It’s Official – President Trump Notifies Congress: U.S. Removed From Paris Climate Treaty…

There have been many rumors and indications in this direction, but President Trump just made it official.  The President has notified congressional leadership that he is withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Climate Treaty…

This drives a stake through the heart of multinational banks and multinational corporations who exfiltrate U.S. wealth as an outcome of their business models.   There are trillions of dollars in these international Wall Street and K-Street schemes.

Together with their allies in the progressive media they are going to become even more dangerous now.  There is not more dangerous time in the career of a rescue swimmer as the moment he reaches a drowning and desperate man.

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391 Responses to It’s Official – President Trump Notifies Congress: U.S. Removed From Paris Climate Treaty…

  1. Sherlock says:

    When will our withdrawal become effective? I’ve seen conflicting reports, most saying it takes until Nov. 4, 2020 to completely extricate us. Anybody know?

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    • Ginger says:

      The U.S. never ratified the treaty, never officially joined.

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      • Deb says:

        It wasn’t a treaty, it was an “agreement.” They didn’t make it a treaty so they could bypass Congress, and the people.

        The left didn’t think they’d ever lose another election, that’s why they thought skirting Congress would work. They didn’t count on the people rising up, and they didn’t think we’d find a champion like PDJT.

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      • Joe says:

        The proponents of the accord will say that we are bound by delusions magical but Trump will not be deterred.

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    • myrightpenguin says:

      I’ve seen that but at the same time it’s non-binding anyway. It’s mainly symbolic unless it’s about setting targets for 2030 and beyond. The main thing is it reinforces exit from the Obama EPA “Clean Power Plan”.

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  2. eric says:

    Thank you Mr.President for putting AND keeping America 1st.

    Wonderful news…..another promise kept.

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  3. ivehadit says:

    On Fox nwo:Wilburine!!

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  4. andyocoregon says:

    Who says we can’t have clean coal, natural gas and oil production for our national energy at the same time increase research for solar and wind power? It seems to me that’s the best way to keep our energy costs low and plan for the future.

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    • Remember: A North Korean EMP Attach would “evaporate” America’s Solar Generation Capacity.


    • Disgusted says:

      Who’ll be paying for this “research” and who will be held accountable for costs passed on to taxpayers for somebody’s poorly documented “results”? NO more of this scam for me! Let kids give it a try for their Science Fair Projects. Watching clips today of crazy crazy crazy t.v. faces making claims about “Top World Scientists” (never identified of course) predicting horrors if we don’t pay into this scheme, let’s just let the PRIVATE money the left is rolling in pay to prove their claims! No more tax dollars thrown into the wind!


  5. BobBoxBody says:

    This is great. As for the vested interests that get hurt by their schemes effectively being destroyed…what are they going to do? They assassinate him, this country will effectively destroy DC and have a hard reset of our government. They’re beaten and they know it. It doesn’t help that these people are cowards who skulk in the shadows and try to play on people’s ignorance to get away with their crap. That’s not the case any longer. You can see the usual suspects squirming lately. They know what’s coming. They know that the bill is loooooong overdue and we’re coming to collect. MAGA.

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  6. daughnworks247 says:

    Do you have any idea what 100 Billion a year in R&D could produce????
    Leave the American People alone.

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  7. daughnworks247 says:

    …And the Dakota Pipeline came on-line today!!!!!!!!

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  8. rayvandune says:

    The Hammer of the American People just came down on the Paris Accord with a mighty crash. Ignore it at your peril, Democrats, RINOs, Globalists and Socialists – you will see it again.

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  9. waltherppk says:

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  10. starfcker says:

    Turned on the livestream just in time to hear him say, “we’re getting out, there’s nothing to renegotiate.” Clicked it off. Nothing more I needed to hear. Well done Mr. President

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    • hippielouie says:

      when u have time u may wanna listen. it is a historical speech, explaining in a way even I can understand, what the agreement would’ve meant for us. by getting out he explains very clearly how it works to MAGA! :))
      what a day!!

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  11. USA Loves Melania says:

    Top covfefe. Still not tired of winning. God bless our POTUS!

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  12. Madmax110 says:

    Beautiful. Gave a big middle finger to the globalists, especially France. Who is laughing now? I’m sick of the Europeans and their attitudes. Let’s pull out of NATO also. We shouldn’t have to babysit them anymore. Cut the cord. I love my President !!!!!

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    • Deb says:

      Europe is our firewall against the invading hordes. That’s why the golabalists on both continents had to start importing them. We need a safe and secure Europe, if we don’t fight them over there we’ll have to fight them here. The question is, how much are we willing to pay to prevent their collapse? During WWI and WWII our troops were the sons of immigrants, they still had a connection to Europe that meant something. Today that connection is not as strong, and we have to ask how much we are willing to sacrifice to keep Europe from falling.


      • unconqueredone says:

        Nothing can prevent the collapse of a society hell-bent on suicide. Europe cannot be kept from falling unless it has the will to do so on it’s own. I have no interest in seeing anyone’s sons and daughters sent to die for Europe when they have a cultural death wish. Sorry.

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  13. 5haircut says:

    Because of President Trump America will again be the shining city on the hill. Thank God for him and his family. America will be in good hands for years to come!! MAGA !!

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  14. David says:

    Big Win for President Trump and America First…Big Loss for Globalist/Elitist.

