CNN Narrative Fail – Syrian Victim Ridicules Hillary Clinton Not President Trump…

A funny thing happened today en route to CNN pundit Brooke Baldwin assembling an anti-Trump narrative.

To understand the epic level of today’s fail by Ms. Baldwin, it’s important to note her earlier interview of a 2013 Syrian chemical attack survivor, Kassem Eid, three days ago.  He was brought on CNN to express his anxiety about ongoing attacks against the Syrian innocents and frame the liberal R2P humanitarian perspective.

Today, in the aftermath of last night’s airstrike, Ms. Baldwin brought Kassem Eid back to frame a narrative about President Trump launching an airstrike in Syria, but being unwilling to accept Syrian refugees.  The objective was to frame Trump’s hypocrisy.

To drive the point home the CNN producers assembled a Hillary Clinton carefully scripted speech soundbite as the lead-up to the question:  “we cannot speak of protecting Syria’s babies, and in the next breath close America’s doors to them“.

However, what happened next wasn’t expected by Baldwin.  She couldn’t shut down the segment fast enough.  This is funnyStay with it.

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383 Responses to CNN Narrative Fail – Syrian Victim Ridicules Hillary Clinton Not President Trump…

  1. Watcher says:

    President Trump and Putin need to talk about after isis is scattered.
    Iran is the next problem for the fine folks of Syria and others.

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  2. amwick says:

    Brooke Baldwin, hoisted by her own petard, on camera, for the whole world to see. Awesome! She is one sour looking person, BTW.

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  3. HarryJ says:

    Wow, this is epic.
    I really like the gentleman who spoke truth. No one wants be a refugee if they have a safe life in their own country.

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    • CountryclassVulgarian says:

      I met a women at an inauguration ball who had traveled to Syria and she said the same thing. The Syrian people want their country back. They do not want to leave.

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      • jdvalk says:

        Yep, and there are some faith-based aid efforts helping those who want to stay and are staying as long as they can. They point out that it’s a fraction of the cost to support this than it is to relocate and support someone as a refugee.

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        • jogreggre says:

          The Democrat political leaders are using the Syrian refugee issue like they use every issue, i.e. for political gain. They are using it to bash Trump and to depict him as heartless. Of course Trump’s action sent a far more powerful message to Assad was far more helpful to the people of Syria than taking in a small fraction of the people whose lives were destroyed by the inaction and empty threats of Obama. btw, Obama did the same thing during the Arab spring in Iran. Thousands of young Iranians were publicly begging Obama to help them, and he did absolutely nothing.

          The common sense and tremendous emotion expressed by this poor Syrian man was no doubt totally lost on Ms. Baldwin. It is a classic video. The Republicans would be smart to use that clip to fight back against the Democrats’ current political campaigning

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      • vexedmi says:

        So those that have left will return when peace is restored in Syria?
        This I doubt.


    • Esperanza says:

      Incredible, Abu Ivanka seems to have launched the MSGA movement.

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      • BT in SC says:

        F.Y.I. Abu is son… I’ll try to find my arabic books, and then post what daughter is, later. [Provided they are not still packed. We’ve not built bookcases, yet, so they may be in boxes. Although, I’m pretty sure algore’s interwebs could tell us, as well.]


  4. That Pelosi pic is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week!

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  5. Sayit2016 says:

    What liberals never EVER consider is when someone comes from the ME under a “refugee” situation it creates yet another problem. There is a local business owner who is from Iraq and a Coptic Christian. His family fled under Saddam…when he went back to Iraq he had a American passport. He met up with friends from his childhood when he was there…they told him HIDE your passport and do not show anyone. They took him to a General they had all known for years and he wrote him a “pass document ” which would allow him to move about the country and for ID purposes. For many, leaving the country was a sign of cowardice and disloyalty while many stayed and fought. They made it would not be forgiven or forgotten…

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  6. valuetruth says:

    I am from a very blue state, with a significant number of refugees admitted to our communities and schools. My niece attends the local college and in a discussion with her I learned that the administration of the college had invited a Syrian refugee to come speak to the college. My niece had previously sat through multiple class lectures, with professors stating how important it was that the United States accept unlimited numbers of refugees into our country. She was stunned therefore to hear this young women state: “although I appreciate the fact that you have welcomed me into this country, given me housing, food, and education, I really don’t want to be here. I want to go back home to my own country.” Stunning! Not what the college administration expected, yet exactly what this man himself professed.

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  7. chiefworm says:

    I’ve never sen this person “Brooke” before…does she have a facial deformity or does she normally have a pouty mouth? Besides that, Kassem hit it on the head that Syrians don’t want to be refugees but to stay in their home country and by noting the hypocrisy of the previous administration.

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  8. fedback says:

    These things always happen to Brooke
    This is not the first video SD has posted where things go wrong for Brooke

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    • Ghostrider says:

      Why does it seem that CNN hires and promotes attractive women who are dumb as rocks? Because they are phony, lack authentic skill sets and couldn’t get hired in the conservative media.

