President Trump’s 360 Degree Adversaries, and He’s Got Them Surrounded…

Before Donald Trump won the presidency we accepted his approach. Trump enters a battle-space, any battle-space, with adversaries 360° around him; and yet somehow he has them surrounded. As President Trump, this approach continues.

On a scale of 1 to 10 the average person has a sense of internal purpose around level four. People of intense historic consequence generally exhibit a stronger personal drive which pushes their scaled sense of purpose to around a seven.  However, Donald Trump, now President Trump, as exhibited throughout his life’s accomplishments, carries a sense of purpose considerably higher – perhaps the highest in our life time.

During the phase of the industrial revolution the highest captains of Main Street industry were known as “Titans”. The economic Titans accomplished incredible achievements in building and industry.

These giants moved the nation forward. Relentless forward progress. They never stopped moving forward and they carried a resolve so severe they never allowed anything to stand in the way of their purpose driven objectives. National politicians knelt at the desks of these nationalist Titans.

With that established, Wolfmoon1776 provides an explainer:

“Well, I don’t really have to do any holding together, now that I figured out what Trump is up to. He is shaking things out, but counting on Trump gravity to pull things back together as he moves along.

He is moving “forward” at speeds Obama could not even dream of.

You and I will be anti-Trump trolls one day and MAGA heroes the next. Get used to it. Trump speed is the new normal. Some will call it flip-flopping, but that’s not what it is. Trump is dodging and weaving through reality faster than the reality can react to disrupt his plans.

I was explaining this to my wife. This is a roller-coaster now. Trump is no longer waiting for people to keep up. He is taking his bewildering art-of-the-deal campaign schtick into geopolitics, and for a lot of people who can’t keep up or hold on, it will be a rough ride.

Trump is no longer playing only with evil and cunning players who are still predictable, easily beatable dopes, like Hillary. He is playing against killers, with his own team of killers, and all the while he has scheming creeps like Hillary, BGI, SPLC, and the neocons gunning for him. Snake Ryan ready to bite when nobody is looking. “Warhead” McCain screaming for Russian blood. Psycho Kim and Samoa Obama plotting some kind of intrigue to take him down. And THOSE are the lightweights.

This is the majors now. Trump has to outwit world-class adversaries and “frenemies” by defining the deals that they will agree to. One minute they will think Trump is their friend – the next minute, a cunning, bitter foe.

And he has to do this with evil cheerleaders like Warhead, Linderace, Dipsy Dowd, Maggie Haterman, and Fake Yapper trashing him or praising him alternately, no matter which way he goes. They can’t keep up, either.

Neither can many around him. I think that half of the problem with advisers crashing into each other is they don’t realize what Trump is doing.

And people will trash you, and they will trash me. Get used to it. I’ve already caught plenty of people mocking me. Well, just wait a week in Trump time. Look stupid and conned by Trump one minute, and you look like a sage three days later.

Trump will not find perfect solutions. He will find OPTIMAL solutions. We cannot ask for more. Trump has stood by and watched Perfect murder Good for 8 years – maybe longer. He’s not gonna do it. He’s going to deliver the best outcome possible, and he’s not waiting for us to feel relaxed about it.

Best presidency ever! Just hang on. More winning is coming, but a lot of people are going to scream that it’s all over at EVERY turn.

The best way through this is to define viewpoints, not people, because people will shift as they change position and velocity in Trump gravity. Bash the neocon, warmonger, and dopey globalist positions – not the people who are going to hold them one moment and come loose from them later.

Trump is Jupiter moving through the asteroid belt. He is going to pull people into his orbit. A few will get slung off into space, but most will come along for the ride of their lives.

I am ON the Trump Train for good, even if I scream that I want off and can’t take it.

