President Trump Has Perfectly Positioned Angela Merkel as The De Facto Head of The EU…

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is at the root of the European Union’s most terrible policies, both financial and social.  However, her life-skills within EU politics have refined her instincts at playing the wounded indian routine to avoid responsibility in the aftermath of the consequences.

In addition Merkel points the finger at others never taking ownership of the catastrophic outcomes from her expressed socialist and left-wing multicultural policies.  The economic migrants from the Mid-East and North Africa flooding the EU are the most visible example.

The conversations at the most recent G7 summit displayed an intensely smart and strategic approach by U.S. President Donald Trump in that he accepted the EU positions that enhanced their vulnerability (collective trade) and yet refused to accept EU positions that would have weakened U.S. economic outcomes (ie. climate agreements).

President Trump knows it will be a strategic advantage for the U.S. (Wilbur Ross, Robert Lighthizer, Steven Mnuchin) if the EU is handcuffed to the Paris Climate Change Agreement when we enter into bilateral trade negotiations.

More evidence of this approach surfaced when President Trump called out NATO for not funding their own defense, and simultaneously affirmed a strong security relationship with U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May.

It was not coincidental that Secretary Rex Tillerson broke away from the G7 summit and personally visited the U.K. after the Manchester terrorist attack.

Tillerson’s unscheduled dispatch to England sent a message that President Trump was not only looking at future bilateral trade in the U.K’s best interests, but that he was also willing to support bilateral military defense for a nation that has broken away from the insufferable stupidity of the EU.

Believe me, it became transparent to Angela Merkel what President Trump was/is doing and the power-play dynamic being created.  The Pajama-boys within the G7, specifically Macron and Trudeau are so caught up in the social justice peacenik memes (and chasing the best mirror), they cannot see the horizon – but Merkel can.

I have experienced this in the last few days, and that is why I can only say that we Europeans must really take our fate into our own hands – of course in friendship with the United States of America, in friendship with Great Britain and as good neighbors wherever that is possible also with other countries, even with Russia. But we have to know that we must fight for our future on our own, for our destiny as Europeans.”  (link)

President Trump has strategically positioned Angela Merkel to own the downside of consequences for the EU’s predicable problems which are just over the horizon.   When the U.K is finally out of the EU, Germany will have to try and fill the financial void.  Great Britain currently provides more than £1.5 billion per month to the EU.

The U.K. is most likely going to close the gates to open-EU migration.  This means that not only will the EU lose the biggest source of financing for their socialist systems, but also that North African and Mid-East refugees are going to bottleneck within the social systems of the EU financially.  This will enhance the severity and simultaneously speed-up the politically correct economic collapse.

Angela Merkel will not be able to deflect ownership of the entire mess.  Her current statement, as reflected in the quote above, is her quick positioning for blame-sharing.

That’s simply what she always does…

Remember, it’s always about the economics, and pre-established leverage.  Believe me.

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365 Responses to President Trump Has Perfectly Positioned Angela Merkel as The De Facto Head of The EU…

  1. Joan says:

    How could the German people be so stupid as to elect this weirdo.

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    • evadouglas says:

      The question is, what other credible choice do they have?

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      • paris23 says:

        Isn’t the better party PEGIDA? It could be fake news but I saw an article today saying that support for Merkel’s party is increasing as they approach their next election cycle. I find this impossible to believe.

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        • Jimmy Jack says:

          If you include the millions of migrants they’re taking in it is possible.

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        • Kristin says:

          The deserve her 110%. The bed you make in the morning is usually the one you sleep in at night.

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        • CountryclassVulgarian says:

          The media in Europe have also successfully sidelined PEGIDA. They have portrayed them as “far right wing nationalists”. The usual “bigots, islamaphobes” the whole 15 yards. Just like they did Le Pen. Frankly, I’m getting to the point where I lose all sympathy for them. When they see their daughters getting blown up in concert halls and they can’t muster the fight back, I don’t hold out any hope for them.

