Was Obama Involved in Pre-Planned Judicial Block of Trump Travel Ban?…

On Monday March 13th former president Barack Obama unexpectedly flies alone to Hawaii (link)

Obama returned to one of his regular stops for dinner, Buzz’s Original Steak House in Lanikai. The former president was seen with a much smaller entourage than his last visit, though it still includes a Secret Service detail. (link)

On Tuesday March 14th Obama played golf and went to dinner:

“Tuesday evening, the former president dined with his sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, and friends in a private room at Noi Thai Cuisine at Royal Hawaiian Center.” (link)

On Wednesday March 15th – Hawaii’s U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson issued a block of President Trump’s travel ban.  A 43-page ruling within 2 hours of hearing:

Watson criticized what he called the “illogic” of the government’s arguments and cited “significant and unrebutted evidence of religious animus” behind the travel ban. He also noted that while courts should not examine the “veiled psyche” and “secret motives” of government decision-makers, “the remarkable facts at issue here require no such impermissible inquiry.”

[…]  The judge issued his 43-page ruling less than two hours after hearing Hawaii’s request for a temporary restraining order to stop the ban from being put into practice. (read more)

As the Honolulu News Media points out:

U.S. District Judge Derrick Kahala Watson, who halted President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban Wednesday, is a 1984 graduate of Kamehameha Schools who was in President Barack Obama’s class at Harvard Law School.  Watson, 50, was appointed by Obama in November 2012 and confirmed by the U.S. Senate in April 2013.  (link)

Coincidences? Or did President Obama travel to Hawaii to initiate, facilitate, or participate in the decision by Judge Watson?

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410 Responses to Was Obama Involved in Pre-Planned Judicial Block of Trump Travel Ban?…

  1. Michael says:

    “Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant to step the ocean and crush us at a blow? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia, and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest, with a Bonaparte for a commander, could not by force take a drink from the Ohio or make a track on the Blue Ridge in a trial of a thousand years. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer. If it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide.”

    – Abraham Lincoln

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      So very prophetic.

      Thank you for posting that Michael.


      • Southern Son says:

        YES! Thank You Micheal!!
        Growing up Male (yes,white) in the Deep South, None of my relatives tried to instill Southern Pride, I was Born with it. I loved to read, and formed my own opinion about The Cause. Few of my opinions have changed, but one Important one did. That of Lincoln.
        I still very much Resent Grant, and more so Sherman. The North, with Slavery’s Banner Proudly waving from their Mental and Political standards, invoked
        upon Southern Civilian Society, the first Modern example of War Crimes.
        I Hated Lincoln as much as his two Criminal Generals, for Ordering their Criminal and many Inhuman Orders.
        What makes my blood boil, is that They were more Racist than Anyone in the South. But times were Much different.
        When General Lee invaded Pennsylvania, the War was still just a war between Opposing Armies.
        As Lee’s Army advanced(my 4th Great Granddad and two of his Brothers among them, one remains at Gettysburg), the Retreating Yankees set fire to a bridge in a small town, to cover their Retreat.
        That fire jumped to a nearby lumberyard, then caught the Town on Fire! General Lee ordered his forces to halt pursuit of the Yankees, and transformed his Fighting Brigades into Bucket Brigades, which Saved the Yankee Civilians and their town.
        A well known Local Woman who was Stanchely against the South, had Lee and his Officers into her home, and the Towns people fed the whole army to give Thanks for Saving their Town.
        This is chronicled in The Story of the Confederacy, by Robert Henry Selph.
        He was a Historian, who published the Book, after the turn of the century, and the History of the War had been gathered and well documented.
        This is not the only such story of how Great a Leader General Lee was.
        I found an Original Copy of the Story of the Confederacy, in a bargain cart in the Brooks Co.Librarie, in tater ed and yellowed condition(.50 cents!) and I treasure it. I torture y’all with all this, to say, my opinion of Lincoln(a poltician)
        changed many years ago, when I learned how he planned, and intended
        to Reunify the United States.
        Booth was a FOOL!, who manipulated bigger fools!!
        Grants Handlers, Profited from the Total Destruction, of what was a Religious, Proud and Industrious Society.
        Reconstrution, was anything but, and was totally unnecessary.
        It would Not have happened under Lincoln.
        His Gettysburg Address, is one of the Greatest Speaches of all time.
        Certainly of US Presidents.
        The stench of death, was still in the air.
        He called for Unity and Forgiveness.
        Yes, he Did allow his Generals to ravage the Conquered South.
        But I tend to consider, with things as they were back then, that he wasn’t informed how Criminal his army had become.
        Yes, I believe things would have turned out much different, if Lincoln had lived.
        And America, would have benifitted much, from Reuniting North and South.
        April 14, 1865, started a long, sad Chapter in America’s History.
        Again, Thanks Michael!

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        • Cowwow says:

          Thank you Southern Son. I imagine most Treepers have never read this before.

