Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Press Briefing After President Trump Saudi Summit Speech…

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson holds a press briefing in Saudi Arabia at the conclusion of President Trump’s speech at the Arab Islamic American Summit:

Here’s a longer excerpt of the press briefing. Unfortunately it comes with some annoying on screen graphics.

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60 Responses to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Press Briefing After President Trump Saudi Summit Speech…

  1. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Tillerson is like a colossus among ants in DC. He is so good, so smooth, and so professional. The ideal boss and leader.

    Definitely one of Trump’s best decisions as president was to choose T-Rex.

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    • MakeAmericaGreat says:

      And contrary to the nonsense Chris Wallace was talking about regarding Trump/Women/Saudi Arabia-Muslim world, both Trump AND Tillerson mentioned female equality today.

      Stop lying, fake news media.

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        I was just sure he mention them several times.

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      • Somewhere in Dixie says:

        I tried to watch Wallace but after a few minutes I couldn’t stomach him any longer. T-Rex was magnificent. He made Wallace look petty and insignificant.

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        • MakeAmericaGreat says:

          Which is exactly what Wallace is, or was today

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          • RJ says:

            Mike Wallace is not the brightest guy in the world. He couldn’t cut it in the real world of industry and real work. His questions are so scripted and devoid of analtyical thinking or problem solving insight. He actually could be replaced with a computerized touch screen and the resulting questions would be much better.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Concur. What we don’t see in the resumes of his nominees are the intangibles of decades of experience that Trump alone knows how to employ. Ross, Rex, Mnuchin will be prime examples. His personal selections are always the great ones. Where he went with the committee choices, we see some real weakness. And the more political the decisions, the more adverse has been the result.

      Trump’s judgement on personnel, when he selects early and swift, is excellent.
      Yes, he took a long time with SOS but he was playing with Romney, bigly.

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  2. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    What both Tillerson and Trump said today could not be clearer — the problem is not Islam, the problem is the evil people who are using “Islam” as their cover for evil.

    This is about good and evil. It is not, as the president affirmed, a battle between civilizations.

    And, just as Tillerson told Chris Wallace, the first step in the progression of human rights is to defeat the evil that poisons the Middle East. Defeat terrorism, and you will naturally lead yourself to the advancement of women, the weak, etc.

    We are in such good hands. Thank God, we finally have real leadership.

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    • jsbachlover says:

      Yes, it’s about good and evil. But it’s also about Islam. Islam IS evil. Read the Koran; read the numerous good books by former Muslims who tell you the truth about Islam; look at the 1400-year history of Islam. Look at Mohammed himself — a vicious, sadistic, child-molesting murderer. And consider why most “moderate” Muslims won’t condemn the Muslims carrying out jihad. (They’re ALL supposed to engage in jihad in one way or another.) I get that Trump et al wants to/probably has to dial back his previous ‘Islamist terrorist” remarks while in the heart of Islam. But this definitely has a downside.

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      • MakeAmericaGreat says:

        One step at a time. First, ISIS and Wahhabism must be purged. This will take time.

        Religions can be reformed and re-interpreted. I am not saying you are wrong, but we have to start somewhere and destroying ISIS and stopping the poison put into young minds, I think, would be a nice beginning.

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        • Orygun says:

          Agreed. If good people can make a real decision on their beliefs without it being made for them it will mean a migration away from a religion that has a basis in evil. President Trump is trying to get the Muslim nations to allow their citizens some freedom to choose their religion rather than have it forced on them.
          We shall see how honest the Muslim nations truly are.

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        • US says:

          Educate their women, westernize everyone with a big dose of self-esteem, and we may see the collapse of organized religion we have seen in Western Europe. Incidentally, the erosion Christianity there came during reconstruction following a devastating war. The US was spared but only partially.

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      • laurelmarycecilia says:

        “modern” Islam is not a problem…..but, it’s not really Islam. It’s more a philosophy that’s had lots of western influence incorporated into it.

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      • dave says:

        I have read their book. The terrorists are the ones who are following the book. I can’t believe Tillerson is that naΓ―ve.


    • toomanykats says:

      Look up Dr. Bill Warner/Islam and see what you think about Islam after reading some of his insightful information.

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      • MakeAmericaGreat says:

        One step at a time. I know well the pitfalls of Islam, and the distortion of Islam.

