Subtle – President Trump Schedules Rally Same Night as WHCA Dinner…

President Trump announces a rally in Harrisburg Pennsylvania for Saturday April 29th at 7:30pm.  In addition to being the 100th day of the Trump administration, it is also the same night as the self-congratulating White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington DC.

Too funny.  Subtle, like a brick through a window.

President Trump was at this venue for a rally almost exactly a year ago. April 21st 2016

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218 Responses to Subtle – President Trump Schedules Rally Same Night as WHCA Dinner…

  1. tageweb says:

    “Subtle, like a brick through a window.”……….I literally can’t stop laughing!!!!!!

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  2. Beautiful move , a perfect stroke , tweeted no less which makes it hurt more – the press finds out at same time as 28 million other people do. He makes it look soooo easy ( after the fact of course ) Maybe he should serve some Trump steaks to the press pen to make up for them missing their precious dinner ha!

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  3. BG2 says:

    The new Donald base of working class who were previously reflexive Democrat voters in OH,PA,WI,MN,MI like a man who looks his enemies in the eye and tells them to go to hell.

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  4. Sam says:

    I wonder how long he has had this planned? You know it was planned well in advance.

    When I heard about it today, I burst out laughing. Woke the dog up.

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  5. NJF says:

    I love “My President!”

    && Their reaction makes it all the more LOL inducing

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  6. Southern Son says:

    I Love This MAN!

    As They Chew on Roasted Crow, at their Cry-In and #NeverTrumper Strategy Session, I hope they Choke on their Hubris!!
    I’m sure many of ’em know the
    hineylickn’ manouver.

    Press ON!, President TRUMP!!

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  7. Deep Blue C says:

    In one of my (many) emails to President Trump,I actually suggested that he hold a rally during this dinner. I’m sure some of you did, too!!

    Woohoo! What a president!

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  8. fedback says:

    An unnamed source has revealed the menu of the correspondents’ dinner : CROW

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  9. Donna in Oregon says:

    I live on the Left coast……we watch on CSPAN. Patriots here are scattered all across the state. Once the Sanctuary city policies are put in place we will turn purple again. Good times will come again to Oregon.

    The Cartel will be gone. The gangs will have to sell Avon after the heroin, meth, etc. dry up after The Wall goes up.

    Then we would be thrilled if President Trump came to town. Right now…’s not safe.

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    • Hi donna im also in Oregon. Over the hill from u it sounds like we’re pretty red out here.


      • suzanne says:

        hi Donna and West, i live just south of the peoples republic of Eugene,it would be amazing if the state i was born in turned red! i live in the boonies and work hard to avoid going into the city these days,


    • LibertyVibe says:

      Donna, I live just outside of Portland, and I think Trump won this state. Why? Everywhere I went, right up to the end, it was all “Bernie” in Multnomah Ct. Everyone hated her, and they were voting for him anyway. And when I say “Everyone”, I mean those living in Multnomah Ct., over 50. The rest of the SJW crowd didn’t even vote. Outside of Portland, it was Trump, I never once saw a Hillary sign. I never saw a Trump sign either, which meant they were ALL voting Trump, but terrified to say so. Hillary won because like California, our election was stolen from us. We have been brainwashed to think all of Oregon is liberal and that causes us to lay down and die. THIS IS A LIE! We are the majority, and it is time we stand up and take our state back from these COMMIE BASTARDS!


    • Bill in Lexington,NC says:

      Might want to take a look at Just sayin’


  10. tuskyou says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the pics of Nugent, Palin and Kid Rock at the WH.
    Now this! I can already hear him tell the crowd “there’s no place I’d rather be than with all of you.” President Trump is so much fun.

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  11. The Boss says:

    Current headline on home page. I’m debating whether to read it.

    Trump to hold ‘big’ Pennsylvania rally to mark 100th day, may upend White House reporters gala.

