Kathy Griffin Hires Lawyer – Claim: She Has Endured “Bullying From Trump Family”…

This is rich.  After facing massive backlash and financial losses from a publicity stunt, where Kathy Griffin produced a video enactment of a beheading, and presented an image of a decapitated President Donald Trump, Ms. Griffin has hired Lisa Bloom to represent her legal and financial interests against the victimized Trump family.

Lisa Bloom is the daughter of Gloria Alred a notorious political legal activist.  According to the joint media release Kathy Griffin is claiming she has endured “bullying from the Trump family” as a result of her graphic publicity stunt:

Apparently reenacting a grotesque ISIS type beheading of a husband, father, and President of the United States for financial gain, personal branding, and publicity broadcast should not lead to concerns about “bullying“… or something.

Seriously folks, liberalism is a mental disorder. Together with the failed Clinton run for office, the entire progressive movement has lost their collective mind and are flailing around miserably.

“It’s not about trying to be an equal-opportunity offender anymore because Hillary got such a beat down. It’s his turn. So I’m happy to deliver beat down to Donald Trump — and also to Barron. You know a lot of comics are going to go hard for Donald, my edge is that I’ll go direct for Barron. I’m going to get in ahead of the game.” (link)


(Interview Link)

This person is now worried about being “bullied”?…

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567 Responses to Kathy Griffin Hires Lawyer – Claim: She Has Endured “Bullying From Trump Family”…

  1. wheatietoo says:

    Some people seem to think that Kathy Griffin merely posted a ‘picture’ of Pres Trump’s severed head.

    No…it was worse than that. Way worse.

    I couldn’t find the original video, but this one is still up.
    The first part of this video shows what was in the ‘original video’.

    They staged this to look very ‘serious’.

    Note the ‘serious-sounding’ music in the background.
    Note the ‘serious’ look on her face.

    This was staged to look Threatening.
    It was not a “joke”.
    It was not a “prank”.

    They were high-fiving each other on how Threatening they had made this.

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    • G3 says:

      This was meant to be used to promote the Resistance- the summer of violence- right? It’s all a coordinated effort .

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      • wheatietoo says:

        Yeah, you could be right.

        They acted like they were carrying out a ‘mission’. didn’t they.

        Griffin even mentioned that she would “have to apologize”, like that was part of the plan.

        Her fake apology came out real fast, like she already had the script for it.

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        We are in for a difficult summer.


        • RG says:

          My hope is that Ms Griffin will endure a long & hot summer. My prayer is that God will cause her to loose control of herself many times and show the world what one of the many faces of evil looks like.

          After all these many years, there is a list of so called comedians who are shutting down TV. If you think I even watch Hannity re-run some of their S**t, you and he are both crazy. I guess FOX thinks we don’t watch the hag shows that spew hate and endorse Hillary still, but we know without having to see it.

          If I find out my five year old grandson has seen that image when I visit him next week-end, I might join a lawsuit as well. They are all guilty of taking away my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I think that can be said for most of TV these days.

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          • Coast says:

            She admitted at the 1:00 mark that “she might not survive this”. Well, I sure hope she doesn’t.

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            • Abster says:

              I certainly agree with you, Coast. Hope this hurts long and hard. Her actions were not funny – at all. To have hired Lisa Bloom and suggest Ms. Griffin was bullied is absurd. That makes me question the judgment of both. Own up, woman, you did wrong, very wrong. Hope SS is all over this.


      • nuthinmuffin says:

        just mounted my new scope yesterday


    • dbethd says:

      Premeditated – characterized by fully conscious willful intent and a measure of forethought and planning. I have no sympathy for her for any “bullying” that we the Deplorables are giving her.

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  2. Press conferences are minefields for attorneys. There are a myriad of regulations/ethics rulings/bar association letters on the subject across various jurisdictions, to say nothing of potential breaches of malpractice insurance policies for engaging in them.

    If there are any California attorney treepers (or /pol/ attorneys) reading this, please take a close look at the press conference tomorrow. The Bloom law firm is about to expose itself to all kinds of potential liabilities…

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  3. willvecchio says:

    All contrived. From the get go. Don’t think we have had anything close to this since Lincoln.

    Law and order must be restored. For our society. And so that the guilty can begin to come to grips with what they have done.

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  4. nwtex says:

    Over the years she and her mother have given a zillion California pressers on such high profile cases and they, seemingly, have come out unscathed.
    They are experts on letting their mouths move but say nothing hahaha. So I expect tomorrow will be more of the same.


  5. Try this with any other family in the universe, Kathy, and I assure you, that they will react the exact same way that the Trump family has, if not much more strongly.

    YOU have NO case, NO ground to stand on. So be prepared, Kathy Griffin, for most of the US population (including liberals), to hate and despise you. You earned it.

