says:

            Can anybody be testify to China ever not being China first and only?

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          • Mike says:

            I’m sure China’s CO2 plan is something like, dominate the world by the 30’s and do as they please. Then silence or liquidate anyone with too long a memory and too loud a voice.

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            • H.R. says:

              From China’s perspective, that’s a reasonable plan, Mike.


            • bolshevict says:

              Right. Thats another 13 years of US companies high-tailing it to China in order to remain competitive.
              Somebody forgot to tell the social planners that corporations get “graded” on their PROFITABILITY, and on a QUARTERLY basis.

              This is a BIG, BIG win.
              Watching the Matt Lauers and Joe Scarboroughs squeal is like smoking a cigarette after a satisfying marital “session”.


          • Jerzy2GA says:

            The same thing I said. WHy would you increase coal production for 13 years then all of a suddenly not only stop, but roll back all the coal plants you put on line. Who the hell would enforce it!? The damn Martians who we export foreign aid too by 2080??

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          • mikeyboo says:

            Exactly, ma’iingankwe ! Sooooo China will continue with emissions for the next 30 years by an unlimited percent and then reduce it by 30% of what is today?
            Lauer was smugly kissing his own shoulders after that abysmally stupid remark when he should have followed his comment with a chorus of “What Kind of Fool am I”?

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          • MaineCoon says:

            Ma, I was left with that same angry feeling. Lauer had to make sure he got the last comment in. Editorializing. I just don’t like him. I am so glad I get to watch snippets of vids here instead of the whole shebang. At least that’s some relief.


          • William Ford says:

            China gets to triple it’s CO2 emissions in the next 13 years then cut by 60% thereafter. That’s a whopping increase from the starting point today.


      • Phil aka Felipe says:

        Mark, your comment brought a picture to my mind of the Wiburine putting on a show like a Benihana chef slicing up the meal for the dinner party.

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      • Rainy says:

        Knowledge is power vs ninny.

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    • setup2100 says:

      He and T Rex the sharpest Cabinet staff TRUMP appointed.

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  2. sundance says:

    Another interview from yesterday with OAN:

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  3. Atticus says:


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  4. The Boss says:

    This video is a perfect example of why I hate Matt Lauer. He is such a sanctimonious asshole in dire need of a major-league pimp slap.

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  5. Hank says:

    Haha they will do it in 2030, suuuuure!

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    • Doug says:

      just like they will follow wto rules which they havent lol maybe western europe deserves to be taken over by radical muslims


    • So right Hank, like they follow all the other rules.

      60% by 2030, that was an limp futile response by Lauer, pitiful little beta male, to get the last word in.

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      • Jason says:

        and what’s to stop them from reducing by 60% in 2030 with US’s withdrawl? Will they not care about the planet in 13 years… or did they want to wait until all of the US’s manufacturing capability had been shipped overseas.

        Great to see Wilburine and Trump lay out the real motivations behind this treaty… err, “agreement”

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  6. 17CatsInTN says:

    Agenda! Agenda! The sky is falling! The sky is falling! We’re all gonna DIE! What about the CHILDREN? But…..but……but……Obama!


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  7. fleporeblog says:

    These men are truly “killers” in the best sense of that word! Listening to the administration speak to reporters after the announcement from our President, I get a feeling I know exactly how they want to work with countries.

    It is brilliant! We want to work with countries throughout the world to show them our technology and innovation that has been used throughout the past 20+ years to reduce our carbon emission by 16%. As a matter of fact, we can sell that technology to them. Our energy folks can come in and show them how to develop clean coal and how to frack the land so not to pollute the environment. This would be a BOOM for American jobs and money into our economy!

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  8. Sam says:

    Wilburine nails it. He says freeloaders are now being asked to pay their own way and they don’t like it.

    Uncle Sugar just closed his wallet.

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  9. dreadnok89 says:

    I love this guy. He reminds of the bad guy from robocop clarence bodiker. Who wouldnt want that guy on there side

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  10. M33 says:

    Love this guy.

