North Korea Looms…

It is important to ignore the loud and panicked voices.  Very deliberate and serious people are dealing with complex issues.  Ignore 99% of what you see/hear in media.

There are very capable people who have a life of experience in dealing with all elements of international leadership.  We have excellent and capable leadership in the U.S. both visible and non-visible.

President Trump and Secretary Tillerson have smartly invested in relationship building around the N-Korean issues. Do not buy into the MSM fear mongering, or worry yourself with dark imaginings.

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255 Responses to North Korea Looms…

  1. Miles Rost says:

    I have a front row seat to all of this, as I live in the land of the morning calm. The city I live in has a major ROK Army garrison (Yangpyeong). Everyone is basically on standby until sometime in the afternoon on Saturday. If Kimmy Jong Schmidt decides to soil his britches with this, NorKo is going to get it on 4 fronts. (China will stop attacks from it’s border, Naval blocks, ROK military along the DMZ and in places you wouldn’t expect, and up above.) With Russia basically turning it’s back, it’s “back down” or “die die die”.

    Frankly, even though I live here, I am hoping things happen quickly and this “war” finally ends. I’d like to see resolution to it, and if it means taking out the entire NK high command with SEAL Teams 1-6 and others, I would not be unhappy about that. Get Mossad agents to join in, and you have a party.

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  2. KBR says:

    Regarding the “happy” photo of Kim, I agree that none of the women here look happy. I get the feeling that all their menfolk have just been eliminated.

    No one except me seems to notice the little blond baby’s head in the photo (face of child is obscured.) I cannot help thinking there is significance in that little blond head too.

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    • skeinster says:

      I think if you look closer, that’s a bald baby, not a blonde baby. See the very thin dark hair towards the back of the head? It may be a fairly young baby, as you can see Mom’s hand supporting his head.

      Great- now Sundance has us all doing investigative analysis.

      I could also be totally wrong…

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      • KBR says:

        I tried enlarging to see what you think is black hair, but cannot see that.

        “Mom’s” left hand is shown, perhaps holding the hand of blond-baby (if so, very skinny baby arm): with “Mom’s” left arm not supporting baby, right arm must be beneath baby or around back of baby, right?

        Blond-Baby head surely looks to be as large if not larger than that of baby-with-fuzzy-black hair in Kim’s arms, so I cannot see how the blond-baby is much younger?

        I do think I see a bit of light hair and clearly against the black hair of the woman behind that baby’s hair appears very light-blond, to me. Also it seems to me that the blond baby’s right ear is also visible.

        Maybe just an anomaly in the photo, but it struck me as very odd.


    • cav16 says:

      Agree, the women look scared to death!

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      • straightstreet says:

        The picture makes me incredibly sad for those women and children. Multiply that many thousands times over and really “see” the people of NK. They deserve to be free from their govt oppression. My prayers were for them this Good Friday morning that they may know the love and salvation that comes from Jesus Christ.


    • mcclainra says:

      The very first thing I noticed was that their Leader was the only one smiling………..

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    • tommyd22 says:

      The woman in pink looks like she is about to break out crying any second.

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    • R-C says:

      Eerily reminiscent of Saddam greeting a roomful of hostages before the Gulf War. I remember him patting a young western boy on the head, broad grin on HIS face, while the kid looked terrified.

      Having spent many an hour observing the so-called ‘peace village’ of Panmunjom, I can tell you, first hand, that the NorKs are ALL about propaganda. And they’re REALLY BAD at it. (It’d be laughable if it weren’t so potentially dangerous.)

      The village on the north side of “The Z” (the DMZ), right next to Panmunjom, I think it is Kae Song Dong, was a complete propaganda village. Crudely constructed buildings, only “one room deep”, if you follow my meaning–built to look impressive from the front only (which faces south). NOBODY lives or works there. Lights come on and go off by timer. Occasional military vehicles drive the streets, doing nothing. And NO pedestrians; NO ‘signs of life’. It’s supposed to fool the world into thinking NK is a thriving enterprise, or something. A complete joke is what it is.

      But, a potentially deadly joke, under the control of a mad man.

      Many people I’ve talked to over the years had no idea that the ‘Korean War’ never ended–it’s merely been suspended since 1953. I used to tell folks every Christmas Eve that “tonight, US soldiers are lying on their bellies a handful of yards from North Korea, locked and loaded, freezing their butts off, doing their part to maintain the truce.”

