Egypt’s President al-Sisi to President Trump: “You Can Do The Impossible”…

More than any other Arab leader Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has led the way in confronting Islamic terrorism.

It was President al-Sisi who exiled the Muslim Brotherhood and formed a coalition of Arab nations to confront the extremist elements promoting violence.

President al-Sisi’s call to confront extremism was joined by King Abdullah III (Jordan) in 2014; and that eventually led to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States uniting and forming an anti-extremism Arab coalition. [Backstory Here]

President al-Sisi delivered a 2015 New Year speech to the the most influential Islamic scholars and faith leaders calling upon internal reform to confront the radical elements within the Muslim faith. Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz honored President al-Sisi for his efforts at creating a stable coalition for peace just prior to his death a few weeks later in late January 2015.

After taking power in 2015 Saudi King Salman took up the cause for al-Sisi’s peace coalition, and that was the beginning of a series of events that culminated in this 2017 Arab Islamic American Summit.  If regional peace is achieved, history will show how significant Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was in that result.

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97 Responses to Egypt’s President al-Sisi to President Trump: “You Can Do The Impossible”…

  1. Minnie says:

    God bless President Trump and all the peace makers.

    Truly historic in scope and grateful to witness it 🇺🇸

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  2. MaineCoon says:

    Was so glad to see President al-Sisi taking the deserved honored seating at the Opening of The global Center for Controlling Extremism, including the hands on the lighted globe With PTrump, KSA & FL Melania.

    Every time they captured him on tv, he was beaming. Egyptians and Arab/Muslims should be proud of him.

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    • Wend says:

      I love al-Sisi-he is channeling some Sadat…Sadat was extremely handsome, al-Sisi is cute and round, but both great men.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      SD has noted a key fact:

      Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz honored President al-Sisi for his efforts at creating a stable coalition for peace just prior to his death a few weeks later in late January 2015.

      People at that level of responsibility don’t waste time when the end is near. This explains why the top-level Saudis are so on-board with al-Sisi.

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    • Matamoros says:

      May our Lord give Sisi the grace he needs to become a Christian, protect Christians, and truly fight for peace in the Middle East.


  3. ginaswo says:

    al-SiSi saved his people from the Muslim Brotherhood and is a true friend and ally.
    God Bless him and his people.
    May our alliance continue to flourish as we defeat the radical ideology that would kill us all and spread darkness over the world.
    God Bless all our allies and their people, and God Bless America.

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    • dbcaldave says:

      I agree you are absolutely right that Al Sisi did save his people, he saved Egypt from downfall.
      I remember thinking how horrible it was as i watched events unfolding with Morsi becoming president and the U.S.A.having a hand in it
      . Obama facilitating it with Hillary Clinton I couldn’t believe it was happening, and our president and our media was celebrating about how great it was.
      the Arab Spring my ass .
      I was sick to my stomach.
      It seemed a miracle when the people of Egypt kicked the MB out and Al Sisi took over .
      and then he gave that speech, and confronted ISLAMIC TERROR .
      I was cheering and surprised that for the first time an Arab leader was calling out Isis. Nothing came of it back then because nothing was going to happen with Obama in there. but now we have President Trump , it just took a little bit longer.
      I love that picture of the two lions.
      Power and Resolve and above all Leadership!
      Al Sisi saved his country from the Muslim Brotherhood and Donald J Trump was brought to us to Save ours from the Democrats, and all the rest of the rats that hate America.

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  4. Donna in Oregon says:

    Overwhelming to watch how a true American elected President of the United States is viewed by the world. So proud of your President! This is beautiful history in the making.

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    • Eileen says:

      Our President Trump is having a wonderfully and”Uuuge” impact on so many people and in such a positive and powerful way. Let’s continue to pray each day for our President and First Lady Melania,the First Family and the entire Administration. I often ask The Lord to squelch the opposition and thwart their plans to dismantle our country. We need to turn to The Lord.Have a happy day, Treepers!

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  5. MaineCoon says:

    Against all odds President al-Sisi and his people fought and defeated the evil MB and the evil of our own leaders, Obama, SoS Clinton and his other cabinet members who promoted MB in Egypt.

    May God dispel such evil people from our government and block such people from winning our elections in the future,

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    • Marygrace Powers says:

      True. Stark contrast between Trump Administration
      and the destructive years of Bush 1/2, Clintons and Obamas.
      Think of all the havoc they’ve reeked, not just on our great
      nation, but all the nations of the world.

