Sunday Talks: Chief of Staff Reince Priebus -vs- NBC’s Chuck Toad…

President Trump’s White House Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, appears on Meet the Pus with Chuck Toad to discuss The Swamp.

Swamp topics include the administrations’ first 100 days, the imminent risk of a government shutdown, the budget battle, the southern border wall, health care, Marine Le Pen, and President Trump visits to Mar-a-Lago.

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69 Responses to Sunday Talks: Chief of Staff Reince Priebus -vs- NBC’s Chuck Toad…

  1. Beryl Bomb says:

    Can we negotiate a contract extension for Chuck Todd? What an ultramaroon.

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  2. Publics2016 says:

    no mention of NASA or Veterans Choice? Pathetic…MSM stop with the fake news.


  3. I really wish Preibus wouldn’t give that political hacktivist any credibility by going on his show. He’s totally off the walls and an embarrassment to watch. He doesn’t deserve to have anyone from the WH on. He was just going on about Russia and Trump collusion predictions again just a few days ago too.

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    • My gut tells me it was the POTUS who told Preibus to get on this Pus show with the Toad.

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      • starshollow88 says:

        Possibly! Although knowing Preibus he’s probably friends with Chucky.


        • Deb says:

          No. Priebus has put Chucknin his place before. We need our team to go on these shows and push back against the propoganda. That is simply the way this works.

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          • Oldschool says:

            Just don’t agree. People who watch these shows are totally biased and will not hear a word of anyone from the Trump team.

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            • Deb says:

              The more the Trump team refuses to allow the “narrative” to set in, the more insane the leftists like Todd will appear to viewers. There are still people watching who can be reached, and making a display of how silly these journalists are never hurts. Even if just a few people every week realizing how dishonest the media has become, it’s a win. Those few people will talk about their realizations to others, who will start questioning things themselves, and then speak to others. That is how Trump won, and it’s how he will keep on winning.

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        • Sometimes friendships change as priorities change in life. Preibus has to answer to Pres.Trump and believe in his MAGA agenda.


    • setup2100 says:

      Preibus is one of the media, why would he not want to go on anyone’s show??


  4. Sentient says:

    Goatees are for commies.

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  5. Donna in Oregon says:

    You had me at ‘Chuck Toad’…..

    Best line ever written: “President Trump’s White House Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, appears on Meet the Pus with Chuck Toad to discuss The Swamp.”

    Awesome reporting! Thank you. lmao

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  6. Is this a debate or an interview? Chuck is a complete F.O.O.L.
    He doesn’t give any time to give a complete answer and he debates his guest.

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  7. Publius2016 says:

    no mention of NASA or Veterans Choice? Pathetic…MSM stop with the fake news. Historic resistance, delays, and denials from Nevertrumpers, RINOs, and the Dems mean nothing to the TRUMP TRAIN! MAGA!

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  8. mikebrezzze says:

    The greatest stretch of the truth is calling any news organization a news organization!

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  9. Weeper says:

    We were busy this AM, so I didn’t have to suffer through this live.

    Haven’t posted a “peep” today, so I’ll just put one here.

    Hey MSM –

    This ain’t I Dream of Jeannie. PDJT isn’t gonna cross his arms and blink and make things appear. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and no ones campaign promises are all implemented in 100. We supported him then, we support him now, and we will continue to support him moving forward.


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  10. snaggletooths says:

    Hard to believe that Chuck Todd gets even more odious as the weeks pass he is such a loathe some HACK. Reince did good.

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  11. jackphatz says:

    Reince needs to be more aggressive towards toads, especially horned Toads.


  12. Jlwary says:

    What Todd really means: reince, reince, your making too much sense man, so we have to move on.
    Eff these pieces of 💩

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  13. janc1955 says:

    I don’t know how PDJT’s admin spokesfolks keep themselves from going all medieval on these liberal media asshats. How do they not? I would lose my ever lovin mind if I had to put up with them. I doubt I’d last a minute before I was in their faces screaming about their fake news and extreme bias.

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  14. QuestGirl says:

    Amazing how the “process” here, becomes insignificant to the MSM. Only then did Chucky the Toad move on……


  15. Trialbytruth says:

    Im trying to figure out how to make a pink asshat that we here at the treehouse could send to the toadster

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  16. All American Snowflake says:

    Re: Trump’s visits to Mar Largo.
    Does anyone, other than me, remember that Nancy Pelosi’s Speaker’s Jet wasn’t big enough to accommodate her many, many, many trips to California during her Speaker tenure? Speaker Pelosi wanted us deplorables to drive green cars and/or public transportation so she would have jet fuel to go home to California on weekends to visit her grandchildren.

    Do you recall that wonderful, wonderful year? 2007-2008

    Dems have a nerve to say “anything” about Trump. And yes I’m also recalling all times that Democratic President Clinton paid off his rape charges.

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  17. gretaherndon says:

    Chuck looks more and more like the devil. All he needs is a red cape and pitch fork

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  18. mopar2016 says:

    Cuck Toad is just another part of the state run democommie media.
    He doesn’t belong on “Meet the Press”.
    That show has been going down hill since Tim Russert died in 2008.
    You couldn’t tell if Russert was a dem or a Republican by watching him on that show.

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    • Weeper says:

      The picture is hilarious!!! Love it 😀 I agree about Tim Russert. Hubby is from Buffalo, so he had that connection. We had a lot of respect for him. Would have loved to have his take on PDJT. Maybe I would’ve been disappointed, but sadly, we’ll never know.


    • I think all that would come out of that press is chicken poop.


  19. Malatrope says:

    Sundance, if “Meet the Pus” wasn’t a typo, then kudos to you. It’s lowbrow, but in a good way.

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  20. CathyMAGA says:

    Hey SD, next time- Cuck Toad. ;-0) LOL

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  21. Bartsmydog says:

    I really tried to watch but 5 minutes of Chuck Todd and now I think I might hurl, sure would love a recap so I wouldn’t have to watch and hear the driveling idiot!


  22. I listened to all of the other interviews here but this one is impossible. Toad is horrible and Priebus is just not that good in interviews. Terrible combination.


  23. MfM says:

    When Todd said it doesn’t make sense to not have positions filled, Priebus should have fired back “you are absolutely right it doesn’t, but that is what the Democrats are doing”.

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  24. Rainy says:

    I’m done. I can not watch that snarky mug anymore.
    Having a decent debate with this smart @#$$ is impossible. Shmuk and Vapor I can’t watch either anymore.


  25. Donna in Oregon says:

    Before Donald Trump won the Republican nomination I was so angry with Preibus for not doing his job that I wrote him and asked him to resign. At that time, GOPe was trying to rig the system and pull something sneaky with John Kasich and cheat President Trump out of the nomination.

    I still don’t trust Preibus, especially his buddy Paul Ryan. Something stinks and it’s not the Wisconsin cheese…..


  26. The “press” is 97% lib dems, they hate PDJT and us.
    And, they are LIARS.
    jus sayin……………


  27. mrt721 says:

    Hey Chuck!

    And we was right!

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  28. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    I can’t believe I watched it, and the whole thing. I’ll probably have nightmares. I’ll save the other interviews for tomorrow.

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  29. CharterOakie says:

    The Sunday MSM hosts all read from the same script. Insufferable.

    F. Chuck Todd
    Eff Chuck Toad
    UpChuck Toad
    Little Toadie


  30. Mike diamond says:

    Chuck the toad Todd chuck,the dude is a liberal plant! He is just a cheerleader for the far left! He is not happy ! He must hang out with his idol George stephonopolis!


  31. wodiej says:

    CT had to cut in because the facts were burning his ears.


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