May 19th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #120

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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  1. Rejuvenated says:

    Hello fellow Treepers.
    I just got off the phone with the Michigan GOP office and have some interesting information (speculation/inside rumors) from the gentleman I had a discussion with regarding disbursement of donations (wanted to ensure money I donated did not go to Amash or Upton).
    Scuttlebutt is that Amash is not running for re-election (explains his exploding anti-Trump behavior since he’s in a pretty lib area) because he’s planning to run for a governorship. At least it would keep his crap local if it comes to pass.
    Upton apparently thinks he can graduate to a Senate seat so that rumor needs monitoring.

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  2. kittytrump84 says:

    Wiener pleads guilty

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  3. Weeper says:

    Trying this again from the last page….fixed this time!!

    Can’t blog when you’re creating. This is the second chapter in my Weeper story. The first, Just a Dream, dealt with the “what”, this one is the “why”. There will be a third one, in due time, but that story is still unfolding. I “think” I’m getting the hang of this

    Tryin’ to Keep Up With You

    People born with a passion for reading and writing are consumed by both daily. I don’t know many, if any, who do one and not the other. The two fit together, like hand and glove. You read to learn the stories of others, and you write to teach readers yours. I consume reading material like food, and while I’ve “dabbled” with writing, I’ve only recently been able to share it.

    Writers each have their own style of writing. A way with which they tell their story, the way they get their point across, to captivate and teach their readers. It called prose, or their “voice”. Those that write in the same speaking voice have an automatic connection. Reading the words of someone writing in your voice is the most joyful thing in the world. Favorite authors, poets, columnists, posters. You read what they say, whether you understand the topic or not, because you understand their language, and you learn. You get what they “say”, even if that isn’t what they “said”.

    So what does this have to do with PDJT? I was on the train from the beginning, but I was skeptical. I was trying to validate what I felt and could not find anyone to help me. Enter The Treehouse. While searching for information on his rally in Baton Rouge in February 2016, I stumbled here, and never left. Every post, even the ones that came before me, I read… well as the comments. I fell in love with this book, and all of you were my favorite “characters” in it, with Sundance as the Master Storyteller, and PDJT as the Hero.

    I wanted to join in, but couldn’t. When I reached a point where I felt I had to, I sent an email that was never posted. I posted it the other day. Sundance did a post that night, on North Korea, and out I came. It didn’t say….come join us, but it did to me. Let’s call it a “wink”. My job then was to figure out how to introduce myself, so on Easter Sunday, on a very quiet open thread, late in the afternoon, I made my first “real” post. People saw it, liked it, and welcomed me. It wasn’t until the next morning, when I went to the new open thread and saw that fleporeblog, one of my many idols, had pulled my post to the first page, that this game was really on. I got my bullhorn and started making noise. Wolfmoon’s, a second idol, rollercoaster is the journey I’ve been on over these last few weeks. Sometimes it overwhelms me. Half the time, I have no clue what is going on, and the other half I’m having the time of my life. No one achieves greatness, in their heart, without overcoming challenges. PDJT is our example of that.

    When you have a talent, but have no audience, it goes untapped. It causes you to be depressed, because you have things to give, to share, but no one to receive them. I think I’ve found an audience, at least for now, here at my beloved Treehouse. Supporting PDJT’s “dream”, using mine.

    MAGA – Making America Great Again one Voice at a Time

    P.S. Maybe someday, once the ‘Cryin stops, I’ll change my name to Keeper 😉

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    • Howie says:

      Ya make our day.

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    • Very much enjoyed your post! I too have poster I think the world of. We are so blessed here to have voices from all stations in life. I have learned more here in 6 months then many years searching the web, talking to people and reading books.

      I also enjoy when poster give some tidbits about their personal lives. Gives the brain some fun imagining. I deeply appreciate the legal views and truly brilliant articles and posts.

