Reminder – David Plouffe: “Trump Must Be Destroyed”…

Reminder.  David Plouffe was President Obama’s campaign manager and Senior White House advisor:  (source link)  Plouffe has ideological cohorts, friends and embeds inside almost all corporate media entities; specifically WaPo and NY Times.

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  1. Martin says:

    Wishing thinking on Plouffe’s part.

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    • Pam says:

      Indeed. He’s wasting his breath.

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    • “They got the memo,” Ailes said, with some forbearance. “If you strike the king, you better kill him.” By “they,” he meant Rupert Murdoch’s sons. And most particularly James Murdoch, who, two years ago, was elevated to CEO of his father’s company, who Ailes regarded as an impetuous, grandiose, self-satisfied rich kid. Wryly, he admitted bringing this feud on himself: “I made the money those kids spent. So, no, I wasn’t going to suck up to them.”

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    • histbuff says:

      His message is clear. He is revealing what they will do to all of us when they return to power.

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      • Neural says:

        Eugenics is the goal. They want a society of “perfect people”, specifically one where everyone thinks just like they do.

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      • p'odwats says:

        Yep. Free speech will be denied to all who oppose the Deep State overlords plus every other right we as Americans are blessed to have. That’s the thing. Plouffe and his ilk hate this country and the concept of American greatness. Why in the world are there still so many of our countrymen who can’t see this??!! If these low information, kool-aid drinking Democrat voters think putting Hillary and her crowd back in power will bring them to some kind of nirvana, they better think again. The Deep State powerbrokers don’t give a damn about their own voters either. They’re just easier to fool and control than us Deplorables!

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        • El Torito says:

          The DNC will provide and those evil middle class people will be made to pay. Hard to resist.


        • histbuff says:

          Patriots will be denied “good” jobs, shunned in public, their children bullied and denied honors, achievement, and praise, denied good healthcare, forced to turn over their properties to the gov’t (like Germany is doing to its citizens right now), and God help us if they get access to ovens. They will use them, enthusiastically. There is so much hate out there, I am guessing it is going to come down to armed conflict until one side purges the other. Just my guess.

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        • luke says:

          You are seeing it occur in Europe what would’ve happened here with a few more years of progressive rule. They underestimated us. They know that now and also realize how close they were to finishing us off for good. God forbid they make it back to full power anytime soon. They will not hesitate to drive the nails into our coffin. That’s why the Nevertrumpers piss me off so bad.

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        • we300 says:

          This will read as crazy, but here goes. I’ve come to the conclusion that at the highest levels, the DNC and its partners in academia, entertainment and media are part of a not very well disguised, intentional Satanic cult.

          I don’t see any other explanation for how deep, wide and multi layered all this is. Every time you turn around, another layer is exposed with tentacles running miles beneath the surface.

          The rank and file followers may or may not be ignorant of whom they ultimately serve, but the Luciferian element to me seems unmistakable. And not just an accidental encounter with evil. I’m talking real deal Satanic worship here.

          Power is fabulous, but it just isn’t enough at the end of the day for the kind of body count behind the Clintons, for instance. That type of wanton killing, greed and avarice can only come about because you are no longer human. Because you’ve traded in your soul.

          That really only leaves one option, it seems to me. Obviously, we’re witnessing evil actions from so many on left. And they’re deliberate, calculated, filled with lies that they KNOW to be lies. There is no ignorance at the highest levels in the Swamp. So it’s perfectly fair to ask the next most logical question: is the left’s leadership comprised of actual Satanists?

          And what is it ultimately they want this control for? I am leaning towards pedophilia and human sacrifice to keep their master satiated. I just can’t get past the many, many pedo busts and this apparently world wide pedo subculture that really seems to exist. And they all end up being tied together and connected at the highest levels of power, apparently.

          This connects all the dots. They’ve operated in plain sight for years and we’ve all watched the total decimation of our culture without being able to pinpoint exactly how or when it all started to unravel. And none of us have believed the Deep State was so deep until we couldn’t avoid believing it any longer.