    He should visit the WH press corp and destroy their narratives… just for the fun of it.

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  11. Cindy says:

    So Ross and Trump are only discussing doomsday economic statistics and that’s misleading but climate scientists have been saying the coasts would be underwater by now and that’s completely reasonable?

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    • navysquid says:

      Exactly, Cindy! I never believed AGW because I am a kid from the 70’s adn 80’s and at that time it was Global Cooling. Aerosol cans were damaging the ozone, DDT was killing everything (Except for what it was intended lol), there were too many people on the planet, etc, hence the big push for abortions and ERA, and so when the mantra switched to Global Warming the jig was up for me (though I never believed it as a kid either) because how could things be so dire, then the total opposite happens weather-wise and it is the same dire consequences??

      As I became a parent, I’ve shown and taught my kids all that we were infused with and they see what a scam it is and how hypocritical liberals are in the things they demand.

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      • RG says:

        I watched a video six times when I was a substitute for a science teacher. The topic was “global warming.” Throughout the video/indoctrination, the words may, might, appear to be, and scientist think…..were used over and over. At one point, I spoke up and told the kids to listen for those words. I never said we might be watching a FAKE Science video, but I did try to provide clues. As a substitute, I couldn’t speak up and tell them we were watching propaganda as I would never be able to go into another classroom. The indoctrination has been going on for years.


  12. dreadnok89 says:

    Please tell me how us giving billions to garbage nations that need handouts to pay for refugee terrorists has anything to do with climate change? How many of these green energy garbage companies have went under even with government money?

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  13. psadie says:

    Ross took down Neil Cavuto about staying in the Accord and it was very entertaining…but T-Rex wanted Trump to stay in the agreement. Naught. What kind of nonsense is it that we have to stay in for 3 years after giving notice? Fine they should get NO MONEY…they are all on their own so let’s see what happens with nothing coming in for it will fold!!!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      psadie it makes it even sweeter that we are technically in until the day after the 2020 election yet we are financially and regulatory out as of yesterday!

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      • maiingankwe says:

        Mike Lee was on Lou Dobbs last night saying what the idiot had signed was not even legally binding due to our laws in our Constitution. In order for it to have been legal, congress would have had to okayed it. They didn’t. An E.O. as the idiot did was not legal by any means of our Constitution, so I don’t get why that other idiot claimed that our President couldn’t just walk away when he did just that. I believe that other idiot was German because he said he’d speak in easy to understand German or some such bs. I think he is one of the top unelected dogs at the EU.

        So realistically it was never legal to start with. We never had any skin in the game. Our last president, the one who I repeatedly call an idiot, knew this and didn’t care anyways.

        I wish the msm would tell the people it was never legally binding to begin with. It would save a lot of this ridiculous grandstanding bs, but then I’d be asking for them to be honest, and that just isn’t going to happen.

        I may not like Mike Lee anymore or trust him, but he made a very valid point, which should have ended all of this nonsense.

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        • psadie says:

          THIS is exactly what the Repubs should be “blasting” the media with NO CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL…to shut them all up! Repubs where are you???

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          • navysquid says:

            This is what p*sses me off to no end since PDJT’s election. WHERE!!! are all the Republicans on ANYTHING Pres Trump is doing? They have been silent on HCare, Taxes, VA fixing, Job expansion, Foreign Trip, Paris Accord refusal, Kathy Griffin, and on and on…WHERE WHERE WHERE are the R’s on Pres Trump’s side???

            Yet every freakin’ year they would whine and complain about what power they did not have to get anything done in Congress. Almost all are liars and really do not care about the people they represent. WE. NEED. TERM. LIMITS.

            Sick of these guys…

            Go Trump! MAGA

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            • MaineCoon says:

              They aren’t representing We The People’s agenda. That’s why we are going to have a landslide D & R house cleaning come ’18.


          • Southern Son says:

            Umm, down on K-street.