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      • It is time Germany stands up for itself and take’s back their country. Political correctness has to die out before any Country can reach it’s potential. We owe no one automatic Allegiance to anything it has to be earned and approved by those that would be affected by any mass deportations into their country, Now Angela Merkel and her ilk have done more damage and destruction to Germany and a monstrous debt accumulation will be their legacy. It’s about time she learned you can’t be the Savior to the World and put one’s own Country in jeopardy while trying to save others.. and for those people who will never change and assimllate into Germany, Their aggenda is to rape and pillage and replace your values with theirs. When men will not fight for the freedom of their own country, what makes you think they will care about yours, and their ideolgy runs deeply in their veins for over a thousand years.Never trust them unless it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are wotthy of that trust and lastly, never ever bring the battle to your own land, as it too will be destroyed in the process


    • dilonsfo says:

      I ask the same thing about how could Americans elect Obama…but we did….twice.

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      • Coast says:

        Yeah, even now that fact still blows me away. How the hell did that happen?

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      • G. Combs says:

        VOTER FRAUD!

        Why do yo think Obummer targeted Catherine Engelbrecht?

        It was not JUST the IRS but also and multiple visits by OSHA and ATF.

        “Shortly after filing IRS forms to establish 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) tax exempt organizations, an assortment of federal entities including law enforcement agencies and a Congressman from Maryland, Elijah Cummings came knocking at my door. In nearly two decades of running our small business, my husband and I never dealt with any government agency, outside of filing our annual tax returns. We had never been audited, we had never been investigated, but all that changed upon submitting applications for the non profit statuses of True the Vote and King Street Patriots. Since that filing in 2010, my private businesses, my nonprofit organizations, and family have been subjected to more than 15 instances of audit or inquiry by federal agencies.” “ ~ Catherine Engelbrecht

        […] After the hearing, Engelbrecht and her attorney Cleta Mitchell filed a complaint against Democratic Ranking Member Elijah Cummings for his intimidation and singling out of True the Vote. Back in 2012, True the Vote issued a formal request to Cummings asking him to retract defamatory statements he made about the Houston based group on national television and in writing.

        “Congressman Cummings on three separate occasions sent letters on letterhead from this committee, stating that he had concerns and felt it necessary to open an investigation on True the Vote,” Engelbrecht said.[…]

        True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht Slams IRS Abuse, Weaponizing of Government

        SO WHERE was the Yellow Stream Media on this EXPLOSIVE story. HMMMMMmmmm??

        Where the heck was the Republican Party?

        Why weren’t we hearing Time to impeach Obama 24-7?

        This story and possible impeachment had a heck of a lot more legs than Meh-Russia ever did.

        OH LOOK!

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      • miketrivi says:

        Obama was installed into office through massive election fraud.

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        • Mary Parry says:

          Now we know how true it is that Obama was elected by election fraud and a corrupt DNC and MSM! Hopefully, within Trump’s 4year term he makes it impossible for any election fraud. Soros must be taken down!


    • David taylor says:

      Merkel is certainly no weirdo, but the answer is easy . . . they always follow their Leader, regardless of where it leads them!! The last 100 years proves the point . . . .

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    • laurelmarycecilia says:

      Remember Obama ?

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    • USMCLt says:

      The Germans have a history of electing weirdos. Germany produces excellent engineers and technicians, so I would say she produces and encourages more ignorance than stupidity. Rather than embracing the freedom and independence which could have followed the fall of the Berlin Wall, the ignorant Germans have chosen a daughter of Communist East Germany to lead them into their Socialist Utopia. The USA has wasted a whole lot of money on Germany since the end of WWII, starting with the Marshall Plan. We should have left them in ruins.

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    • B Allen says:

      Europe is doomed. Who doubts that the entire continent will be under Sharia Law within 25 years? The Americas & Russia will be flooded with native European refugees.


    • John says:

      I never understood their love affair with this mediocrity. The Germans are really screwed: Merkel is awful, but the opposition is even crazier.


