Conspiracy Loons Unite With Cruz Zealots To Advance Social Media Campaign Against Jared Kushner…

The launch of Tomahawk missiles by President Trump has displaced the gravitational center of twitter purists, litmus nuts, conspiracy loons and the even creepier goons that orbit the remnants of the Ted Cruz #NeverTrump camp.

Their latest anti-Trumpism du jour targets Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and spouse of Ivanka Trump.   Every loon campaign needs a hashtag, and their chosen identifying moonbattery is scribed under #FireKushner.

The concern, as it is openly expressed by those pushing the hashtag, is that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner will sneak into President Trump’s bedroom and place a pod under his bed which will envelop the elder Trump overnight, replicate him, and simultaneously turn him into a left-wing liberal globalist.  Yes, that appears to be the general concern.

To validate this concern the current consensus conspiracy theory evidence points to Steve Bannon being dispatched from the White House (which he’s not) in combination with Jared Kushner sitting at a table and Steven Miller’s physical proximity to the corner of the room as reflected in a photograph taken during the aftermath of the Syrian missile launch.

Uh huh.

Like all similar ideological moonbattery that has come before (primary race 2015/16), there is an echo-chamber of more than tinged antisemitism, combined with a dash of Cruzian litmus testing of all activity.   In essence, this is yet another outcropping of the continuing evolution of #NeverTrump.   It’s silly, but, alas people take this stuff seriously.

Seriously, these people can’t fathom that President Trump is actually carrying out advancement of his long-held views, through his long-held policy positions, that he outlined at great length well before he even met Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller.

Somehow these anti-Jared people have convinced themselves that Jared Kushner wasn’t part of President Trump’s life prior to June 2015, when candidate Trump planned his strategy, coordinated with Jared, and then announced his run for the White House.

The severity of their nuttery and current anti-Trumpism strain is so disconnected from reality, they can only fathom President Trump’s positions as if they emanate from Bannon’s mind.

When reminded that Trump’s policies and perspectives existed in his campaign speeches long before Bannon surfaced they begin shrieking, and typing, in some odd high-pitched tones calling forth their zombie-minded cohorts.  It’s the weirdest thing since Ted Cruz’s ‘Muh Principles’ pre-convention speech.

Their objective is to isolate, ridicule and marginalize Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared from the President.

The stupid is very strong with this effort.

Anyone who would think that President Trump would be swayed from the America First objectives by the siren song of Ivanka whispering magically through his psychological triggers, would also believe the two hour December lunch with Al Gore was certain evidence of Trump’s determination to invoke climate change as a tool for carbon taxing.

Such minds necessarily ignore Scott Pruitt’s successful nomination and policies being carried out… I digress.

Seriously, this entire line of opposition to President Trump is ridiculous.

Yes, President Trump listens to Ivanka and Jared today, yesterday and tomorrow, just like he listened to them in 2014 and 2013 and well before.

Who cares?

When candidate Donald Trump launched his campaign with Corey Lewandowski, Dan Scavino and Hope Hicks, the Bannon’s, Miller’s and Conway’s were nowhere to be found.

Yet Trump’s same 2015 positions and priorities are the same positions and priorities that won the primary and general election in 2016.  They are also the same positions and priorities that formulated the agenda in 2017; nothing has changed even as he changed out some of his advisers.

President Trump could dump Steve Bannon tomorrow and Trump’s America-First agenda still exists.  BECAUSE IT’S TRUMP’s AGENDA, NOT BANNON’S.   President Trump uses HIS advisers to get HIS agenda to reality;  President Trump’s agenda is not the agenda of his advisers.  Period.

Remember, from day #1: “Let Trump be Trump”!

Most of the fly-by-night purity gnats have no idea what “let Trump be Trump” even means.  Nor do they understand President Trump’s orbit of influence prior to winning the 2016 presidential race.

Donald Trump was talking policy with dragonslayers like Steve Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross and Linda McMahon while most of the current nit-pickers were backing their dead horse candidates during the 2012 race.  Good grief.

If you are a participant in this current purity nonsense, please leave this website and take your affiliation elsewhere.

If you think you know better than President Trump on who should be advising him, then send him a letter and outline your qualifications for employment.  And in case you are a little fuzzy on the process, the comment section at CTH is not the appropriate venue for your submission.

