Epic – Mr. Tingles Haz No Thrill…

Sir Spitsalot was not having a good day today when asked to join a panel discussion of how Democrats have responded to the first 100 days of President Trump’s administration.

The gist of the discussion centered around the Democrat party’s decision to focus on social and environmental justice issues.  Spittles was asked if dancing naked around a campfire chanting anti-Russian rainbow memes while selling sustainable algae cakes was an effective strategy to reach most American voters.  The video is below:


Election Night 2014 !

It’s almost unfair to poke fun of Mr. Tingles, because in reality he is the absolute poster child of the Mamet Principle: ‘in order for modern liberals to continue their illogical belief systems they have to pretend not to know a lot of things’…  He knows it, and we know he knows we know it.

Here’s a reminder for those who have never seen Matthews without the Mamet mask.  Mr. Tingles was explaining the rise of Donald Trump (October ’15) prior to the republican primary season.  The audience is rich, white, culturally uppity, elitist Washington DC limo-liberals who just didn’t get the appeal of the vulgarian.

If you’ve never watched this 2015 video, and most haven’t, you should.  It shows you he knows; and with that understanding you discover just how much good ol’ spittles has to hide behind that Mamet Mask.


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223 Responses to Epic – Mr. Tingles Haz No Thrill…

  1. Jenny R. says:

    They have made their entire platform rest on social issues that not only don’t affect the majority of Americans, they are antithetical to the way most Americans think and live…and then they beat up said Americans for not only having qualms with acceptance but because they do not clap hard enough in approval.

    This isn’t a winning strategy. And the whole “they pushed too hard” is a weasel statement (meaning the concept is good, just the delivery was bad — bs); they should have never pushed in many of the directions they did to begin with.

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    • Pushed too hard? Still doubling down on it.


    • nimrodman says:

      ” … and then they beat up said Americans … because they do not clap hard enough in approval”

      No, sorry, clapping is out …
      … it’s “jazz hands” now, don’tcha know …

      posted here at Treehouse yesterday:

      Student Union Wants to Ban Clapping and Cheering Because it Excludes Deaf People

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      • Shiggz says:

        Have known a number of deaf people and none have ever said a word about re: clapping.

        Too clever by half? Seriously they can feel crowds behaviors.


        • Bendix says:

          Marlee Matlin, on the Dancing With The Stars show, explained how she was able to keep time with the music. Yes, feeling was part of it.
          Clapping is percussive.
          I don’t understand those audio descriptions of paintings for people who can’t see them, either. Why would you want to stand in front of a famous painting you could not see?
          BTW, I saw a woman who appointed herself leader of the Hearing Impaired Community, or something, on TV, railing against allowing parents of deaf children to get their kids cochlear implants. As if the parents wanted to change their kid’s race.
          Why would changing a kid’s race be bad, though, or correcting a disability even, but trying to surgically alter their sex is good?
          Another example of liberal logic gone wild.


  2. fleporeblog says:

    Chris Matthews realizes what the liberal fools don’t and that is that our President has begun to win over the blue collar Democrat base. Union workers that are generally Democrats, are falling in love with our President. When you lose that base you have lost no matter what you try and run on. I have said before that after the 2020 election, the Rust Belt will no longer exist. It will be the Trump Belt moving forward. As long as any future Republican presidential candidate runs on our Lion’s philosophy, he or she will own the Trump Belt. That is how Trumpism will be around for the next 50+ years. That candidate in 2024 could very easily be Mike Pence, TRex, Governor Abbott from Texas, Ryan Zienke to name a few.

    Just imagine for a minute following 8 years of our Lion with even just 4 more years with one of the folks referenced above. We would absolutely have a 7 – 2 SC (Breyer is currently 80 while old Ruth is 84). That would include Justice Thomas retiring to allow for a younger conservative justice. Our country will be set free for the next 40+ years at the Supreme Court.

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    • KBR says:

      T Rex for POTUS after Trump.

      Best idea yet.

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      • PatriotKate says:

        T Rex probably won’t want the job after 8 years with President Trump. And, I suspect he won’t be there in the second term anyway. It’s not unusual for the cabinet to undergo turnover as most don’t serve 8 years in the post. The current ones are in many ways The Fixers.

        Right now, it’s the wrecking ball and termination crew at work. Some will work to rebuild the structures (Wilbur Ross comes to mind). Later he’ll turn to the younger generation to carry on after it’s fixed.

        After 8 years, who knows? I wouldn’t make any predictions about Pence or others as 8 years is an eternity right now.

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        • WSB says:

          I concur with your assessment.