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  6. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    Just when I think they can’t go any lower. These people are way past sick.

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  7. Ron says:

    Remember, too, that President Trump is litigious as hell and wanted to change the Libel laws. He’s not just going to take Kathy Griffin trying to sue his family lying down.

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    • nwtex says:

      Nah! I don’t believe she is planning on suing anyone. Just lookin to try to clean up her image and salvage her “career” by trying to explain away what she did. Oh, andshe most likely will play victim because the family of 11 year old child didn’t approve of her filth that came from the pit of hell and spoke out….in a CIVIL manner, I must add.

      IMO anyone who represents this female rubbish is as dirty as they.

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      • teaforall says:

        Because of her hateful and evil actions People are either throwing her under the bus or dropping her like fleas. This press conference will end it all . She was not sorry for that video at all. Let fight like a girl and stop this trash


      • nuthinmuffin says:

        she wants to slow down the rate of bleeding…her career is almost dead within 72 hours.

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      • dbethd says:

        She can try all the way to Hell cuz that’s as far as it’s going to take her.

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    • Sandy Weston says:

      Right on!


    • nwtex says:

      Al these distractions must end. The President has a million things to do. Which makes me think that stuff like this will continue for a year or two. Anything to distract him hoping his presidency will fail.

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  8. Mike says:

    It’s the same pattern over and over and over.

    A leftist:

    A. Start shits
    B. gets blowback
    C. Whines and cries about how they’re being “victimized” – totally ignoring the fact that they started it at point A.

    The little dog barks “quit biting me!” as it sinks it’s little fangs into your ankle.

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    • nuthinmuffin says:

      it’s called a template…trayvon martin, hands up don’t shoot, russian hacking. there aren’t any real problems, they are all constructed narratives created for a specific purpose…to distract from the important issues.

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  9. Annie says:

    Oh , how I wish Joanie Rivers was still with us..KG would not know what hit her

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    • nwtex says:

      But ya know they were verrrrrry tight, verrrry. After Joans passing her daughter was even remarking on their strong friendship. So maybe this sort of thing would change that friendship. Dunno.


  10. Political Reviewer says:

    The past few days…between Griffin ‘s disgusting video and Hitlary’s insane behavior… I keep thinking about how God allowed King Nebuchadnezzar to go insane for seven years. (I’m just sayin’)

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    • Sandy Weston says:



    • Mike says:

      I’ve been tracking leftists recently. Their little coalitions of various victim groups is splitting into a a bunch of pieces. They hate each other more than they hate us these days, it seems. They may end up butchering each other before normal people have a chance to join in on the fun.

      The left is dead. Not even “principled conservatives” can revive their essential “other” although they’ll do everything they can to try. The left consist of George Soros style astro-turfing and paid shills, pretending to be real people. That’s about it.

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    • nuthinmuffin says:

      and God can use anyone to do his will without them knowing, even non believers.

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      • Raven says:

        Amen. I am so grateful God is in control.

        Now all I’m hoping for is to see Kathy eating grass like the wild animal she is.


  11. Frank says:

    So the Secret Service is going to be investigating Kathy Griffin, Tyler Shields, and now Lisa Bloom. It looks to me like all three are working together to promote assassinating and beheading our President. Maybe these three wastes of life can be held at Guantanamo Bay until their trial. I think that would be appropriate.

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  12. Sandy Weston says:

    She is disgusting!!


  13. 7delta says:

    Well now, wait a minute. What horrible awful bullying thing did the Trump family do to poor Kathy? Surely, they didn’t resort to 140 characters or fewer on twitter to express their displeasure at her posing with a bloodied, severed head of their father and husband? Did the Trump family tweet it at her or just to the general public. I mean, tweets are public, even if they hashtagged her. If it just takes such a general aim to hit the bully bulls eye, then I might speak with my lawyer about Kathy bullying me with her video because I…drum roll…voted for Trump. She threatened me! With a severed head! She threatened all Trump supporters, trying to silence us and force us to give her our lunch money. She didn’t have to say it out loud. A picture is worth a thousand words. She can’t get wiggle out of this just because she’s a pathetic cretin…with dyed red hair.

    I feel a class action suit coming on. She threatened over 60 million people and bullied us for exercising our right as a citizen to elect the president we chose. How much should we sue her for? /s…sort of. I kinda like the idea of a class action suit against her and everyone involved for bullying us and causing emotional distress. She invaded our safe space, dangit.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Excellent! I feel very “bullied” today! I’m in!