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    • golsono says:

      I saw, and think Iiked, that first post weeper. Keep on treeping please. Treople like you encourage many of us to wade through ‘the complicated business’ of MAGA. Especially those of us on distant shores who value the analysis of SD, and the Only intelligent WorldWide comment, with links and cogent reasoning on the w w w. I frequent fewer sites, and have discarded many, since finding this one

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      • Weeper says:

        TY golsono….we’ve chatted before. I’m so glad that people come here from all over, to read, learn, laugh, and unfortunately, sometimes, cry. CTH = Covering Trump Honestly. Our only REAL source for Positive news about PDJT 😉

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        • golsono says:

          PDJT -and his supporters – are the last apparent hope for advocates of Family Values, from which civilization as we know/knew it stems. Small Wonder PDJT & Team have more support around the globe than usa citizens realize. We are Sleepers. Say Little, Stand Ready. God Bless. Onward!

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          • Weeper says:

            Amen 🙏 We feel that support golsono. We have people come from all over and tell us. I was a Sleeper too, till recently…..but now, not so much. I’ve got 📢, and I won’t rest until his “lying” critics are silenced or on the Train 😉

            God Bless!

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      You know that casual pat on the back you give to a buddy for a job well done?
      Well Weeper, you’re going to get a bruise on your shoulder from all of us congratulating you.
      Well done. Let it pour out of you.

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  4. psadie says:

    Wow the Arabs really want to “get along” with PTrump so no headscarf required of FLOTUS.

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    • Tonawanda says:

      For some reason this makes me very happy!

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    • Larry Bucar says:

      Would love to see DJT land his Marine helicopter on Massad and give a speech…. then again kinda like GWB 2 landing his jet on the aircraft carrier after “defeating” Saddam Hussein… the fool really got reamed for that.


      • MfM says:

        I think this whole thing with Masada is Fake News. There is always give and take when a President does an overseas trip. There are lots of things on their list and all of them don’t work out, especially on such a jammed packed one like this.

        With the time limits and security needs Pres. Trump will have only X amount of time. It’s not like he’d have to walk up, there is a aerial tram. Taking that would mean that it couldn’t be a quick in and out.


      • Sandra-VA says:

        Massada cannot accommodate a helicopter and Secret Service didn’t want the President of the USA dangling in a cable car… so he won’t be visiting there.

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    • Summer says:

      As if Trump would ever let his wife or daughters be humiliated in public by forcing them to wear hijab. The Arabs know that the times of apology tours and weakness are over. Only feminazi and libtards are happy to cover their stupid heads in the presence of their Islamist overlords.

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    • helmhood says:

      There is plenty of sand in that area for them to pound, if the Arabs had made the request.

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    • chbailey says:

      What a sound choice. Kudos. What sense does it make for anyone to “put on” the symbols of a religion that is not their own? Religious symbols are not part of a polite go-along-to-get-along…willingly putting them on your person has spiritual ramifications. Should these visitors enter a Mosque, yes, but government dignitaries visiting outside of a mosque, no. There are only a handful of female government representatives that have not put the flag of Mahomet on their head in an Islamic country.
      Well done First Lady of the United States.

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    • MVW says:

      I think it is foolish to travel at this point in time. Send the expendables.

      The CIA has to be cleaned out, the entire government needs to be cleaned out. The propaganda war is pure CIA Operation Hummingbird. Soros and organization needs to be destroyed. CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood needs to be taken down.

      Trump must be bored and likes the drama. This is a spook game.


  5. redlegleader68 says:

    Everybody go back and read zephyrbreeze’s post about Seth Richards on the previous page, if you missed it. I’m thinking this is going to hit really big really soon. They can’t bury it any longer.

    Zephyrbreeze / May 19, 2017 at 12:25 pm

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  6. boojum says:

    The pedes on The_Donald have found Seth Rich’s twitter accounts. All are being archived for research of possible leads. It is confirmed he was a Bernie supporter and so with a motive to leak. Go over there and help if you can. Kek!

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  7. cheekymeeky says:

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  8. Mike says:


    To the best of my knowledge, the only evidence that “The Russians hacked the election” and/or that “Trump colluded with the Russians to deny Queen Hillary her coronation” is the “Russian Dossier.” It contained a wild tale of urinating Russian hookers and was mocked to death while it was being debunked.