    • scott467 says:

      Joan asked: “How could the German people be so stupid as to elect this weirdo.”


      The same way we elected the traitor, race-baiter, America-hater, anti-Christian Obamao.

      Not once but TWICE we had that Obamanation.

      They did it through fraud, deception, lawlessness, mass-media support — the ends justifies the means for the hateful Left — and a dumbed-down electorate resulting from a purposely dumbed-down education system.

      It is a miracle that we managed to elect Trump, when every single aspect of ‘the system’ was deployed against him — and by extension, against us, We the People.



    • Cindy says:

      Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Nancy Pelosi the list goes on and on.


  2. duchess01 says:

    Think she got the message? Big Bad Trump

    ‘Europe’s dependence on allies are over, we have to fight for our future ourselves’ – Merkel

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  3. The Devilbat says:

    Angela Merkel will likely make the cover of the New York Times as person of the year the same as this man did in 1938.

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  4. Larry Bucar says:

    Very enlightening, another superb analysis

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  5. MrE says:

    You’d think a refugee from the Soviet Union would know better. Angela has finished digging her political grave. It’s only a matter of time now.

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  6. keebler AC says:

    It’s Merkel’s 12th NATO summit, President Trump’s first — and she wants to blame the “newbie”? LOL.

    As for the two lover boys,

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  7. sundance says:

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  8. Just Curious says:

    It is time to leave Western Europe to decide their own fate. I realize that many of our ancestries came from there, but to invest our resources and money to defend these peoples who do not understand or care what their decisions will affect their own lives or countries, then we are just throwing away our valuable resources.

    Up to my dying days, I will never understand the mentality of these peoples. They are easily swayed by the brain washing concocted by the globalists and their paid elected leaders who never care a single second for their own peoples. To that point, I would wish these peoples good luck but I will not lay a remembrance flower at their graves for their own stupidity

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  9. citizen817 says:

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    • Kristin says:

      Indeed. And you know last week in AZ it was 109. This weekend it has been in the 80′ and 90’s. Climate change. I am sure next week it will reach the 100’s again. It changes all the time. It was very dissatisfying to me that I had to wait for the pool to warm up as my grandkids were here this holiday weekend.
      Happy Memorial Day All!
      Let’s give a Thanks tonight that we are blessed with President & Mrs. Donald Trump.

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  10. AJ says:

    The body language from Merkel in that first photo above says it all to me, namely, I don’t have to sit like a lady because I’m all powerful.

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  11. graphiclucidity says:

    After reading this quote of Merkel’s earlier today, I’ve given the situation some serious thought.

    I can understand the German animosity towards the U.K. It’s a divorce after a forty year marriage, so a little bit of hurt feelings are understandable from both sides on that one.

    But aiming vitriol at the U.S., solely because she doesn’t like Trump and his America First policies? Stupid arrogance at its finest.

    I’m trying to imagine who Merkel, the defacto leader of the European Union, thinks she is going to deal with in this world and get as good a beneficial deal as Europe has with the Americans and Brits? Nobody!

    All of this rhetoric from Angela because:
    1- Trump is insistent that all NATO members pay their long ago agreed upon 2% on defense.
    2- Trump has made his feelings known about both the viability and practicality of the European Union as an ongoing concern and has determined that it is severely lacking in worth and usefulness to its member nations – the U.K. agrees, hence Brexit.
    3- Trump is not falling for the Climate Change scam, and isn’t hobbling his own country’s economic future to make the Western Progressive Left happy, happy, happy, unicorns & rainbows.

    That’s it. That’s Merkel’s entire beef. She’s also running for reelection and nothing wins an election in Germany when the CDU need leftist votes to beat the Socialists than to raise the flag of Anti-Americanism and promise to fight – especially when there’s an evil Republican neo-fascist in the White House. It’s all campaign gold for the Frau and her minions.