In the end, I only want to scream “TOO MUCH WINNING!!!”  (link)

….”And we will win, and you will win, and we will keep on winning… Believe me. And we will win so much, you will get tired of winning; and you will say: please Mr. Trump, we can’t take all of this winning… And I will say to you, NO. …We will win more, and we will keep winning,.. and we will win, and we will keep on winning…. I love you”…

~ President Donald Trump

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384 Responses to President Trump’s 360 Degree Adversaries, and He’s Got Them Surrounded…

  1. tuskyou says:

    I’m on the Trump train for good—Till the wheels fall off.
    Thank you SD and Wolfmoon1776. MAGA

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  2. Random Comment says:

    Welcome to the Trumposphere – Where too much winning is never enough!

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  3. Suite D says:

    Since Woodrow Wilson progressives have been eating away at our constitution, culture and institutions. This means we have a massive amount of work to do. With God’s guidance and Trump The MAGAnificent we will restore our country. This is WAR!!! Let not your heart be troubled. Good WILL defeat evil. Amen and MAGA

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    • leebelieu says:

      No. So no retaliation, limited btw, to Syria lying about the agreement made with the US government over the “destruction” of their chemical weapons, which guaranteed no US attack? They lied people died. Additionally AUMF in place, and if you oppose the Syria strike you oppose action against ISIS. ISIS is it’s own sovereign state and in the sovereign state of Syria. Double whammy there. So no attacks on ISIS right? And before you mention NK we’re still at war, armistice was a ceasefire to end fighting not establish peace, and they’ve been attacking our SK ally(and US soldiers) for 60 years in violation of the armistice.

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    • Doogiesblog says:

      Let me correct your question. Does that mean President Trump will consult the poisonous nest of vipers who put their political futures far in front of what is good for America before he does anything presidential?

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    • Christopher Johnson says:

      Trump has the authority to launch strikes like the one he ordered last week without consulting congress.

      If he wanted to keep doing that every day, he’d obviously need a resolution, but that was a one-off (as proven by the fact that it has not been repeated) so no authority needed other than his discretion as Commander-in-Chief.

      Trump doesn’t want boots on the ground. He wants the enemies who want us all dead to be crapping their pants over what he might do to them if they push things.

      I know I’m not going to convince you of that now… but a year from now when Trump has NOT sent thousands of our servicemen into harm’s way and things are improving in both the Middle and Far East regions will you at least the consider the idea that Trump might possibly know what he’s doing?


    • Mom says:

      Poor li’l troll, He did not declare war. He spanked the evil, little brat who murdered his own people. And if the brat acts up again, he’ll get another spanking. That’s not war, that’s good parenting. Since the US is forced by the global community to be the Adult in the room, we’ll have to teach the children manners.


  4. dginga says:

    I am so glad we have this site to keep us focused through all of the political machinations that are going on and will continue to go on in DC and around the world. I get the sense that a lot of Trump’s foes are scared to death because every time they turn around he is shaking up another of their sacred cows. It doesn’t matter what it is, they are all running scared – and running to their buddies in the media – to complain about Trump’s latest outrage. They really aren’t used to having someone in office who is not a politician who operates the way they do at a glacial pace, but who instead operates at the speed of business, where in most cases you can’t just sit around endlessly debating and dithering, but instead you gather the best information available then make decisions and order them implemented.

    I really related to this article because I am a retired executive who finds myself surrounded by retired schoolteachers, academics, bureaucrats, housewives, social workers, etc., in the various organizations I am involved in. I am invariably elected to the board of the organization then criticized at every turn for moving too fast, making too many decisions, implementing plans, holding people accountable, not allowing enough time for dithering and debate, not seeking consensus and, in general, getting things done. I am constantly baffled about why getting results is such a cause for criticism.

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    • fangdog says:

      A too simple answer, but non-doer liberals have insecurity issues you do not have. They are most often herded cats….all with a mind of their own, but at the same time mindless.

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    • blognificentbee says:

      Our Trump-style grass roots ways will soon filter through the established ways that have created bureaucracy on the local levels.