      • psadie says:

        That’s called WINNING! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        Why we should be “technically” in an unratified treaty–a document signed by a President who then pretended it had the force of law–is beyond my comprehension. Presidents can sign such documents and do whatever is in their regulatory authority to comply with them, but until they are ratified by the Senate, they are purely voluntary on our part.

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  14. txjohn says:

    I am so glad the adults are back in charge.

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    • LafnH2O says:

      What we NEED to do, (imho) all of us Treepers.. is to donate ALL $$$$ directly to ONLY.

      Do not donate after the “feel good” questionaire from the RNC/GOP or whomever. The feel good questionnaires and “What’s your opinion polls” are from the RNC/GOP. (Uni-Party) Scroll down to The Bottom ALL The Way down PAST the empty space. (Intentionally left blank) And you will see. Do not feed them. Do not strengthen them!! Period. Answer the questions etc., if you choose. (I do) Just No $$$$
      Give to ONLY.
      He knows BEST how to use the donations. Imho

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      • JustSomeInputFromAz says:

        Agree 100%


      • NewNonna!!! says:

        I always say I’m not Repub or demorat nor independent. I’m a Deplorable!!!

        Let that soak in a lil. I tell them I totally support our President and that if they don’t, I will NOT vote to re elect them.

        I’m simply registered Repub in order to be able to vote in primary; I switched from independent to Repub in order to vote for Trump in the primary.

        I tell them there are LOTS of other Deplorables out there and they better not assume they’ll get re elected. Look at what happened to Liarly when she assumed SHE’D win!!

        They better watch out before a house falls on them too!

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  15. Apfelcobbler says:

    This is a little lengthy, but Ivan Giaever does a good job of dissecting current climate science modeling. This was at the Mtg of Nobel Laureates of 2015. He’s a physicist, but his critique is at a level laymen can understand.

    It’s amazing how mere repetition has caused people to short circuit the “logic circuits” in their brains. Very similar to how repeating “muh Russians” has resulted in 58% of Democrats believing “the Russians” changed the vote.

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    • Gail says:

      It’s the old “repeat a lie often enough and people will begin to believe it” and the other old twin saying “the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.” Attributed to various people- Hitler, Goebbels, Stalin.

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    • Paul Hanlon says:

      Here’s another thing. If we are talking about concern for the wellbeing of the *planet*, then CO2 is the most important gas to have in the atmosphere. It is estimated that there are 3trn trees on the planet, or about 400 for every man,woman and child on the planet. Lose the plants, and the whole animal kingdom goes extinct in short order, including us.

      Trees and plants generally prefer their CO2 levels at around 1500ppm (parts per million). At 180-200ppm, they basically suffocate. Levels are currently at 400ppm, so we’re at the “sicker” end of the scale for vegetation. CO2 has risen a bit in recent times, and the benefits of that can already be seen. A study by NASA shows that there has been a significant greening of the planet over the last thirty five years, since we were able to visualise it via satellites.

      CO2 is the “bogeyman”, because through it, practically everything can be controlled. Pretty much any effort that is expended, whether by muscle or engine creates CO2, and if a price can be put on it, we are on the road eventually to an individual carbon credit card. It will be topped up each year to give you a basic living, but if you like to travel, you will have to top it up. Cyclists will have to pay because all that extra effort (we breathe out at a rate of 40,000 ppm), is going to add to the “pollution”. Utterly dystopian.


  16. BAM says:

    Vox (I know!!! Went over there to see what their “take” was!) has an article about the 5 biggest deceptions in Trump’s announcement. The biggest thing they left out was that there are mandatory payments; it’s all voluntary about goals etc. But WHY in the world would anyone in their right mind pay voluntary blackmail??? Blackmail for not being pilloried in the media? Those funds, as has been pointed out here at CTH, would surely be largely dispersed as funds for administrative costs.

