North Korea Attempts Missile Launch – Fails !…

At approximately the same time Vice-President Mike Pence was in Alaska refueling Air-Force-2 en route to South Korea, the North Korean regime attempted a missile test and failed.

LA TIMES – […]  U.S. Pacific Command said it detected a missile at about 6:20 a.m. Korean time. The device apparently “blew up almost instantly,” Cmdr. Dave Benham, a command spokesman, said in a statement.The type of missile is still unknown, he said. (more)

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229 Responses to North Korea Attempts Missile Launch – Fails !…

  1. ruralnc6 says:

    The world now knows the man who’s in charge, the one who will bring peace and stability to all mankind, the one who was especially chosen by God for “such a time as this.”

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  2. georgiafl says:

    If there was sabotage, it could also have been the Chinese, S Koreans or Japanese – or another Asian group – all of which are excellent at cyber warfare and espionage.

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    • Ghostrider says:

      Watch for the lunatic left on the Sunday talk shows to praise and give credit to Obama for “thoughtfully creating” the programs that are disrupting the NK missile launches…3-2-1…

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      • KBR says:

        “President Trump must decide what to do.”

        Easy peasy:
        Befriend China: honor with Mandarin song, face and respect: beautiful chocolate cake.
        Stop pretending to “try” to sabotage NK nukes while pandering to NK partners in Iran (bye bye to Kerry Iranian relatives and friends)
        Stop the loose lips: no more undermining the US ships and “US ship of state.”
        No more leading from that skinny nasty behind.

        Actually do it.
        Make no comment.

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    • Matt Musson says:

      You realize that someone got stood up against the wall and shot. Literally.

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    • diddle40 says:

      Could it be that the North Koreans orchestrated the failure. It allows them to save face without additional provocation. Just a thought.


  3. In AZ says:

    I am glad the missile launch failed in North Korea.

    I can not help thinking that all involved, from the missile construction all the way to the launching, will be sent to hard labor or executed.
    Lil Kim is a certifiable psychopath megalomaniac.

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  4. maxmbj says:

    Hi, I Kin Jung Un. I come to this site daily. I used to like but today Yu make fun of he so I going to have to nuke. Hahaha, look at me laughing. Look at the grown men around me in military uniforms laughing extra hard and clapping. They laugh and clap till I tell them to stop. I have their “balls” as Yu call them in jars.

    I have fire my nuke. My nuke is coming. Then you won’t be laughing and clapping.

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  5. Sunshine says:

    Thinking STUXNET or something similar such as external interference. Quite the downer after yesterday’s bombastic parade display.

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  6. A2 says:

    This Nikkei Asian Review article just published April 16, 2017 11:00 am JST

    ‘The cost of 23 years of diplomatic failure on North Korea’

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  7. The Renegade says:

    I sure hope it comes out the failed launch was a sabotage.

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  8. MK Wood says:

    Is this the “Big surprise” we were told to watch for?!?!? hehehehehe

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  9. JMScott says:

    Day of Sun celebration lasts three days. is still down.

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  10. pooteeweet says:

    The nuclear aircraft carrier was necessary to generate the required kilowatts for a missile laser attack.

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  11. MrE says:

    LOL – Mattis’s statement is perfect. No further comment needed. 😂😂😂

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  12. I wonder how many “experts” get killed (anti aircraft weapons of choice) every time one of these fail ? Thins out the know how guys incrementally I would think ???

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  13. 4beagles says:

    Haha, Lil Phat Kim suffers from projectile dysfunction

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  14. mrt721 says:

    Lil Kimmie’s father knew exactly what he’s feeling right about now…

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  15. Sylvia Avery says:

    I have felt uneasy ever since I heard Pence was enroute to Seoul. My first thought was poor guy, he has to be away from his family over Easter, and then I got the creepy crawlies. What has been in the back of my mind is his presence is Seoul is sort of like the ultimate, “Don’t You Do It” warning to L’il Kim. This just makes my skin crawl. Every time I think about it, I say a prayer that God will protect VP Pence. Dangerous times. And President Trump and VP Pence have lots of courage. May God bless them both.

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  16. carterzest says:

    All I Havel. To add is….KEK!

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  17. Watcher says:

    Who killed his brother?


  18. fangdog says:

    Kim is versed in terms of his action results with other administrations. A new place-setting has been set which he knows nothing about. China has also reset the table before Kim. What worked for Kim in the past no longer have the same expectancy. Kim now becomes his worst enemy because everything becomes irrational from his perspective. There are no remaining options; economically or militarily with positive outcomes for Kim.

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    • cozette says:

      Kim can join the world even if he keeps his people behind an iron curtain. There are many dictators on the world stage that aren’t as isolated. He was educated in a Swiss boarding school. He loves American culture. I think there’s a chance he can be less feral. His possession of nukes certainly isn’t irrational. Look what happened to Qaddafi after he gave his program up for peace with the West.


      • pochas94 says:

        Kim is boxed in, like Assad in Syria, Gaddaffi in Lybia, Saddam Hussein in Iraq. He knows what happens when the people get their hands on Dictators. He can’t back down.