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    • Tejas Rob says:

      >This is not the first video SD has posted where things go wrong for Brooke<

      She's dumber than a bag of hammers.

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      • jokin says:

        I remember this vid well.

        Seriously, how was this airheaded bimbo not fired immediately when she displayed her total ignorance about term limits? The collective gasp and pause in response to her inanity from her three guests was Epic. What was especially delicious was that she demonstrated her very own special kind of stupid in thinking that she had just nailed Trump in a Gotcha! moment about his proposal to limit terms for members of Congress.

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      • Eskyman says:

        Wow, Brooke really is dumber than a box of rocks! (Maxine Waters take note: here’s someone you may be able to beat at checkers.)

        I am SO glad I cut the cable long ago. Watching these mental midgets try to brainwash people would drive me mad! (Is that the reason? Drive people mad to become Demorats?)


  9. TwoLaine says:

    What is sad is that it ISN’T FUNNY! It’s HEARTBREAKING, and yet she didn’t give a damx.

    This reminds me of Flamin’ Liberal Sep Shepard last night. Fox threw his on to TALK-TALK-YALK about all the developments. Guest after guest praised President TRUMP. It was so much fun to watch. He must’ve felt like he was in a TRUMP Hall of Mirrors.

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  10. NJF says:

    Epic, Brooke is revealed as the little weasel that she really is.

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  11. Ace says:

    The real story here is that Mrs. Clinton is already campaiging​ for 2020. We will only be rid of her when Dorothy’s house falls on her.

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  13. sobriquet4u says:

    I see that “keening poltergeist” Hillary is back.

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  14. mot2grls says:

    Is Baldwin sucking a really sour lemon? Haha! Why would someone want to leave their country and face so many unknowns? Thank you sir for having the courage to speak out.

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  15. paulinohio says:

    That gave me chills. That really gave me chills.

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    • gsonline2 says:


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      • paulinohio says:

        It’s like I am predisposed to hate these people because of all the negativity that comes from the middle east. Yet when you see something like that it is strange.

        Assuming the guy is being honest, he just wants his freaking country back.

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      • cjzak says:

        Yes! He was very sincere but you got the message loud and clear. He wants his homeland back and wants to live there in safety, to get on with his life and others there do too. Very sad and I pray he gets his wish someday soon.

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  16. MrE says:

    That was absolutely HILARIOUS. Baldwin just had a Maddow moment.

    … On a side note. Hillary looked like an ugly blonde twin of Angela Merkel in that clip. Yowzers.

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  17. azcatsclaw says:


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  18. embbblog says:

    I know this sounds like click bait. I am cynical and have never posted in all caps before, but…. GLOBALIST ELITIST DEMOCRATS ARE TRYING TO PURGE STEVE BANNON FROM the White House ASAP. PLEASE check out twitter sites of Lee Stranahan (or Mike Cernovich or Jack Prosobiec).

    Breitbart seems to have sold out. Their puff piece on Dina Powell didn’t mention her close ties to Valerie Jarrett.
    Breitbart DID mention Dina Powell was in Michelle Obama’s video to get women to vote for HRC: women.

    If this post is deleted, I will know this site has sold out too.

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  19. deborah foster says:

    Syrians hate Hillary too. Nobody likes her.

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  20. WOW!!
    I just back and saw this. I haven’t read a comment. I’m here writing one.

    This is a very powerful message from one who was there and has lived it. More voices like his should have been listened to from the beginning.

    Listen to him pleading, begging for help. Just some hope is all these people wanted.
    The compassion in his voice when he speaks from his heart. They never wanted to leave their country. They never wanted to become refugees. They wanted help to stay in their own country.
    Telling the world he’d settle to live in a safe zone to stay in the place of his birth.

    I’ve posed the same question for years. If the U.S. was Syria. Would you want or accept being removed and sent to somewhere that you didn’t know the customs, the language, even the climate.
    Would you be happy to leave the place of your birth? Where your family grew and lived for generations?
    It may be funny to watch as Baldwin grows ever more uncomfortable as he is speaking. How her every belief is being torn to shreds. How wrong she, and people like have gotten this.

    But my heart goes out to him. He cried because he saw a small glimmer of hope. He knew it wasn’t going to make up for everything. He knew it wouldn’t last long. But it’s like his life is now complete that he’s seen one small drop of hope. Finally, someone did something good and right.

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  21. kathyca says:

    ahahahahahaha….ahahahahahah…ahahahahaha 😀 😀 😀


  22. Venus says:

    proof that there are young Syrian men who are worth a damn –the ones who want their country back, not the ones who flee to Europe and USA for welfare bennies

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  23. justfactsplz says:

    It was good once again to see Brooke with egg on her face. This man loves our president. He wants the safe zone! President Trump was ridiculed for talking about safe zones in Syria with the king of Saudi Arabia. This Syrian validates President Trump’s idea of safe zones. I love how he went on and on and watching Brooke turn greener by the minute. Winning bigly again we are.

