Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Talks To Lou Dobbs….

Ah, the simple joys in life.  Wilburine Ross interviewed by Lou Dobbs… Sip slowly.

The general status of angst created by ordinary swamp review has a tendency to wear down a soul. It’s at the times when we feel surrounded we should reflect upon how lucky we are to have the T’Rex’s and Wilburines on our team. We’ve already won, our opponents just haven’t noticed yet.

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71 Responses to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Talks To Lou Dobbs….

  1. Gil says:

    Thats was amazing to watch today. Those presstitutes really were rude crude and thought they could befuddle the old guy. Except he was the one who knew his s#it and put them in their places. I think they all started laughing toward the end because they were nervous. They couldnt get to him. It was glorious.

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    • It was absolutely glorious Gil!
      Sec Ross knows exactly what is going on, he is not intimidated by ANYONE or ANYTHING and he is moving right along bringing those BILLIONS of Dollars back to America where it can be used wisely to Build That Wall!
      And Mexico Will Pay For It!

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    • sundance says:

      Did you notice how he rattled off the exact stats without a piece of paper or any notes. It was 100% off the top of his well informed head.

      Gotta love the Wilburine.

      Coolest cat in the crew.

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      • Gil says:

        It was just bam bam bam bam. One after another. Press got really angry. Then frustrated. We have a special relationship. You cant do that. I giggled.


        • Reality Wins says:

          Who was the reporter who was whining about the poor American consumers who might have to pay a bit more for lumber? Heaven forbid we put more American loggers to work who then can spend their wages in American communities putting other Americans to work!

          I wish Wilbur had answered him:
          I am more concerned about what Americans are forced to pay for cable and satellite service because of high priced jackals like you. Maybe we should ask other countries to start dumping reporters in America who are will to do the job for $20K a year!

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      • Alison says:

        It’s always a Great Day in America when Sundance spots a Wolverine in action.

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      • usayes says:

        As I’ve said in prior posts, this man knows and understands some of the most complicated trade laws ever written (the countervailing and antidumping laws). The other “Brilliant Billionaire!”

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      • A2 says:

        As I have said, Wilbur will be the baby name of choice in the US (Wilburina for the fairer sex). Tongue in cheek, but Mr Wilbur is a star. Good Scots blood. What more canna I say?

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      • Peter says:

        I loved the India reporter was the largest bafoon. Mr Ross just stood there while the guy kept making a fool out of himself over and over again – Ross kept picking him to ask the same stupid question. It was a question completely unrelated …Hilarious.

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        • aur1640 says:

          I noticed that Peter, I was wondering who really cares about India in the grand scheme of things. Not unless I’m really missing something!? I guess he wants India in a “trade agreement” so they can rip us off too. This is what our President wants to address in the first place. F ing funny 😂 that the press wrings its hands over offending other countries that rip us off. When other countries do that, I don’t see them pitching a fit. What F ing pisses me off are American companies leaving our country, job loss and no economic growth. Besides T Rex, Wiburine grows on you quick!! 👍😎 He projects wisdom, knowledge and a calmness that makes the idiotic press even more idiotic!! 😬👍😎😊


        • fangdog says:

          The Indian needs more practice speaking American. Not only stupid questions, but hard to understand his english.


      • Paul says:

        Brilliant man


    • Pam says:

      You’re exactly right. It was one of the most amazing pressures ever. Those idiots were used to dealing with folks who don’t have a clue to what’s going on and weren’t prepared to handle a man who was ready to to take them head on with no fear whatsoever. Wilbur Ross totally schooled the corrupt MSM. I hope he’ll come back soon and rattle their cages some more.

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      • Joe K Lombard says:

        If you have occasionally followed financial news you periodically see WR making some multi$$ investment, usually in some company well under the radar and one you’ve probably never heard of….and that he will make a ton of $$ on. I don’t think you’d want to play poker with this guy. Love listening to him.


      • If a person is totally mediocre, major in journalism in college. Obviously, they don’t actually have to work for their paychecks.


    • Ozzie says:

      It looks like our press is so biased and corrupt!
      What came to mind today after months and months of this nonsense with the media is, they are just visible. Think about our congress! You can see how perverse the press has become from their intended purpose in our society. The government and individuals who claim to be public servants must be so much worse. Their intended purpose is not even considered with the press or public.
      The groundwork laid in secret such as corrupt judges, mayors, city councils, college presidents,and police chiefs are starting to become visible, thanks to work done by CT, Trump, and others.
      Obama waiting in the wing for his encore, and his followers expecting their savior to arise again. I don’t know why he is allowed in our country, or to walk free at all.