    I’m here to tell Angie that she has a few obvious problems going this route, though.
    1- Those little nations to her east are getting more than fed up with her endless bulls*t.
    Poland, Hungary, the Czechs and others are not going along with Merkel’s madness just so she can score a few points against May and Trump. They tried hard socialism, disguised as “progress”, imposed harshly by a powerful neighbor for forty years – that ain’t happening again.
    2- Those larger nations further to her east aren’t dedicated Climate warriors either.
    Imagine those conversations.
    “President Putin, we can no longer rely on our former allies, the U.K. and U.S.A., any longer. We want to be your friends again, just trust us! Oh, and we also demand you reduce your oil sales by 30% over the next decade because it’s harming the environment and causing severe climate change! Do we have a deal?”
    “President Xi, we can no longer rely on our former allies, the U.K. and U.S.A., any longer. We want to be your friends, just trust us! Oh, and we also demand you reduce your factory and transportation carbon emissions by 30% over the next decade because it’s harming the environment and causing severe climate change! Do we have a deal?”
    Ummm. Yeah. I can hear the laughter now.

    Dream those big Obama audacious dreams, Angela, please.
    Because I’m nearly convinced everything you’re attempting with this bold move is going to backfire just like Germany’s last big moves in 1914 & 1939.

    Merkel, my girl, you got bigger problems to deal with closer to home.
    I’ll give you a hint – they pray five times a day and reproduce like rabbits on Viagra.

    Good luck on all that. 😂

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    • EV22 says:

      “That’s it. That’s Merkel’s entire beef.”

      Well, there was also that part when POTUS admonished the EU for letting in all sorts of people without knowing who they were…. And Merkel knew POTUS was talking specifically about her.

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    • nontroll says:

      “That’s it. That’s Merkel’s entire beef.”

      Nah. What she’s really pissed about is that PDJT isn’t buying her bull sh!t on anything. She’s acting like a spoiled brat because someone with a bigger pair than her called her bluff.

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  12. cyn3wulf says:

    Well, Macron broke away from the social justice peacenik memes just long enough to concentrate really, really hard on getting the handshake right:

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  13. Piper says: Body language of pip-squeak Marc one at NATO meeting- childishly ignorant- fast forward to 8:50 if you want to get straight to it

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    • graphiclucidity says:

      I’ve watched a few of this lady’s videos. Very interesting and entertaining.
      She has a great sense of humor and I absolutely love her voice.

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  14. keebler AC says:

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    • keebler AC says:

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    • rumpole2 says:

      Actually. Those are first pics of Merkel that she looks OK (ish) in 🙂

      Drinking beer is what Germans do best!!

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    • MVW says:

      Actually, what Merkel is saying is to the Germans that Germany is going to have to put the cash into NATO that they were supposed to. She is breaking the bad news.

      Germans aren’t used to that.

      Plus, Britain not putting money into the EU means Germany has another big yearly bill coming in. Plus, the invasion is not adding workers, it is adding welfare and massive crime. Plus, America is not going to give $$$ to the climate blackmail fund and kill out competitiveness with high cost electric power.

      Need any more translation from German for what Germany can’t rely on…anymore? It means to the Germans that Merkel is coming for their wallet.

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      • John says:

        It also means they will double down and push for “Ever closer union” and try to make an EU superstate. They will fail.


    • Piper Lauderdale says:

      Her husband’s name is, wait for it– Joachim Sauer, as in Kraut.

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    • LULU says:

      They were there on D-Day because of Germany. Trying to kill them off. The French know that.

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  15. Anne says:

    President Trump has brought back The Orb at the White House, and added red lights:

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  16. Paul says:

    President trump is very brilliant. And I’ve learned a great deal from him . The art of the deal is vastly universal. Talented is a understatement to describe him. But I’m deeply worried about his safety. To watch a master at work work , would be the comparison as watching Tom Landry of the cowboys . He’s a true inspiration to léts say small business .

    The art of the deal . Heavey!!!!!