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  3. flawesttexas says:

    Trump-Tillerson handling of North Korea is already better than the previous admins

    I still remember Bill Clinton Admin and Madeleine Albright…going giddy over “dancing with North Korean officials”.

    I think also Communist China is getting real nervous about Kim Jong Dumb. ChiComs fear a mass exodus of starving NoKos coming across the border.

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    • chojun says:

      This, I believe, is why China deployed 130K to the NK border. An outbreak of war and the collapse of the NK central gov’t will unleash a horrifying refugee crisis.

      The problem when Communist gov’ts collapse is that the gov’t is responsible for the means of production and distribution. That all temporarily halts when the gov’t collapses. So you will have tens of millions of starving, highly propagandized people flooding into China.

      And remember, they’ve been propagandized for *generations.* They won’t be going to ROK, US, or Japan for help.

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  4. Southpaw says:

    Why wouldn’t you believe NBC News on Korea. Their intelligence sources gave the correct information on Syria tomahawks and MOAB before it happened. They must be deeply imbedded, somewhere.


  5. pooteeweet says:

    I Truly believe the leftist and corrupt media plan was and still is for Obama to reside outside the country while they destabilize the government as much as possible. Once destabilize the cries for the return of Obama will begin. Don’t let it happen!!!! Careful what propaganda you read and believe!!

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  6. Heres My take on all this.. Sorry if it’s some rambling here..
    The Afghanistan/Syria Strike’s served a Dual Purpose..
    These strikes Put everyone on NOTICE..
    No More “Leading from Behind”, As many here say.. We NOW have a President, (and staff) with testicular fortitude… NO More Bull chit..
    Lil Kimmy, you can bet has been keenly tuned into this.. Finding out (By-Now) he has NO, NADDA backing from His Allies, they said, BOY,, your on your own now.. Welcome to the Big Game..
    While China has (reportedly) amassed 150K troops on NRKS Border.. While Sending smoke signals, there could be “Conflict” at any moment. Most likely to keep “refugees” OUT..
    Russia is urging *Restraint*, in the Whole matter.. Which leads Me to believe that, Putin knows Trump is NOT Bluffing. Putin isn’t gonna touch this.. Just Posturing..
    Japan meanwhile has boosted Defense spending (and Armaments) bigley since 2013, now have attained #7 in Global Military might, (out of 126 Countries)..
    Japans assertions of NROK(s) having Sarin Gas is a DISTRACTION…
    As Trump just bombed Syria because of it’s “Gassing”, Japan Jumps on the Wagon saying/yelling GAS! GAS! to get Trump, to do a Preemptive Strike, because well, they HATE the NORKS anyway…
    China, Well doesn’t NEED, the NK “buffer”, After all these years, If you think about it. It may in fact be BEFIFICAL to China, (Economically) to let the 2 Koreas “reunite”, think of the Booming business, and “consumerism” that would occur with the Nork’s rising their Standards of Living, out of the 1950’s.. BUT…. There’s the same matter of Taiwan in the mixture. Of course the contested S. China Sea(s) & the Philippines…
    Russia has it’s own “Problems” keeping it occupied, Syria & Ukraine.. And Refugees coming from the ‘Stan” countries.
    Watch.. Trump WILL take out that ONE nuke Facility… On Saturday..
    Trump will knock Lil Kim down SEVERAL Pegs.. Hopefully someone with-in the NORK command will take Kimmy out first realizing the madness of this whole Shebang..
    If NOT, ALOT of us would be frankly surprised..
    Trump MOAB’s that site, The WORLD will cheer…
    A good comparison would be the reuniting of East & West Germany…

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    • R-C says:

      RE: your comment on China no longer needing NorK ‘buffer’. Interesting. I’m going to think on that…

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      • chojun says:

        Yep. Although I don’t think that Japan necessarily wants to goad the US into resuming war with DPRK. However they do want to stop the missiles from being lobbed in their direction.

        Presently the people of the DPRK are largely not participating in any economy. South Korea is an economic powerhouse and reunification with the north would bring a huge (unskilled) labor force into the economic engine of the region. All of Asia would benefit.

        I do agree that the 130K troops China stationed on the border is to control a potential refugee situation. The NK people are highly propagandized for generations and will not run to US/ROK/Japan for help.

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      • R-C think on it,, What “IF” it was removed, the 38th border,,? Historic, or history made?.. I’d personally WOULD like to see this happen in My life-time..


