More Fiscal Budgetary Perspective…

It must be nice having an EBT benefit over $5,583.42 to spend on food. (source)

Can you imagine, even fathom, your own family having $5,000+ to spend on food?

How the heck can someone be getting a Food Stamp / EBT benefit over $5,000 ?

This is the reason why many people have no sympathy for liberal budget cut pearl-clutching. Seriously.  Good grief.

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255 Responses to More Fiscal Budgetary Perspective…

  1. TheFightingMan says:

    OMG, did you not see the pictures of Obozo’s Central American child invaders? Third world porkers. I remember remarking to a friend that to be running in terror for their lives they sure were well fed.


  2. louche9 says:

    Still not buying that receipt. There are two people who could’ve taken a picture of it: the grocery buyer and the cashier. Unless the grocery buyer is brain dead, she’s not going to take a picture of her EBT balance and post it on social media, or wherever the picture originated. The items bought only totaled $38 something, which would easily fill two bags – a short transaction, not long enough for the cashier to stop and take a picture. The buyer is also not likely to stand there smiling while the cashier whips out her cell phone and says, “Just lemme get a picture of this to post.” Like everyone else here, I’ve stood in countless market lines, and not once have I seen that.

    I’m not denying there’s fraud, but I am questioning where that particular receipt originated.


  3. Watcher says:

    The fact is that in some states ebt is excepted in fast food chains, convenience stores, restaurants, even Starbucks.
    Food stamps are administered by state, check which ones. Fraud is rampant. The lobbyists $ to politicians is rampant.
    And a question, why would anyone have a balance carried over to “buy” bread, milk, and butter?
    The states have records but no incentive to go after the abusers.
    Why? Department of agriculture. Follow the money. Fed, state, local, business, abusers, simple.

    Have food disruptions chaos, have food distribution centers control over this madness.

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  4. R-C says:

    Doling out thousands of dollars of ‘O-T-M’ (“other peoples’ money”) is how democrats stay in power.

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  5. alegenoa says:

    …but it’s written right there on the bill: they saved a lot!


  6. tony says:

    this is only from last summer. with the info on the paper, couldn’t someone be able to track down the person holding the card? this is best reason here to go back to the paper coupon books that were used as cash. 5g’s of coupon books would fill a large purse.


  7. MisterPasta says:

    Forgive my ignorance, is that a running total, or is that a weekly/monthly stipend?


  8. Richard says:

    Food stamps is a form of government theft that distorts incentives. For those who argue that it is not “Christian” to oppose these programs ignore the reality that essentially government is stealing what should go to God’s tithes. Reread the 10 Commandments – especially that part about thou shall not steal. Stealing for a good cause is still theft and has all sorts of unintended consequences.

    The application of food stamps is very biased and uneven from state to state. Some states will hand it out with no accountability or restrictions while others (like Virginia) have such restrictive rules (e.g. no more than $2000 in assets including cars and homes) that no formerly middle class Virginians who fall on hard times ever qualify but career criminals, illegals, and multi-generational welfare bums get it.

    I understand that people can and will fall on hard times due to job loss, medical problems, disability, etc. It happened to me in 2013 when my employer imploded and shut down. Did any of the taxes stolen by government to help the poor or unemployed benefit me? So sorry, you don’t qualify for food stamps because you own a home in the highest income county in the country and no unemployment because you were a 1099 contractor not an employee with benefits. But you still have to pay $$$$ property taxes on the home and car or we will confiscate them from you (and no we will not help you if your income is zero or negative).

    So what about the “Christians” – did they help? Nope nothing but since you are available, please help with the Convoy of Hope (a Christian charity that goes from town to town holding events to help the poor with food donations, services, prayer, entertainment, etc). Sound nice, maybe they will help. Turns out, their attitude was very toxic to unemployed volunteers – you get nothing but have to watch/help give out free stuff to people with more money than you. Did the church help out? No but they did a love offering to help out a couple of government workers who had a delayed paycheck during the government shutdown but would not do the same for a member who lost their job and did nothing to help an unemployed member get an interview or introduction to possibly get a job. They may have assumed I was getting unemployment, food stamps, and other benefits (a false assumption based on societal theft).

    Fortunately, for me, family (my dad) helped both me and one of my cousins (the son of my dad’s deceased brother). This is the way it should be. Family first then church charity (a major fail for most churches). All of the government theft needs to be shut down. Make charity voluntary, stop stealing people’s money for “government benefits”, rebuild private charity, and learn to rely on family.

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    • I’m sorry for the anguish you had to endure and am glad you got back on your feet.
      I know exactly what you are talking about because I had a similar experience back in the ’90s.


  9. iRockie says:

    Scammers must be opening SNAP food assistance accounts, accumulating an EBT food balance and subsequently selling the card at a discount to face value.

    Although there is no limit for the food balance on an EBT card, a family in need will use the card every month to feed their family and not accumulate a balance, By regulation, the government will zero the balance only if the EBT is not used for 365 days. Government workers don’t care as it is not their money.


  10. Laura Wesselmann says:



  11. Bob says:

    Prime rib, lobster, shrimp, ice cream, soda — these are just a few of the healthy food choices one has with food stamps.


    • Bill in IL says:

      I once was behind a very well dressed lady at the grocery store. She was checking out a cart full of steaks, shrimp, lobster, every high end food you can think of. She paid with EBT, then had the bag boy wheel it all out and load it in the trunk of her brand new Cadillac!


  12. john graham says:

    I didn’t spend $5000 on food …all last year WOW…no wonder the poor people look at me funny, when I am shopping in the reduced section


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