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    • Al Hoove says:

      You’re very right. Boards of organizations are often populated by people who have no clue, or are deliberately damaging to the organization. The astonishing thing is that sensible conservatives who could do a good job often are nice people who don’t want to be disputatious, so they let bad board members and staff get away with bad decisions and not holding them accountable when it blows up. The government is exactly the same or worse. Inverse results: the cream sinks to the bottom while the worst seem to rise to the top.


    • eagledriver50 says:

      Pres Trump thinks in 3-dimensions and if one is stuck in 2-d world trying to understand, the ship has already sailed (media, pols…etc). And Wolfman explains the dichotomy very succinctly. Kudos Wolfman…


      • Lostokie says:

        It’s been said before, but bares repeating.

        President Trump is playing 3d chess (think Star Trek) and everyone around him is playing checkers.


  5. maggiemoowho says:

    Beautiful, simply B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Wolfmoon1776, Thank you! 😃👍👍👍🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Wolfmoon did a beautiful post that captured the moment. The roller coaster gif gave it a nice finishing touch.

      Remember back when “Difficulty Level: Asian” depicted the highest level of play?

      We are now entering a new era. Difficulty Level: Trump.

      Thanks Wolfmoon1776 for all you do.

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  6. “It is said that what is called “the spirit of an age” is something to which one cannot return. That this spirit gradually dissipates is due to the world’s coming to an end. For this reason, although one would like to change today’s world back to the spirit of one hundred years or more ago, it cannot be done. Thus it is important to make the best out of every generation.”

    “It is a wretched thing that the young men of today are so contriving and so proud of their material posessions. Men with contriving hearts are lacking in duty. Lacking in duty, they will have no self-respect.”

    “If one is but secure at the foundation, he will not be pained by departure from minor details or affairs that are contrary to expectation. But in the end, the details of a matter are important. The right and wrong of one’s way of doing things are found in trivial matters.”

    “It is spiritless to think that you cannot attain to that which you have seen and heard the masters attain. The masters are men. You are also a man. If you think that you will be inferior in doing something, you will be on that road very soon.”

    ― Tsunetomo Yamamoto, Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai

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  7. Trumppin says:

    Wheeeeee! Totally 100% never getting off this Glorious #MAGA ride!

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  8. litlbit2 says:

    “I am just a messenger folks”, “you are the movement!” The Man who walks on water has heard us.

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  9. rashamon says:

    The swamp, which actually goes back to the 1860s, began deep-tunneling in the early 1900s with Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg, Rothschild’s agents, underwriting the Russo/Japanese War, then the Bolcheviks. Edward M. House and various Banksters brought in the Federal Reserve. Once we lost control of our money….

    The Dulles’ years at the C.I.A. and State Department have been explored, but The Deep Swamp continued and continues to the moment. Much background exists, but this is concise. Note that our friends McCain and Biden have long benefited from the trough through the Keating Five and the BCCI debacles.

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  10. Curry Worsham says:

    Sending this howl out to Wolfmoon. Well done, sir!

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  11. sudsy49 says:

    Woolfmoon, that was truly amazing and it felt so good to read.

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  12. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Wolfmoon1776, your post is gonna be #1 on the “Charts” for a long time!

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    • Phil aka Felipe says:

      Trump ‘gravity’. Trump ‘speed’. Trump ‘time’.

      Because, as Trump said, “We don’t have time to be politicallycorrect” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  13. Pedro says:

    Forever on the TrumpTrain!!

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  14. dutzie60 says:

    For anyone that was wondering about Candidate Trump picking “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” as a theme song, I present the answer contained in the GREATEST comment ever posted by a really smart Wolf!!!

    Trump will not find perfect solutions. He will find OPTIMAL solutions. We cannot ask for more. Trump has stood by and watched Perfect murder Good for 8 years – maybe longer. He’s not gonna do it. He’s going to deliver the best outcome possible, and he’s not waiting for us to feel relaxed about it.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      I agree totally! Great point! As to the song, my first thought was WHY would he use “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and it seemed sort of non-inspirational, you know? But after the second rally I thought it was brilliant, and sly, and funny, and one of those kind of under the radar things he does so well. In short, perfect. That may have been when I finally began to see there is much more to Donald J. Trump than meets the eye.