      • Added,, R-C, think,, China has “it’s own” Military might now.. 😉 Follow Da monies… XD


  7. buenaparkneighbors says:

    God help us.
    I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. Albert Einstein
    When you corner a wild animal it will turn and fight for its life. Even a small rodent can do a lot of damage. Just wondering.

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  8. saintoil says:

    You guy quack me up. Any retailiation for nuke test will simple start a horrendous conventional war and no guarantee that the nut case does not have a couple crude bombs ready to detonate on our troops around Seoul. Since Trump has gone full neo I am VERY concerned.


  9. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    Hard to imagine China not having a fail-safe mechanism on Kim. Once they trigger it there’s no going back to status quo. The question for China then is whether this moment is real enough for them to throw the switch. President Trump is making the moment real so let’s see if Xi acts and Big Boy disappears.

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    • asawasa says:

      if somehow the two Koreas could be made whole again that would be the best solution for all involved, except Kim Jun Un. the real problem is if China does act would they be willing to give back NK to the Korean people? maybe we could do a trade, Korea for Taiwan.

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      • i'm just sayin'.. says:

        Not sure what a best long term solution (there probably isn’t a “best” solution) but anything is better than Kim with toys

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      • Jenny R. says:

        I’m not sure the S. Koreans really want N. Korea at this point. On one hand, they do, but NK is a huge mess that would cost them billions and years to fix (and considering the amount of brainwashing that has been done to the NK populace it isn’t a sure thing — it may take generations to untangle it). At this point I’m not at all sure they wouldn’t just prefer to let NK stay NK for the time being, but maybe a little friendlier and defanged.

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    • aredtailblog says:

      Thing is that I’ve read China has all the means of stepping in and invading China on its own whim.


  10. Noreen Meeker says:

    I really pray that someone, ANYONE, can procure the release of a local kid that is being held captive in NK. Otto Warmbier is the grandson of someone I went to high school with. He was there 2 years ago on a church trip and was arrested and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. His crime was taking a poster off a wall as a momento to take back home . With the tensions escalating, I really fear for this poor kid. Seems like everyone but Tucker Carlson has forgotten him. Maybe the Seal team can snatch him to safety

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      As sad as Otto’s story is, our military should not risk any lives to get him out, 15 yrs is better than someones life. Sorry I know that sounds cold, but people have to use their heads and not travel to a country as dangerous as NK. Stealing is a crime in any country and he should have known better, that’s a hard lesson to learn in NK. That said, Otto’s chance at being released might be better now, because NK uses Americans as bargin chips or they use them in exchange for meeting famous people or former presidents.

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    • mcclainra says:

      I had forgotten about him, but well remember the incident. Seems like everyone else has forgotten him too…………. Personally, I think any American in their right mind would not, and would not have, traveled there since their Leader came into power. Just asking for trouble.

      I remember when one of our great orchestras took a trip there in the last couple of years, and I watched the photos of the audience which was obviously blatant propaganda from NK. Also many other photos of empty streets, no people, etc. The NY Phil went there in 2008 but this one was more recent; just can’t find the infol


  11. Joshua2415 says:

    Honestly, I’m not worried about North Korea at all. The Chinese have made it clear that they are not going to backstop them under any and all circumstances anymore. If they get too far out of line, we will swat them like a gnat without ever setting foot over there, and the Chinese will probably thank us for it, at least in private.

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    • georgiafl says:

      ‘Red China’ spurred and sponsored the Korean War – set up the brutal totalitarian NK regime and has kept it afloat all these years.

      Faced with losing the US trade market, China will choose her own interest and perhaps even allow the NK regime to fall and the two Koreas to be reunited.

      The beloved wistful folk song, Arirang, seems to speak of the tragedy of this separation and the yearning of Koreans to be reunited with their loved ones.

      Our family was there when North Korea attacked South Korea. My father was an army pilot training the South Korean army. Our base was bombed and all the families living on the base had to evacuate on board a guano ship heading to Japan, while the husbands stayed through the war. I still remember my mother putting blankets over the windows of our house, riding in a jeep with no headlights on to the port and sleeping on the bags of guano down in the hold of the ship.

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      • BakoCarl says:

        “Faced with losing the US trade market, China will choose her own interest and perhaps even allow the NK regime to fall and the two Koreas to be reunited.”

        This is what I am hoping for. If China abandoning North Korea led to a uniting of the North and South, it would be an enormous burden for South Korea for many, many years. Easing this burdon would be an excellent reason for the U.S. to completely stop foreign aid to uncooperative countries and to corrupt, foreign dictators and redirect it to ensure a smoother reuniting of the two Koreas.