President Trump did not become a billionaire accidentally.  His current policies and objectives are the same policies and objectives he’s been talking about for three decades. And there is NO REASONABLE person who would be recommending a grown man of influence and intellect needs to get rid of his families advice in order to be more effective in his job.

That perspective is well beyond condescending, it’s outright silly.

However, the reality behind this effort is nothing more than an evolution of two aligned loon groups merging, the Cruzbots and the Richard Spencer types.


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890 Responses to Conspiracy Loons Unite With Cruz Zealots To Advance Social Media Campaign Against Jared Kushner…

  1. NYGuy54 says:

    just go away..too much screeching

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  2. BlessedToLiveNow says:

    Interesting to ponder what our lives would be like if the MSM and social media wasn’t governing our emotions! Just this week, someone told me that Soro’s was Jared’s grandfather (easy to refute) and PDJT was ordering people to go out and kill black bears. So much fake news, so much allowing ourselves to be swept away into the land of insanity at a pin drop. I feel, that our inner peace and contemplation on issues needs to be our first refuge. While Jared’s father seems to be a very corrupt guy and the family is close to the Clinton’s, so we should remain guarded and watchful. I know that my views are different than my parents based on my experiences, so without actually meeting him and finding out his experiences, I am going to watch and see. Anyway, let’s try to have a calm MSM free weekend!

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  3. NYGuy54 says:

    yep a conspiracy. You have no idea what the tone and tenor of the conversations are.For all we know, Jared could be doing the president’s bidding. We are lacking context.


  4. Now the Alt-Right can join the left’s insanity of screeching “It’s the end of the world….REEEEEEEEeeeeeeeEEEEEE!”

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    • I think I alluded to this. For whatever reason, Vox Day and his crew jumped on ‘Donald J. Trump’ to advance their and his cause. Whatever that maybe…

      I have mixed feelings, regarding Vox Day. He’s correct about the Hugos, and the sad state of Science Fiction, and the publishing industry in general, being corrupted by SJWs.

      Though, Vox Day’s broader geopolitical agenda, is questionable. Its not simply an America First Nationalism, like President Trump has put forward. There’s a (distasteful) racialist component to it. One the President has been wise to stay clear of.


  5. Betty says:

    I do have reservations about Ivanka and Jared, I did not vote for them. The United States Government is not a family business. Out of loyalty I have never mentioned how I feel, I just leave the fox hole. Now if I do feel like expressing my reservations I can’t, not here at least where I have read and commented for years.

    I feel like I have just been told to sit down and shut up.

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  6. JRD says:

    I never wanted anything to do with Jared and Ivanka.
    They have stealthily with patience purged the populists from Trump’s administration. i tolerated them, but it is time to push back now or we will get the same CFR gopE crap sandwich stuffed down our throats.

    If we wanted Dina Powell we could have voted for Hellary or Jeb.

    Blaming everything on the Cruzlims is moonbattery. I campaigned against Cruz and banged down doors in Florida for Trump. And I still wouldn’t vote for Cruz but I’d vote for Dave Brat.

    I also never liked Jared’s choice Pence and voiced my dislike of the swamp denizen Pence a long time ago.

    Jared is unqualified for the job. If Trump wants his son-in-law, we will play nice and continue to tolerate him but, his son-in-law better shut up and learn to get along with Bannon. Bannon represents a very large part of Trump’s base.

    If Trump fires Bannon, he’s done and he knows this.

    #FIREKushner trended number 1 on Twitter.
    Trump got the message. Play nice, give everyone a seat at the table, don’t leave out the ones who brought you or suffer the consequences.

    You don’t sit there and take Jared’s gopE BS. You push back. No one voted for Jared and the gopE lost this election. The populists won. We have taken enough of Jared hiring the swamp which we wanted to drain..

    Anyone who hires Jamie Gorelick as their lawyer is brain dead to the populist America First movement. Jared just used us to get what he wanted. We know it and now Jared knows that we know it. We put Jared on notice.

    You want to act like the Left and call us anti-semitic that’s ridiculous. No one is complaining about Wilbur Ross.
    I rest my case.

    Jared needs to get that “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometime, you’ll find, you get what you need.

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  7. Venus says:

    Can I get an “amen”?!?!
    Thank you for this post Sundance. The anti-Kushner and Ivanka rhetoric has gotten ridiculous. People act as if Trump all off a sudden became a slow-witted toddler after he won the presidency who cant’t think for himself. Your response to them is perfect.