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    • RG says:

      That’s what I am talking about in my earlier post – yes, I will join a class action suit because they have bullied me into turning off the TV. The evening news is a huge joke and I am now frightened for my family’s well-being. My (our) right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness has/is being taken away. Heck, even Obama made me feel that way too. Include his sorry arse in the law suit as well. Advertisers beware…but there are enough lawyers seeking out people who have been harmed by big pharma – they will support any crap on TV to find a customer.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Can we add ILLary to that suit? She just called us the underbelly, and I’ve lost count of the other nasty things she has called us. Maybe we can get some of the money back that she has stolen from us over the years. I’m guessing that her & Slick Willie’s bank account is bigger than Kathy G’s.

      THE BLOG
      CONNECTING THE DOTS. The Frightening Underbelly Of The 2016 Presidential Election.
      by Paul Steven Stone
      23 Aug 2016

      “WHAT IF…

      Over the last four years there has been a plan in place to subvert American democracy …

      A plan whose total aim was the election of Hillary Clinton to the Presidency of the United States.”

      Read more:

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    • Raven says:

      Not only are we being bullied by Kathy, but if she is going to sue anyone for feeling like she is being bullied — she needs to include all of us.

      We are the people making phone calls and sending emails and texts to voice our disgust of what she is doing. I would bet my husband made more phone calls to businesses associated with murderous despot KG than any member of the Trump household made.

      Kathy and her lawyers need to come after US, the thundering voice of patriotic Americans rising up in support of our President. But she’s too much of a chicken when it comes to the real world.

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  14. millwright says:

    Gee, didn’t know I was part of the “Trump Family” ! But not a bad family to be associated with !

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  15. jat says:

    Oh quelle surprise! The spawn of the Allred ambulance chaser has injected herself into this fake victimhood situation. They are beyond repugnant.

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  16. They are going to sue the family of an 11 year old boy who has been terrorized by her “joke?” He was truly scared and thought it was an image of his father, and called for his mother, in fear. Eleven is really young, and he’s just over 10 years now, I think. So she intends to sue the FAMILY of this boy? She can’t sue the president while he’s in office, I think. Now what family would not defend this child? And excoriate her? She is horrible, and so are Lisa Bloom and her mother.

    Tyler Shields, the photographer, should not get so scot free as he seems to be. I believe he was a huge part of this “joke,” from the original stories I read.

    It’s bad enough to do this horror to the country, but to have not one thought in her dried up head about what she might do to a child is unforgivable. I can’t really understand even Bloom/Alred taking this case.

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    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      Like most of her fellow lefties, she cares and cares about “the children,” but not about any real, particular child. Abstracts, they can deal with; particulars, not so much.

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  17. Bert says:

    Imagine if she wasn’t wearing makeup.
    Truly gruesome.

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  18. Ok seen the nasty pic enough.

    Here’s a new version…

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  19. rosewater49 says:

    Kathy is just really depressed that as she gets older she gets uglier and less funny (if that’s possible). What a skank!!!


  20. Leon from the People's Republic of Massachusetts says:

    I would be filled with confidence having an attorney with such a clear grasp of grammar: “Here’s (sic) the details.”


  21. itsy_bitsy says:

    She screwed herself and now wants to blame Trump? Priceless! Only a radical liberal could be so incoherent!

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  22. unconqueredone says:

    Would be fun to find that the lawyer’s phones are clogged for days since they wanted the publicity and posted their contact info.

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  23. TwoLaine says:

    In what world is it NOT OK to see video of what Planned Parenthood does with your babies, your money, and your grants, WHICH IS REAL NEWS, and yet this is considered artistic, IS OK, and we should just tolerate it? Just like we should “get used to living with terrorism”…

    Yes, please desensitize me some more, thank you. Bend over? How far?

    Judge Censors Video of Abortion Provider Sharing Graphic Details
    26 May 2017


    The difference is that this man is the President. This is the First Family. He does have a minor child and minor grandchildren. They have ALL been previously OFFICIALLY WARNED, and this is way over every red line.

    As First Lady Melania said, this woman is mentally sick. Her only option today is to admit she is sick and will be going away for a long treatment in a very quiet place. I would also like to recommend a few she could take with her:

    Crooked ILLary
    Slick Willie
    Rosie OD
    Mook & Team
    Whoopi G I’m Really High
    Everyone who said they were going to move somewhere else but haven’t kept their promises and left yet
    The Failing NYT

    They could turn it into a TV show. Then we can all watch what a train wreck they really are. These people who need safe spaces to hide from their consequences.

    You can tell it is almost summer and the snowflakes are melting. 🙂

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  24. saintoil says:

    Lisa Bloom is an ugly one. Spawn of Gloria feminazi biotch. No luv from anyone on this one dipsticks.


  25. Serpentor says:

    If a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask is enough to outrage, then presidential beheadings must be a capitol offense.

    Now she’s claiming “bullying”? Keep this up, because you haven’t yet seen bullying. Just wait.