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  15. Plain Jane says:

    Somewhere Dagny, John, Hank and Franscisco are applauding your essay Wolfmoon, and so am I. Thank you.

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    • Plain Jane says:

      I bet they wish they would have stuck around and fought like PDT. 🙂

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      • SteveInCO says:

        The situation they were in was so much worse than ours, that the only way to fight was to beat a strategic retreat. At the end of the book they decided it was time to retake the world. (Newt Gingrich also misunderstood this about Atlas Shrugged, but unlike the typical leftist puke, he actually DID read the book.)

        Maybe after eight years of Hitlary we would have been as bad off as the world of Atlas Shrugged. Maybe it would have taken even more than that to do it.

        If Trump truly succeeds in getting his agenda enactived (for which he WILL need Congress) we won’t have to worry about it. Otherwise all the executive orders can simply be undone by the next leftist president. Either way, right now we are going to get a respite at the very least. (Gingrich is right to point out that truly fundamental reform will lead to resistance like nothing we’ve seen so far; picture mobs shutting down DC completely for months like what happened in Wisconsin when Walker went after the unions.)

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    • Bruce Fauth says:

      I think Ayn Rand would be a Trump supporter.

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      • steph_gray says:

        I like to think so too. Ayn would have either been the most passionate supporter or the worst NeverTrumper – nothing in between. She had a lot of judgment quirks, such as imagining she understood popular music. But President Trump’s authenticity and roughness would not have bothered her at all, and she swooned for alpha males, so – wish she were alive so we could see!

        Note: I’ve read the novel upwards of 30 times, because at the age of 26 it was my first reading that in a single weekend wiped out a lifetime of leftist brainwashing from family, friends, and school. I owe her my intellectual freedom. That naturally includes the freedom to find areas of disagreement with her – which, because of her belief in the responsibility of everyone to make up their own minds, I think she would applaud.


  16. Pam says:

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  17. jmclever says:

    Speaking of Trump’s team of killers…how many are still not confirmed?

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  18. tinkerthinker2 says:

    Very good article Wolfmoon1776, thank you!

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  19. cjzak says:

    Read Wolfmoon’s post earlier and have been thinking about it all day. It really does sum up my thoughts and feelings since inauguration day. Sometimes I have been so confused and then so not confused as things Pres. Trump does come into focus.

    At times I feel like I’ve been hanging on to the very back of the last car on the roller coaster Wolfmoon mentioned and wanting so bad to let go, but then I pull myself back in to keep riding because suddenly I’ll get what Pres. Trump is doing. The best thing Wolfmoon said is this is how it’s going to be going forward. He’s right and I’m getting used to it. So I’ll buckle myself in and hang on, close my eyes when I need to, be scared at times, but I’ll have a blast and feel the satisfaction, exhilaration and accomplishment of knowing that I was brave enough to take the ride and complete it with all the rest of the deplorables!! MAGA!!

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  20. Curry Worsham says:

    Did that full moon last night inspire you at 4 AM, Wolfmoon???

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  21. In AZ says:

    I sent this article to my son.

    Thank you.

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  22. Rainy says:

    Awesome!!! I trust him no matter what anyone says.
    I relate it to when tagedy strikes in my life or on a lesser scale, when things don’t go as I plan or as I think they should, I shake my fist at God and ask what the hell?!!!
    But then as time goes by I see why situations happened as they did and I see God’s plan was much better than mine and I learn and grow.
    No of course Trump is not God but since the beginning I believe he knows what he’s doing, I believe he has the best interest of all of us in his heart. Anyone who publicly asks for God’s wisdom as he did has my vote of confidence.

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    • Gail says:

      And God has Trump’s back. Do you know about Mark Taylor who prophesied Trump as the next President in 2011?