      President Trump is ushering in an era of peace, prosperity
      and safety for ALL people of ALL nations.

      God Bless President Trump.

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    • PBR Street Gang says:

      We can’t forget the MB Awan brothers brought into our Congress by the leftists America hating democrats. We lost a brave SEAL in Yeman because of Schumer and Pelosi.


  6. Can you imagine a world without terrorism, I CAN!

    No more illegal monitoring of US citizens and politicians by the Deep State.
    TSA, bye bye.
    All entertainment events become safe.
    No more of our hero’s blood spliided in the Middle East with endless wars.
    Trillions saved and redeployed for the betterment of our people and country.
    True Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

    Let’s all pray this happens.

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  7. wyntre says:

    Love Al-Sisi.

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    • cjzak says:

      He has done well. However I would like to see him help Christians in Egypt. They are still being persecuted. Maybe he will learn some things from our good President about treating all people with respect no matter what religion they are.


  8. yy4u says:

    Obama participated in taking out Mubarak, something that every Middle East leader (other than his pals the Iranians) is aware of.

    His secretary of state (Clinton) is on record chortling about the death of Muammar Ghaddafi — a ruthless dictator to Westerners but perhaps not seen in that light by his fellows in the ME.

    They have to be thinking, “there but the grace of Allah go I.”

    What if Obama’s replacement (Hillary) had turned the might of the USA against THEM? As they did against Murbarak, Ghaddafi and Assad?

    They have to be relieved that President Trump seems to have no designs to replace them with Muslim Brotherhood fanatics or crazy Ayatollahs.

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  9. Warrior1 says:

    Trump truly is a great leader.

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    • fangdog says:

      Trump understands the power of “humbleness”. Notice Trump is not grandstanding and is more than happy to give other leaders the chance to not only lead, but be given credit for positive outcomes.

      There has not been one heads of state of any Country so far, which Trump has not made bigger than they were before meeting with Trump. It all gets down to both parties benefiting as a result of the final agreement and not just benefitting one party.

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      • Minnie says:

        Precisely, Fangdog.

        Mr. President has mastered diplomacy and shares it with other leaders who will benefit, if they are willing to do what’s right.

        Until I hear or see otherwise, I believe that is their desire.

        Winning, all around.

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      • JC says:

        Excellent point, Fangdog. A beautiful thing to watch, and essential to the annihilation of ISIS.

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      • Marti says:

        FD: Your estimation of Trump is the definition of great leadership ! How startlingly wonderful to have a President like him who has the interests of the American people foremost – never thought it would happen in my lifetime !


  10. Kaco says:

    I really like Al-Sisi. He is trying in Egypt and is grateful for Pres. Trump’s help and respect.

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  12. Sharon says:

    The ones embedded in the bureaucracies will not be easily removed.

    The employee rosters of the bureaucracies need to be mostly torched, as far as I’m concerned. I’m always on the alert to hear leaders (including Mr. Trump) who are willing to talk scorched earth policies in all of the major agencies. It’s not mentioned very often.

    Mr. Trump has addressed it in terms of policies, and issued budgeting directives to his cabiinet that will impactc those areas but it is not scorched earth impact – yet. We’ll see how it goes.

    Unless they do something about that 1974 idiocy on the part of the Congress it will never happen:

    Which brings up a Washington concept called the current services budget. Stick with us here; this is important.

    “In the 1974 Budget Act, Congress slipped this concept into the budgeting process. What it means is this: spending in the next fiscal year that supports all the programs — the current services — in the current fiscal year is automatic: it is the baseline.”

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  13. Lack is not all says:

    The monsters under obama’s/clinton’s leadership must be plotting today nonstop. This meeting in Saudi Arabia and the love and respect for our President is killing them. They deeply hate us , the ones who elected their nemesis. They are planning our punishment. As we do in my country of origin, hang you garlic at the entrance doors of your house and pray continuosly.

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    • cybergal55 says:

      Clinton Doris and obama organized riots starting July 2nd. Time to drain the deep state swamp.

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      • cybergal55 says:

        I meant Clintons, SOROS and Obama

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      • fangdog says:

        The rioters will be naive, gullible libtards (snowflakes). Some will be paid rioters. I see this as an excellent opportunity for display of heavy, strict law enforcement with full extent of the law punishment.

        The libtards must be taught the difference between; “excuse, blame” and “responsibility,accountability”. The consequences for taking part in negative actions must be more severe than the rewards for taking part innegative actions.