  19. Donna in Oregon says:

    The best leader ever! A++++ for first 100 days!! Yeah, woohoo, amen, hallelujah!!! XOX!!!! MAGA!!!!! Winning, winning, winning!!!!!!

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  20. BakoCarl says:

    Isolate NK economically. Masses of people would starve, Big pressure for coup.
    Kim’s Options to lift economic sanctions –
    a. Agree to and halt the NK nuclear program.
    b. Agree to halt the NK nuclear program . . . but continue it secretly after a time.
    c. Massively attack South Korea . . . remember, he’s nuts!
    d. Refuse to halt nuclear program . . . let hundreds of thousands of NK’s starve. Then . . . . ?
    e. Blow a nuke in Incheon harbor. (He’s nuts!)
    f. . . .

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    • KBR says:

      Kim may discover that keeping the NK population on the verge of starvation was not such a great game plan.

      The NK younger/junior majority of military also appear to be very very skinny boys.

      Half-starving population may be weak and concentrating always on how to survive, so less a threat of mob uprising against leader…

      but no way I believe that it is not human nature to utterly hate fat powerful people while you (or your family back home in the case of the skinny soldiers) nearly starve.

      Additionally, a half-starved population is much more vulnerable to economic sanctions: half-starved people starve faster.

      Kim fat. Most NKoreans very skinny. Sooner or later the fat one loses power: will the skinny ones mourn that?

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  21. jello333 says:

    I think we can assume there are at least SOME really intelligent people working in the North Korean military and weapons industry. And I assume that those at the highest levels are NOT as in the dark about the rest of the world as is the average North Korean citizen. So…. these high-level officials are well aware that Donald Trump is not a guy to mess with, and that the Chinese can no longer be counted on to defend them. They must be thinking that if they keep pushing their luck, eventually it’ll run out and Trump just might decide to take pre-emptive action, and nobody will stop him. The next successful long-range missile test-launch may just be that law straw.

    Soooo….. some NK generals — who may have far more common sense, and be far less fanatical than we believe — get together and convince a rocket tech to loosen a couple of screws in just the right place and…


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  22. Watcher says:

    Kimi is gone his days are numbered and his henchmen too.
    Who will inherit the mess? We don’t need a new batch of refugees.
    China, Japan, and South Korea would have the place humming in a year.


    • Maquis says:

      I wouldn’t see Japan intensely involved in a rebuild effort. Too much bad blood. The Korean Penninsula has been the route of choice for warring Japanese and Chinese Armies “just passing through,” for like, forever. Not treating the Koreans so well as they passed through, or camped out there, or claimed it here and there, an endless back and forth of hell. Korea has sufferred greatly for over four millennia.

      Yep, Korea has a very long history, and many unique facets. One of my favorites, is Korea’s writing system, Hangul, was ordered created by King Sejong (sp?) over four thousand years ago! Their spoken language existed long before, but the only written form borrowed difficult Chinese characters that only the well off and educated could comprehend.

      The King wanted a system for their language, for all Koreans, so he assembled a team and directed it’s creation. What came out was, and is, incredibly unique. It is the only Oriental writing system to have a phonetic alphabet, roughly the same number of characters as our own. Instead of thousands of characters, a couple dozen letters, or sounds!

      The sounds (letters) are organized into specific forms creating a block of three or four characters representing a syllable. Put the right syllables together and you have a word, just a pair or more blocks placed together as we write, linearly, with spaces between the words. Not one other such oriental language exists.

      How many writing systems do we know of that were deliberately created, four thousand years ago? Goodness, we can’t even understand English as it was known five hundred years past! Sorry, too long ag as in, I am simply fascinated by this history. Please forgive my adding this to an already lengthy post, I’d fix it, but cut and paste on my cell phone is not a skill I trust…I’ve tried to cut to paste this in another comment, but I can’t get it to work. Real PC coming soon! No excuses then.

      There surely is room for cooperation on stabilizing the populace and preventing their starvation, or their mass migrations, minefields be damned, in order to find food, and to escape elements of Kim’s defeated army going rogue, not standing down, and raiding the homes of every poor family for any food they might have, and murdering when nothing is presented, just to terrorize the remaining families into compliance.

      Don’t forget that in NK the precedence for receipt of food stuffs, after the Fat Bastard and his buddies of course, is the military. Even during the famine, they ate well. I presume that agents both military and political, having murdered citizens indiscriminately for specious fantasized offenses, and having held a status superior to average NK citizens, that they will have a sense of entitlement that would create great dangers for the people, and for any outside relief efforts.

      I would therefore propose that the US, China, Japan, South Korea, and other Asian countries hoping to avoid being over-run with refugees, begin immediately preparing and assembling large palletized food and relief supplies to be air-dropped by whatever country might prove the better politically acceptable partner, but I would prefer that all the major players participated, at least the US, South Korea, and China. Japan too if she has proper airdrop capabilities.

      These pallets would be the large aluminum flat plates nearly 10′ x 10′, designed for loading and securing on military aircraft, so everything is standardized and ready for use without repackaging improper pallets.