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  8. “And in case you are a little fuzzy on the process, the comment section at CTH is not the appropriate venue for your submission.”

    So obviously this means double-down with the “I know better than Trump or his Advisors Lecture Series” in the comment section at CTH. I know how to read between the lines. 😀 😀

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  9. screwauger says:

    As is usually the case, most of the nay sayers have not read a word of the OP other than the “headline.” Amazingly frustrating to have to parrot what SD said time and time again to them. I am selective but try. Time for the ban hammer to come out *wink wink

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  10. Venus says:

    I like Laura but if Trump had listened to her he would have lost the election (remember her urging Trump to unite with Cruz during primary and then to pick him as VP). lol Stay in your lane, Laura.

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  11. Venus says:

    what part of Sundance’s post where hr tells people with opinions like yours not to post here did you fail to understand?

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  12. jtomka says:

    Amber, Ted Cruz will never be president.

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  13. jtomka says:

    Amber, Ted Cruz will never be president.


  14. Lulu says:

    I think the Jared thing is two-fold. One: he’s a Democrat. and more troubling Two: He’s Jewish. There is some anti-Semitism involved in his criticism.


    • yellowrosetx says:

      Ya think? 🙂 The “eyes and ears” of a head of state are never popular but this infowars/Breitbart crap is ridiculous.

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    • JRD says:

      I don’t think so. Trump has hired many Jewish people, Wilbur Ross being one of them.

      It was time to push back. Jared hired the swamp.
      Trump attracted a coalition and Jared purged the populists. It was the populists that won the election not the corrupt gopE swamp.

      #FIREKushner was effective. It trended number 1 on Twitter. Jared and Ivanka got the message. We’ve had enough. FULL STOP

      Bannon and Kushner met and agreed to “bury the hatchet.”

      The problem with our side is we wait too long to complain.
      New Yorkers push you until you tell them to stop. We told Jared and put him on notice. “Play nice, we are all on the same side.”

      And we are not going to be made to shut up just because you choose to call us names. Jared’s Jewish, so what. It doesn’t mean he can not be criticized for his actions. That behavior didn’t work when the Left used it by calling us racists and misogynists and it won’t work now.

      Jared should be criticized for his choice of Pence who did not “CLOSE THE DEAL” on healthcare.
      Pence was hired because he was number 3 in the House for years and knows how to push through legislation and is adept at arm twisting. Pence is an abject failure. He should have Paul Ryan in check. He does not. What do we need him for?

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      • sundance says:

        Go look behind the twitter hashtag #Firekushner and you will find mountains of antisemitism. Gobsmacking amounts of anti-jew hatred. Many of them from long-term Trump supporters.

        It ain’t a theory. It’s a fact. Go look. Look at their profiles.

        And we are seeing it BIGLY at the CTH on these discussion threads. Massive amounts of anti-jew hatred deleted daily, and moderated to keep it out of the comments section.

        Don’t downplay this. It’s the worst I have ever seen. EVER.

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        • JRD says:

          Sorry to hear that my friend. You would know. It’s your site.

          However, people are frustrated and so fed up with the neocons.

          We won and Jared let them back in where everyone thought they would be reined in.
          How did we win the election and still lose?

          I don’t know how the hiring of Dina Powell doesn’t have mad as hell.

          Jared hiring Jamie Gorelick as his lawyer proves he is clueless of what the populist movement is all about.

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  15. Lulu says:

    The Ivanka hate I see out there everywhere is really unhinged. And it’s coming from all different types of people. I think Ivanka inspires some sort of visceral hate because she is so beautiful, rich, happy, wonderful family.

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    • yellowrosetx says:

      She’s kryptonite to The Most Deserved Annointing of Chelsea as our next Exalted Leader in the likely event that Hillary’s declining health sidelines her for good.

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  16. Kay says:

    You left the Levin reservation to tell us we are the nut cases? Thanks for the laugh.

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  17. sudsy49 says:

    “Like all similar ideological moonbattery that has come before (primary race 2015/16), there is an echo-chamber of more than tinged antisemitism…..” I have shared this belief since this latest story line emereged. Also, never forget the antagonsim engendered by Kushner’s Democrat history. The Left hates him for both reasons.


  18. Raven says:

    Did more than you by a mile — not to brag — but to let you know that most of us on this site did all that and a hamburger.