      I found his information in April of last year just googling around on You Tube. His prophesies kept me strong in faith that Trump would win as I knocked on hundreds of doors for Trump. His prophecies about what Trump would do to change things and how the elite were trembling just hearing that he was tossing his hat in the ring. I watched as what he said came to pass.

      Never before have I been involved in any election. But the minute I saw him in the first debate I liked what I saw, intuitively felt he would win, and fell madly in love with him over time and continue to fall madly in love with him as I watch in awe.

      Here is the website. You can find all the prophecies in pdf format.

      Here is the link to the first interview Mark Taylor did on 4/6/16 on TruNews. There are a few followups you can find on YT

      Thank God for My President!

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      • Rainy says:

        Thanks. No I never heard of this guy.


      • M. Mueller says:

        Yes, Gail, I saw it early last Spring. Didn’t know quite what to make of it, but I ended up going back to it every time the general consensus was that now he was finished. I could see the attacks bouncing off him as Mr. Taylor said. Helped me remain calm through much of it.

        True, or not, the end result was that I set aside special time each day to pray for Candidate/President Trump and our country. It also caused me to set up a small donation schedule to various organizations, like Operation Rescue and Samaritan Purse, to help spread the knowledge of God. The end result of coming in contact with the video seems to be positive – a closer walk with God.


    • Gail says:

      That was weird. I posted the YT clip which loaded then it switched to the music video.

      I will try again:


  23. duchess01 says:

    When I read the first paragraph of this article, I just * giggled * – because it explains the Trump Phenomena perfectly – the journey on the Trump Train to destinations unknown – and why Wolf’s commentary is so pertinent to what we have all experienced since June of 2015 –

    Candidate Trump spoke truth to power and promised to MAGA, and we believed him because that is what we wanted more than anything – we wanted a leader who would restore our nation to its former greatness – we wanted a President who would undo the destruction brought upon us by the enemies of America – the traitors within – we wanted jobs, our veterans respected, our military rebuilt, our infrastructure repaired, our manufacturing prowess restored, immigration curtailed, and we wanted to be energy independent. Candidate Trump promised that and more.

    Little did we know about the man – little did we know what it would take to accomplish all that he promised – we trusted in God – and believed God had brought us a leader who – incredible as it seems – could accomplish all that he promised – and yet, within one month of his Presidency – we began to see the man we entrusted with our vote – we began to win – and win – and win some more!

    On a daily basis, someone at the White House published ‘What’s Happening’ on the White House Blog – a blog that is now 70 pages long – it details what President Trump has accomplished – it is enough to make one’s head spin – how is this possible – we wondered – how can one man work circles around anyone who came before him – it does not seem humanly possible –

    As Wolf said, President Trump waits for no one – he keeps moving forward no matter what happens – he keeps driving that train to the next destination – to the next problem – to the next issue – and many of us are hard-pressed to keep up with him – because he is miles ahead of us – he is not doing something he has not done before – he is just being himself – the guy who has had his eye on the Big Picture all of his life – he is merely applying the same principles he learned in business to the business of governing – he is not a ‘boss’ – he is a manager – and what does a manager do – a manager brings out the best in his employees/associates – and not just for his own company or country – but, for the good of all involved – his suppliers, his competitors, and his family – US!

    What a wonderful thread! A captivating introduction to the thoughtful, insightful post of Treeper Wolf!

    Thank you both for an impressive read – God Bless You!

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  24. Zen Masta says:

    What a fantastic read Wolfmoon very well done! I’ve tried to explain this to people on YouTube that we haven’t experienced true leadership in a long time and that a true leader isn’t going to always do things that please us, but he will do the right thing. Many of the people who say they are for Trump don’t fully understand his strategy and his thinking process which is why they are screaming to get off the Trump Train, I’m on the Trump Train permanently I’ve studied Trump for quite a while I have 100% faith that he will lead the ship properly. This is President Trump’s legacy to go down in history, to restore this great nation and inspire a whole new era and generation.