    We will never see an actual real investigation based on facts. That’s because any competent attorney working for Trump will flush this to the surface. It’d make those pushing for an investigation look like incompetent clowns engaging in a sham and a con, which is exactly what they are doing. The media sure doesn’t want this to get to the public either, as it would make them look even more hack-like and fake news-like that they already do.

    No, it’ll be an ongoing public smear job with “sources” and “intelligence experts” who “allege” yada yada yada. Hopefully, and i think it’ll happen at some point. Something unforeseen will put an end to the sickening Russian nonsense.

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  9. Press conference going on now. Our Military loves Trump!

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  10. lawrencepaul1 says:

    This is a very interesting interview. I have hated the media the whole of my adult life. I hate it even more now than I did 40 years ago.


  11. Felice Lepore says:

    The LaRouche PAC folks have a personal beef with Special Counsel, Mueller. He was a leader of the “Get-LaRouche Task Force” which framed-up Lyndon LaRouche on false charges in 1988.

    From the article:

    Wednesday’s appointment of Robert Mueller as a “special counsel” was a fraud, a farce and an outrage from the get-go. To begin with, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein’s order starts out by stating it as fact that Russia interfered in the U.S. elections—even though no evidence of that has ever been presented. And then, the man named as “special counsel,” former FBI Director Robert Mueller, has a long record of proven corruption. He was a leader of the “Get-LaRouche Task Force” which framed-up Lyndon LaRouche on false charges in 1988, after years of efforts. Then he was named FBI Director days before the Sept, 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and spent the next twelve years as FBI Director covering up the evidence of the Saudi-British authorship of those attacks.

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  12. sunnydaze says:

    Yes! Duterte refusing EU Aid to Philllipines because of strings attached! I remember friends from Kenya complaining about this exact same stuff years ago, in that case it was the IMF in particular:

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  13. fleporeblog says:

    A Beautiful New Phase of Human History —Do You Know About It?

    From the article linked above:

    On Sunday and Monday of this week, history will show, we entered a new phase space of human history. If you are able to fully appreciate what just happened at the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing, China, you are jumping with joy. Most Americans, however, have been kept in the dark about the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by mankind, connecting all continents through infrastructure — tunnels, bridges, rail — and lifting billions out of poverty. Instead, we are besieged, daily, by a news media apparently determined to take down a President, rip this country apart, and sour every aspect of the human spirit. There is something, far, far superior happening in this world, and the United States has been invited to be a part of it. If you haven’t already, please avail yourself of this short video overview of the Belt and Road Project.

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    • Weeper says:

      Hey…I’ve been off line for a bit and wanted to come to reply to this post. I’ve almost reached my breaking point with the media….it seems we take no steps forward and 2 steps back every day with them. Yes? All these things going on, and they want to talk about trivial garbage.

      I always enjoy your posts, and try to like them all, and appreciate all your support 😉

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  14. BakoCarl says:

    The Spam Bin

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    With analysis made a conclusion;
    Checked spelling, and grammar, and paragraphs.
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    Finally, she’s back and with some kind words
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    So heed this warning, posters everywhere,
    There are rules here that you shouldn’t flout.
    But be advised, even though you’re careful,
    The Spam Bin’ll getcha if you don’t watch out!

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    • Weeper says:

      ❤️ It BakoCarl…..and AdRem as well!!!

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    • Ad rem says:

      BakoCarl (AKA Tree House Poet Laureat)….LOL…I swears I try to get to ’em as quickly as I can. So many places to be…so little time. Trust me, if I told you the kinda stuff people spam us with, you wouldn’t want to touch ’em with a 10′ pole. Better you not know WHERE your comment’s been hangin’….gnome sayin’?

       photo 2sgn092spam1_zps4zothedt.gif

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  15. Dora says:

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    • Landslide says:

      Mr. Kobach is on it! More truth. Excellent.

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      • Dixie says:

        A quote from the Truthfeed article…..

        Georgia (660,708), North Carolina (561,811), and Illinois (542,065) lead the 28 states studied in potential duplicated voter registrations across state lines.

        The study shows that more than 916,000 people appear to be registered multiple times within their state of residence. North Carolina accounts for 90 percent of potential intrastate duplicates.

