President Trump and First Lady Melania Depart For First Official Overseas Trip….

Nothing makes the perpetually depressed liberal gnats more angry than beautiful people enjoying a fun, happy and beautiful life.  So you can just imagine the level of apoplectic rage today brings as President Trump and First Lady Melania, together with Ivanka Trump and Jerrod, depart for their first overseas trip.

Oh, the ‘splodey heads are deliciously epic.


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238 Responses to President Trump and First Lady Melania Depart For First Official Overseas Trip….

  1. Iam An American says:

    I bet the liberal nuts and MSMs will say that he did not salute while boarding AF1. Let us see whether this is a ‘breaking news’ somewhere.


    • Regina says:

      They’re too busy showing an interview with Mr. Tick Tick Tick saying that the Proof that Trump tried to compromise Comey was when he shook his hand and pulled Comey into his “space”

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    • jsbachlover says:

      He did salute. And once he got up the stairs, he even ducked his head into the cockpit to greet the Marine I pilot.

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  2. Mike diamond says:

    That’s why I voted for president trump,they are the real deal what a beautiful first lady!!makes you thankful to be a american!

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    • Minnie says:

      Forever grateful 🙏

      America First!! 🇺🇸

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      Great comment, Mike diamond.
      Whenever America gets a glimpse of our First Couple, most lf us feel better. I’m so sick of Swamps, Fake News and the Fake People that spew it, liars, treasonists and all things politics right now, seeing Mrs. Trump in the lovely orange leather skirt, heading off to share her grace, warmth and one-of-a-kind style and charm with the world is a breath of fresh air.

      Safe travels President and Mrs. Trump and thank you. We’re proud of you and proud to have the two of you representing us. Everyone you meet will easily see why we elected you.

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      • Rebcalintx says:

        Farmhand you are so right about President Trump & First Lady being genuine. They look at ease being graceful because that who they are. They don’t have to pretend like the actors & traitors that play games, ugh. A breath of freash air & a beautiful site to see them take off. God go before you both & make peace.


  3. Ploni says:

    I watched that video but I didn’t see the president.

    Where was the president?

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  4. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    How does Melania walk on grass in those heels???? Dang, that woman is good😎 Love her, Bigly.

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  5. BMG says:

    A safe and productive trip, Mr. President.

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  6. CharterOakie says:

    Oh, my. First Lady Melania Trump!


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  7. mireilleg says:

    It is mean to make First Lady Melania walk in the grass. Unlike Michelle Obama she can and does wear elegant high heels. Pointy heels. Walking on grass with those is hell. They need to provide a sturdy surface. I like her shoes and I like watching her do what I can no longer do. How do we let the staff know that a change is needed.

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    • jsbachlover says:

      That’s a bit much. She did fine in the grass. (Elegant, as always.) Nothing wrong with walking in the grass. They’ve been doing it for years. What would you like instead?

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    • Alexsandra says:

      When I was young and living in Alaska I walked on ice and snow in stiletto heels. She’s still young enough to walk anywhere in them and still look graceful.

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      • mireilleg says:

        She looks great. I just know how I hated walking on grass. I walked on ice and snow too in Alaska. Lived there from 78 to 81. Loved it. I’ll take walking on snow other grass. Well for me and my bum leg stilettos are out. God I miss them.


  8. India Maria says:

    Say, I wonder if “Howie’s Session’s Assassination Team” knows that it was MELANIA who ORDERED SESSiONS to betray the President’s interests and legal defense……………

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  9. Sylvia Avery says:

    I am a woman. Biologically. My gender is woman. I identify as such. I use the women’s room. I am hetero. I feel the need to be perfectly clear because these days it is all so freaking confusing as to who is what and why, or whatever.

    So, against that backdrop I admit I have a girl crush on Melania. Not that I want her sexually, let us be clear. But holy cow she is so gorgeous. I can’t stop admiring her. She is like a work of art. I love the details of what she is wearing and how she puts it together. She knows who she is and she dresses to flatter herself but not in a cheap “LOOK AT ME I”M SHOWING YOU ALL THE GOODIES!” way. Such elegance, class, beauty. I love the leather skirt, I love the top with the little ties on the sleeves, I love her shoes although I don’t know how she manages to walk in the grass with those. (Men, this is a big deal. It is HARD!) I love the little shows of affection for her husband and her son. I love that she is doing what she believes she should be doing and to heck with what the media wants her to do. I am hoping we see more of her once she is living at the WH.

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    • golsono says:

      My wife, full blooded, south african, fully female WOMAN, Born and bred, been around the block, ( for 60 years +) Salutes Mrs. Melania

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    • Corticram says:

      I find myself looking forward to her public appearances just to see what she is wearing!

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    • StuckIntheMiddle says:

      Lovely comment. And thank heavens, it could have been a pantsuit we were watching.

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    • nimrodman says:

      “I love the details of what she is wearing and how she puts it together. She knows who she is and she dresses to flatter herself but not in a cheap … way. Such elegance, class, beauty.”

      Sylvia, I’m a heterosexual male (just to match your disclaimer) but highly appreciate that same style. Movie stars of the 50s and early 60s left an indelible impression on a young lad, particularly the Italian stars such as Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale, and Gina Lollobrigida and American actresses like Marilyn and Natalie Wood.

      It all went swimmingly through about 1968 and after that (the Woodstock influence) it went no makeup, jeans and olive-drab surplus Army jacket, straight lank hair parted down the middle – the Charley’s Girls / Patricia Krenwinkle look.

      There were still well-dressed stylish looks, but much in the minority – much of the masses went drab down in the trenches where us young men were seeking feminine companionship in the 70s. A disillusioning time and it was more than just Jimmy Carter.

      So I was imprinted early, in an age of glamour and style, and ever thankful for that. To this day it resonates deeply.

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        Wow, great insights and I appreciate your sharing it. And you are right, Melania does make me think of the Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale, type. Very much so! And really interesting to hear it from a guy’s perspective.

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      • mireilleg says:

        Talking about Sophia L, Gina L and Claudia C, you make me nostalgic and here I am listening to the Platters. You’re right it went downhill after 68.

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        • nimrodman says:

          Interestingly, ’67 or ’68 is about the time it’s apparent the film directors and their colleagues were getting LSD. There’s a certain surreal wackiness (1967’s Casino Royale with Peter Sellers; others) that looks to be more than just the jazz cigarettes everyone was smoking well before then.

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  10. dutzie60 says:

    I hope that an agreement and commitment between all of these ‘ME Nato’ countries especially SA that will create PT’s safe zones, refugee camps. That would mean no more refugees coming to America nor any need for more to go to EU. And the ones there and here should be sent home. Hoping for a Bigly announcement!

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  11. bonnibrai says:

    I absolutely refuse to make any snarky comments at all about Barry &Big Mike.

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  12. Minnie says:

    What is the duration of a flight to SA?

    They will arrive fresh and well rested, I’m sure.

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  13. Sandy says:

    Real class!

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  14. zephyrbreeze says:

    While the Hollywood version of beauty is Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardasian, we have Melania and Ivanka.


  15. Midnight Rambler says:

    Someone needs to put together a montage of all the times Prez has back slapped and shaked our Veep’s hand. HaHa…he just beats the hell out of that man.


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