          If you have active Satanists at the head of an organization with power and money connected globally to other organizations of same, well then. A picture emerges.

          Anyhow, just my take. Crazy, I know.


  2. CathyMAGA says:

    Disgusting filth.

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  3. FLEEVY says:

    Pluff, the man who invented Obama. A very crafty guy, too bad he’s working for evil.

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  4. AndrewJackson says:

    Did I miss something? This post seems a little out there for the less informed.


    • Tejas Rob says:

      Have you not been paying attention to what is happening. There is an all out attempt by the media and the uni-party to destroy President Trump.

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      • deanbrh says:

        I don’t see a date on that Tweet. it’s OLD, right?


        • CathyMAGA says:

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          • deanbrh says:

            Thanks CathyMAGA. I remembered it but wanted to see the comments and wish I would learn how to save tweets because there are some priceless ones even today. My twitter name is Drain the Swamp.

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            • CathyMAGA says:

              To find tweets later- use the persons name: @CathyMAGA and keyword…if they said it, it will come up. Ex; @CathyMAGA confused — yeah, go search that exact one. ;-0) AHAHAHA….

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          • Mr. Morris says:

            “His kind must not rise again”. Wow, just wow. David Plouffe sounds like a typical Communist. We saw the Obama administration persecute their political opponents thru the IRS targeting scandal, topple Governments friendly to The U.S. in the ME to benefit the intolerant Muslim Brotherhood, kill the coal industry, give the ISIS terrorists timetables of troop movements and date of withdrawals of troops, refuse to help our men and women who were under attack in Benghazi, Libya, O.K.ed Hillary Clinton’s non- Government personal computer that she used to conduct Government business, etc., etc,

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          • BigMamaTEA says:

            Thanks CathyMAGA. I’ve been other places, was going to look that up.

            BTW Treeps, twitter is forever. (deleting tweets really doesn’t remove them- {heh-heh!}

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        • BigMamaTEA says:

          campaign time “old”


      • rsanchez1990 says:

        I’m with AndrewJackson here. I mean, we all know the media and UniParty are out for Trump’s head, but did Plouffe do or say something in the past day to merit a mention?

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        • Tejas Rob says:

          Sundance is just reminding us what their goal has been all along. They never planned to abide.

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          • Alexsandra says:

            Remember it is not just Valerie Jarrett puttering around Zero’s Washington Mansion now, trying to carry out more damage to the country. Zero has other cohorts past and present who are likely helping with much of the press talking points.

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            • BigMamaTEA says:

              Also, Alexsandra, OFA is active and Soros funded. Bunch of “chapters” supposedly formed around country.

              OFA started out as Obama For America when campaigning, then during Obie’s 2nd term, that was changed on the paperwork to Organizing for America.


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      AndrewJackson…..if you should desire to get updated…..over on the right side of this page……scroll down from the Prayer candle….until you find the “Choose a topic” box….click….and it will open a data base of research and threads.

      Get comfy, when you’ve got some time, and pick a topic, any topic, and read at least the ‘Header article” for each thread. (don’t get bogged down in the comments, or it’ll take years to get through! Unless, that’s what you want.) Best way to get up to speed.

      Everybody progresses through this “awakening” at different speeds, and at different times.

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      • AndrewJackson says:

        Good call. Now I just need to get setup to like other people’s comments and Ill be off to the races;). Yeah, this guy definitely talks and looks like a vindictive creep. Definitely good for storing up cold anger.

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        • BigMamaTEA says:

          Just sign up for a WordPress account. AND NO, you don’t have to set up a blog, unless you want one. You can just click past that part.Then you can have a like button, etc.

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      • yucki says:

        Thank-you, generous spirit!

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  5. mikebrezzze says:

    He’s in line now to be a Trump victim, like a speed bump, Trump don’t play games, you investigate me, I’ll investigate 10 of yours!