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  2. SandraOpines says:

    Oooh how I love Wilburine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He brings me great joy.

    Thank you for sharing Sundance! I needed the pick me up!

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  3. Watcher says:

    September 1990 NYpost
    “When we saw Trump people swarming all over him,” we realized his star power, Ross said.

    “Even then, they were cheering him,” Icahn told The Post. “They loved him. I was impressed.”

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  4. I luv Wilburine! He puts a smile on my face just at the very moment I see his sweet face and brilliance shining all about him.
    It is incredible how he simply states the truth of the failing past practices in commerce and the BILLIONS of DOLLARS LOST.
    Just that fact alone should perk up everyone’s ears, open their eyes and say: WINNING!

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  5. Cee says:

    Lighthizer confirmed?! Is it true?….Joy!

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    • Well at some point in time, the despicable SwampCritters had to move it along, especially after they saw President Trump and his A-Team hitting home runs daily.
      Delay tactics are only good for as long as they can actually delay progress; did not work with President Trump and his A-Team.
      He knows how to work around an obstacle; he’s a builder.

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  6. positron1352 says:

    Man…..Trump is smooth.

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  7. hpushkin says:


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  8. Janice says:

    Ever since the inauguration I have had a smile stuck to my face. Every day when I think it can’t get any better, it does!

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  9. Jay Chou says:

    That ‘beasts’ picture is incomplete. Where is T-Rex?


  10. WSB says:

    Wilbur Ross. Wilburine! One of the most extraordinary men of our time.

    Please do never forget this master soul. The brilliance of President Trump to understand the brilliance of Wilbur Ross,

    May God bless us all.

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  11. Kristin says:

    Really enjoyed the calm manner Mr. Ross employs. He’s someone who knows his stuff in a quiet natural way.

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  12. KevinK says:

    This doesn’t paint a full picture of US/Canada trade. They put up a graphic showing the US has a $12 Billion goods DEFICIT with Canada. This is true but countries trade in services also and if you look at the total picture – goods AND services – the U.S. enjoys a $11.9 Billion SURPLUS with Canada:


    “U.S. goods and services trade with Canada totaled an estimated $662.7 billion in 2015. Exports were $337.3 billion; imports were $325.4 billion. The U.S. goods and services trade surplus with Canada was $11.9 billion in 2015.”

    Keep in mind that the services jobs created in the US with its trade with Canada include very high paying – six-figure – IT jobs – these are not flipping burger types of service jobs. Also keep in mind that a large part of the “goods” imported from Canada include Oil ($70 Billion worth). Would Americans rather buy their oil from Saudi Arabia (the country behind 9/11) or Iran?

    As for the milk dispute Ross claims that Canada is preventing US dairy farmers from doing business in Canada. If this is true why is it in 2016 the US exported SIX TIMES the amount of dairy products to Canada than it imported?


    U.S. dairy EXPORTS to Canada in 2016: $670 Million (up 14% from year before)

    U.S. dairy IMPORTS from Canada in 2016: $112.5 Million

    As the above facts prove – far from hurting US dairy farmers Canada is one of its best customers (By comparison – China – with a population of over a Billion people only imports $384 Million in dairy products from the US.)

    By all measures it appears that the US has a very beneficial trading relationship with Canada. If only its trading relationships with other countries were this good so why has Trump picked Canada as the first country to beat up over trade? During the campaign he talked about slapping 25% tariff’s on cars coming from Mexico. When is that going to happen? My guess is that will never happen. There is no way that GM, Ford or Chrysler are going to allow 25% tariff’s slapped on their cars coming from Mexico. Likewise the many other US manufacturers who have set up shop in Mexico will not permit 25% tariff’s slapped on their products. We all know they have very powerful lobbyists in D.C.. When are sanctions going to be placed on China? The US has a nearly $400 BILLION trade deficit with China. Will North Korea be used as an excuse to look the other way on unfair Chinese trade practices – such as the 100% tax levied on US auto imports?


    • ElGato says:

      A lot of cut and pasting the same article today, huh, KK?


      • KevinK says:

        I like to support my arguments with facts.

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        • sundance says:

          ….”As for the milk dispute Ross claims that Canada is preventing US dairy farmers from doing business in Canada. If this is true why is it in 2016 the US exported SIX TIMES the amount of dairy products to Canada than it imported?”…

          Think about the inane logic, and lack of basic intellectual thoughtfulness, of your argument here.