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    • cjzak says:

      Yes. The dimwits and media screaming mimis tried to have a smashing good week last week by throwing everything they could at Pres. Trump. Methinks they knew he would be successful on this trip and wanted to do all they could to put a big cloud over it and him.

      They still won’t report most of what has gone on the last 2 days because it was all so good for the Pres. and his team. However, the internet knows and has covered the warmth and acceptance Pres. Trump has received and his wonderful speech today all over the web. The miserable media can’t cover it all up no matter how hard they try. Lol, the sleepless nights of handwringing and banging their heads against a wall must be giving them fits.

      Wonder what they have fake news they have cooked up for this week? Bring it on I say. We’re ready for them.

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  14. sz613 says:

    More Lion fire footprints in the sand in Saudi Arabia…

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  15. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I have been out of town and catch up at night to what is going on. Thanks to Sundance for such fantastic reporting and for the Treeper’s comments. President Trump is being the world leader we all knew he would be. The Egyptian President really likes and respects our POTUS. Melania looks stunning. Judge Jeannine was beaming on her show last night about this trip.

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    • Marti says:

      WTP: Yes, I agree. I loved Dr. Ahmed’s comments (JJ’s) about her estimation of Trump’s speech and how important it was. The truth just glistens out of people’s eyes who are telling the truth, as opposed the the dead eye’s of the Globalist shills regurgitating the Globalist talking points for $$’s !
      I thought most of the Arab leaders had looks of being awestruck by Trump, more than anything else. As if they were experiencing history….as I believe we are.


  16. Weeper says:

    Follow the Leader!!!

    America First 🇺🇸
    MAGA!!! 🦁🚂📢🌳🐝📦

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  17. daughnworks247 says:

    Al-Sisi had on desert sandals when he arrived. hanged into black shoes before the interview. Al-Sisi sat down, looked at Trump and Trump said, “Great shoes”, ribbing him.
    Point is, they are so comfortable with each other they can joke with each other.
    Once again, all is right in the world.

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  18. fleporeblog says:

    I can’t tell you the joy I feel in my heart when I hear President al-Sissi speak about his belief in our President. He shows our Lion the utmost respect by calling him “Your Excellency”. He loves our President as much as the Treepers in our Treehouse. The visit to Egypt will be monumental in the sense that the citizens of Egypt will be celebrating in the streets by the thousands. Cairo will be alive like we never have seen it before.

    I joke with my brother that when our Lion’s 8 years are up, President al-Sissi will commission the next great pyramid in his name. Saudi Arabia will finance the cost. I love that world leaders see the possibilities that one Great man can have on their civilizations. It is breathtaking to see it and hear them speak it. I know it brings our Lion great joy as well. Barry from Hawaii showed them hell on earth. They looked the devil in his eyes and asked God for one more chance to right their wrongs. Our President is the gift of their prayers!

    I also crack up every time our Lion speaks with the great Lion of Egypt. He nods and makes facial expressions as if he understands every single word spoken before the translator speaks!

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    • Minnie says:

      Amen 🙏


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    • Dr T says:

      Breathtaking is a great description of what we are witnessing!!
      President Trump is an affable man and that comes through in
      his demeanor with others great or small. Plus he has the bestest facial expressions ever on all occasions. He is so funny sometimes with some of the faces he makes it’s a pleasure to watch. Good times are back 🙂 it’s hard to believe sometimes it’s so very much fun after all the evil we have all the evil we were subjected to alongside all other countries.

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    • Fe says:

      I think PDJT wants to make his friend, President al-Sisi, feel comfortable and respected by paying attention and making those appropriate head nods and expressions. That is the nature of our President. He is such a great people person!

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    • nigelf says:

      Al Sisi can speak English very well, he spoke it today right after Trump’s speech.

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    • Marti says:

      Flepore: Double amen !

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  19. Janice says:

    I absolutely adore my President!:-)

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  20. cybergal55 says:

    President Trump is amazing. United States is blessed by God to have him ruling our country. Time to destroy the deep state – CLINTON admitted to organizing yet another corrupt foundation stating she’s organized a resistance. Looks like WE NEED TO CLEAN HOUSE – dissolving the evil Obama, Clintons and SOROS!

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    • Disgusted says:

      CB55, My friend, I don’t agree. I don’t want ANYONE “Ruling over our country”. Those words don’t fit today. I doubt President Trump wants anyone to want him to do that, either. That is exactly what Hillary hoped she’d be doing. He wants to be our elected advocate and our mentor/leader, I think.