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  17. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Well-played. Business man takes on arrogant politicians and wins. These heads-of-state have their heads up their a–es

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  18. citizen817 says:

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  19. citizen817 says:

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  20. citizen817 says:

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  21. DebbieUK says:

    She is already blaming the USA and the UK before the chaos gets worse. Without us they will have to sort out their balance of payments .They already robbed the Greeks of everything.We have seen her become the dictator of the EU over the years ,another reason Brits wanted out. But a rearmed Germany is not a good thing if history is anything to go by. Hopefully the chaos will be so great the German people will finally turn on her,
    The Eastern EU states are getting together and refusing any closer EU union. They want to remain sovereign countries.
    I hope EU collapses in my lifetime.

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    • KBR says:

      I read a comment online that states that EU (und der Angle) is trying to require billions in “divorce” money, whilst denying that Britain is owed anything in return for what they already invested before Brexit with the threat of lost trade with EU. (Extortion)

      Yet the Brexit being delayed means more big money put in to EU for a year or two while Britain remains in, until Brexit is final.

      So, is Britain going to keep on putting big money into the EU pot, knowing EU will keep it all and give nothing but grief in return?


    • KBR says:

      BTW! She is already “reaching out to Russia” for trade too.
      Belie, no doubt, that President Trump’s hands are tied as concerns Russia b/c of the “muh Russia” faux-scandals.


      • Jenny R. says:

        This isn’t new for German chancellors — remember Gerhard Schroeder?
        They have always had an ostpolicy in their pockets…if they cannot get what they want from the Anglosphere, they will court the Russians. Germany has always stood on both sides of a fence that separates West from East, and they have always maneuvered to use friction between the two to their benefit (and usually it turns out badly for everyone, including them, when they decide to really start working those angles). It remains to be seen if the Russians take the bait (I would like to think that they would remember their own history and not so so).


  22. val66 says:

    Brilliant analysis and brillant tactics by Trump.

    If he can position Merkel to own all downsides of the EU and own the economic collapse the EU will fall into, then he can blame the impending economic collapse in the US (because it’s coming one way or another) on Europe being the cause or ignition. This was a fear of US investors and traders when the EU and Greece were in the news frequently. If he positions Merkel to take all the blame, then he came come out of it clean for reelection. He will also have a mandate to fix the US’s economy and the government’s financials.

    Absolutely brilliant. It solves a huge worry of how Trump escapes blame for the US’s next Depression, which has been long in the making and only delayed during the Great Recession.

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    • MOA says:

      Nice theory, alas, no.
      Whomever is in power when the next derivative contagion takes down the equity and debt markets gets the blame. Nuanced economic blame shifting won’t work.

      At least you understand what’s coming.


  23. US says:

    Kernkraft? Nein Danke! Nuclear Energy? No thanks! Germany voted on this. They have littered their countryside with gigantic windmills that make awful swooshing noises. They do not want to use the coal of the Ruhr valley, over which terrible wars were fought. I pray that our President Donald Trump will get US out of the Paris Global Warming Agreement. It is the fulcrum of Globalization. The liberal response will be terrible, but with the Democrats furious at Comey for losing them the election because of a fake Russian email the time is right this week.

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  24. ZurichMike says:

    Trudeau and Macron run to the best mirror. One look at Merkel says she’s never seen one.

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  25. Shiggz says:

    She’s a smidge up from Hitler. Ya Deutsche progress!+!1!


  26. KBR says:

    In German, Angela is pronounced with a hard G. Like “Angle uh.”

    Since the name Angela and Angie in US are pronounced with a soft G, and since she is surely no angel (unless a dark one) may I suggest a new nickname?

    “Angle Murky” might do. Or to be more formal, “Angle Uh Murky.”

    She’s always angling (twist, slant, and fishy) for money, and she is really murky (dark, dim, questionable, suspect, shady)


    • bigsy says:

      The g is hard, and the ge is pronounced as GAY. It is the second syllable and is emphasized and drawn out the most.