    I was a Delegate to our State Convention and an Alternate to the National Convention — where the once illustrious, now notorious, “Tea Party” was well represented by deceptive liars known as Lyin’ Ted followers.

    The Tea Party and Corey L. did not one thing that touched any of the work I did for Donald J. Trump and Donald J. Trump only for 1 1/2 years. Don’t have a problem with Corey, seems like a great man. It’s the RINOs, GOPe-ers, Lyin’ Ted supporters, NeverTrumpers, etc., that make me want to hurl.

    The work I did was not for the GOP or any organization. The work I did was for the United States of America, and the only candidate who had the backbone, brains, sense, etc., to Make America Great Again — Donald J. Trump.

    If the Tea Party had been in charge, Ted Cruz would still be licking his wounds, and Hillary Clinton would be our President.

    I thank God Almighty the Tea Party was not in charge.


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    • The weird thing about this one, it depends on the foolish idea, Ivanka only just started giving her father advice. When history shows, this has been a thing since she was at least a teenager.

      Why now, does it engender a freak out? She was with him throughout the campaign. If her advice was so toxic. the President probably wouldn’t be president…


      • I’m seeing now that the anti-Ivanka/Jared thing is just part of the chaos being thrown at the administration by many enemies. I’m sure Ivanka and Jared have much to offer DJT related to reading people’s motives and the rapidly changing face of business.

        However, foreign policy is not their expertise and that’s what has some people worried. Especially middle-class people, whose sons and daughters fight and die for Wall Street’s wars.


  20. Like

  21. Even some sites I usually respect, and were born out of the #NeverTrumpism, of places like Hot Air are, well not so much jumping on this, but they do seem post certain things that only serve to magnify the hysteria.

    Now I guess there’s a rumor, the President is going to ‘Fire both Preibus, and Bannon’. Say what?

    At least Sundance, contains his freak outs, and more or less posts logically and thoughtfully, as well as nimbly. He, along with Bill Mitchell in fact at least to me introduced a whole new way of thinking that was not simply: Republican v Democrat, or Right v Left.

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  22. >Seriously, these people can’t fathom that President Trump is actually carrying out advancement of his long-held views, through his long-held policy positions, that he outlined at great length well before he even met Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller.<

    He even wrote a book, or two about it.

    This 'Bannon is Trump's brain' nonsense began almost following election day. I think the Media did it to turn Steve Bannon into the next Karl Rove.


  23. Oh lord, thank you, Sundance. It feels good to read that. Reasonable people can disagree. But really, reasonable people are still in touch with reality.

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    • embbblog says:

      And reasonable people can still be on the Trumptrain while pointing out concerns. All this fuss on the internet is because they just want a voice now that Bannon is getting marginalized/push out.

      Besides, if your fly is down or your skirt is ripped, don’t you appreciate it if somebody says something?

      One way my mother showed her love to was, saying something to me when she was worried about me (knowing that I would be angry with her for ‘nagging’ me).

      Being anti-globalism does NOT = being against Trump. MAGA!!!!!!

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  24. Maria says:

    I do not know too much about Kushner, but I am willing to give trump the benefit of the doubt. However, Trump will sorely test my loyalty if he appoints House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to any position with any responsibility.

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  25. TexasDude says:

    Some of Trump’s belief’s that he is working towards today existed long before his son-in-law was born.

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    • Ono says:

      The buildings Trump builds take more planning that any presidents eight year tenure.

      I’ve yet to see one ( Trump buildings) collapse. Love to see the DNC come down in a cloud of dust!

      I believe Trump went into “design and review over five years ago; he knows the players, he knows his opposition and he will close the deal.

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  26. TexasDude says:

    If Trump does A or does not do A, I will not support.

    Ideology demands such logic.

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    • jr kipling says:

      If Trump does A or doesn’t do A. I will still support Trump?
      If Trump contradicts everything he said to get elected I will still stand by him because
      I believe in Trumps principles.
      Sound familiar?


  27. tytanshammer says:

    Trump is a man who listens to advice, but also knows well enough when to realize that advice doesn’t work. He also is willing to fire a lot of people to get the right people to make what he wants to do work. That said, I am far more satisfied with the ideas of Bannon then Kushner, and the firing of Bannon would make a lot of people less willing to trust his ideas(right or wrong). His voting bloc is simply unwilling to support any more ‘moderate’ plans that rely on government officals to actually stop being selfish and do the right thing for once in their life. As long as he keeps the socialism and the reliance on untrustworthy government officials out of the ideas, we will support him.

