Horrific CCTV Video Emerges of Times Square Driver During Rampage….

Very disturbing CCTV video assembled from the scene(s) near Times Square in New York, shows the deliberate and intentional attack of the driver. The driver was identified as 26-year-old Richard Rojas from the Bronx.  His vehicular rampage killed an 18-year-old girl and seriously injured 22 others when he drove through crowds near Times Square.

There is ZERO possibility of this being an “accident”.  Nor was this a DUI or DWI event.  The driver made a U-Turn and intentionally drove on the sidewalk for four blocks specifically targeting the largest possible groups and crowds, steering toward them and accelerating.  It’s actually a miracle more people were not killed.  This video is far, far more graphic than the Nice, France terrorist attack.  This video also removes any doubt this was anything except an intentional and deliberate targeting of people.

The video is below.  WARNING – It’s disturbingYou cannot ever unsee it.

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261 Responses to Horrific CCTV Video Emerges of Times Square Driver During Rampage….

  1. yucki says:

    “WARNING – It’s disturbing. You cannot ever unsee it.”


    • yucki says:

      PHOTOS: Richard Rojas, Times Square Suspect

      The suspect “tested positive for PCP and told police that God made him do it,” CNN reported, adding that he expected officers to shoot him. However, authorities have not confirmed that account.”



      • youme says:

        There is no quick test available for PCP. Blood must be drawn after obtaining a warrant and the blood must be analyzed at a lab.

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      • keeler says:

        Drug influence is a canard. Regardless of one’s state of mind, an idea must be absorbed and entertained in order to act upon it.

        Without the backdrop of ISIS vehicle attacks, I doubt this individual ever goes on a car rampage. The violence would manifest itself in some other form.

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    • James W Crawford says:

      Thank you for posting this.

      No way in Hell was this an accident. It might not have been Islamic Jihad, but ithe homicidal intent is obvious.

      At the risk of pissing off everyone including the moderators, I will point out that New Yorkers voted overwhelmingly for Hillary. While the NYC elites embrace muslims, the despise conservative Christian Americans. You will therefore understand why I dismiss this incident as just an example of evolution in action.

      United We Stand.

      Divided We Fall!


  2. BadMoonRising says:

    The video is unavailable


  3. pageoturner says:

    This is the inevitable outcome of leftist hate filled tribal politics. Where is the left in denouncing hatred, violence and murder resulting from their accusations?

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    • dalethorn says:

      There’s always the scary possibility that the previous administration has left us with hundreds, if not thousands of “sleepers” who could go off at any time.

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      • COLibertyBelle says:

        I believe that many, many of them are already here (brought in on daily flights on FedEx planes for the last God knows how many years)…waiting to be given the go-ahead to attack us. Remain locked, loaded, and vigilant.
        ….but, hey, maybe that’s just my suspicious nature.

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      • Old Codger says:

        There is NO “possibility” involved! I The previous Administration DELIBERATELY left the US vulnerable to “lone wolf attacks, such as this!

        Only the beginning, folks! Only the beginning! * years of that gay, Muslim poseur and this is what you get! All of you who voted for him, thinking you’d be erasing the vestige of racism and assuage your white guilt, (more than a few Christians here who wanted to act “nicely” toward a black candidate) helped bring this on! Sow the wind…..

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  4. Coast says:

    It was an accident…a big accident…to allow Islam to be called a Religion.

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  5. LibertyVibe says:

    I get this guy was Latino, but I am convinced that there is an Islam connection. I firmly believe that many of these Mexican gangs have been radicalized by Jihadis.

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    • dalethorn says:

      Someone said he was a Navy veteran. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were recruited while in the military. Bear in mind that the infamous Lee Harvey Oswald got released from U.S. Marines active duty honorably, having learned to speak fluent Russian while in the Marines, then he defected to the USSR.

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    • fred2w says:

      A couple years ago, World Magazine had an article on how fast Islam was spreading through Latin America. So, your theory isn’t outlandish at all.

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  6. Tejas Rob says:

    This was most certainly an intentional act, and he wasn’t drunk. Why he did it is the only question.

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  7. Bull Durham says:

    Just another Dreamer. A model of Cult youthfulness. Deep into drugs and alcohol. A menace.
    Perfect example of Liberal Village values.