      The A is pronounced like we say AH and together with n as the first syllable is a fast and short ahn

      The last la is pretty close to the English Angela, except it’s said very fast.

      Together it sounds like ahhn GAY la

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      • KBR says:

        Okay, bigsy. I was going by what I actually heard listening to German politicians and news reporters pronounce it.

        In any case, I won’t call her an 😇 Nor any form of the word and that’s my point.

        I will call her #AngleMurky. #DerFurherMurky

        That is STILL closer to the German than the soft G in the English “Angela or Angie.”


        • bigsy says:

          Good rule of thumb is to remember every single letter is pronounced in German.

          Vowels: German A = ah, German E = English A, German I = English E, German U = English oo (in boo or too).

          Pronounce the second syllable hard and drawn out and you have it. At the very least you want have to worry about not being able to order a b-EE-er.or a w-E-in.

          j-AE-gerschnitzel may be a problem, though. Hint: umlaut AE (ä) is pronunced as English A (in way).


  27. Realist says:

    The EXTREME LEFTARD , Politically Correct, Green NAZI KRAUTS are still on a GUILT TRIP over WW2 even 70 years down the line and they aren’t coming back down to RATIONALITY any time soon.


  28. Realist says:

    The KRAUT Chancellor Merkel is issuing dire WARNINGS and THREATS to the UK seems she forgets what happened to the last KRAUT Chancellor who did that.

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  29. eagledriver50 says:

    And don’t forget…Poland and Hungary HAVE CLOSED THEIR BORDERS…COMPLETELY…therefore, no welfare, no immigrant invasion, no crime…pretty simple when laid out. Frau Merkel is about to experience occam’s razor…More popcorn and Chivas!!!

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  30. frank field says:

    Europe will remain as long as we can afford it.



  31. 6x47 says:

    I’m glad that Sec. Tillerson visited the U.K. after the horrible bombing. But was he able to arrange a James Taylor song to comfort the Brits?


  32. It’s sort of like caring who is captain of a ship that just got torn in half by an iceberg…


  33. putupjob says:

    germany is committing national suicide.
    all other countries who accept germany dominance in the EU are joining them in national suicide.


  34. James W Crawford says:

    I am actually relieved that Germany is doubling down on Global Warming Theology. Since western Europe is intent on committing national, ethnic and cultural suicide by welcoming a tsunami of immigrants from Africa and Asia, there is a threat that Europe will become the technologically advanced, arsenal of theocracy. The caps on CO2 emissions combined with Germany’s rejection of nuclear power will ensure that Europe’s economy and industrial capacity will implode. While muslims will take europe, they will remain little more than ghoat herding barbarians.


  35. Joe says:

    They have a saying in Germany – learned it from my Ex Munich wife: “Poor little one.” It is an Insult, mocking a whiny adult crybaby and can be extended to someone blaming others for their mistakes.

    That about sums Merkel up for me.


  36. WSB says:

    I would still like to know how all of this is going to work.

    Will we be accepting new NATO soldiers from The EU who are jihadis? Will the EU create their own forces with the same? Only to have their own weapons turned against them or us?

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  37. itsy_bitsy says:

    Just as Obama told us that white America is responsible for black crime, most of the EU blames it’s own citizens and previous polices for the heinous attacks against it’s own citizens. For instance, if an Islamic terrorist blows up the Eiffel Tower it isn’t their fault, it is the fault of the French people! This is the sick doctrine that permeates most of the free world these days and it is deadly! It is like saying “go ahead and slit my throat, I deserve it”!!


  38. Mike says:

    “In addition Merkel points the finger at others never taking ownership of the catastrophic outcomes from her expressed socialist and left-wing multicultural policies.”

    Nice to see Sundance acknowledge “multiculturalism” as “left wing,” although he runs the risk of somebody calling him a “racist.” Both “multiculturalism” and “proposition nation” are communist dogma, Whereas “blood and soil” and “monoculturalism” have been traditionally “right wing.”