        Ensuring the removal of an irrational nuclear threat to the world, in my opinion, falls well with the the “America First” paradigm. It is in our self interest. Well worth the expense!

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      • chojun says:

        Communism went though an expansionist phase in the 40’s and 50’s. Korea was a victim of this, for sure.

        Despite being a communist state, China has liberalized somewhat and there is pretty much no-longer a benefit for them of DPRK remaining the way it is.

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      • webgirlpdx says:

        Wow….GeorgiaFl. Wow.


  12. benifranlkin says:

    I wonder if we can hack NK’s nuclear test sites and digitally shut them down or mess them up. I read the Israeli’s did that to the Iranian centrifuges in their nuclear plants a few years back.

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  13. C. Lowell says:

    Ain’t socialism the best! It kills everything it touches:

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  14. KeithInTampa says:

    Actually, I’m encouraged by what I am hearing in (some of) the “#FakeNews-Mainstream-Media”! It seems to me, as Sundance alluded to, that we’ve got China’s and Chinese President Xi’s attention; and recent news articles and Op-Ed pieces out of China have been more than favorable toward working to a peaceful solution. Even the UPI is reporting that “Kim-Jong-Un”; (hereafter referred to as, “Crisco”) along with the recently held 13th Annual North Korean “Worker’s Supreme Parliament & Great People’s Assembly Barbeque & Hoedown” agreed to re-form the DPRK “Foreign Affairs Committee”; which is the negotiations arm of the DPRK and a sign that Pyongyang may actually be stepping back from its military footing and rhetoric.

    Couple this with China amassing 150k troops on the North Korean border; and I believe Crisco may actually be getting the message!

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  15. BakoCarl says:

    There is a rational fear that any retaliation for a North Korean nuclear test would start an undoubtedly horrendous conventional war.

    So, what should we do? Keep waiting and sending indications of our displeasure to Kim Jong Un (shows of strength, fleet presence, overwhelming and effective responses to ISIS, etc.) . . . or, perhaps, a strongly worded letter or two, until sufficient time passes for NK to have developed, constructed and deployed numerous types of miniaturized nuclear warheads for artillery shells, cruise missiles, hypersonic attack missiles and ICBMs?

    These are, indeed, perilous times. If Bush/Obama would have had the common sense to recognize this threat, the courage to do something effective to stop it, and the skill to enlist the aid of China in the endeavor, we may very well not have to act at this time, when the North Korean nuclear threat is more advanced.

    We should all be praying that shows of force, economic sanctions (no trade or food or aid), and total isolation would either bring Kim Jong Un to face reality and stop his nuclear programs or motivate another leader (hopefully more sensible) to overthrow Kim Jong Un.

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    • mortgagesforthemasses says:

      Bill Clinton saved the regime from collapse in the 1990s. The citizen-slaves were resorting to canabalism. The effects of that famine are evident in the people’s physical appearance.

      The NORKs couldn’t fight a long conventional war. You can’t eat bullets and artillery shells. The soldiers would have to draw lots like the Japs did at Guadelcanal to see who is going to be tonights chow.

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  16. Bendix says:

    Speaking of dark imaginings, I don’t know much about foreign affairs, but a friend of mine who follows this kind of stuff says that those weapons are probably China’s, so they can damn well control what happens with them if they want to.
    Such as another leader making it clear that it is in their best interest to cut it out.

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  17. Jim in TN says:

    I wonder…

    Weren’t there news attacks saying Trump had threatened to nuclearize the peninsula?

    What if he had pointed out how Japan and South Korea have to protect themselves from this nuclear armed, ICBM launching lunatic. We could try to prevent this by bringing our nukes back to S. K., but that might not be enough to stop the proliferation. No, what we really need is someone who has influence over the lunatic.



    • mikeyboo says:

      No one has influence over a lunatic. Kim-I’m-fat isn’t a lunatic, he is a bully. Bullies wilt when someone actually stands up to them and slaps them down. Thanks Pres. Trump and Premier Xi.

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    • chojun says:

      This almost certainly was mentioned when Trump met with Xi.

      Basically, either we take out NK’s ability to manufacture nukes or we arm Japan and ROK with them so he’ll be too afraid to use them. Certainly China is no fan of Japan and ROK having nukes.

      There’s only one way out of this for China and it’s the collapse of DPRK.

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  18. dreadnok89 says:

    Is that picture a joke

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  19. tommyd22 says:

    China is already well past the point that Kim Jong Un is of any real value to them.
    Nothing but a huge liability at this point in time..
    Un’s time on this earth is short now..