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    • RG says:

      I guess PDJT showed that when he doesn’t agree with someone in his cabinet, he can stand tall. The two that felt we should remain with the Paris accord, haven’t shown their faces and before all the talking is done (????LOL), they will probably agree with Trump too.
      BTW, what’s that guy’s name that is trying to find a Russia connection? Where did he go? Is it over….?


  17. helmhood says:

    This was a good week for the United States of America.

    We keep on rolling under the leadership of the Trump Administration.

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  18. Donna in Oregon says:

    Strategies of the Propaganda press. They are floundering everywhere.

    Fox Business is acting like we are really missing out. We can never join again. Russia and China are in, but we are out of the club.

    All very vague. This was an innocuous agreement. Hardly meant anything.

    I’ll buy their argument now that we are out. It doesn’t mean a thing.

    Okay. Great! End of story.

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    • KBR says:

      Fox Business is about trading, finances, stockmarket. I would doubt that anybody on that channel does not have any investments.

      Many of the people there may have been (and/or may still be) heavily invested in carbon trading/carbon futures deals: Meaning some of their own personal “panties are in a twist.”
      Losses expected. Or gains they had counted on will not, or may not, be realized.

      Others may have heavy investments in “alternative energy” stocks which are dependent upon the climate change lies continuing.

      It is, as always, all about the 💰.

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        • But also, psychologically, it’s a little more. Psychologists, when pressed, admit that human beings are wired to follow something. Our founders rightly chose Christian basic beliefs (without imposing it as a national religion). with the Atheist/Socialist move to eradicate Christianity a new religion had to be formed.
          Enter: man made (and completely without substance and foundation, always changing according to whims and having zero ability to guide people into moral goodness) religions: global money, global environmentalism, global conformity…and oh yeah, perversions enough to make Nero weep with envy.

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  19. UJB says:

    Obama gave 500 million to the Green Climate Fund as part of Paris Climate accord. Go to the GFC website and enjoy the gobbledegook that is on full display there…..a real fancy website touting a bunch of entrenched desk jockeys. Trump admin is great for setting a path and taking all the arrows. America is back in the leadership business as they wrestle away power from Euro-centric elites.

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  20. mortgagesforthemasses says:

    Yesterday Trump mentioned money that was appropriated for fighting terror was diverted to the green slush fund. Has anyone heard anything else about this?

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  21. lisaginnz says:

    What is extremely and continually annoying is the false premise CO2 emissions by man are doing something bad. It has not been proven 2% of CO2 from humans drives planetary warming or cooling trends. The perpetual sky is falling because of human activity is silly and not science. I remain annoyed.

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  22. decisiontime16 says:

    The very definition of acumen is Wilbur Ross.

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  23. Big Jake says:

    Well, McConnell and Ryan won’t let anything change so we are going to settle back into the Obama Economy after a brief Trump Optimism blip. Sad. Really sad.


  24. Big Jake says:

    Looks like we quickly forgot the Climate Scientist Data Fraud Email Scandal.

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  25. weneedmorerules says:

    I think these journalists must have corks in their ears. For two purposes, one is to prevent them from ever hearing anything truthful and the other is to prevent the moths from flying out of their empty skulls.

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  26. maiingankwe says:

    Last night the three of us were sitting on the couch and a picture of our Secretary Wilbur Ross came up. I told my family how much I loved our Wilbur and I was ever so ribbed by our daughter.

    What do you mean she says, don’t you love daddy? What about daddy? I think he’s cuter than that old guy. And on and on it went with my husband just laughing and laughing and tickling me in the ribs.

    It’s very hard to talk in complete sentences when one is laughing, but I did get my explanation out finally. I love our Wilbur Ross because he suffers no fools, he loves our country, he loves his employees, and best of all he’s working with the greatest President ever. He’s helping Make America Great Again!

    I so love our Wilbur Ross. I could listen to him for hours and hours. I’d even be more than happy to share him with his wonderful wife. Did you know he’s been married three times? Guess the third is the charm.

    Stay smiling good Treepers,

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  27. psadie says:

    Well that is Wilburine…slow and measured!

