Sunday Talks: Press Secretary Sean Spicer Interview With Howard Kurtz…

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer interviewed by Fox News Media Buzz host Howard Kurtz:

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23 Responses to Sunday Talks: Press Secretary Sean Spicer Interview With Howard Kurtz…

  1. markstoval says:

    Sean Spicer is doing a great job in a very hostile situation. He is correct in his observation that many in the mainstream press want President Trump to fail. As he said, their far left wing bias prevents them from seeing reality and understanding the Trump agenda for what it is.

    The press is truly the opposition party — besides being cultural Marxists. (if not outright Marxists)

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    • I really enjoy the press briefings! Not to say most of the media aren’t brain dead attack dogs but I enjoy Sean’s humor & grace under fire and the sense that the grownups are now in charge. The glimpse into the inner workings of Trump’s administration are very comforting in the midst of the MSM’s attempts to overthrow and neuter his agenda, so much logic, determination and commitment to the American people.

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      • oodeluph says:

        Yes, and unlike the feckless, bumbling jerks of the past, Spicer is always prepared and has direct responses to the actual questions (or, more often, attacks) that are being lobbed at him. Everyone in this administration is articulate and refreshingly direct. Again, that comes from the leadership’s example and filters down. President Trump has done nothing but choose very, very wisely.

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    • I couldn’t do Spicer’s job. I would go nuts on those passive aggressive a-holes.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Perfectly said – I love Sean, by the way…..I love that he never backs down to the howling pack of loons. What a guy!

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  2. Kurtz gives putz’s a bad name

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  3. MVW says:

    Like watching World Wide Wrestling Federation. Trump and team are the good guys, Enemedia are the bad, Russians are the ugly (according to the Neocons and Libtards).

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    • MVW says:

      I greatly appreciate how much the Trump team goes in front of the press and makes it available without using the Mewling Fake Media outlets.

      By the way, the look Merkel gave Trump when Trump said wire tapping was something they had in common made me wonder if Merkel was the one that gave Obama the wiretap transcripts on Trump rather than the British. Yes, likely just my imagination, but to me it looked like, ‘What is he really telling me? Does he know it was really us?’ That is what flashed in my mind.

      Germans, French, the whole of Europe are suffering some bad karma. Islam. Please God, protect us from that scourge.

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  4. Haaswurth Books says:

    I couldn’t get through the intro…how can people stand the tripe from the MSM?

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  5. Ha ha… Kelley Ann Conway’s Secret Service code-name is ” Blueberry “. I like that! I wonder what they call the Prez?

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  6. marierogers says:

    you mean the secret service who have been looking the other way…there must be a few bad apples..too bad president TRUMP cant weed them out!

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  7. missmarple2 says:

    Sean Spicer has quite a fan club on The_Donald Reddit site. They live blog every briefing, and they have now gotten to know who the different reporters are. They despise April Ryan, Jonathan Karl, and Jim Acosta. If you happen to be on line you shoudl check out their live commentary on the briefings. It’s really funny, because so many of them are in their 20’s and are suddenly political junkies.

    They call him Commander Spicer because of his Naval Reserve status, and they cheer him when he makes a particularly good put down to a reporter.

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    • deh3k says:

      Hilarious. Spicer briefings are excellent reality TV. And another way that all of us are becoming far more educated about our government and the people who have influence in Washington. When did common people ever recognize, let alone challenge, these leftist journalists in the past? Interesting times.

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    • judyw says:

      I loved it when a reporter he had called on didn’t ask a question but asked Spicer to call on a NY Times Reporter and he kindly told her he got to choose who he calls on and moved on to call on another reporter!

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  8. Kurtz is simply impossible to watch, IMO. He thinks it is his job to “correct” the interviewee. The MSM can’t comprehend that people tune in NOT to hear what their opinions are – we couldn’t care less!

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  9. Plain Jane says:

    He is a very good man. So skilled both at answering idiots and holding his temper.

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  10. dalethorn says:

    Hard to add anything to these other great observations. Just want to say that yes, we truly have the adults in charge now. It’s puzzling how childish the MSM actually are, and I wonder how they got that way. I can only guess that Obama’s Audacity of Dope has given them a sense of entitlement to respect that doesn’t have to be earned. We really need to clean up higher education so that college students learn how the real world works. Then maybe we’d get reporters who know their place, and know not to use logical fallacies like the Loaded Question.


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