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  20. guitar107 says:

    Maybe those women are witnessing a mock execution. The fat boy is pure evil.

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  21. In AZ says:

    I have read a few stories of North Koreans who were fortunate enough to escape, make it out alive, and come to the United States.

    Riveting stories, and very heart breaking.

    Too bad Commie Left snowflakes in the United States can not be sent to live in North Korea, since they love the Commie BS so much.

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  22. mikeyboo says:

    “BREAKING: North Korea’s vice foreign minister tells the AP it will conduct next nuclear test whenever supreme headquarters sees fit.
    That’s Korean for: ” we decided to stand down after China explained they are going to help the US knock the cr*p out of us if we don’t knock it off.”

    8:22 PM – 13 Apr 2017 “

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  23. indiana08 says:

    Every woman in that picture looks like they are in front of a firing squad. Kim Jong Un is crazier than his father and his days are numbered in that country.

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  24. David R. Graham says:

    I have a feeling unusual for me these recent years (since 11SEP01, I guess): there is no news, no need to keep abreast of developments, because affairs are sufficiently in the hands of proper people capable of and dedicated to proper conduct. What a relief! What a relief! Thank God Almighty, what a relief!

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  25. Jimmy Jack says:

    Let it your heart be troubled. – Amen


  26. spaulj67 says:

    I agree that under President Trump, the status quo of extending and pretending, may be changing but I think the dictator of North Korea may be aware of this as well and may choose to act out sooner rather than later; before he loses that ability in the near future as the political, economic and military vise Trump is putting in place progressively tightens? Long story short every action has a reaction. True megalomaniacs are not known for civil and rational decisions, especially where human life is involved. If leader of North Korea stands down this week he may just be saving his ammo?

    The key asymmetrical threat to US or any other modern country like China, Korea, Japan etc. from NK; is a Super EMP H-Bomb designed to maximize gamma ray emissions; thus producing an EMP force many orders above the earlier tests that the US and Russia conducted. NK need only launch this attack along the very same ‘strange’ trajectory they already sent their KSM-4 satellite along. It’s still up there BTW and making regular visits to US even now.

    What I don’t know is if the US has the means and/or forces in theater to shoot down a repeat of the KSM-4 satellite launch which placed it over the US at the perfect altitude and location for an EMP attack in less than one orbit. A retro-grade trajectory out of North Korea, that makes no sense for maximizing payload to orbit ‘unless’ what you really wanted to do was avoid our defenses in Alaska ‘and’ also wanted to hit the CONUS with an EMP in less than one orbit. Then this launch test makes perfect sense.

    My primary fear; having dealt with government; is that what may be blindly obvious to even a large number of individuals; is often not collectively understood by a critical mass of decision makers/advisors or high enough up the chain of command in order to cause those with power to prevent it to act in time.

    Hopefully the lack of ‘public’ discussion at the highest levels are an indicator that they are fully aware of the threat and have in place already iron clad countermeasures in order to handle this ‘before’ we kick over this hornets’ nest? Unfortunately strategic silence is indistinguishable from ignorance from the perspective of anyone not on the inside.

    While the good vs bad roles are reversed in this movie clip, the message is the same regardless of which camp you are in. It’s best not underestimate anybody.


  27. Just Scott says:

    Family Portrait by on Aug. 19, 2012
    BL: Wife Ri Sol-ju
    BC: Older Half Sister Kim Sul-song
    BR: Younger Sister Kim Yo-jong
    FL: Aunt Kim Kyong-hui (deceased)
    FR: Mother Ko Yong-hui (deceased)


  28. Anne says:

    V-P. Pence is on his way to Asia-Pacific region. Great!!:

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  29. Shadrach says:

    Well, my 2 cents FWIW is that Kim Jong Un is eventually going to try to use his nukes. He doesn’t have anything less than a nuke to respond with, and his threats are going to become action at some point. It’s better that this action happen at a time of our choosing than at a time of his choosing.

    That photograph in SD’s post shows you something maybe you don’t realize. Chinese don’t smile in photographs. I’ve seen Chinese “happy family” photographs that look as glum as those people in the photo, but it’s normal for them. Americans and Europeans smile in photographs. Kim Jon Un is smiling. Trump telling him to come to the table and talk might just work.

    (Yes, I know it’s Korea, not China. But I know for sure re China, and I imagine the cultures are similar)


  30. georgiafl says:


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