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    • Kathy says:

      Agreed … Support for President Trump is apt to be wobbly for anyone without a point of reference when it comes to true leadership (for example, Americans who were children or not yet born during the Reagan years). I suspect others who lived the Reagan years as adults might now be experiencing a sort of PTSD — brought on by 8 years of incompetence and betrayal — which will fade away as more and more of President Trump’s promises are fulfilled.

      Yep, it’s gonna be a wild ride. Thank you, Wolfmoon and Sundance, for delivering reliable seatbelts!


  25. A2 says:

    SD says:
    ‘Trump enters a battle-space, any battle-space, with adversaries 360° around him; and yet somehow he has them surrounded.’

    GO Master, Toranpu-Daitōryō
    Arigatou gozaimasu Wolfman.

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  26. TexasDude says:

    If you take into account that Trump is not a party/political ideologue, it all makes sense.

    It was long ago recognized that political parties, while being almost inherent in mankind, are factions that exist for their sake and not the sake of country or even hearth.

    Thus, Trump states he will work with Democrats if need be.

    Political parties are faction and they were seen, rightly so, as a bane to good governance.

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  27. trapper says:

    Thanks. I needed that.

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  28. I am in admiration of the type of analogy that Sundance is able to use and still thread the needle of being both concise and brilliant while maintaining a confident position but not arrogant. Don’t underestimate the power of such a thing, democrats have used the more over-dramatic type of tool for decades “because it works”. I’m also jealous of Wolfmoon1776 and about three dozen other treepers who are able to do the same. Keep up the great work. I could “almost pass for a gentleman” when I repeat this stuff. Gentleman in that capacity means a good little tax payer who gets angry at others wealth instead of scratching my head over my own FICA contributions…but I could be wrong.

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  29. Joan calhoun says:

    Me too
    on the train, hanging on for dear life

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  30. MK Wood says:

    I don’t even try to keep up as I was. I was not pleased with the healthcare flop. But then that was swamp critters and not Trump. Then the last few weeks people have come completely unglued with many things. During that time I looked at the BIG picture – MAGA – and calmly waited, read only a couple things (most here), and saw that all was good. Keep your stress level down and do not listen to most of the armchair presidents as they have no clue. We are moving forward at light speed and all the noise from talking heads, comment critics, et al is lost in the wake.

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  31. Dixie says:

    Well, Wolfm00n, just about all has been said and there is nothing left, except to again say,


    There is a tailwind here at CTH created by President Trump’s vortex. There are so many threads and comments on each thread that I can’t keep up, so I miss some occasionally and would have missed your post were it not for Sundance highlighting it. Your enthusiasm has always been contagious and ordinarily I look for your comments.

    Since I have always H8ed roller coasters, I guess I’ll just have to claw my way up to get as close to President Trump as possible in order not to be slung off and sickened by it. So far, I’ve slipped backwards only once and thanks to your insight, I do not intend for that to happen again.

    Let President Trump be President Trump!

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  32. Sherlock says:

    Good job, Wolfmoon!

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  33. MVW says:

    I am hoping Putin can expose the dirty US Globalist intel for what it is, disinformation. We lost intel when we lost Flynn. We lost Flynn from a Pence maneuver. Things looking more and more like the Bush Clinton story and the media have redialed to trained seals. Bad news when Putin is who I am counting on.


  34. Ackman420 says:

    TCT has the most well thought out analysis I’ve come across. I’m planting my flag here and telling everyone I know to take TCT positions into serious account when attempting to decipher the geopolitical spider web our great president is contending with. Carry on Treepers!

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  35. A.D. Everard says:

    This has got to be one of the best posts ever – hard to say with so many brilliant ones – but these words were and are needed. They have certainly helped me, and I’m sure many others.

    Wolfmoon – Fantastic speech to all of us. Sundance – Thank you so much for making Wolfmoon’s words a post in itself. I for one had missed them and these are words seriously not to be missed.