        Guess I can stop wondering how Roy Cooper(D) beat Pat McCrory(R) in NC. The margin of Cooper’s victory was small. It was less than 10,000 votes iirc.

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        • Oldskool says:

          McCrory was ahead by 35k votes until 11:30pm that evening when Durham county showed up with 90k “absentee ballots” and miraculously Cooper took the lead by 10k when everything got counted.

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        • Your Tour Guide says:

          Had a coworker, ( nice guy, but deluded dem) was in on
          voter registration around Rockdale County, GA. He was
          trying to get out the vote (for Obama, that’s where the
          deluded part comes in).

          He went to many listed addresses in the county for
          registered voters to knock on doors. The homes
          were vacant, the occupants had long moved, or
          the persons listed had gone on to meet their reward.
          It happened numerous times a day, in a county that
          wasn’t heavily populated by metro Atlanta standards
          at the time ( Fewer then 100,000 persons, adjacent
          Dekalb and Gwinnett Counties have over 3/4 million
          apiece.) He knew the dems were lying, but he was
          still intent on getting the one elected. This was all
          back before the 2008 elections. The dead have been
          voting in Georgia for decades.

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  16. youme says:

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    • Wiggyky says:

      Not surprised. Then they moved me by ambulance from one hospital to another hospital right across the road they billed Medicare $540 for the trip. One ambulance, one driver and one EMT attendant.


      • Wiggyky says:

        Dang. WHEN they moved me….etc


      • Dixie says:

        30 miles cost $1500 for my DH to be transferred by ambulance from one hospital to another. And that was several years ago. No telling what it would cost today,

        Hope you’re fully recovered Wiggyky.


        • Wiggyky says:

          Dixie….thank you. I appreciate it. I had hoped to return to the way I was before the operation and go back to my house and independent living. In the meantime I’ve been staying at my daughter’s house. It appears that is not to be although I am better now than at the time of the operation. I am planning on attending a Tokyo High School (military brat) Reunion soon (64th anniversary of graduation).


          • Dixie says:

            Best wishes and prayers that you will be able to eventually return to your home and independent living. Safe trip.


  17. youme says:

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  18. bonnibrai says:

    Happy to report that more and more intelligent Canadian people are seeing through this charade.

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    • ALEX says:

      Thanks for the report…At some point I think decent people need some evidence or it becomes nothing more then a witch hunt…

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    • lawrencepaul1 says:

      Conrad Black is a longtime friend of Mr Trump. He is a smart guy. I doubt that his opinion of our president is shared by the majority of Canadians. Just look at who they voted for to lead their country. Californians without the tan.

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      Thanks for the link… I have relatives in Canada who really need to ‘wake up’.


  19. ALEX says:

    Not sure this has been posted….Just confirming what we all know about the negative/slanderous coverage during this witch hunt of our President…
    A major new study out of Harvard University has revealed the true extent of the mainstream media’s bias against Donald Trump.

    Academics at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy analyzed coverage from Trump’s first 100 days in office across 10 major TV and print outlets.

    They found that the tone of some outlets was negative in as many as 98% of reports, significantly more hostile than the first 100 days of the three previous administrations:

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  20. Summer says:

    I don’t like Fat Bob but, out of curiosity, I really want to know what “insensitive remark” he made exactly, and what “sexual harassment” he is accused of.

    Other than that, good riddance. Now please fire Shep.

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      According to the article on Variety – he told a black IT worker in his office that he was leaving because the IT person was black. As much as I detest Bob Beckel, I seriously doubt this is what happened. But it was charged by some lawyer who has a ton of black reporters/workers for both Fox and CNN claiming discrimination…. so that is why Beckel was fired.

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      • Admin says:

        I have my doubts that it happened as well but Beckel deserves to know what it feels like to have false accusations leveled against him when he has spent so much time excusing all of the false accusations being leveled at President Trump and our law enforcement. I would bet his view on minorities is a bit different now.


        • Dixie says:

          I spent some time reading the twitter responses to the Beckel announcement. There were probably 75, all critical of him. Apparently he made disparaging sexual remarks about our First Lady on the air as many were critical of him for that. I don’t know personally as I never watch them anymore.