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  6. paulraven1 says:

    Translation: ordinary patriotic Americans who believe in the foundational principles of freedom must be destroyed. Long live the socially engineering, morally superior elites!

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  7. drillerelite says:

    Well, Mr Plouffe, I have some words for you but as a properly raised gentlemen I would simply say, “wanna take it out back?”

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  8. Stringy theory says:

    Plouffe is the one who was destroyed. Big talk from a little leftard prick.

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  9. Diane says:

    You first plouffe!

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  10. Weeper says:

    A guy named “Fluff” wants to destroy our LION? 🦁 Don’t know him, don’t want to.

    My comment to him:

    TRUMP you!!!

    Carry On!!
    MAGA!!! 🦁🚂📢🌳

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  11. Sedanka says:

    Who is this clown?

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  12. Bill Kristol said the same thing.

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  13. quintrillion says:

    Talk about what must be destroyed….May anything you evil pukes do bounce off Trump and stick on you.

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  14. I never saw a David Plouffe
    and I never hope to see one.
    But I can tell you any how…
    I’d rather see than be one.

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  15. Trumpstumper says:

    Proud to be one of “Trump’s kind”.

    If you’re not one, then have fun pounding small quartz particles, dining on faeces, and singing to that big silver light in the night sky.

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  16. The Devilbat says:

    The big bad wolf said, ‘Then I’ll huff, and I’ll Plouffe, and I’ll blow your white house in.’

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  17. LKA in LA says:

    We are not going back to the pillage years. What ever happens, we are not going back. They can’t destroy us all. We are all TRUMP and have our Preaisent’s back.

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  18. Travis McGee says:

    To bad the repubics don’t have the same attitude about the dimms. At least they are up front about it. Repubics only stick their heads out of their safe spaces once in a while, see which way the wind is blowing and spew some mealy mouthed swamp speak statement.

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  19. Tony Stark says:

    Drudge is doing a fabulous job facilitating that.

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    • BebeTarget says:

      Yeah, what’s with the change in Drudge??? Did I miss something? Even HE is posting anti-Trump fake news. Did someone get to him and we don’t know about it?

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    • mopar2016 says:

      I stay away from Drudge, Newsmax, and BB these days.
      Too much nonsense from Reuters, AP, NYT, WaPo, NPR and other anti Trump entities.
      I used to watch “Meet the Pus” and “Deface the Nation” every Sunday.
      I avoid all that nonsense now. CTH provides the in depth sort of information that I want.
      Treepers are waaaaay more informed. This is a very insightful one of a kind site.
      I don’t skim through the articles. Like they say, comprehension is key when it comes to reading.

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  20. alliwantissometruth says:

    Just another weak minded & weak willed dork who allowed himself to be brainwashed & used by the enemies of freedom

    All of these idiots are too far gone, their brains having been manipulated & reprogrammed, to ever realize rational thought & common sense again

    It’s amazing how these utter fools fancy themselves as intelligent, as “forward” thinkers, when the truth is they succumbed to indoctrination & brainwashing by a bunch of old hippy professors, who in turn are nothing but pawns themselves to the globalist cabal who will destroy everything they hold dear

    Useful idiots indeed

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  21. Sandy says:

    So wrong it is Obama must not rise again idiot! I hope President Trump goes on a rampage when he returns from His trip. He
    should go after these idiots. They sure didnt treat Obummer the way Trump is treated!

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  22. HarryJ says:

    Those who openly oppose trump are obviou problems but those playing against trump from the background are really to be aware of. Those inside enemies must be removed.

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  23. Trump IS America and last time I checked (last November) over half of the country seemed rather enthusiastic about his future.

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  24. ALEX says:

    That tweet from Obama campaign manager and close friend says it all…Forget David Brock and the rest…That is the Resistance and it’s been going on since Nov.9

    These people are good. One play they set in motion was Russia narrative and the throwing out of diplomats and sanctions…Just coincidentally Flynn calls Russian ambassador that day and it’s unmasked and off to races….