          This cabinet is unique, though, in that these professionals will work at the pleasure of the President.

          I spent 12 years working for one close knit company I respected. So do not immediately think President Trump’s Cabinet will walk after four years.

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      • tony says:

        maybe abbott from texas. he is running texas pretty good from what i see.


    • Bendix says:

      When Hillary Clinton moved to NYS to establish residency, she could have had any number of quite mansion-y houses in those rust belt communities for a song.
      No matter how run down a city becomes, there is nearly always a more affluent section.
      None of these areas were one percenty enough for the dead broke Clintons, however.
      Is it really shocking, the idea that a former president and his wife might live among the middle class? We are a nice bunch.

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  3. MTeresa says:

    You know, just like at the WHC Dinner…………..the left just doesn’t get it. When they ridicule and belittle PDJT, it’s like the ridicule and belittle all of the country who voted for him. When the MSM constantly does this, it’s no wonder people tune them out. Why bother watching any of them. I so appreciate coming to TCTH so I don’t have to watch.

    Plus I get to pick up new memes like Sir Spitsalot. SD you kill me 😀

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  4. merlintobie says:

    President Trump needs to start his own political party. Call it “America First Party” or “Results Party” or “MAGA Party” or “Trumpsters” or “American Patriot Party” or “New Jacksonians” or (he can pick).

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  5. Democrats will have a Sanders type candidate as their nominee in 2020. They will have positions and an agenda, just a socialist one.

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    • mw says:

      So true. They are way far off the rails. I’m watching peeps post the weirdest stuff on Facebook, fake, histrionics, socialist news. They’ve lost it.

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Hey silent…..Did you see “your girl” has two lawsuits against Faux news?!

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      • She made accusations against Bill O, if I remember. The cyber stalking by Ailes & FNC I believe. Same her being shut down when she filed for sexual harassment complaints at Faux News.

        Fox was chasing the wrong gal Megan Kelly, Andrea Tantarod was the rising start who people could connect with. She was one of the few in summer of 2015 who saw that blue collar dems in PA, MI, Wis, and OH would connect with Trump.

        BigMama I’m waiting for the day she gets back on TV or media. As far as i know she hasn’t been picked up because Faux still has her on contract.

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  6. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Chris is a miserable, conflicted soul. He’s pushing a narrative he knows to be false and is defiling his conscience. A certain path to destruction.

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    • kittytrump84 says:

      Matthews looks awful – like he has aged 20 years. I suspect when these people fail to meet globalist expectations they do not receive their ration of baby’s blood

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    • PatriotKate says:

      A lot of Liberals like Sir Spitsalot are waking up and they are sad because they now see their party has been taken over by the radicals and they are lost.

      I’m a NC native and most of you know the South was traditionally Democrat for many decades. My parents were registered Democrats and I didn’t even know it because they always voted for Republican Presidents. They later changed. As Ronald Reagan said, he didn’t leave the Democrat Party, it left him. This is the final nail for many of them and they are running out of ways to defend it as it’s become so obvious. Matthews said it himself – they went too far.

      I don’t listen to Limbaugh anymore – haven’t since the 2012 election. However, I do vividly recall after Obozo was elected, Limbaugh said something like: just you wait, the Democrats will go too far — they always do when they gain power and then there will be pushback. He was right. The only difference is they forge ahead their destruction. They are about gone as a party. Their leadership is old and haggard with few rising stars.

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  7. 180daysofkindergarten says:

    Wow, that 2015 video is something else. What a pompous elitist Sir Spitalot is. He certainly gets it and he certainly understands the average voter.
    That video is a keeper and very instructive. We either have a country or we don’t.
    Yeah, right, my country is not the same as Sir Spitalot’s .
    Go Trump, take these jerks out!!

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  8. Deep Blue C says:

    Can we use his face to replace that pouting baby’s face on the Democrat image? (I can’t remember what the saying is on it, but either face–the pouting baby or the pouting Chrissy Poo-Poo works great!)

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  9. KBR says:

    I had watched the 2015 video when you posted it during the campaign. Made me curious about his history.

    From what I recall reading, his father wasn’t home much, worked as a court reporter (not newsguy, court guy.) He was said to be close to his grandfather who was into democrat politics. His father was Protestant, mother Catholic, if I recall rightly. He was second of several sons.

    He graduated from Holy Cross which is a Catholic University, but i did not find a major. Nothing mentions a masters level, but he decided to get an economics doctorate at Chapel Hill in NC, but dropped out after his first year. No record of whether he was flunking out before dropping out, or if he just hated economics. But maybe if he had finished that, he would be able to see Trump a bit more clearly.