    • Serena says:

      And Juan Williams!!!


    • Patriot1783 says:

      Good riddance.


    • rumpole2 says:

      FOX KNEW exactly what Bob Beckel is when the took him back.

      He was an angry, biased fat blob when he worked at fox before.. and he was even WORSE when he popped up on other networks since.
      I can’t say I heard a LOT of Bob this time at Fox because The 5 is a ridiculous “kids table” show.. not worthy of a “serious news network” and so I don’t watch it (mostly) but even so on rare occasions I have seen bits of The 5… Bob Beckel has been a disgusting fat POS slob.

      Angry man… he needs restraining and/or tranquilizing

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  21. Anne says:

    Here is CNN with a ridiculous article attempting to discredit President Trump:

    Travel ban architect writing Trump’s speech on Islam
    The author of President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban, which targeted people from six-majority Muslim countries, is the principal speechwriter for the President’s speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia on Sunday.
    The official said the speech has been put together through a collaborative process inside the White House, but that Miller was the primary author.

    The speech, which will be given in front of about 50 Muslims leaders, could be a flashpoint in Trump’s eight-day, five country trip. Trump has long derided Islam, proposed banning all Muslim immigration into the United States during the campaign and is expected to use the term “radical Islamic terrorism” throughout the speech in Saudi Arabia, the cradle of the 1.6 billion-member religion.

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    • ginaswo says:

      oooh LOVE Stephen soo glad. dopey media helping The Don.

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    • Landslide says:

      It will be GLORIOUS!!!!! Can’t wait! Stephen Miller, you are fabulous.

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      And if CNN had been paying attention to what is going in in Saudi Arabia, they would know that the Saudis are actually clamping down on Radical Islamic Terrorism… BIGLY. They already ejected some 40k Pakistanis and while President Trump is there, they will be holding a grand opening of their new center that will be working to combat Radical Islamic Terrorism and attempt to bring Islam into a more modern state (as Christianity had to do as well).

      We shall see if the Saudis really are serious about this… given that they are the originators of Taliban, AQ, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR etc etc which all are rooted in Wahhabism. They literally have an entire division of their kingdom devoted to Muslim Brotherhood type stuff.

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    • blessdog says:

      “…President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban, which targeted people from six-majority Muslim countries…”
      HAHA! they just can’t NOT repeat the mind control propaganda 6 majority Muslim countries
      you know what would make MILLIONS of tiny liberal heads explode simultaneously?

      GORKA: FBI Director
      MILLER: Deputy

      memo to President Trump: do it!

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    • Dehbashi says:

      Really? The Clinton News Network is complaining about the phrase “radical Islam terrorism”? Just because the previous Wuss of a so-called president avoided even saying Radical Islam unlike W doesn’t mean that fool is right. If anything this should endear Muslims to Trump precisely because he isn’t painting all Muslims in one brush. What idiots.


    • Crapola fakeNewsNuthouse


  22. Bendix says:

    Any chance there’s a connection between the appointment of Mueller and Anthony Weiner’s guilty plea today?

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  23. Martin says:

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  24. BillRiser says:

    I pray that President Trump and his family have a safe and productive trip on his first overseas trip.

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  25. fedback says:

    The President and the First Lady look great.
    Just boarded Air Force One

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  26. Dazza says:

    I was just thinking, is it me, or has Al Sharpton completely disappeared completely since PDJT’s election?
    Ain’t it grand?

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  27. blessdog says:

    two other general thoughts –
    something i’ve not seen discussed so much – obama was a true secular god to the liberal sheep
    as far as your average, out of control Trump hating and dopey “resistance” goes, that is the PRIMARY factor, no?

    also SNAKE deep state operative lindsey graham on Mueller yesterday –
    “this is a CRIMINAL investigation now”
    No it’s not you Trump hating liar – Rosenstein took pains to clarify that

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  28. fleporeblog says:

    I LOVE IT!

    What did Comey say today???? Did Barry meet with Reggie Love????? Is HRC back in the woods???? Mueller is our HERO…. Antifa statement!!!!! Evelyn Farkas is waiting patiently for the :Hill People” to save her….. OBAMACARE is alive and well….. Trump is wrong that Barry is sick or bad…. Egg McMuffin is growing his hair back…..