    We can play around all we want, but they got a Special Counsel in 120 days with ABSOLUTELY know evidence.. I guarantee Comey testifies next week President Trump pressured him on Flynn and it’s off to the races….

    It really helps to have deep state leakers, media,democrats and many republicans all clued in a long time ago on the plan….It’s transparent at this point…

    I’m all in for President Trump…Will see about republicans…They were almost excited about Special Counsel that can run wild on President Trump and his people with full weight of law behind him and his now ‘ unquestionable integrity’.

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    • AmyB says:

      I haven’t listened to Mark Levin since President Trump announced his candidacy. But ,I was flipping stations and heard him talking about the Comey memo. He caught my attention because he said his Landmark something or other law firm sent a FOIA request to the judge in DC for all information related to any FISA matters related to the Russian interference in our election and any collusion by President Trump’s associates. I think this was back in March. In any case, they got the reply that there “no matter before the court”. I wish I better understood what he was saying but here was his bottom line: he believes that the matter was being wound down at the FBI. There had not been an extension of the one FISA request that had been granted and they would have had it extended if there was any evidence of collusion. He believes that Schumer knew their narrative was getting ready to be disproved so he had to get a special counsel assigned to keep it going.

      At least Levin is ranting and raving for our side at the moment. I found it interesting that his law firm was working on it.

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      • BigMamaTEA says:

        Not unusual AmyB. Landmark Legal (Levin’s) has done some major legal work over the years in Education, and Environmental Overreach, etc.

        Glad to hear it. We’re going to need all hands on deck. I know, I know…..I still think Beck may have sold out completely, or rolled over when he saw real evil face to face; but ……


    • Alexsandra says:

      Oh, I forgot about Brock. Add him to Zero’s Jarrett, Plouffe, Rhodes. And so many others I had happily forgot about. Zero’s zeros – birds of a feather..


  25. GSR says:

    The Left is importing new constituencies through open borders and mass legal immigration. They will do anything to maintain that plan.


  26. Lburg says:

    Remember, the names of the bottom dwellers don’t matter as much as their financiers. The swamp media money is getting nervous.

    If Sundance is sending out a reminder tweet, it is a dot on the timeline with clues…..such as ‘media embeds’. Now we have to dig through the Yuge pile of manure to find the rest of the dots.
    Sheesh – I really hate homework

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  27. calbear84 says:

    “His kind” !! Wow. Very Hitler-like.

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  28. G3 says:

    Is David Plouffe in Gang of Thugs Welcoming photo- when President Elect and Melania Trump visited the White House with the Os?


  29. kathyca says:

    That pic seriously looks like a still from a gay porn flick — the locker room, the low-rent sofa, the “credentials” on the puffed up glamour boy, and the leer from the prince of darkness :::hurl:::
    AmIRight? lmao

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  30. Niagara Frontier says:

    This can be a great plus. It must be made clear that when he says “His kind must not rise again,” that he is ALSO TALKING ABOUT DEMOCRATS who would dare to challenge the likes of a Clinton or an Obama, e.g. Sanders.

    Don’t think for a minute that had Bernie somehow managed by some sort of miracle to make his way into the White House as President, that he wouldn’t currently be receiving the “Trump Treatment” from the exact same people.

    Take this information and use it against a big part of their base, especially the former Bernie supporters. It’s a message that has legs and that can be used to our advantage.

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  31. You might want to beat him before you think about destroying him: so far, you’re o-1, David Fluff/Poof/Floof???


  32. Anne says:

    I profoundly despise these people who would destroy Trump’s presidency, the Republic and their country out of pure hate for the people. They couldn’t care less about the ordinary people, they care only about power, money and their twisted ideology.

    When I look at Obama, I despise the Peace Nobel Prize he didn’t deserve, and the $65 millions he will receive for his memoirs who will be written by ghostwriters.

    When I look at Trump, I see a man with a sincere heart, a man with a sincere love for his country and ordinary people.