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  8. doit4atlas says:

    Video link no longer works…anyone have another source?


  9. JBrickley says:

    He should have been evaluated for mental illness a long time ago. Repeated arrests of violence but he was let go each time. All the information put together reads like a mentally ill person who was self-medicating with alcohol and illicit drugs. He may have been high on PCP or perhaps Spice/K2 synthetic marijuana. PCP would have taken 10 strong men to hold him down so I’m leaning more toward Spice/K2 synthetic which can produce similar behavior. The bouncer at Hard Rock tackled him along with a traffic officer allowing other officers to arrive and cuff him. PCP (angel dust) makes you completely numb, crazy, and super strong with a high amount of adrenaline pumping.

    Lots of compiled details here.

    It’s a miracle only the one person was tragically killed. Many seriously injured. The video of the attack was truly horrific. He was accelerating and swerving to hit people who couldn’t get out of the way on the sidewalk. He mowed down many people in a short period of time, tossing people up in the air!

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    • Bendix says:

      I’ve been hearing synthetic marijuana.
      I’ve seen legislators like Nancy Pelosi beaming as they pass “mental health” bills or Obamacare, but the truth is that the mentally ill were and still are left out of health care whether they have “good” insurance or not.

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  10. sunnydaze says:

    Well, if that isn’t the clearest possible evidence that “The Authorities LIE”, I don’t know what is.

    Nobody in their right mind would look at that and say it was an accident/drunk driver.

    Disgusting they would try to field that lie out to the Public.

    No wonder Youtube took the vid down.

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  11. Truthfilter says:

    The media now knows that every terror attack last year validated Trump’s policy plans and caused his support to increase. Whenever possible, they will frame these kinds of events as non-terror. They’ve been trying this for years but it’s worse now because of their hatred of POTUS.

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  12. Matamoros says:

    Mexicans, Guacs, Hondos, and moslems out now! Secure America’s borders and homeland

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  13. Emily Summer says:

    Accidentally on purpose, as we used to say. This vehicle looks like it was deliberately driven into crowds; watch it speed up to hit people.


    • sunnydaze says:

      He is in TOTAL control of that car.

      Remember, when this first happened they initially tried to pawn it off as an “elderly man” who “lost control of his vehicle”.

      Guess they figured out pretty quick that Americans weren’t quite THAT braindead so changed the memo/lie to something *marginally* more believable.

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  14. Theo West says:

    I’ve never heard of a Scientologist going on a murdering rampage like that. But Islam is growing fast in Latin America, that is for sure. A sleeper?

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  15. smifjones says:

    I see no video, just a big white space.. I’ll check it out on youtube


  16. amwick says:

    Any new information?


  17. All American Snowflake says:

    Who’ll take a bet that Mojas changes/or has already changed his name to Mohamed Mohamed?


  18. Marc says:

    Barely hearing a word about this watching Fox News. Wonder why?


    • janc1955 says:



      • Marc says:

        Yup. Just like in 2015 all you heard before election season was ISISObamaISIS and the fiends plotting in the Congress are ignored by FNC. Sad thing is now they don’t even report on what ISIS is doing, proving all that coverage was just sensationalism.


  19. SafeSpace says:

    How soon until the MSM declares the driver to be a “white Hispanic” who was angry because “his” President Trump is being insulted on the nightly news? You can be dam certain that if there IS a Muslim connection, that fact will be buried deeper than Jimmy Hoffa’s body.


    • WhatDoesThisButtonDo says:

      Will that be before or after Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer issue a joint statement that there need to be car-control laws and that cars need to be taken away from people for their own good? That if this person had just been riding a non-polluting ecologically friendly bicycle that those pedestrians wouldn’t have purposely gotten in his way to his anti-Russian Trump protest?


  20. amwick says:

    Why is attempted suicide by cop not a remote possibility?


  21. Oh, my I was in that exact location only a month ago. Unbelievable! Thank God, thank you God- he ran into one of those sidewalk barriers and the car was immediately disabled and stopped! Had he been able to get past that point and been able to continue going north on the sidewalk on 7th Ave- there would have been some really, really serious carnage. There’s literally hundreds of people milling around at any given time in that area, watching the street performers and generally enjoying the sights, a very popular tourist stop, it’s where the ball drops on NYE after all, and it’s as crowded there as anywhere in the city. Wow.


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