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    • lvdancer says:

      Bannon was one of about 20 people at the dinner with Xi Jinping of China. Bannon isn’t
      going anywhere.

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    • paris23 says:

      A lot of the concerns people have were born of articles indicating that the Kushners were trying to persuade Trump to sign us on to the UN climate agreement. Cleary, that did not work out for them, but this kind of information has made people wary of the Kushners and their role in the White House. People are, in my opinion, traumatized by years of encroaching globalism, watching the country fall under leftist control. This leaves many in a state of semi-panic, fearful of any sign of reversal. I think everyone will calm down over time.


    • embbblog says:

      tytanshamer , when you said

      “His voting bloc is simply unwilling to support any more ‘moderate’ plans that rely on government officials to actually stop being selfish and do the right thing for once in their life.”

      did you mean Bannon was WITH the Repubs who would not vote for repeal/replace (Trump’s healthcare bill)?


      • tytanshammer says:

        I don’t want to infer Bannon’s support for anything. however, they believe Bannon is their best bet from keeping DC from getting any more power than it already has, even in the name of ‘compassion’. Even as we voted for Trump to keep Hillary in check, we also knew at the same time he would do everything we liked. But keeping Hillary out of power is worth the risk. Bannon is a counterweight to bad ideas coming from the left, of course he has bad ideas of his own no doubt….


    • embbblog says:

      The House Freedom Caucus was really angry with Bannon for trying to pressure them to get on the TrumpTrain.


  28. Summer says:

    To be honest, I could not care less about Kushner. If he stays or leaves — makes no difference to me. It would help if the anti-Kushner people give me a few good examples of bad policies enacted due to Kushner’s influence. In other words, give me some real proof of his evil influence.

    Pre-emptive strike: “hiring swamp” is NOT a real proof if not directly resulted in a bad anti-American policy that benefits only Wall Street.

    And blaming Pence for the failure of the health reform caused largely by the nevertrumpist HFC obstruction is unfair, in my humble opinion. I don’t like being gaslighted.

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    • Helz says:

      There is a Roger Stone comment out there that Jared Kushner is leaking gossip to Joe Scarborough. I’ve been thinking this for some time because Joe can’t help but brag about his “inside the WH connections” so I started a process of elimination. Kushner is the person Joe stresses he thinks should be there and he never disparages Kushner. If true, this would be very sad for DJT because he seems to love the guy.

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      • Helz says:

        By the way… I’m not anti-Kushner nor am I anti-Bannon. I’m PRO-TRUMP.

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        • malcom flambeau says:

          Which Trump are you Pro Trump for?
          The Trump that said no Syrian involvement or last weeks Trump?
          The Trump that said the GOPe corruption must be overcome..or the RyanCare Trump?
          The Trump that said sent the border surgers back or the pro DACA Trump?
          The Trump that said end Muslim immigration or the Trump that caved Obamas judges?
          Which one? It helps to be clear in your loyalties


          • Jenn says:

            The one that understands new information requires new decisions.

            I don’t want an ideologue like obummer. Someone who will never change or admit they were wrong no matter how much evidence to the contrary.

            I voted for President Trump because I trust his judgment about people and situations. His IQ is very high and turning one million $ into billions while going through the late 1980s proves just how brilliant he is.

            I agree with his goals and believe that he didn’t leave his fairy-tale world that he worked hard for just to be bossed around by anyone.

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      • indiana08 says:

        To be fair (and I do like Stone), Stone doesn’t know everything. He also said that Michelle Obama would take over for Crooked Hillary in the presidential election. I seriously doubt that Jared Kushner would undermined his wife’s father. Also, Roger Stone has always had his own agenda. I guess what I’m trying to say is just take what Roger Stone says with a grain of salt and use your own good judgement 🙂

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      • pancho says:

        If Kushner is “leaking” to Scarborough, maybe it’s because Trump wants him to “leak”. Sometime, somehow one has to trust President Trump. Remember the “horrible” cmpaign mistakes he was always making?…get a grip.

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      • embbblog says:

        Helz – it IS very sad. DJT’s love for his family is admirable, but I think Jared Kushner is more loyal to the Kushner family than he is to the Trump family.