    Here’s a link…

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  12. Good job Mr. President – take away their precious toys LOL

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  13. G3 says:

    Planning a Deplorable Dinner with my most Deplorable Friends to watch this Big Deplorable rally. We’ll toast President Trump’s 100th day in office and what use to be known as the White House Correspondents Dinner. Cheers!!

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  14. georgiafl says:

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  15. wyntre says:


    Chrizzy Cizzy’s panties are Please give him some love. LoL.

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  16. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Darn. We are visiting PA in mid-May. I wish I could go to this event. I will be watching this rally though. Can’t wait. I also hope that this puts the fear in some of the GOPe Reps. who are reluctant to vote for the Healthcare bill.

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  17. Some press are going to miss the dinner to cover the rally. Then Pres. Trump will bash them while they are sitting there with the “fake news” dishonest lying media line , the crowds will cheer “Lock-them-up!” and the media will have to report it. I hope RSBN moves the camera to show their faces. MEME material incoming.

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    • thesavvyinvester says:

      He should also sign an unannounced executive order, oh my the lames streams would have a cow!!! Even better invite Red Nugent and Kid Rock to play! Wait a minute, maybe he did that the other night!

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  18. Jeffrey Leyerle says:

    Thank you Sundance for putting the pieces together! I saw the President’s tweet about the rally and I thought, “why is he doing another rally?” Then I got knocked in the head after this big brick smashed through my window.

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  19. Is this the same day that Obama is teaching a class on community organizing in Chicago? I was figuring he would do something to upstage that…I love this man! Can’t wait to watch it.


  20. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    I’m going! I live only an hour and a half away! Can’t wait! Hope I can get in.

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    • FL_Guy says:

      If you get there 3 hours before the gates open, you’ll likely get in based on my past experience. I wish I could go myself, LOL. And that’s after attending 4 President Trump Rallies! MAGA


  21. nimrodman says:

    Just wait til we see the film clips from the Press Correspondents Dinner. They usually have speakers and a couple comedians playing for yuks.

    I predict they won’t be able to restrain themselves and it’ll be a relentless smear, attack, and ridicule about Pres Trump. They’ll sit back smug and pleased, without realizing they’ve just painted a much clearer portrait of themselves than America could possibly expect.

    And it would have been the same had Pres Trump chosen to attend, subjecting himself and First Lady Melania to that kind of public ridicule.

    This rally on the same night is just too, too delicious.

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    • Weeper says:

      The “Art of the Meal” 😉

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    • Deep Blue C says:

      No thanks. I’ve never watched these reporters, and I’m certainly not going to start now–especially when everything they say is guaranteed to be disgusting, false, mocking, ridiculing, condescending, and hateful towards President Trump.

      I don’t need to see their abusive behavior to know the enemy.

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  22. Lynn says:

    I’ve been voting for Republican Presidential candidates for over fifty years. I’ve never enjoyed politics so much in all that time as I do now. Usually we Republicans have been so serious and now here we are, with a President who is determined to save this Republic, and having a blast doing it! And so are we. What will he do next? You can bet there are people starting to worry, wondering what it will be. Stay subtle, stay devious Mr. President. It’s never been so much fun and interesting. I love it. Lynn

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  23. Minnie says:

    The timing of the rally is delicious for many reasons not the the least being it gives Hannity a legit “out” of the self-important WHCD.

    He’s been saying for weeks on his radio program that he did NOT want to attend with those self-righteoud fools but Fox would insist he do so.

    Now, can’t wait to see his coverage of the rally!!


  24. Ron says:

    I hope he kicks their ass for about 30 minutes during the rally. Face it, that was some of the best parts of any of the rallies. I want to see him call out little Katy Tur, and I want to see him say “Turn the cameras. TURN THE CAMERAS! Look! They’re not turning. So Dishonest.”

    LOL I hope he gives them hell and basically makes their entire night miserable.

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  25. shirley49 says:

    Priceless. Wish my Hubby was still here to witness this.

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  26. Barbara Willams says:

    Is that “presidential ” enough for ya?

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  27. FL_GUY says:

    Looking forward to another President Trump Rally!


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