    Early morning raids end in arrests of nearly two dozen MS-13 gang suspects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From the article:

    Twenty-one people accused of being part of the notoriously violent MS-13 gang were arrested Wednesday as federal and local investigators forced their way into homes and businesses across Los Angeles County in a pre-dawn sweep that came as a result of a more than two-year racketeering investigation.

    The detainees were among 44 gang suspects facing federal charges — including murder and racketeering — listed in a 41-count federal indictment unsealed Wednesday, officials said. Twenty suspects were already in custody, and three are considered fugitives.

    Acting U.S. Atty. Sandra Brown said the operation against MS-13 was the largest ever conducted in Los Angeles and is expected to “deal a critical blow to its leadership.”

    Even the sad state of California can’t stop all the winning!

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  29. Eric Kennedy says:

    We need more people like this guy!

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  30. NJ Transplant says:

    There is one good piece of news. The Koch Brothers are funding a multi million dollar campaign to pass tax reform. That should get the Rino’s who get donations from the Koch Brothers to vote for tax reform. The Koch Brothers are also paying for commercials pushing for tax reform. If President Trump passes even tax cuts, he should win in 2020. Economic recovery means a lot more to people than rumors in the press. As James Carville so famously said “It’s the economy, stupid.”

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  31. Dora says:

    This might bring on a few heart attacks. Hee Hee.

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  32. fedback says:

    Believe I saw Keith boarding Marine One.
    Like that he is traveling with the President and the First Lady.
    But who is protecting the White House


  33. patrickhenrycensored says:

    Huma files for divorce

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  35. steven says:

    I can’t find this link or post by someone regarding the Seth Rich info that is such a big deal, anyone care to repost it? thanks


  36. duchess01 says:

    1600 Daily: Everything White House for 5/19/17
    MAY 19, 2017 AT 1:05 PM ET BY 1600 DAILY

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  37. Lumina says:

    First we hear about Comey hiding from PDJT & he said the hug was awkward. Now video appears of Hillary practicing to avoid his hug for as debate practice…oh my another dreadful scandal…

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  38. Peter says:

    I’ve been thinking about Joe Biden a lot today.

    What a hoser. He didn’t do anything but creep around all day and now he thinks he should/could be president. Compared to Trump, all action all the time, Biden is a toddler,
    Completely embarrassing.

    But I bet if we held the election today, 60 million voters would vote him in.

    So here is my idea: fire Pence. Replace him with Gingrich immediately. charter Newt with being the real bad arse. He is the best at taking down the press , while trump governs. Hire Pence as chief along staff.

    The cries for impeachment will come to a halt tomorrow.

    Pence is far to palpable for the establishment. Nothing personal.


  39. jeans2nd says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, Our POTUS is winning the world over. Do not doubt us.

    From Russia With Love – Russia’s take on Erdogan’s recent visit to see our POTUS.

    Erdogan checked in Washington
    “There is no doubt that Recep Tayyip Erdogan came away from Washington on Wednesday with egg on his face”

    “Whatever the case, it’s Moscow and Washington in Syria and over Turkey. Period.”

    Make no mistake. We are not besties with Russia. Russia is our economic competitor, not our BFF.

    But Russia is laughing hard at our Very Fake News, and appears to quietly marvel at Our POTUS’ ability to rise above the noise and Git ‘Er Dun.

    Watch the Middle East closely the next few days. You will witness history being made, once again, by the Master Builder and Negotiator.

    And the Very Fake News? They R Dun.


  40. Regina says:

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  41. NJF says:

    And the newest talking point I just heard.

    A Dem talking head just said on FBN “should PTrump even be ALLOWED to nominate anyone for FBI director?”


  42. duchess01 says:

    The White House
    Office of the Press Secretary
    For Immediate Release – May 19, 2017
    Fall 2017 White House Internship Program

    The Fall 2017 White House Internship Program application is now open.

