President Trump Interview With Maria Bartiromo…

Yesterday President Trump gave an interview to Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo.  The interview aired earlier today (4/12/17).

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42 Responses to President Trump Interview With Maria Bartiromo…

  1. ALEX says:

    Great interview. I really enjoy Maria in this setting with the President… I don’t know if I could watch Chris Wallace do this…Yuck…

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  2. I just have to pinch myself sometimes …. God is good, God bless our wonderful President. I would follow him to the gates of hell……..

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    • Rex says:

      Well… .. Maybe not THAT far….. 😉

      But seriously, it is fitting we give thanks. Thinking back to a year ago, remember how hard we prayed to see this? I’d say our prayers were answered with a big “YES”.

      May our gratitude to God be as sincere as our pleading for deliverance.

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  3. Landslide says:

    Don’t you just love our “regular guy” president? Big, beautiful piece of chocolate cake, indeed! A historic moment in his presidency described in a down-to-earth reality that only Trump, the non-politician, can pull off. Love it.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      His comment about the cake cracked me up. I was watching this with a family member. There had been speculation all over the place (was it creme brulee? Key lime pie?) and when President Trump said “big, beautiful piece of chocolate cake” it made us both laugh. Sounded just exactly like something my dad would have said. I find it hard to believe there really was a time when I thoroughly disliked Donald Trump. With each passing day I grew to like him more, respect him more, and now I have to say I love and revere this man. I finally understand maybe a bit how my grandparents felt about (puke, sorry) FDR. They kept a photo of him in their home until they died.

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  4. Coldeadhands says:

    This might be the best interview with the President so far. None of the typical snark and good questions.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Maria is smart. She has been known as “The Money Honey” for years. I really like Fox Business. For the most part the on-air talent is more knowledgeable because they have to have an education in business or economics first and then the journalism degree or training. They are just brighter bulbs, ask better questions, are able to connect more dots. IMHO.

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    • I was thinking the same thing; a real interview. You just can’t get this from the MSM anchor types…just all gossip and sensationalistic topics. They just don’t care about the truth or about informing the American people. Such a disgrace. But Maria did a fantastic j job. Thanks Maria!

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  5. LKA in LA says:

    President Trump makes everything look easy and I admire that about him. This interview was impressive because Maria ask questions citizens would ask and he answered with ease. I loved his responses regarding Comey. I think he was fore shadowing the fact Comey’s days are numbered. I hope anyway.

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  6. fangdog says:

    I love how Trump persuaded the Chinese President to respond to the missile attack the only way the Chinese President could respond. This was a huge breakthrough in demonstrating the humanization of both leaders. Trump made the Chinese President appear a decent human being to the whole world. ….a win, win for all of us trapped together for a time on this great spinning planet.

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    • LibertyVibe says:

      I think he persuaded the Chinese President to do a lot more than that. My guess? When all of this is done, China will deal with N. Korea, not us. Which is what we have always wanted. He also managed to break Putin’s resolve. I think he did it by getting Russia to pull their covering from Russia (as Sundance has mentioned). Next stop: Iran.

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  7. David says:

    Great interview. Makes things look so optimistic. Trump is so positive.

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  8. Sayit2016 says:

    It is obvious to me that President Trump will respect anyone that gives him a fair hearing without all of the hostile BS we have seen from the retarded Alphabets. He is open and is really wanting to communicate the vision he sees for the country. Maria is such a sharp cookie I actually enjoy the questions she brings to the table. President Trump does not have to repeat himself 20 times like Spicey has to with the daily press….honestly I would like to see a drug test for anyone in the press pool… Respect earned respect given….it’s time for the media to take the grown up dose…

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  9. Jedi9 says:

    Yeah except he goes out and tweets that he is against a strong dollar, and as a result sending it to crash among major currencies.


    • Jedi9 says:

      Let me be clear about this! You can’t go out and complain that China is a currency manipulator, then tweets out “the dollar is too strong”! That pissed off a lot of traders this morning, and to be honest was irresponsible of him. I love Trump got elected, and I support him over all, but this was not good!

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  10. fangdog says:

    I am anxiously Trumps meeting with Putin. Trump understands the human ego. Trump knows how to make the other guy look and feel good about himself. Trumps objective is to make a friend and not an enemy. What better way than be responsible for making the other use common sense in a way he personally benefits by doing so. I predict another win,win……..and the Media will hate it. Lol

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    • Piper says:

      Respect breeds respect, Trump always shows extreme respect to others, and when he disagrees with an aspect he lays it right on the table to be dealt with, solved, and move on. If only congress worked the same way🙄

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  11. Aqua says:

    Imagine if the press briefing room were filled with highly capable journalists like Maria B. She is truly great.