    What’s wrong with a nation that is made up entirely or almost entirely of the same kind of people? Nothing at all. In fact it’s a healthy impulse, and certainly good for the people living in those nations. That includes the idea of a white nation, by which America was founded. Just look how “multiculturalism” is working out for the poor people of Europe. They never wanted this, but it has been forced on them by their so called elites against their collective will. Just like it has on us in the United States.

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  39. napoleon32 says:

    If you look at the situation, Germany is in danger of being geopolitically isolated by Merkel’s policies and tantrums.

    – Many of the old Warsaw Pact countries are in open revolt against many of Merkel’s demands for refugees, immigration, and surrender of sovereignty. There’s an opportunity for the President to appeal to them with greater benefits than the EU zombie can possibly provide, and they’d be benefits that would increase American interests as well.

    – Southern Europe has been devastated by the Euro. Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Italy have been economically stagnant at best for over 10 years now, partially because the Euro is too overvalued for their economies to compete. I noted that the Italians made sure that they were respectful towards the President, much more so than Merkel and her French boytoy. They know that if the European project collapses in the next few years, they’ll need a cordial relationship with the US more than they will with Germany.

    – The Arab world holds her weakness in contempt. Instead of trying to actually solve the refugee problem at its’ source, she virtue signalled by taking in tons of them and then tried to foist them off on everybody else when it blew up in her face. Feckless leadership like that will not garner any respect.

    – Russia and China want little to do with the nonsense she’s pushing. Japan is going along to get along, but they have no real interest in handcuffing their economy with EU nonsense.

    – She’s badmouthed the United Kingdom at every opportunity she has like a jilted lover since the British people had the temerity to stand up to her. I can’t imagine this is winning Germany any points in London.

    Essentially, Germany’s only really close friends that have any impact at all could be the two beta males in France and Canada. Angela Merkel has made a complete mess of Germany’s foreign relations with her worship of the likely doomed European Union.


  40. Binkser1 says:

    Merkel stated,”But we have to know that we must fight for our future on our own, for our destiny as Europeans.” I guess that means rolling over and letting Muslim “refugees” take over their country and destroy any semblance of European culture.

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  41. Bubba says:

    Why would Merkel risk upsetting Trump with her public pronouncements after their meeting? Could she be communicating or signalling something to her globalist cohorts? She met with Obama prior to Trump’s visit. Did they agree to some kind of “tell” to signal their next move depending on the outcome of her private conversations with Trump?


  42. Mickturn says:

    Meekly is a leftist moron…the rest flows from there!


  43. Realist says:

    Frau Merkel the KRAUT Chancellor is very fond just lately of issuing ‘warnings; and ‘threats; to the UK she would do well to learn some history and find out what happens to KRAUT LEADERS who threaten the Brits it doesn’t end well for THEM or their Country.


  44. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel welcomed Obama in Germany. Why did Obama come to Germany to speak to Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel when he isn’t even the President anymore??? Sounds fishy to me.


  45. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    All of you dummies that watch MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS are being brainwashed with lies by these Liberal Democrat Networks. Watch FOX News and get the honest news, not propaganda lies that you hear from the Liberal Democrat Networks. The Liberal Democrat networks didn’t even tell their viewers about President Trump’s overseas 9 days trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Rome, Italy, Sicily,
    Italy and Brussels, Belgium and NATO. Only Fox News covered these trips of President Trump. It was a very successful trip for President Trump and the USA. That shows how bias these Liberal Democrat Networks are. They don’t want their viewers to know about all the good things President Trump has already done in such a short time in office. The Liberal Democrat networks only talk about Russia, which is all lies. Stop watching the Democrat networks. Only FOX News will tell you the truth.


  46. scott467 says:

    Merkel spewed: “But we have to know that we must fight for our future on our own, for our destiny as Europeans.”


    Thanks entirely to YOUR treason-policy, the “destiny” of Europe is to speak ARABIC as your first language, you traitor.

    Merkel should swing like Mussolini.



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