    I also despise people like Plouffe and his ideological cohorts in the corporate media entities. Even if I am not an American, their destructive plan will affect me. I contribute to a retirement savings plan partly invested in the US stock market. The US Media war against President Trump will have an adverse impact of the markets and my hardly earned retirement savings. But hey, these so-called “progressives” couldn’t care less about little people. They are evil.

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  33. Beverly says:

    Folks, Roger Ailes just died. Supposedly fell in his Palm Beach home, was in a coma in the hospital, and expired.

    At least they’ll do an autopsy, unlike Scalia.

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  34. Scotty19541 says:

    Keep in mind the III Percenters! I consider myself one of them. When the SHTF in the Revolutionary War somewhere around 3% of the population took up arms and joined the fight! There are about 300 million people in the US so the 3 percenters would be an armed force of about 9 million patriots would take out the uniparty if they ever tried to pull a coup on PDJT. You can check them out at but be warned the site is not for the timid! The basic marching orders are ‘If the SHTF then go out, find something evil and kill it!’ LOL…. the antifas and snowflakes have absolutely no clue what they would be up against! God Bless President Donald J Trump and may His will be done!

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  35. TatonkaWoman says:

    (Posted this a bit ago in the daily Pres Thread. Thought it fit here, too)

    Something to ponder.

    Stop and think about “draining the swamp.” What happens when you drain your kitchen sink, or bathtub, or a pond…or a swamp? Looking at the surface, you may see a bit of crud on the top there, but you really do not see what lies below. It is only after pulling the plug – letting the draining begin – that you begin to see what is hiding there.

    In the case of a swamp, there can be some pretty mean, nasty, deadly critters, sludge and slime below the surface. Just like Washington DC.

    We have to realize that the plug on the swamp was pulled on the night of November 8th, when, in total shock, the liberal, anti-Trump MSM had to announce the election of Donald J. Trump as our 45th President. At that moment, the draining began. That draining continues, and, as it does, it is exposing all of the foul, putrid creations lying below the surface.

    Picturing all of this, I have come to realize that this is exactly what President Trump is doing. All of this chaos, all of these “wrong people in the wrong positions,” all of these leakers, all of these transition troubles, all of this fake news, all of this organized resistance – this is what has been living below the surface in the DC swamp. And it is now all being exposed for we the people to see in all of its ugly, stinky glory.

    The swamp creatures are being exposed. They are no longer hiding under their murky swamp surface. Some are slithering off for cover in the mud. More are trying to save themselves by being bold and attacking against the sunshine, without realizing they are actually splashing the slime around.

    Think about it. By fighting back so viciously against President Trump, they have revealed who they truly are. If they had stood back and let the President take office and quietly obstructed him, most of the silent majority would have said, “Yay! We elected our man.” – and then gone back to their routine, struggling lives. (note Eileen’s post above at 7:49) But now, we see reality, and are focused on fighting back.

    All of this to say that I believe our President IS draining the swamp by PURPOSELY letting the DC creatures expose themselves. Doing this, he has put himself at great risk, and taken a huge gamble.

    That gamble is that we can only fight back and defeat them by knowing who they are. To do that, he has exposed himself as a target, trusting that we, his supporters, will hold fast and steady. We will find every way we can right now to stand with him, to help him, to fight back for him, TO TRUST HIM – and to be there by the millions in the streets if it comes to that.

    This does not just take talking about it. It takes doing something.

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    • TatonkaWoman says:

      Sorry…actually meant to post this in Parallel Policies thread. Ah, well.

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    • Mariposa 323 says:

      Tatonka Woman , Great post , excellent analysis . It will take ruthless Trust on our part , to fight no matter the screaming and yelling we will hear from both sides . Fight with our voices , our resources and our votes but above all fight with prayer !

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      Oh, I get it we need a gigantic tank of Drano…….to drain the Swamp. So should we mail the Congress cases of Drano to help them out? IDK all those chemicals might be against the postal rules or something. Let’s ask the Postmaster General. We do have one, don’t we?