    Thank you, both.

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  36. Sunshine says:

    A brilliant post, WOLFMOON1776.
    And Thank You Sundance for posting it.

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  37. Binkser1 says:

    Excellent comments, Wolf!!

    What I’ve learned to do is every time I find myself disagreeing or not understanding why our great President does something (which admittedly, hasn’t been often), I wait a few days instead of jumping to conclusions or having a knee-jerk reaction. Each time, after a few days of every thing falling into place, I see why the President did what he did. I know I won’t agree with everything President Trump does, but I am glued to my seat on the Trump train and will be not be leaving. He has already done so much for this country that one thing here or there that I don’t agree with will not change my resolve to support President Trump. MAGA

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  38. VivaFlame says:

    Trump will stay Light Years ahead of them all!
    I Love It !

    Thank you, Sundance & God Bless us all!

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  39. Bert Darrell says:



    • Bert Darrell says:

      Dear treepers: my Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! was directed at a rather stupid comment posted by someone who goes by “susiejo”, which apparently, has been wisely removed. Thanks Ad rem.

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  40. janc1955 says:

    This is SUCH an uplifting post, and BRAVO Wolfie! You brought tears to my eyes. All I really know is that PDJT operates at a level I will never comprehend, much less hope to attain. He is a beneficent, all-powerful, alien life form. The only other thing I know is that I’m at complete peace with his leadership. We are in competent hands. And thank God, because I’ve got enough to worry about running my own life. 🙂

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  41. Scotty19541 says:

    I was one of MANY who liked Wolfmoon1776’s post when he first posted it and I saved it in case it was needed again. Thanks so much Sundance for making a thread for it on its own and thanks again to Wolfmoon1776 for the best post ever! Sundance, I am sure you have saved it too and when the seas rise up and get rough please repost as necessary! And what a wonderful day in our country! Putin folds his hand and will meet with wolverine TRex and wolverine Jeff Session lays down the law now that Gorsuch is in! Talk about a MAGA day!! God Bless President Donald J. Trump!

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  42. blognificentbee says:

    Fabulous Wolf!

    ✅ for another day that I L-O-V-E the Treehouse. Nowhere else could one read the type of research and thoughtfulness that we see here every day. Bravo. Wow, we are #winning today, on many levels.

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  43. Rip Tide says:

    Wolf you are the man! Well done Sir, and thank you SD for knowing it was wise to hi light Wolf’s work! Keep up the great work my brothers👍👍

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  44. Dazza says:

    How can Obama have been allowed to be left alone in Tahiti and be so silent with the wire tapping revelations going on and how can nobody in the media, including the Conservative outlets, not be publicly demanding that he address the issue and answer questions? Do they all know something that we don’t? Is he even in Tahiti? Has he vanished completely and the media don’t know where he is?
    Is it me or is this all very strange?

    Liked by 2 people

  45. Miss America says:

    What a difference a week makes.

    A roller coaster, indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

  46. graphiclucidity says:

    Yes, Wolfmoon, it’s time to watch and learn.
    Thanks for the pep talk. It’s been needed lately. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  47. Ryan Bailey says:

    Is that a Jerry Shriver reference??


  48. Ron says:

    I 100% support everything President Trump is doing, and haven’t wavered an inch since he announced. All this hand wringing about whatever the latest issue is makes me laugh. I trust him, and I trust he will do the best job possible… his best job possible is formidable and sufficient. If we all go to hell behind him, then we’ll know we gave it the best shot possible.

    That’s how I see it. I think he’s a great man and he’s doing the best possible job that great man can do.

    Liked by 2 people

  49. Deplorable bcootz says:

    Wolfmoon that was an incredible explanation hands down!!! Back in the day when lamaze classes were started at the hospital for women giving birth, they emphasized finding a “focal point’ so as to help women to not focus so much on the pain of contractions. What you have given us Wolfmoon is a “focal point” when confusion starts to work on us. Thank You so much!!! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

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