    He knows Trump is no monkey. If he does not, he is not as smart as he thinks he is. I actually think he is envious. He knows that Trump excels at economics. IMO Trump is doing what Chris only dreamed.

    You will read that Chris was always into politics, but then, why economics? Maybe he hoped it would be a good thing to know if he ever got to be President?

    He likes to say he started out as a cop, but it was a Capitol Hill cop which back then was a foothold to a political position. He worked for Tip o’Neill and also for someone Tip O’Neill didn’t like, Jimmy Carter. Chris was into Democrat politics before it went so horribly nasty, becoming Beyonce and worse.

    He did run for Congress once but lost. He was more recently said to be considering a Senate run, but when his show was renewed for big bucks, like four million or so, he did not. And some people claimed he was only doing that to get a better contract renewal. I think that was his real dream and he sold out for the money. His wife ran for office after that but also lost…a possible vicarious attempt to live his dream through her?

    An interesting aside is that he wrote a book once that was kind of patriotic. I read a review, not the book. The review was not particularly kind, but said that in the book he utilized various and not all democrat examples to illustrate the American exceptionalism. The examples given sounded more to me like his own heroes, fictional or not. A bit of a psychological autobiography perhaps.

    I wonder if he ever thinks of his Grandpa, cause he is probably getting close to the age his grampa was when he was so close to him as a kid. Would Grampa be disappointed in him?

    I wonder if he regrets not running for Senate, not even trying for what I believe, from my reading, was his dream. Selling out for money. Selling out his own brand of patriotism for money.

    I wonder if he ever thinks of his religious training, if he ever gives it any thought other than to reject it. Maybe selling that out for the party and money too.

    I wonder if he knows he is lost. Not just his political party. Himself. Sold out for “pieces of silver.”

    Sorry, I no longer have all the links. But they’re out there if you want to research them.
    I might not recall every detail, but I don’t lie.

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    • Maquis says:

      Interesting. Thanks for the digging and sharing. He could have been a much better man, still could I suppose, if he went Full-Mamet, or Full-Horowitz.

      It’s hard to see how anyone raised righteously, with religious training to boot, can support a party obsessed with the destruction of innocent lives.

      Perhaps most don’t recall ever having a conscience at all, but Matthews clearly does, and it has undoubtedly been seared by his shilling for evil for so long. In these videos, I see remorse. Yet not unto confessing his sins, and the sins of the Communist Party.

      Not yet.

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      • Ploni says:

        It’s hard to see how anyone raised righteously, with religious training to boot, can support a party obsessed with the destruction of innocent lives.

        So, so true. Excellent.


      • Evelyn says:

        These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the ruler of God’s creation. 15 I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! 16 So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. 17 You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. 18 I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see.

        19 Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent. 20 Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

        21 To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I was victorious and sat down with my Father on his throne.


    • Curry Worsham says:

      He, like so many others, sold his soul to the PTB

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    • eagledriver50 says:

      Interesting that you pointed out about doctorate in economics. The problem that these self-described smart people ascribe too is that they need to get into winning again and talk about issues that matter. The problem with this is that the people want a leader who has BUILT SOMETHING….These people have NEVER built anything. PDJT went to Wharton, BUT He parlayed that gained knowledge into BUILDING AN EMPIRE!!! Everyday Americans are builders (some of us, that is)…word-smithing is not in their vocabulary…Presstitues comes too mind. But you essay on Matthew’s made me think about this…good on you!!!


  10. Bob Thoms says:

    Be lost me with his glowing Rubio love ….

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    • Maquis says:

      He lost us all when he went all Spittles on us.

      His Rubio bit included his misgivings about the man, which were sound, and what moved him was the sense of patriotism and love of country that Rubio professed, which mirrored his own sense of love of country when he was young. For which he seems to long. Perhaps he’ll surprise us someday.

      Should he stumble into the TreeHouse…well, don’t we wish all those spewing hate and lies would find their souls again, even right here, at the TreeHouse?

      I surely don’t speak for management, but I don’t believe any sincere seeker of Righteousness and Understanding would ever be turned away from these branches.


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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Yeah, but Bob Thoms, think about it as if you were a political consultant, looking for the “perfect” candidate…….Li’l Marco, on the outside, with the correct P.R. team, could maybe be “made” into a star. In that 2015 vid, if I remember it correctly; Tingles does say something about a small problem with Li’l Marco……….. but Li’l Marco has fairly good hair, and almost a “all-American boy” kind of appearance. Has a “good” story with the G-parents..loves football…blah, blah.