    • mopar2016 says:

      Good post Tatonka.
      The swamp critters are in the fight of their lives.
      They can’t buy president Trump and they can’t scare him with threats.
      It’s a dangerous situation, and I understand their desperation.
      Like they say, you catch a lot of flak when you’re over the target.

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  36. Jim Peters says:

    There’s no doubt that Obama (& his people) is Trump’s key threat.

    I wouldn’t put Obama in the same category as Trump as a strategic thinker, but as a wrecker and ideological fanatic, he’s a dangerous man.

    He also surrounds himself with hyper-loyal fanatics, who are mostly clever & cunning people.

    Don’t be fooled. Obama still runs the entire opposition. The Dems, MSM and their unhinged following. He runs the lot.

    He is more than their King. He’s an inspirational cult leader who is considered an infallible visionary & genius by the liberal cultists.

    What makes Obama dangerous is that he also believes it. His entire Presidency reveals a man who regards himself as an historical figure & force. In Obama’s mind, anything is therefore permissible – eg illegal spying and worse. Laws do not apply. The Constitution is a roadblock.

    This was clear in the early days of his Presidency, when he accepted a Nobel Prize for nothing and also have disturbing speeches about being able to slow the rise of the oceans etc. But it got far worse in his second term, when he had a key team of loyal fanatics surrounding him.

    Obama loathes Trump. He loathes America. LOATHES it. And he has a special hatred for ordinary Americans. Why? Deep down, he knows that they can see right through him.

    He also fears & envies Trump.

    But when you think about it, Obama’s extreme hubris & hatred – as well as his fear of Trump – are also his greatest weaknesses. They made Obama careless during the Clinton campaign. They are making him careless now.

    These personality flaws can be exploited by experts such as Trump & Bannon. In fact, I’m sure Trump has harvested a lot of extremely damaging information about Obama & his people already.

    So why doesn’t Trump just arrest Obama and his people? There are strategic issues. Trump means to calibrate his move against Obama and his crowd for the mid terms (in my opinion).

    But there are also security reasons. Taking down a cult leader may provoke a violent response from the cult members. So it needs to be done very carefully and planned well.

    However – taking Obama down is a critical strategic priority for Trump. Rice & Comey won’t cut it. Clinton can wait, she’s a busted unit. No, Obama himself is Trump’s quarry. I’m not sure Trump respects many rivals, but he would have a grudging respect for Obama.

    The most effective way to kill a cult movement is to take down their leader and key lieutenants, if possible publicly and in a humiliating fashion. Cults rely on the shared energy created by a central inspirational ‘God’. Without that pillar at the centre, they quickly fall apart.

    Apologies for the long post.

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    • Howie says:

      Obama is the Chairman of the Global Communist Party in America.

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      Do you see any opportunities to turn some of the cult leader’s own members against him? I see some possibilities there. Do you?


      • Jim Peters says:

        I’d be interested in your views, but alas I can’t see it happening. There’s always the possibility that the sheer exhaustion of this 24/7 hysteria, combined with hard hitting evidence about Obama’s surveillance, may sway a few.

        The trouble is that they cannot think objectively and will exclude any credible evidence, or information, that does not fit within their pre-determined narrative.

        Which is, of course, a huge advantage to Trump.

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  37. Just Curious says:

    This character is insane. The frustration level must have reached a new high for these libtards.
    Their obvious response is to come out of their closets and to vent their desired death wish on anyone who dared to destroy their fantasy land utopia. Although this is somewhat humorous, we should think about having all these loonies shipped down to Gitmo for a week or so for re-education, then we may make them to be honest patriotic citizens again, but I seriously doubt it, considering the brainwash these peoples have undergone since their childhood.


  38. Howie says:

    Behind every blade of grass.

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  39. SNAKESRULE says:

    The Examiner has a piece today on the Trump 2020 campaign. Record setting.