        I think it is very telling that Ivanka and Jared stopped dating because Ivanka didn’t want to convert to Orthodox Judaism and Jared’s father (Charles Kushner, convicted felon) would not give his approval to Jared unless she converted.

        IMHO, it seems Jared chose his father over his wife.

        I am not anti-semitic. If the religions were switched around, I would feel the same. And she had to go full-tilt heavy duty conversion.


    • snaggletooths says:

      This is what they are saying about Kushner and Ivanka that the lawyer they have Jaime Gorelick is the problem


    • truthseekerr says:

      Why was kushner in Iraq last week?


    • embbblog says:

      I had not read about people blaming Pence. However, I have read stories about the HFC being angry at Bannon for trying to push them too hard to vote for it.

      For example:

      “Steve Bannon Thought He Could Bully the Freedom Caucus. One Member’s Reply Was Awesome.”


  29. Melissa Khan says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I still think cruz is a POS, but I do have my doubts about kirschner.

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  30. Bendix says:

    This explains why I’ve been seeing so much anti-Ivanka and Jared propaganda the last couple of days.
    As if Donald Trump would come this far, only to have his mind taken over by some kid he put in a position of influence. This is DONALD TRUMP we are talking about. The only person who can control Donald is Donald.

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  31. Colorado Conservative says:

    Sundance, many of us faithful Treehouse readers supported Trump from the beginning, detesting the NeverTrump lunatics. But when I read that Kushner invites Zeke Emmanuel to the White House (3 times) to discuss health care and Ivanka invites Al Gore to Trump Tower to discuss global warming I do have legitimate concerns about these two. Both of them appear to be very liberal and I do not want Trump agreeing to their liberal views when it comes to MAGA. My trust is Trump, Bannon, and Miller will hold strong to what Trump promised during the campaign.

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    • Summer says:

      So, how many “climate change” executive orders were issued since Al Gire “was invited” into the Trump Tower in November 2016? Do tell.

      Emmanuel was consulted because in order to correct something you first need to understand what exactly you are correcting. ACA is an incredibly complicated (probably intentionally), arcane piece of legislation, replete with thousands of added regulations, and there is nothing wrong with letting the “experts” who implemented this monstrosity explain certain things. It is also a good practice to listen to all sides when an important law is being discussed.

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    • truthseekerr says:

      I agree. During the campaign all we heard from was Trump and diamond and silk and a couple other people but now it’s like all these new people involved. I am very protective of Trump and don’t want him being played and lied to and I know he can handle that but the media wants war.

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    • Ploni says:

      A person with moral and political strength and conviction is able and happy to extend a hand in respect and friendship to others of differing opinions . . . to discuss, to learn,and to understand a topic deeper and more fully.

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  32. BG2 says:

    “Ivanka invites Al Gore to Trump Tower to discuss global warming”

    NOW I’m panicking.

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  33. Joe says:

    Trump will turn out to be less than perfect but more than we deserve or could have expected.

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  34. snaggletooths says:

    if you research the firekushner drama you will find that Lee Stranahan is all in 100% saying the problem is that Jamie Gorelick is the Kushners attorney his twitter page is loaded with articles about Jamie Gorelick. I don’t agree at all with this anti campaign there was also a periscope with stranahan and Jack Posobiec from today now it seems gone but Lee seems to have it out for Ivanka both commented what would President Trump say if his supporters break and throw her jewelry in the street though we are not telling you to do that… very weird & I have no idea what they think they are doing do they honestly think PDJT is going to kick them to the curb? ! my gosh how dumb. I don’t care for Jared’s lawyer associations after reading them but think this campaign is overboard , nuts & will end badly.


    • embbblog says:

      I agree with you regarding that periscope about the jewelry. Today Stranahan’s twitter account seems to be focused on exposing Jamie Gorelick. I’m kinda of exhausted from reading all of the links.

      But, here’s the link that got me in the gut. It is a pro-Hillary video based on the

      It includes famous female Trump haters such as Meryl Streep, Tina Fey, Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and DINA POWELL (who is NOW ON TRUMP’S NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL) !!!!


      • snaggletooths says:

        I am not going to jump off the trump train because of Dina Powell I trust Trumps judgement this far he is fulfilling his campaign promises so far.


        • I am very concerned about the refusal to do three policy items:
          Eliminate DACA (there is an article out today that is about American citizens paying more for college tuition than IA’s)
          Keep refugee numbers down (he can lower the ceiling but is not)-visit Refugee Resettlement Watch
          Designate Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization
          He is not going to do those three policy items above.