    The application portal will remain open until 11:59PM EDT on June 16, 2017. Any applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

    The Fall 2017 White House Internship Program term runs from September 6 to December 8, 2017. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age by the Internship Program start date, and must be able to commit to the full internship term to be eligible. Additionally, applicants must be U.S. citizens and meet at least one of the following criteria to apply:

    Are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at a college, community college, or university (two-to-four year institution).
    Have graduated from an undergraduate or graduate degree program at a college, community college, or university (two-to-four year institution) no more than two years before the internship program start date.
    Are a veteran of the United States Armed Forces who possesses a high school diploma or its equivalent and has served on active duty—for any length of time—in the two years preceding the internship program start date.
    The White House Internship Program is highly competitive. Applicants are selected based on their demonstrated commitment to public service, leadership in the community, and commitment to the Trump Administration. Questions about the White House Internship Program application can be directed to More information, including details about placement in the White House Internship Program and frequently asked questions can be found on the White House website.


  43. Pam says:


  44. rjcylon says:

    Last I checked we won the election, so I’ve decided to tune out most of the noise. Going on almost a full week with Treehouse being my main news source. No more BB, or anything else really. A little Rush here and there, and that’s it.

    I will no longer participate in clickbait, even if it’s for sites that are on the “good side”. Will no longer read anything that has the words “Washington Post” or “New York Times” associated with it. As soon as I see anything with the word “Russia” attached, I know to instinctively avert my gaze. You can figure that accounts for about 75% of what is out there.

    If I’m concerned that I’m missing something important by ignoring every panic inducing headline, I just ask myself some simple questions. Is Trump still the sitting president? Have impeachment proceedings started? If not, will Trump most likely still be the sitting president tomorrow? Are impeachment proceedings likely to begin tomorrow? Knowing the answers to these questions saves me a lot of stress and wasted time following rabbit trails of news-o-sphere. I feel much better overall.

    This place is a great filter. If Sundance isn’t writing about it, or if it isn’t being talked about in the daily thread, I’m not interested. The media and the rest of the left wants us to forget we won, I’m not playing along anymore.

    Liked by 4 people

  45. Lumina says:

    Should those who voted for our President start labeling ourselves as Russian agents? I am a German from Russia….


  46. jeans2nd says:

    It would appear Israel is with Our POTUS. Ignore the Very Fake News. Here is some Truth.

    “The bilateral summit on Saturday comes with Saudi leaders rebuilding crucial ties with Washington after feeling that Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama tilted too much toward Tehran.”

    “The summit is part of preparations for a new US strategy mobilising the Muslim world against the Sunni jihadists of the Islamic State group, as well as against Iran-backed groups such as Lebanon-based Hezbollah, said Mustafa Alani, a senior adviser to the Gulf Research Centre.”

    ““We are witnessing now a change in the tone, change in policy” from Trump, he said.”


  47. MargaretS says:

    Take a deep breath. The swamp creatures are in retreat (for a short while). The air is now clear again and the darkness retreats. There’s a palpable feeling of freedom again. Please keep up the prayers though.

    There’s a Gateway Pundit article today saying the Dems did some polling about impeachment and they seemed to get such an angry blowback that they decided to back off. Their media slaves are also changing their headlines accordingly. On the Republican Party front, Richard Baris of PPD Polling (the best of the last election cycle and he’s a good guy) says his new polling shows a big hit against the Republicans. Voters apparently see no reason to vote for them anymore, he says. This is guaranteed to scare the GOPe and you may see them tepidly showing support for President Trump. This would be Ryan’s 2nd coup attempt that FAILED. Sadly, I once thought he’d make a great VP. He’s just another swamp creature now.


    • BakoCarl says:

      One thing I think about (note the clever avoidance of the word “concerned”) is if enough Republicans make themselves distasteful to the voters, the effect could be the election of a Dem majority in the Senate (or House, I suppose). Loss of majority in either House or Senate would throw a big monkey wrench into the wheels of progress, but would be a victory for the Uniparty.


      • camulla says:

        Democrats would view regaining power as a mandate for impeachment. We need to be careful for what we ask when we know who Democrats are and how Democrats are committed not just to being our opposition but working for our destruction. We need to start going to Republican meetings, getting the right people elected to local and state offices, and campaigning for the primaries.


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