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  12. If you skipped the interview and came straight to the comments….go back. Watch, listen, learn. As SD,says. President Trump is 4 moves ahead and is at 30k feet seeing the whole picture. Ever play frogger? He’s weaving between cars, hopping on the back of the gator, side stepping around obsticals and smiling the whole time. Damn I live being alive and witnessing the sploddy heads go poof!

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  13. Piper says:

    Great interview! So wonderful to watch and my blood pressure not shoot through the roof! Here’s what I wonder, if countries were not trying to dominate each other, or “control” the natural resources of another country, wouldn’t the world just get along? If you want to be a Muslim, live in a Muslim controlled country, if you want freedom, live somewhere else… just thinking that there has to be a better way- I love the peace through strength doctrine- bulk up your national defense to the inth degree and don’t try to control the rest of the world, trade fairly, produce excellent products and food that others want to buy… I’m just a simple country girl, this worlds too complicated to me, can’t wait for the NEW, PERFECT one!😇

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  14. American Me says:

    It’s just half past midnight and I just finished watching this interview. I can’t help but wish this segment would get played not just nationally, but globally. I’m so thankful that Donald Trump is our president. I firmly believe that he “knocked it out the park big time” with this one. People keep declaring that President Trump is always playing 4 dimensional chess…I feel that he is maneuvering and orchestrating 5 dimensional chess, if not of a greater magnitude that is unheard of or unprecedented. He truly gets it. A “non politician” who actually cares…who knows that We The People Matter. Whether it’s a policy of America First and or well…America First! He gets it. I am on The Trump Train until the wheels fall of no matter what! May God continue to bless President Trump and also bless each and every Treeper, especially you Sundance! Thanks to Wolfman1776, Ad rem, Kaco and Entagor for helping to provide insight, wisdom and compasion.

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    • fangdog says:

      Trump portrays and brings out the good side of people rather than always the bad side of people. This exposes the cunning, corrupt, crooked worse side of people. It is why the press has such a hard time with Trump.

      The journalist unwittingly get exposed by the contrast as to “who” they really are. Unless, you are of such character, you are not going to like them. Little by little, liberals are being exposed in the same way. Unless they are friend in some manner, it is difficult to like a Liberal. Liberals are not people one normally goes out of his way to meet and greet.

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  15. wodiej says:

    Great interview w Maria. Perhaps Trump has a good reason for giving Comey a chance but I don’t see what it is. He basically admitted that Comey got Hillary off the hook. But on everything else, he hit it out of the park.


  16. R-C says:

    A magnificent interview!

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  17. CaptainNonno says:

    POTUS seems to me, as a builder businessman, to have the long view rather than the Wall St short term quarterly view. His philosophy seems to be ‘if it’s not going to work, produce, grow in the future, it shouldn’t be engaged now’. Wall St success (individual and corp) is based on short term results. The by-product is ‘whatever it takes’ cut jobs, import materials, etc. that mentality/reward system needs to change for us to be strong permanently, not till the next election.


    • PreNanny says:

      Very well said Cap’n. Reinstatement of Glass- Steagall should help that. One thing about 9/11 that sticks out in my memory is when Richard “Dick” Grasso head of NYSE at the time gave a very Patriotic sounding statement about the reopening of the markets.
      What he failed to mention is that not one brokerage waived or lowered their commission fee while the rest of America was being Patriotic to buy stocks.

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  18. rsanchez1990 says:

    “Mr. President, let me explain something to you.”

    I can just imagine him saying, “you feeling lucky, punk?”


  19. Donna in Oregon says:

    I watch Fox Business. I usually fast forward through the blathering and so I particularly enjoyed the format of this video skipping the blathering/whining about Tax Reform and ignoring what Pres Trump has told them over and over. The media is very child-like.

    What I heard Pres Trump say about the Pres of China is the same thing he said about Pres Obama during the transition. Pres. Trump has dealt with the Chinese before, he knows exactly what he is doing and getting into.

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  20. cajost says:

    That was effing FABULOUS!

    LOVE that he isn’t revealing what our military is doing or going to do. When I was in the Navy during the Gulf War, Bush Senior was the same way and I appreciated it.

    How can anyone think of him as heartless with how he talks about the victims of the chemical strike? Very kind, very sincere.

    And the cake description? OMG he sounded like my husband (who loves chocolate cake also) I hope he had a cold glass of milk to go with it!


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