  35. quintrillion says:

    “We will reject the – path of inflexible ideology – that too often leads to unintended consequences.”

    Everyone should know by now that PDJT has an incredible way of distilling knowledge and coming to very accurate conclusions that are mostly right for America and the people of America. He is human after all and thank God for that. We are blessed to be given a second chance to repent and get it right. There is no way this honorable man is going to let us down.

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  36. Alleycats says:

    This whole line of “we don’t trust Ivanka and Jared because of who their lawyer is, e.g. Jaime Gorelick is stupid. When a tool is needed you don’t necessarily pick the one that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, you pick the right one for the job.

    I have a lawyer. He is a soulless prick, someone who would never grace my dinner table, and I do not like his politics.
    But he is an extremely effective LAWYER….

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    • snaggletooths says:

      Lets say for arguments sake his lawyer is bad do these people heading this campaign to oust Kushner really think PDJT is going to boot his sil and daughter? ! That is crazy.


  37. Ploni says:

    Thank you for this, Sundance.


  38. snaggletooths says:

    Lee stranahan has a periscope up on his twitter account.
    #firekushner – my response to the haters like Sundance from Conservative Treehouse
    Guess he did not like this article I am assuming its this article.
    He lost me totally with his Ivanka & Jared hate

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Bob says:

    Wobbly knees here ……… But I did hear Ivanka say in an interview that her Father knew where she disagreed with him … I took that as a good sign. …. That they do have different opinions on things .. But, that #Trump still has his own. Now, if Ivanka has Chelsea to the White House for tea, I will start to worry.

    Liked by 2 people

  40. Ono says:

    Highway 61 revisited

    Listen and learn


  41. deepesq says:

    I have been 100% pro-Trump since 6/16/15 announcement….. I had no doubt be would win – mainly because he doesn’t know how to lose!! I found the CTH along the way and have always found Sundance to offer smart & interesting analyses on all things Trump. I will stand by Trump and by Sundance’s support of Trump.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. wee2low says:

    THANK YOU SUNDANCE!!!! I think the only thing new that has been uncovered in this whole thing is the lack of loyalty of many Trump supporters. All of the sudden EVERYONE is an expert on Syria, N. Korea, Russia and China. Every “expert” acts like they’re intimately in the know about everything Trump strategy in all facets of this presidency through reading blogs, youtube posts and the MSM. Seems like there’s a lot of people who have their hand twitching to pull the “see he’s a globalist shill, look at me I was right all along!” line out of the holster. Oh how soon people forget his historic win against all odds. Has anyone bothered to remind themselves about the 10 truck loads of good things he’s done SINCE JAN 20TH?!!!!

    I’ll be the first to admit I’m no expert in the complexities of Syria. The experts aren’t experts in the complexities of Syria. The one thing I am good at is common sense. I know enough to know that I don’t know so I don’t pretend to know. I hitched my wagon to Trump and as of now I’m staying loyal to him. I plan to follow what’s going on and reserve my judgement until 2 years into his term. My view is that he knows more than me and any blogger, youtuber or MSM pundit. I hate the left but there is one thing I do admire. At least they’re loyal.


  43. Zen Masta says:

    I’ve been browsing YouTube, Breitbart, Infowars, Drudge, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, etc all the so called conservative pundits are jumping on the same narrative or either “The DeepState has gotten to Trump, “Trump has betrayed us”, or “Trump has been tricked by his cabinet”. It’s unbelievable the wavering of so called Trump supporters but I understand it’s because they are still highly influenced by the media not the liberal media but the conservative media. They forgot that many of these same so called conservatives were against Trump during the campaign.


  44. I do not consider Roger Stone to be a loon & certainly not a never Trumper!
    It is a bad sign that Bannon is being minimized by Dem. Kushner.
    Stone has pretty much been on the money & has spoken a clear warning about the heavy influence of Kushner.


  45. If I was in President Trump’s shoes I would be smiling. The choices he has made with who is closest to him is perfection. Not only has he continually demonstrated his mastery at manipulation of the press, he is now giving a master course in leadership. He is surrounded by Titans, and the egos that success at their professions develops, and orchestrating a masterpiece. Rumors, infighting, backstabbing, and culling are just a few of the ingredients when re-making a country and its future leaders.
    When the noise from the White House stops is the day I will be worried.


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