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      • cybergal55 says:

        I don’t mean ruler in the way you may perceive. Hillary was a dictator type who would have led us further to hell. Either way, President Trump has led us to greatness as I see it! He will be a 2 term President and one the best in history.

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      • Marti says:

        Disgusted: Think we all knew what CB55 intended…..and really, we have been ruled for the last number of decades – most just didn’t know it. We need no more proof than the huge uproar from the ruling elites that has been happening since the eventuality of Trump began to appear.


    • Fe says:

      Clinton can take a hike. When you stop and think about it, just who the h3!! does that witch HRC thinks she is? As a Christian, I know we are to pray for her soul but in this case I really would like to see God smite her bigly, in the Old Testament sort of way….I’d settle for a plague of boils to cover her and her ridiculous swarm of resistance punks from head to toe. This would of course include Barry from Hawaii and George Soros.


  21. Bull Durham says:

    Egypt has huge economic need for investment. I am wondering if the Arab nations will form a regional investment bank to make infrastructure loans to assist Egypt, the largest population and strongest ally in the fight against terrorism.

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  22. Coldeadhands says:

    Al Sisi is perhaps the most courageous and visionary leader in the Mideast today.

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  23. CathyMAGA says:

    I said it earlier- I really like al Sisi…charming man.

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  24. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    TRANSLATOR — “You have a unique personality that is uniquely qualified to do the impossible”

    (Trump laughs)

    TRUMP — “I agree”

    (all laugh)

    Trump is the master.

    If DC and Congress had the kind of congeniality and respect that all the leaders at this Saudi summit have shown one another, we would be soaring right now as a nation rather than divisive and petty.

    But, one step at a time. Trump is winning, slowly but ever so inevitably.

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  25. Seeing this in the same tweetstream made me laugh.

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  26. andi lee says:

    Truly great leaders are rising up, coming together to eradicate the evil permeating throughout the world. Peace through strength.

    It is my hope, the people responsible, like, McCain, will be publicly brought to their knees in the court(s) of justice. May she balance the scales equally, before God’s final verdict.

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  27. beaujest says:

    al Sisi for speaker of the house,trust him more than Ryan !

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  28. TONYA PARNELL says:

    TRUMP 2020

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  29. excellent video

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  30. Rosech says:

    Have been watching all this wonderful material and speeches and give a huuuge thanks to the Treehouse and so glad I was able to become a member. Trump has made us proud but he also makes other proud. He has skills to connect and honor which is sooo necessary in today’s world and we are all fighting against Satan and his emissaries here and elsewhere. God speed that we finally get our country MAGA and those naysayers and America-haters meet their fate soon as karma is acomin’!

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  31. vanroth50 says:

    It is but natural for the two brave leaders to get along famously. Because, after all, they both, in the face of immense and daunting odds, brought their respective countries literally back from the brink. Can’t imagine how things would be had it gone otherwise. Al Sisi needs to take a bow too because he also did what seemed impossible at the time.

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    • Alexsandra says:

      Exactly. When I first saw this section re Al Sisi’s comment, I was thinking the cmment was Warrior to Warrior, Leader to Leader, Brave to Brave.

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  32. calbear84 says:

    No more Val Jarrett, Jeh Johnson or Obama. Good start anyway.

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  33. ellison says:

    President al-Sisi’s face says it all.
    He looks positively joyful.

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  34. PBR Street Gang says:


  35. PBR Street Gang says:


  36. PBR Street Gang says:

    If you are curious why a couple dozen grads at Notre Dame (out of 3000) walked out on our VP commencement address then this will help you understand. This painting sold last week for 110 million USD:


  37. PBR Street Gang says:


  38. PBR Street Gang says:

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  39. PBR Street Gang says:


  40. Marti says:

    Pigg: Agree. Also Trump needs to hire a “personnel specialist” who is a Trumpster and knows what’s what in D.C. This is really his biggest problem. Getting rid of all of the saboteurs “seeded” into the bureaucracies by Obama, then place his people into those “slots” to quote Hillary. While in process, get rid of 30-40% of the staff permanently.
    I heard he has an Obama plant heading up his major personnel (DiStephano) function..
    Fire the ones you can and if protected, transfer them to the coldest climes in Alaska.- ha!
    Use scorched earth – the enemy has given him no quarter – give them none.


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