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        • 7delta says:

          Southern Son, while no one is perfect and no war is ever “civil”, brave and good people fight on both sides of any conflict and not all for the stated reason for the war. When we take time to find good original records and historical recounts, as you have, it’s easy to see why so much history has been perverted and lost. There are certain political and ideological reasons for why it’s been hidden and reconstructed to suit “the narrative.” Some people call it revisionist history, but it’s more than just a retelling to wipe out truths and to protect the guilty; it turns history into a weapon of deceit to manipulate those who have been denied the truth.

          To return to Michael’s post for a second: Lincoln was, indeed, clear-eyed about America’s destruction coming from within. It’s logical. It’s predictable, based on human nature. Human nature never changes, no matter how technologically advanced or educated we believe ourselves to be. We cannot evolve out of human nature. Our most base foibles can only be overcome as individuals.The progressive/Marxist idea that man can be perfected through government force is born from those base aspects of man’s nature…the lust for power and total control over people and all resources. A flaw cannot be repaired with the same flaw. Truth is the antidote to deceit and the fight is worth having.

          Thank you for this slice of history. I say that as a direct descendant of Lighthorse Harry Lee and my many greats-ago Uncle Bob.


    • 7delta says:

      Thank you, Michael, for posting this. I’m a big fan of “straight from the horse’s mouth” for knowing what someone thought or believed. I often save quotes I like for their wisdom or for their naked truth, good or bad, but this is one, for some reason, I didn’t. I’ve looked for it again, but couldn’t find it. I’ve added it to my collection, thanks to you.


  2. It is the current batch of liberal miscreants in political and judicial offices along with state supported academia and the MSM who pose an existential threat to this country. That threat will remain and continue to grow until the day when we start to round these people up and try them and then punish them for the conniving criminal traitors they are.

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    “Or did President Obama travel to Hawaii to initiate, facilitate, or participate in the decision by Judge Watson?” IMHO Of course he did!!!!


  4. cube says:

    “Or did president obama travel to Hawaii to initiate, facilitate, or participate in the decision by Judge Watson?”

    That’s a rhetorical question, right? I don’t believe it’s a coincidence because obama lies like a rug. He’s nice to your face and plots against you behind your back. It’s the obama way.

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  5. jameswlee2014 says:

    A person with both the means and opportunity to commit a crime but who utterly lack a motive are rarely viewed as suspects. People with a burning motive but no apparent means and opportunity will often be investigated to see if they exist but are hidden. In this case the means and opportunity are obvious and the coincidence is jumping up and down and shouting for attention. What about a motive?

    What possible reason could Obama have? Could it be a spur of the moment one-off? Maybe, but flying to Hawaii is a bit of a bother for a taking a random shot at Trump. Could it be viewed as part of a multi-part assault on the Trump presidency? That is not implausible. Buy why? What is it about Trump that provokes this unprecedented assault by one administration upon its successor?

    Here’s the question then: what is it about Trump that Obama feels most threatens him? As I recall Trump seemed content to forget the past, not prosecute Hillary, and get on with things. The trouble since the election has been 100% at the instigation of the democrats. What is it that is making them quake. I think it is likely something bigger rather than smaller. I think that Obama fears exposure of something that he did that was contrary to his oath of office and he will do anything he can from that being exposed. I don’t think Hillary is out of the woods on this either, but she doesn’t seem to be as worked up as the O’man is. I wish I could get some sweet Vegas odds on Hillary’s already dropped a dime on Obama about Benghazi.

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    • wyntre says:

      My theory is POTUS uncovered the POS’s shadow past during the birth certificate incident and he has ALL the goods on him.

      The POS thinks he’s dealing with just another run-of-the-mill rich white guy, like those whose eyes he pulled the wool over during his 2008 campaign. Kennedy, Kerry et al are responsible for foisting the POS on the country. Why do you think he was gifted the 2004 Democrat Convention Keynote Speech? The dims wanted (to use Biden’s words) a clean-cut articulate nice-looking half-black guy.

      And the POS was more than willing to extract his pound of flesh from whitey by seeming to go along with their agenda until he got into the WH.

      Anyway, my money is really on Donald having ALL the goods on the POS and Clinton.

      Problem is the media is not aware of the extent of Trump’s repository and are playing with fire in their hysterical daily attacks on him.

      I also suspect Trump’s Saturday morning tweet about “wiretapping” and the POS was a warning shot.

      Doesn’t seem to have worked. The arrogant POS is now convinced he is immortal and can do and get away with anything and everything.

      Trump will have to disabuse him of that notion.

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  6. Jon Huinker says:

    Within two hours of the hearing, this Obama appointed judge had the time to deliberate on the testimony, formulate an opinion, and draft, proof, and finalize a 43 page legal brief. If you believe this is possible, then you are a fool who should be disqualified from ever voting again.

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  7. Steven Evans says:

    People give Obama a lot more credit than he is due. He was/is nothing but a sock puppet.


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