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        • nontroll says:

          I know you mean well, but don’t be lured into thinking that PDJT does not understand islam. He does – it’s just that Trump can sit across the table from anyone and negotiate the best deal possible. Sometimes he probably sells his adversary on exactly what is the best outcome for some nasty dudes.

          You’re really off in the bushes when you are talking about the distortion of islam. What you don’t seem to understand is that the taliban, isis and al queda are practicing EXACTLY what mohammed was preaching. A truly “moderate” muslim is actually an apostate.

          It probably wouldn’t hurt you to visit Robert Spencer’s “Jihad Watch”.

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    • Jim in TN says:

      That is a very Bush like statement. But, empowering local allies to do the work for us is not very Bush like. Obama, on the other hand overthrew our allies to empower our terrorist enemies. I can see how these leaders are very grateful for President Trump.

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      • MakeAmericaGreat says:

        Oh yeah. Obama was a disaster. What the ME leaders know about Trump is he is not for sale and can thus focus on what is best for the world.


  3. rumpole2 says:

    This seems to be what the “well dressed” journalist wears in saudi Arabia.

    I think it would be GREAT if the same dress code was followed for White House briefings with Sean.

    The pearl clutching FakeNews media hacks in USA might be more palatable if they were hidden from sight, dressed in full Burka….. same goes for the female reporters as well.

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  4. Scotty19541 says:

    So I signed into the CBS web site where the top story is ‘muh Russia’ and posted a comment :

    What a total disgrace for CBS to put this trash as the lead story when our great President is doing more for WORLD PEACE that the last 3 administrations ever did. CBS should be totally ashamed of themselves! The American people are on to you and you biased, left-leaning FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!
    I hung around to see the responses and the worst I got was a comment that Trump was just wasting taxpayers money! LOL…. that’s the best they got?? SOOO not tired of winning;)

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  5. bertdilbert says:

    I’m willing to bet when the king of Saudi Arabia comes to visit, it will be weekend at Mar a lago and Trump is searching out the finest American horses to escort in the limo to the front door.

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  6. Owlen Rose says:

    Tillerson just repeated what Trump said, “It’s the fight between good and evil.” That replaces Radical Islamic Terrorism. Explained nicely here:

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  7. Weeper says:

    Good vs Evil
    Hero vs Zero

    ‘Nuff said!!

    America First πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
    MAGA!!! πŸ¦πŸš‚πŸ“’πŸŒ³πŸπŸ“¦

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    • fangdog says:

      Good and Evil…..yes a good description. So is ‘Loser and Winner’ when describing Libtards and Trumpers. One of the greatest times in American history and I can’t imagine the misery for those on the wrong side of it.

      I think of ourselves as being lucky as well as grateful for having the common sense to be participants. It is living a time of “winning” for ourselves and fellow deserving Americans which swells the heart with pride and joy.

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      • Weeper says:

        Finally found the comment….I’ve only been looking for twenty minutes….LOL…too many threads open….too many other things going on…

        Yes I totally agree πŸ˜‰


  8. silverlakela says:

    Minutes Ago Trump STUNNED Every Muslim In The World With These Four Words

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  9. repsort says:

    TRex, “..Nothing to do with religion…”
    Uh, okay. Maybe woulda left that line out, but wtf do I know.

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    • fangdog says:

      I caught that too. Probably what he meant is people “using” religion for their own ends whereby the “end” has nothing to do with religion.


  10. daughnworks247 says:

    Need help guys. I’m catching a lot of Tillerson grief on Twitter from David Martosko of the UK Daily Mail – but he is their USA Political Reporter. He is insisting that Tillerson did not notify the American media of the second presser and raising heck.
    We can see reporters in non-Arab dress.
    Does anyone have a full clip of this presser?
    Do we know if the American media was NOT allowed?
    I would love to bust this guy.

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    • jmclever says:

      They’re just mad because they didn’t get another chance to ask their retarded “Muh Russia” conspiracy questions. Its really better this way. Bunch of entitled self-righteous cry babies!

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    • Wow! How awful! I cannot imagine why the American Lyin’MSM wasn’t notified of the T-Rex’s presser.
      I think there should be an investigation into Trump Administration colluding with the Saudi Government in denying full access to the American Lyin’MSM.

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    • Chuck says:

      David, He never answers the Russia questions anyway so you didn’t miss anything.

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  11. Re: Scott Adams’ comments on “wiping out ISIS.” If the the lying press starts to drum up sympathy, Fox or somebody should replay the atrocity videos of ISIS executing people in various horrible ways. Just a reminder.


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