      All this would need to be fairly close to NK, but not in places at risk of unfriendly fire. It would need to be capable of going many years without spoilage or degradation.

      Every one would have multiple small radios with which they can hear our announcements and encouragement to “shelter in place” to the degree possible. These could be super simple AM rafios with the proper frequencies marked, or inexpensive emergency “world band” radios, hand cranked etc. Our frequencies spelled out, but the freedom for them to listen to the world around them, to recognize their hermit kingdom was all a lie and that the world is full of music and love and concern for the plifgt of the people of NK.

      Being able to listen to news reports and commentary all around them they can, for themselves, have epiphanies and begin to gain trust in the outside world. Being allowed to do so independently, with such a simple but huge access device it’s own self would speak volumes to the NK people, that they are trusted, as human beings, to hear everything and draw their own conclusions, that they are not to be subject to another oppressor.

      Naturally, there would be documents explaining the nature of the situation and the plans that the combined powers, committed to saving their people, are striving to put in place.

      It would not be an easy task, quite a dangerous one, the armed forces being the greatest danger, preying on the people, trying to establish another dictatorship perhaps, capturing every air-drop and controlling who gets what…if anything. That’s why the drops would have to be massive, and continuous, to overwhelm the thugs intent on deciding who eats, who reads, and who gets radios.

      Loose leaflet drops, combined with tiny parachute radio drops, could ensure the people are getting tools they need to understand. If the military will not stand down, then there is only one real option left to avoid American and S. Korean troops “clearing” the entire country! So dangerous, difficult, lengthy, expensive in lives and treasure.

      The response is to revive an action we took in occupied France in WWiI, the Liberator program. I’d suggest a more robust design, but basically we air-dropped little stamped steel single shot pistols with some .45 ball ammo, allowing a Frenchman, perhaps a Maquisard, to kill a German and then take his weapons, becoming fully equipped in short order.

      Saturate the NK with these, on their tiny handkerchief sized parachutes with instructions to use them only if they are being oppressed or robbed or starved, they are not to exact revenge, though that would still happen, and, well, Karma’s a bitch, ain’t she?

      Anyway, if we are envisioning the end of the Regime, we better start preparing right now to address all the things that could and would happen, this would take tremendous resources and planning, but much less expensive than sending in troops to pacify and feed.


      • Nordic Breed says:

        King Sejong the Great: 15 May 1397 – 8 April 1450. Hangul not 4000 years old but many centuries old. However, good points about the interminable wars and occupations by Chinese and Japanese. I love Korean food, creativity, and the spirit of the people which refused to be vanquished by every attempt to stamp out their culture. Unification would heal the North if the Kim dynasty were toppled. Currently they operate like a medieval monarchy, passing control to the son. But much worse than the medieval governing structure of the Joseon Dynasty. Pray for the suffering North Koreans.

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  23. R-C says:

    Nothing screws up your ‘saber rattling scary dictator’ mojo worse than a failed missile test, eh, Kim?

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  24. aredtailblog says:

    I predicted North Korea would launch something, and I predicted it would blow up in their face.

    These people couldn’t even build a dam right.


  25. BG2 says:

    Actually the USN parked close off NK can shoot down any missile, ICBM or Scud MK 23 in early flight by SAM, laser ( I blabbed) or very tricky cyber. Kimbo will twig eventually. That matters how?


  26. Maquis says:

    No Dong for you!


  27. shirley49 says:

    Look at the faces of the women in that picture. They look terrified.


  28. Jeff says:

    Saving ” FACE ” is important in the Asian culture . Kim Jung Un just save face and AZZ !!!

    Oh sure the missile “FAILED ” KJU looked at his family photo and made SURE it FAILED


  29. bitterlyclinging says:

    Dont gloat. Every failure, even one as abject as this one, bequeaths new information.
    I still remember the Vanguard rocket, bearing its 3 & 1/2 pound grapefruit sized satellite rising a paltry few feet off the launchpad and exploding.
    Some eleven years later Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin strode the surface of the Moon.
    If Buraq Hussein Obama’s Syrian chemical weapons deal is any indicator, Kim is already programming the locations of every US city into the warheads of his rockets. Like the homeowner sitting on or near the San Andreas fault, its not ‘If’, only ‘When’.
    We’ll only have William Jefferson Clinton to thank for it, along with Buraq Hussein Obama, Wendy Sherman, Hillary Rodham Clinton, John Francoise Kerry and the rest of the Democratic Party.


  30. CaptainNonno says:

    We never hear about how NK generates their fissile material. Only Iran? Why? Does Iran supply to NK? Does NK have their own centrifuge complex? No Stuxnet for NK?

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  31. Atticus says:



  32. freddy says:

    The sum of all fears is really a mad man despot suicidal freak gets possession of nukes or religious zealots who want to die for thier God also get nukes… We have both and add politicians who have preferred to look away at their coming fate has left us in the most challenging position. I believe Trump has great common sense and that will guide him when the time comes to take out these threats… That time is now so pray for him………..


  33. Summer says:

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  34. Gadsenfly says:

    What are the odds US military caused it to “blew up almost instantaneously” on the launch pad?


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