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  26. Nope says:

    Kathy Griffin is 56 years old. At this stage of her life, she should’ve known better. It would have been completely different if someone like Justin Bieber pulled this stunt–at least he could’ve claimed youth.

    The fact that she didn’t know better is telling and sinister.

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  27. aqua says:

    This is just sick. Melania must be crushed with anger over this kind of BS from a supposed “celebrity” . If any news agency shows this press conference live, I want to know who the advertisers are, and the network heads.

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  28. mrt721 says:

    “Ms. Griffin and Ms. Bloom will explain the true motivation behind the image…”
    That’s easy:

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  29. Jane Doe says:

    You’re both repulsive! They’re both money hungry whores.

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  30. Geo Girl says:

    “U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 115 › § 2383
    18 U.S. Code § 2383 – Rebellion or insurrection

    Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

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  31. Raven says:

    “Here’s the details.”

    You know, I’m no grammatical genius. I’m a poor speller too. But I would sure as heck make sure my stuff went out making me sound at least half-way intelligent IF it were going to be seen by a lot of people and IF it were representing my business.

    So Lisa Bloom sends out the line, “Here’s the details.”

    Here is the details.

    Apparently there IS one “details.” This is going to be interesting to watch.


  32. Covfefe to You says:

    I just watched the beginning of the “Press Conference” and I am boiling mad! She is telling jokes about my President, and talking about bullying 12 year old girls! What about 11 year old boys! She is digging her grave ever more deeply.

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  33. Covfefe to You says:

    And now the “tears”. Alligator tears that turn totally ME< ME< ME! Then anger against all white guys being bullies.
    This is such a load of crap!.

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  34. Stu Anthony says:

    It’s true what people are saying. This nut job’s apology was a lie. She didn’t mean it. This just proves that she has a screw lose. She is just upset that this got so much negative press from both parties that she can’t handle it. What a loser.

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  35. Pf Mahan says:

    Hahahaha, boy is she either stupid or someone is giving her really bad advice to screw her, this is only adding gasoline to the fire, you go girl, I love the self implosion

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  36. Covfefe to You says:

    At the end she started cryin’ some more. I never saw one tear! Then some git fro “Gateway Pundit” came up with a photo of Kathy holding up Lisa Blooms head, and saying more BS. This whole thing is so funny!.


  37. Debbie Meighan says:

    Does Kathy Griffin suffer from some kind of mental illness, I’m sure she has been bullied because of her looks and her abrasive personality for years and I feel sorry for her for this, however she crossed the line and should be imprisoned for her horrible threats to a world leader. She upset his family and millions of voters and admirers of President Trump. She should not be allowed in society


  38. TJ says:

    Tyler Shields should be held accountable with Kathy Griffin/CNN. I wish there was a class action lawsuit against the whole group.I tried to leave a comment on Tyler Shields web site of course he has shut that option done. The ladies on the view compared Christians to the Taliban after Kathys,I’m the victim news conference. These people are motivated by hate and the only way to shut them down is money or the taking away of advertising dollars. There really needs to be a class action lawsuit, I am a dad and grandpa it is scary to think anyone would think this is OK. I refuse to buy products promoted on CNN ,The View,Tyler Shields productions or anyone that promotes this type of hatred. Seems the left will do or allow anything to slow or stop Make America Great Again..We will miss the Greatest Generation!


  39. TJ says:

    Everone needs to read the comments Tyler Shields(the producer of Kathys photo/video shoot) on the TMZ web site. He talks about his artistic balls. What would he be saying if he were a defendant in a lawsuit or if there were no buyers for his so called art( check out his web site)


  40. Schools On says:

    Anyone who supports this and gets behind her is equally responsible and she deliberately went for a child thats worse thsn a bully thats an assasdination of a childs soul. Its worse than shameful or vile. She is evil amd treasonous. She should lose more than her job, she should lose her freedoms, and does she have any children? I hope not. Cause they will bear her shame as well !


  41. Kathy Brandt says:

    I left two replies …where are they ?

    Trump , President Trump is a miracle America didn’t deserve.
    America has people praying for trump and his family always !


  42. Robert Taylor says:

    What is wrong with these people (Kathy Griffin  and Jim Carrey). They have gone far beyond  the bounds of common sense and decency.

    Their actions are so offensive that I’d love to punch each of them in the face….

    Are they trying to encourage some unbalanced individual or terrorists  act on their stupid suggestions? THIS COUNTRY DOES NOT NÉED THEIR KIND OF PEOPLE. Their actions amount to treason and inciting insurrection.

    I will never again watch or participate in anything either of these two idiots come out with.

    I will do everything  in  my power to make sure every person I know will hear about I feel. Both of these idiots need to be put in their proper place at the lowest level of humanity. They are nothing more than the most common gutter animals.


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