    Obama signing this Paris Agreement shows again, repeatedly; he was really trying hard to take down the United States.

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  15. blognificentbee says:

    Best covfefe ever!! I think I am the happiest today since the inauguration. Promises kept. It’s really happening!! His speech was incredible, his points were laser-focused (thanks Stephen Miller!) and his strength makes me so proud to have him as our President.

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  16. floridahoosier93 says:

    May God protect you and your family, Mr. President.

    I had no doubt he would pull us out of that abominable scheme. I pray the forces aligned against him…us…are able to do no harm.

    Shame on any US citizen that would put globalist interests above our country. Shame!

    God bless our country. God bless our Founders. God bless those that have fought and died to protect us. God bless the Treehouse community.

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  17. Bobby says:

    The self-serving globalists and their spinning-head cultist followers will soon know the true meaning of covfefe…

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  18. SPMI says:

    Memorial Day extended.
    Please watch the movie with Kevin Bacon “Taking Chance”
    Amazon or net flicks or hulu. Riveting!


  19. Niagara Frontier says:

    Did the mass extinctions start yet? Will they be televised?

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  20. rayvandune says:

    The everyday people of America just said “NO” to the elites, socialists, globalists, nanny staters and media hairdos who think their job is telling people what to do, and what to think. I suspect the majority of the American people enjoyed it immensely, and now intend to do it some more!

    Well done, President Trump!

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  21. Joe S says:


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  22. Tyler McKinley says:

    Sounds like one its time to lock and load.

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  23. Just Curious says:

    Thank you, Mr. President. My post few days ago pleaded you to do the right thing for our peoples, and you have surely delivered big league today as you have showed time after time that you love this country and our peoples as much as we do. For those evil globalist crowd on the other side who is ready to rip us off by concocting this treaty, I would not even shed a crocodile tear if they are clinging on to life their death bed.

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  24. WonkoTheSane says:

    Next on my wishlist, freeze Soros’ assets. Surely someone has thought of it.

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    • WVPatriot says:

      I will SECOND that.

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    • thluckyone says:

      Wonko, I’m with ya on that! I want to see Soros on his knees begging… for a CRUMB! I wanna see him DEVASTATED and in rags, groveling on the floor like Gollum before Frodo. Then, I want to see our Lion throw a scrap of meat-fat to Soros and I wanna see Barron’s favorite pet come and snatch that scrap of fat away from Soros while everyone laughs. Guess you can tell, I like globalists a whole LOT.


    • unconqueredone says:

      Nah, confiscate them and give them to Europe to help with “global warming” since he’s so concerned about it.


  25. WVPatriot says:

    How about one gigantic group hug for AMERICA and OUR PRESIDENT!

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  26. COLUMBA KNOX says:

    O, thee climate is control by a CREATOR, indeed………….


  27. Woohoo! Another Leftist Smackdown, courtesy of Donaldus Magnus!


  28. YvonneMarie says:

    Pray everyone. Pray.

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  29. COLUMBA KNOX says:

    Thank you CONSERVATIVE for this wonderful blog
    and looking forward sharing thinkings with you folk


  30. Kaco says:

    We have the best common sense President God has ever given us! Thank you!


  31. joanfoster says:

    “I AM WITH YOU”, the first words of the Trump campaign that made tears well up in my eyes. I totally connected with this man in that moment and I have never forgotten the inspiration he imparted in those simple words and neither have the American people. President Trump, WE ARE WITH YOU ALSO.

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  32. MASHALL says:

    70% of the steel produced today uses coal. Metallurgical coal – or coking coal – is a vital ingredient in the steel making process.

    Shutting down US Coal production would destroy our Steel Industry on which our National Defense relies.

    Protect US Coal!
    Protect America’s Steel Independence.

    Thank You President TRIUMPH!

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  33. joseph says:

    MY President Donald Trump.

    I moved to, live, and work in the very country you are protecting Americas Southern border from….good for you.

    I contriibute to the Mexican economy (this is a VERY rich country) and watch it flush itself down the toilet every day due to special interests, greed, stupidity and inefficiency. You sir are moving in EXACTLY the opposite direction in my native homeland….good for you.

    You have the balls (if not the finesse..but who cares about that when the chips are down) to call the Paris Agreements what they are…in front of the world..when countless “big men” just went along with it. Good for you..mis RESPETOS.

    God Bless you Donald…I might just have to return to the USA and contribute to the economy youve made me so damn proud.
    God Bless you Donald…and God Protect you…for you are blazing straight into the evil and corruption of mans soul and shining light into the eyes of those who have been asleep, in front of their cellphones, for so long.

    If I could somehow be at your side to assist you with this incredible burden, I would be honored.
    Thank you sir. You could have been drenched every day in the carnal delight of your immense fortune. However, youve chosen to serve…people you have never, and will never even meet…and do so with passion and logic and justice. We applaud you Mr. President.

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  34. Mike diamond says:

    Thank you president trump ! The Paris climate change treaty was a big rip-off ! If we could go back to the garden of eden the liberals would still find something to whine about ! We need to spend our money to fight Isis, build the wall,support Israel ! Take care of our veterans ! Police and fire fighters and border patrol agents! And the elderly!


  35. Mike diamond says:

    Thanks for putting america first just like you promised!!!! Right on president trump!!!!


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