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  24. Miss America says:

    Everyone is right. This is not “funny”.

    It is sad, horribly sad, and that this woman lacks any compassion for another human being is pathetic and disturbing. Not funny.

    SD, I love ya, but you need a vacation.

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  25. OMG that look on her face the entire time! XD

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  26. embbblog says:

    I know this sounds like click bait. I have never done something like this before, but..GLOBALIST ELITIST DEMOCRATS ARE TRYING TO PURGE STEVE BANNON ASAP. PLEASE check out

    Twitter sites of Lee Stranahan (or Mike Cernovich or Jack Prosobiec) .


    • Ignore the fake news all the way around.
      Pres. Trump has Steve Bannon with him this weekend, Chief of Staff, Reince Preibus; Jared was there and Ivanka, with many others on the A-Team.
      Ignore the BS and pay attention only to Pres. Trump.
      Jared and Ivanka are not going anywhere; neither is Steve Bannon or Reince Preibus, unless Pres. Trump decides to make changes; not because some moron haters who believe that if they spread lies, innuendos and rumors will prevail.d
      Haters are gonna hate.
      Pres. Trump will continue to win.

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    • Tejas Rob says:

      If you are going to spam the site with that crap at least put it in the appropriate thread.


  27. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    Dear Brooke is the dimwits dimwit. I still chuckle whenever I remember the interview she did with Michael Mukasey. I believe her head is still spinning from that one.

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  28. cjzak says:

    That made my day, lol. She just about swallowed her lips she was clenching them so hard. He just laid it all out there how the people of Syria feel, what they’ve suffered and how no one is listening to the real facts. They don’t want to come here or anywhere else as refugees. They want to stay home and need help doing it.

    Oh yes, that was a classic misstep by CNN and their Ms. Brooke Baldwin. That just made my day.

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  29. Great vid. Good for that man. However, that video of Hillary. Gosh she says stupid stuff. Really stupid.

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  30. Patriot1783 says:

    Tha.was.great! 😂😂😂

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  31. Bree says:

    The heartbreak in that mans voice. Dr Carson also mentioned this when he visited Syria. People want to stay in their country. It’s their home. That is why Safe Zones are so important.

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  32. Joe says:

    He is a sunni. They say: the Christians to Lebanon, the Alawites to the grave. Stay out of foriegn entanglements.

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  33. George says:

    Thank you so very much Sundance for this video and everything you do for millions of us misfits. As someone who has followed here every day for two years, I would be lost without this site. I hope you realize the sanity you provide for American citizens who have become hopelessly lost due to the hypocrisy of MSM and our government. etc. etc. etc.

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  34. Bruce says:

    CNN is not a news organization, they are a PAC without identifying as one. Baldwin is a demo operative that is paid to lie, deceive, coerce, undermine, and crap on the republic. She is dog poo.

    How many of you would want to be shipped to a foreign country if the USA slipped into civil war? Not me. I am old, but I can load guns and clean them and I want to stay here and die with my people fighting for LIBERTY.

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    • TexasRanchQueen says:

      This is the absolute thing that just makes me crazy. Why do the young men in these countries not want to fight for their country. There are thousands of them…make a stand for your homeland.

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  35. Blast this article and video EVERYWHERE

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  36. asawasa says:

    aww the look of defeat and disappointment


  37. Wow. That is powerful, an incredible moment in broadcasting. Because a real peer son is talking about real events, real consequences, and how good it is to have real leadership in America again after so many years.

    And CNN is so far gone they cannot wait to shut it down? They and those that think like them have the worst judgement in the world. They are not even humans, just psychopathic doppelgängers walking around, demons garbed in shells of human DNA.

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  38. Laura Wesselmann says:

    CNN exposed again as mouthpiece for DNC.

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    • UKExpat says:

      Rush has an intriguing theory that its really vice versa and its the MEDIA which runs the corrupt undemocratic DemoncRAT Party.


  39. JLG 🇺🇸 says:

    Crooked Hillary in her new Prince outfit made me choke on my morning toast (I was really enjoying my breakfast too!) – yuck! Please go away! Anyway – a wonderful description of how real people feel in Syria – about their true wishes and, further, how they feel about a true American leader, President Trump. 🇺🇸


  40. UKExpat says:

    The CNN Fake News propagandist babe’s face looked like a slapped arse.


  41. TakeBackOurRepublic says:

    Sundance, how in the world do you find such apropos video?! The Syrian interviewee unknowingly backfired CNN’s intention bigley and refused to be interrupted/steered away from his effusive praise of President Trump’s action on the Syrian people’s behalf. Booya, CNN!


  42. Ben Santiago says:

    That was priceless. Brooke is nothing but a cnn whore


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