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  28. bkrg2 says:

    I wonder if Wiburine sleeps with his ass-kicking boots on? The man is a 24/7 idiot killer

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  29. wjb105 says:

    So – are we now supposed to expect new polls with PDJT pretty much down?


  30. fred5678 says:

    Matt ended the interview as soon as he faced an onslaught of facts destroying the Obama myth.

    All the other countries WERE right — IF they wanted to bleed America dry (and they do!!).

    Obama tried to curry favor and fame by sacrificing his own country on the altar of the UN and EU Climate Gods.

    Good riddance, you sad sack of Bill Ayers-lovin crapola!!

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  31. daizeez says:

    If 195 countries want to cut all their emissions the same percentage we have in the last decade then fine. Why do we need to pay hundreds of billions to some group we didn’t elect. We will continue to find new clean energy on our own. These 195 countries should follow our example. Outside of picking our pockets, what is the reason for us paying hundreds of billions of dollars?

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    • The bigger question is: WHO in their right mind think that those who have appointed themselves climate czars are going to be any different than the multitudes of politicians and bureaucrats, who presently take our money and shower it upon themselves, ignoring calls for evidence that they’ve used the money for the projects for which the money was raised?

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  32. paulraven1 says:

    I don’t know. I would say it was closer to a draw, with a slight edge to Lauer. I mean this strictly in terms of popular perception, and how we continue to miss opportunities in confronting the Left. I’m working on a longer explanation, as I really would like to be constructive in criticism.


    • paul, you have to learn to not be dismayed when beaten lefties continue to smirk. THEY think that they’ve won their case.
      Don’t forget that ALL through the campaign of Trump this was the exact expression and once Trump was in office and they continued their 24/7 idiocy they STILL smirked…

      …while viewership, subscriptions and votes for their side distintegrated.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      I liked the OAN interview better myself. Leftie Lauer is a hitman. Just had to get in the last comment, which was negative. OAN interview was uninterrupted.


      • olderwiser21 says:

        I noticed that as well. Huge difference between the reporter on OAN and Leftie Lauer. OAN was much more professional and respectful of our Mr. Ross….Lauer thinks he’s all that and then some. He’s nothing more than a lousy propagandist.


  33. mikebrezzze says:

    Wilbur not only chewed through the progressive talking points, I think he chewed off one of matt’s legs at the knee!

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  34. Cool It
    The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming
    By Bjorn Lomborg

    who is Bjorn Lomborg? The former KEY speaker at global warming conferences. He is still quoted widely by the greenies and Al Gore.
    Only problem: Lomborg’s quotes then were based on computer data. When he was challenged to put his theories up against reality he completely changed his stance and offered SUBSTANTIVE and scientifically sound evidence.
    BUT…once he became the skeptical environmentalist – whose views would do nothing to empower globalists to control the world through egregious penalties and restrictions – he was dropped and demonized and all of his old evidence continued to be used.

    Sound familiar anyone? It’s leftist tactics 101 for ANYONE who dares to defect.

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  35. All American Snowflake says:

    Wilbur Ross is so sexy he makes my mouth water. 😉


  36. calbear84 says:

    Glad to see Lauer is still above ground after Hillary’s “Commander In Chief Forum”


  37. Papoose says:

    Yo Matt, you and the Today show are the very definition of minutiae every day, all day. Its not even debatable. China/2030 is hardly minutiae, asshat.

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  38. Southern Son says:

    All Matt Lower wanted to talk about was minutia, until all minutia goes against
    his GloCoPro Agenda.
    Wilburine is a Killer.
    But softly.
    So softly that it scares the willies out of ’em.

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    • R-C says:

      Lauer could see he was getting pasted, so he “let it go at that”.

      Lauer crowed about “all those other countries” being ‘for’ the agreement as if that was some sort of ‘proof’ of the scientific veracity of the document. It is NOT. Those countries were conspiring to get the better of the United States, pure and simple.