          If domestic consumption was, in the aggregate, a larger percentage of the actual production – then there is less capacity to export.

          Conversely, when domestic consumption is, in the aggregate, a smaller percentage of the actual production – then there is more capacity to export.

          Why would a nation (the U.S.) import a product (milk) we have an excess capacity to produce? Therein lies the answer to the question. It ain’t rocket science.

          You are trying to be too-cute-by-half in pitching the fallacy of false equivalencies found in obtuse trade arguments – pushed by multinational corporations who utilize ridiculous linguistics to cloud the obvious.

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          • KevinK says:

            “Think about the inane logic, and lack of basic intellectual thoughtfulness, of your argument here”

            No need to insult me in order to make your argument.

            The claim made by Ross and Trump is that Canada is being unfair to US dairy farmer’s and I presented evidence that showed that far from stopping US dairy imports Canada is the second best customer for US dairy products in the world and in fact buys six times the amount of dairy products from the US as it sells.

            “Why would a nation (the U.S.) import a product (milk) we have an excess capacity to produce? Therein lies the answer to the question. It ain’t rocket science”

            I don’t know how this invalidates my arguments. Did I say the US should be buying more Canadian dairy products? I don’t expect trade in any given commodity to be equal. I am just pointing out that in the area of dairy, US farmers are way ahead of the game hence claims that Canada is hurting US dairy farmers are bogus. Yes it is true that the US has huge excess capacity (which Canada has helped to alleviate by being its #2 best export customer). Canada is not the source of the US dairy farmers problems – excess capacity is at the heart of the problem.


            • sundance says:

              Knock it off. You asked: …”why is it in 2016 the US exported SIX TIMES the amount of dairy products to Canada than it imported?”….

              I answered that ridiculous question. The question is ridiculous for all the outlined reasons.

              Example: Why does Hawaiii export more pineapples than it imports?


              • KevinK says:

                It wasn’t a “ridiculous” question. I asked “why is it in 2016 the US exported SIX TIMES the amount of dairy products to Canada than it imported” in response to the claim that Canada was preventing US dairy farmers from selling its products into Canada, but OK I’ll “knock it off”. I will stop engaging with you on this subject since all you want to do his hurl personal insults.


                • pancho says:

                  KK you are acting like a turd. If you truly want to learn, be quiet and watch, read, listen and ponder. You may have a fine mind, but right now you are captured by legalistic and doctrinaire argumentativeness. Be patient. Otherwise, there are plenty of nitpicking conservative sites for you to hang around on.

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            • Jenny R says:

              This isn’t just regular milk — U.S. dominates the filtered milk market (filtered milk keeps longer and is often used in the cheese industry) because U.S. dairy industry moved to producing it while the Canadian industry didn’t, relying on the domestic market, subsidies, and some export (what you see showing up; plus they do have some filtered milk product in Canada just not as much).
              Its the filtered milk market that Canadian dairy specifically wants to undercut.
              U.S. naturally doesn’t want to lose its filtered milk market — but could find other buyers for a lot of it if they needed to (filtered milk keeps longer thus transports better).


        • chris says:

          Id like to supply your arguement with a fact. You state that “There is no way that GM, Ford or Chrysler are going to allow 25% tariff’s slapped on their cars coming from Mexico. Likewise the many other US manufacturers who have set up shop in Mexico will not permit 25% tariff’s slapped on their products.” Honestly GM or anyone else you listed has no say in national commerce decisions. Those powers are granted to the executive branch by congressional athority to regulate commerce.


          • KevinK says:

            You don’t think that industry groups apply pressure to politicians via lobbyists? Time will tell but I will be very surprised if 25% tariffs are slapped on products American companies produce in Mexico despite the fact that the meager wages paid to Mexican workers put American workers at an unfair disadvantage.


            • vidlbis says:

              When a person is too smart for their own good, the smart has to be deposited by their body in a secondary area. The brain is already full, so…

              The ass comes to mind. Or, the mind goes to ass.

              Making you a…



  13. Wilbur Ross exposes the difference in wise guys vs a wise man.
    I love this wise man!


  14. MissingAndrew says:

    Commerce Secretary Ross on Canada Trade, North Korea
    Bloomberg Politics


    • kittytrump84 says:

      Thanks for posting that enjoyable clip! I don’t know who was interviewing Wilburine (a blessing of not having cable) but he sure had all of his gotcha questions annihilated rather handily.