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  40. hoodaticus says:

    Is that David in that photo, and is he really wearing Kevlar?


  41. missmarple2 says:

    I saw this tweet in my time line when it appeared last year. I had just decided to support President Trump and it made my hair stand on end.

    Look at how it assumes they have the power to destroy. Look at the contempt for anyone who isn’t a member of their group. This is pure evil, and I thought so at the time. It’s why my prayers were so fervent.

    Let me remind you all that what this means is that they weren’t going to be content with winning the election. Do you remember those tweets about how “he will die in jail” and “you are going to prison?”

    I am firmly convinced they had a plan to frame him and make an example of him, destroying his business, sending him to jail, bankrupting the kids. THAT is what “destroying him” means.

    I believe Donald Trump knew this. He ran, anyway. That is why I consider him a very brave man and a true American hero.

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    • Dekester says:

      Yes MM2,

      A dam will break. Which way Who knows.

      There is no going back now, the U.S. is at a precipice. Law and order, following the constitution, or facism.

      The Obama and his cult are truly evil, narcissistic and are in all likelihood controlled by sociopaths.

      I know it is none of my business, but how could a decent law abiding individual or family exist in the U.S. under the swamp that has now been uncovered. Should PDJT and his supporters be crushed.

      It is imperative that Americans stand fast and protect their 2 amendment. Things may get ugly if the judiciary does not go after some of these seditionists.

      Thank you.

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  42. rsmith1776 says:

    One of those sometimes unfairly maligned by us, Newt Gingrich, wrote an exceptional article on the necessity to GET ON THE OFFENSIVE:

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  43. Walt says:

    I just want to know who is the Pitcher and who is the Catcher in the photo???


  44. p'odwats says:

    “His kind must not rise again.”

    In other words Mr. Plouffe doesn’t want anyone to stand up for the American people and the values that make us the shining light in this troubled world. Spoken like a true elitist Deep Stater. The contempt he and his fellow travelers have for you, me and anyone who values American ideals is made clear. That’s why we need to destroy these people politically and deny them the opportunity to hold political power ever again.

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  45. Joan says:

    I hope someone somewhere truly squashes David Plouffe and that he never rises again.

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  46. wicked says:

    There is a new line of men’s clothes that would look good with David. They are called “rompers” and beautiful pastel colors for him……….

    Liked by 2 people

  47. giddyup says:

    the uniparty doesn’t want to see him succeed to show you how worthless they all are. Not to mention the money train that goes into their bank accts.

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  48. SR says:

    I have a more respect for used condom than Bernie Sanders. They treat him like condom and still using him and he does not mind. He is making lot of money by selling himself to DNC.

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  49. JoD says:

    Notice how most of the “anonymous ” leaks are continually attributed to “current and FORMER officials?” I was trying to reconcile how a “former” official would know what was being said in private meetings and private phone calls….obvious mole/moles.
    I betcha Barry and his pals are those “former” officials.
    Make no mistake, this is a death-match.
    If we want to survive, the time may come when the most powerful man in the world, President Donald J Trump, will have to expose the corrupt underbelly of the establishment and burn. them. down.

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    • nimrodman says:

      This article shed light, particularly on “current officials”. Keep in mind, this is the frikken National Security Council …

      Trump Under Siege: More than 60 Percent of NSC Employees Placed by Obama

      “The source said there are “whole departments” at the NSC with only one Trump appointee.

      “Fleitz believes it is those career officials assigned to the NSC under Obama who leaked Trump’s conversation with Russian officials to former Obama officials and media outlets.

      ““At the NSC, there’s no confirmation process, people can be let go immediately, and new people can be brought in,” he added.

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      • nimrodman says:

        “Concerning positions that require confirmation, you can put in people on an interim basis,” he said. “Congress has no say over it. I don’t doubt Congress will try to slow roll trying to put in confirmed people, but they can’t be blocked.”


  50. Mike diamond says:

    The most phony of all bho,

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