      Ross and President Trump put a stop to that.

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    • distracted2 says:

      I don’t believe Lauer wanted to delve into the minutia at all because the minutia doesn’t support his narrative. It’s funny that he thought he could win that argument with Wilbur. 😂

      Lauer is the kid who would jump off the cliff just because his friends told him it was a good idea.

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  39. MrE says:

    Matt Lauer just got pwned. That was beautiful.

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  40. ediegrey says:

    “You’re taking as a given that the Obama administration is right and that any other action is wrong.” Matt is no match for Wilbur. What makes these media hacks think it isn’t obvious what they are up to. might as well be interviewed by the DNC.

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  41. Howie says:

    No more we pay and the leftists play globaloney.


  42. mikeydoo says:

    Look away from the “minutiae” nothing to see there. Lol.


  43. NJ Transplant says:

    I love our Wilburine. When he started giving Matt Lauer the logic of why the US is dropping out, Lauer cut the interview. I don’t see any of the MSM bringing up the fact that Obama put us on the hook for hundreds of billions of dollars without any congressional or senate approval. Therefore, our signing of the Paris accord doesn’t mean anything. It is not a real treaty, at least for the US.

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  44. Frank says:

    Matt Lauer is such a buffoon. Did you catch that moment at the end? Ross thanked Lauer for having him on the show, and Lauer responded with a rather harsh “uh huh.” The hatred is palpable, yet Wilbur Ross doesn’t seem to acknowledge it because it doesn’t matter. Matt Lauer can give himself an ulcer if he wants to, but he can’t stop the Wilburine from doing his job.

    Every aggressive interview and liberal bitch session reminds me once again just how close we came to our country’s final ruination. The socialists hate this country with every fiber of their being. They came SO CLOSE to realizing all their destructive fantasies only to lose it all in 2016. Not just with the election of the Trump administration, but with senators, representatives, govenors, and state legislators. They lost. It. ALL. And their hatred of us now is an inferno inside them. Thank God for Wilbur Ross and the rest of our executive team.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Frank – you are so right about Mr. Ross. He has the objectivity and clarity that comes with age and wisdom. He is never bothered by all the “nattering nabobs” because he KNOWS they don’t matter, just as you said. I have noticed this with him time and again as goes up against these maroons. He states his case clearly and succinctly and moves on. Enough said. I am sure it drives them absolutely nuts to be dismissed so handily.


  45. zephyrbreeze says:

    Pres. Trump and Secretary Ross have taken the “Kick Me” sign off America’s back.

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  46. Beverly says:

    Carbon DIOXIDE, which is what the Paris boondoogle deals with, isn’t a pollutant.

    Which is why the Leftists’ Gang of Thieves have rebranded it as “carbon.” They never say “carbon dioxide,” always “carbon” — and a lot of sloppy conservative commentators have fallen into the same habit. They want us to hear “carbon” and think “soot.”



  47. Mike diamond says:

    Matt is not smart enough to know what he is talking about ! Wilbur is right on!


  48. Lauer’s final point was that, yes, China doesn’t have to reduce admissions until 2030, but they “promised” they would reduce them by 60% after 2030.

    Lauer, if China quadruples their emissions between now and 2030 when they are unrestricted, and then reduces that 300% increase by 60% after 2030, isn’t it wonderful that they got to actually increase their emissions in those 13 years by 160% (a 300% increase followed by a 60% decrease) while the US was forced under the treaty to reduce its emissions from where we are today. And that presumes China did the 60% decrease in the first year after 2030. Over what period of time is China actually allowed to cover the 60% reduction?

    Here’s the real sobering thought, though, Lauer. What happens in 2030 when it comes time for China to reduce their emissions by 60% and they respond with a middle digit salute and say “we’re not going to reduce anything.” Who will challenge them? Perfumed princes like 0bama and Macron? Don’t make me laugh.

    It’s obvious Lauer never wrote a book entitled “The Art of the Deal.”


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