  15. Sylvia Avery says:

    Lou Dobbs and Wilbur Ross together on the same screen. I was, for a while, in nerd heaven. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

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  16. KevinK says:

    President Trump spoke with Trudeau about the trade dispute. Here is the read-out from the WH


  17. KevinK says:

    Here is the readout from the Canadian Prime-minister office. Note that it affirms that “fine filtered” milk – which is at the center of the trade dispute – can be exported to Canada duty-free and quota-free. There are no regulatory restrictions on US dairy farmers. The Canadian milk producers decided to lower the price on this particular type of milk so as to be more competitive against imports. The milk producers are not being subsidized by the Canadian government.

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    • KevinK says:

      Correction: should read “diafiltered milk” not fine-filtered


      • Jenny R says:

        That’s what I’ve been saying for the past few days — you can’t talk about dairy exports/imports in total…this is a special product that is at the heart of it.
        And the U.S. has the dominant market share in it; just like Canada has the dominate market share in softwood lumber.
        Part of the reason for that dominance are the trade agreements — because the other side allowed their industries to stagnate, so they can’t produce as much. Now, without tariffs in place it would be very hard to revive those industries and make them competitive.
        Canada wants to do this with dairy; ok, then we do it with softwood lumber….but a lumber tariff will hurt Canada’s overall economy far more than a dairy tariff will the U.S. for many reasons.
        And that’s where Trudeau, if he has any sense, has got to be wondering if he just stepped in it — this is something Canada shouldn’t want; it’s something they should avoid.


        • Jenny R says:

          And it should be noted that Canada doesn’t engage in subsidies for their dairy industry persay, they do engage in supply management — which is just another form of subsidy without calling it one. Either way, it isn’t free market, and nobody should be fooled into thinking it is.


          • KevinK says:

            The diafiltered milk – which is at the heart of the dispute – is not covered by supply management – as noted in the above announcement there are no quota’s or import tariffs on this product. It is true that Canada uses supply management to restrict access to it’s dairy market (with the exception of diafiltered and milk proteins) to 6% however this is no different from the U.S. in fact the U.S. restricts foreign access to its dairy market to 2.75% so Canada is not doing anything different than the U.S. does. source:


  18. tsb says:

    It’s not that simple treepers😳
    30 years as a ” Importer of Record”; a key term, I have some up close and personal experience with tariffs / duties. International Commercial relationships are very complex arrangements between multiple participants, country of origin, country of destination, importer of record, exporter of record, final customer,original supplier / manufacturer?
    Wars have been fought over these nuanced words, think Civil War, War Between the States in some quarters. The shots fired at Ft Sumter were a result of import tariffs levied against European goods purchased, paid for and ” on the water” as in shipped to the customers in the South, ” Importers of Record “. The US gouvernment, Union / Federals controlled the harbor and were demanding payment of duty that was applied after the purchase transaction occurred in Europe and the goods were ” on the water”…(can you say retroactive tax)?
    My experience was a little different, no shots were fired but our business was closed as a result.
    As an importer of record of “Wooden Bedroom Furniture “, we were implicated in a Anti Dumping lawsuit brought by US based ” Wood Bedroom Manufacturers” against Chinese Wood Bedroom Manufactures. After several years of lawyers from both sides arguing the case, the courts ultimately decided “some” Chinese Factories, the small ones unable to afford the New York lawyers, were in fact dumping Wood Bedroom Furniture in the US market and applied an ” All Country Rate of 200 %” , oh, did I mention this rate change was retroactive for the several previous years since the original suit had been brought? Can you say FUBAR😬


  19. TakeBackOurRepublic says:

    I have utmost respect for Wilbur Ross who is not only brilliant but smooth as a fine aged red wine. When the buffoon reporters lob him gotcha questions he boomerangs back with the ease of a seasoned trapeze performer. Occasionally we get to see his comedian side. “I didn’t know Michael Flynn was a commerce issue” got laughter from the entire WH prestitutes.


  20. stella says:

    Ross is my clan! Proud of Wilbur.

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  21. shadowcole says:

    I love the Wilburine, especially that he’s a real sleeper. They look at the guy and think pushover, but when they walk out of the room after meeting with him they are surprised they are holding their a**es in their hands. I love Louie too, great patriot and #MAGA devotee.


  22. BakoCarl says:

    My favorite answer (the definition of “it” here doesn’t really matter.)

    Q But why did you make it that way?

    SECRETARY ROSS: It seemed appropriate under the circumstances.

    . . . and then Sec’y Ross went right on to the next questioner. Love it!

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  23. Mike diamond says:

    Wilbur Ross= all american,I like this guy!


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