      THOSE are the first things someone looking to “package” a candidate would look for. Li’L Marco, speaks well, and is bi-lingual, father of 3-4 kids with former NFL Cheerleader wife…….. As long as you keep things on the surface….

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      • I didn’t think Marco Rubio was bi-lingual. Many second generation immigrants refuse to speak their parents’ mother tongue. It’s not until the third or fourth generation that pride in one’s forebears kicks in.


        • BigMamaTEA says:

          Well, he speaks Spanish, to what extent, who knows to what extent.

          Also, I find around here, at least now-a -days, with LEGAL and ILLEGALS, there is not the incentive to unite as Americans, therefore if the parents haven’t learned English, the kid in school plays interpreter.

          Used to be, what made America a melting pot, was people came here and learned the language that was here and used for business/work, and were proud because we were all Americans no matter if we were born here or not.

          I’m getting pretty tired of hearing little clusters of a different language when out and about. What they don’t know is that I understand just enough Spanish to figure out what they’re saying, and either have a little smirky-smile on my face, or in Spanish call them out on it!

          When it’s a group of men, it’s hilarious!


        • Indimex says:

          He’s bilingual. Univision interviews done in Spanish.


  11. Michael says:

    Great video. Matthews nailed. I remember why I watched a bit 17 years ago.


  12. Same as Mark Shields on PBS. Old-time working class Democrat who has to twist himself into a pretzel to talk against Trump and support the modern-day Dem agenda, who has also spent so many years with his face on TV, probably just coasting before he can retire with $$$$.


    • Bob Thoms says:

      So true.


    • Bendix says:

      If I’m not mistaken, Mark was one of the very few reporters who were disturbed by Chelsea Clinton’s deliberate lies about Bernie Sanders and health insurance.
      That other smirking jerk on PBS thought nothing of it.


  13. jefcool64 says:

    If I remember correctly he had a brief moment of clarity after the election. Didn’t last long, but it will always remind me of a drunk who sobered up for a day. You can almost see that the guy gets it…

    But then falls back into old habits.


  14. WSB says:

    Thank you for posting this, SD. I had seen the 2015 clip and saw this morning’s video.

    Chris stated that he is from Pennsylvania. Acknowledged. My family is from the eastern part, so I understand the peculiar slant from both blue and white collar split families.

    Chris’ earlier video was to acknowledge Donald Trump as someone who does understand the people’s problems.

    Chris said that Clinton went too far to the left. Telltale. Pennsylvania has a people who are the JFK conservative Democrats. Clinton lost them.

    Bernie Sanders does not compute with these people.

    Democrats ARE embarrassed about the leftwing Democrats.

    There is no one in the Democrat Party to win over the moderate sect.

    So, Chris is surrendering, IMHO. He gets the fact that his Democrat Party is now done.

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  15. SpanglishKC says:

    I suffered through this clip like some of you. NOT a SINGLE person on there is politically like-able. Yuck!

    Did ya catch Nicole Wallace at the 4:20 mark. In her bubble she had an epiphany “some of Trump’s stuff is their stuff.” You could see it in her face she thought pretty highly of herself as if she “discovered” something only she had noticed. Oh brother!

    And another thing…how the hell is she a “Republican”strategist…surely it should say Uniparty strategist!

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  16. tony says:

    Sourpuss convention at the roundtable

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  17. UKExpat says:

    The LIBTARDS have no SHAME and no BRAIN and absolutely no idea what HYPOCRISY even means they do not THINK they merely EMOTE and often STUPIDLY, CRIMINALLY and VIOLENTLY.


  18. Kathleen Jelinek says:

    Tingles states that “Trump is crass”. He calls people names and makes fun of others and one just doesn’t do that. OK, fair enough. Five minutes later, Tingles calls Trump a monkey! MSM made a HUGE deal over the handicap reporter who lied. They insisted Trump mocked his handicap. A quick review of any of Trump’s speech’s shows he is very demonstrative with his hands. Trump not only only beat Clinton, he beat the MSM!


  19. chbailey says:

    “Pretending not to know a lot of things”…is lying, is treachery and is deception.
    The panel cannot SAY out loud what they are (why Clinton lost) and what they should be (why Trump won), as in, globalist vs. nationalist, corrupt vs. wholesome, lawless vs. rule of law, immoral vs. moral, incompetent vs. competent, thieving vs. stewardship, ruling vs. serving, etc.


  20. mickturn says:

    Too Bad Crissy Pissy, how does that tingle feel now? Like a 10,000 Volt Jolt? HA HA HA HA HA


  21. ok4ayl says:

    F Chuck Todd, killing MTP one Sunday at a time……Jeez was that painful to listen to that dribble…….


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