American Optimism Gains – President Trump Approval Rating Increases…

A Morning Consult national online survey polled 1,983 registered voters from March 9th-13th and found overall optimism continues to increase, and with it the approval rating of President Trump.

(Poll and Data Link Details)

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32 Responses to American Optimism Gains – President Trump Approval Rating Increases…

  1. james23 says:


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  2. Minnie says:

    God hears the cries of His people
    ❤ Amen!

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  3. tax2much says:

    Just think what his approval rating would soar to if the press actually reported the news without bias.

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  4. FL_Guy says:

    And this with the media smearing President Trump 24/7 and a likely slanted poll. The media never talking about the major accomplishments that he’s already made and manufacturing controversy where there is none. I believe President Trump’s real approval rating is much, much higher! MAGA

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  5. Sandy says:

    I believe his approval rating is higher!

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  6. Southern Son says:

    Just like the #bestelectionever! polls.
    I believe his approval is higher.

    Press ON!!

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  7. oifoefvet1969 says:

    For most purposes, I add 10% to any “unbiased” polling, for PDJT…

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  8. Rebel Mope says:

    Horsefeathers. They MoE on page 195 shows the demographics. While they are doing a better job hiding the bias, it’s still Politico. 37% republicans and 22% did not vote for Romney or Obama? 8% voted for somebody else this time around. Looks like they found every member of McCain and Graham’s families. I submit Trump is in the 60-65% range. That’s my poll and I’m sticking with it.

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  9. H.R. says:

    Whew! And that was a poll of registered Dems and illegal aliens who voted in the last election!
    Okay, maybe not.

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  10. freepetta says:

    Our president is working hard for us and we all see the humongous difference between an America loving patriotic president and a past America hating traitor and criminal like Barry. What a waste of 8 years!!

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  11. emet says:

    The wreath laying at the Hermitage and portrait of Jackson indicate President Trump understands his place in history.

    The Jackson-Dickenson duel was clearly a plot to get rid of Jackson by any means. Political and business interests, principally Dickenson’s father-in-law, wanted Jackson dead. Dickenson himself had no problem with Jackson, and in fact Jackson had been s guest a few times at the Dickenson home in Maryland. Jackson had suggested to Dickenson that he move to Tennessee. But Dickenson was a crack shot, and an experienced duellist, which Jackson was not. Dickenson’s tasking was to provoke Jackson–not too difficult–and kill him in a duel. Dickenson went ahead, but backed off after his first insults. Jackson, of course, had a well deserved reputation for being someone you did not mess with. Also, Jackson was sensitive to gossip about his wife. The two had married before her divorce was final. When Dickenson brought her name into Jackson’s dispute with Dickenson’s father-in-law over a bet and its payment, Jackson was enraged and determined to end further loose talk.

    Jackson and his second Dr Overton developed an interesting plan: Let Dickenson shoot first, then if Jackson was still alive he could shoot Dickenson. Of course, they had to figure out how to make Dickenson miss! Their study of Dickenson revealed that he shot his opponents thru the heart, and not thru the hips as was the usual practice. On the morning of the duel Jackson donned a too-big coat, and fluffed his shirt out to give a poor target. It helped that the skinny Jackson presented little target from his sideways stance. Still, the two would. e very close, shooting .70 bullets. Overton gave the command to fire, but he yelled it out only a split second after asking Dickenson if he was ready, thus startling him and starting that unwanted flow of adrenaline. Dickenson’s shot was close, and came within perhaps an inch of Jackson’s heart. Jackson stood firm as Overton ordered Dickenson back to the mark, from where he had stepped back upon realizing Jackson would be killing him directly. Jackson took his time aiming in, and shot Dickenson thru the hips, leaving him with a few hours of agony before death. Jackson’s wound was severe, and never really healed. When his doctor commented on the seriousness of the wound, Jackson quipped that he would have killed him even if he himself had been shot thru the brain.

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  12. fleporeblog says:

    Looked a little deeper into the poll and found the following

    Men Versus Women
    Women – 1059 / (53.4%) – 49% Approve
    Men – 924 / (46.6%) – 55.8% Approve

    Party Affiliation
    Dems – 671 / (33.8%) – 20% Approve
    Ind – 570 / 28.4% – 43% Approve
    Rep – 742 / 37.4% – 88% Approve

    From the actual election on November 8th, I found the following

    Men Versus Women
    Women – 54% voted for HRC while 42% voted for DJT
    Men – 41% voted for HRC while 53% voted for DJT

    Party Affiliation
    Dems – 89% voted for HRC while 9% voted for DJT
    Ind – 42% voted for HRC while 48% voted for DJT
    Rep – 7% voted for HRC while 90% voted for DJT

    What does this all mean? The work that our President has been doing with women and women issues is really beginning to pay off. The fact that 49% of women across all 3 party affiliations approve of our President is awesome! It is also amazing to see that 20% of Democrats also approve.

    Will never get tired of winning!

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  13. vfm#7634 says:

    I hope so!

    I’m just wondering what the deal is with Rasmussen, why they show Trump’s approval tanking.


    • moosebytes says:

      I don’t know about Rasmussen either, but isn’t Morning Consult run by Politico? At this point, and after the polling mess in the November election, who cares about polls anyway?!


  14. Well, this can’t be true.
    Otherwise I’d have heard about this on CNN or MSNBC. Certainly in the Huffington Post.

    All joking aside.
    I believe the numbers are higher than the 52%. Except for a few crazies, no one seems all that animated in a negative way any more about President Trump.
    The real agitation seems to come from the new obstructionism of the Democrats. Many, who I know were not Trump supporters, believe now that he should be given a chance at being President and all believe the infighting in Congress has to stop.

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  15. not2worryluv says:

    Thank you Rachel Maddow!

    Not tired of winning!

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  16. rain of lead says:

    FYI, the venue for tonights rally has a capacity of 8-10 thousand
    will be interesting to see how many get let in
    (have been MANY rock concerts thereeen it PACKED to the gills)

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  17. ALEX says:

    His speech before Congress is something that will last with people. News junkies always seem to think everyone cares about all the little stuff, but people live their lives..We just need some economic growth and all will be well…

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  18. Pam says:

    I agree with those who say that the number is probably a little higher that what we see here but seeing the numbers increase is always good. 😀


  19. citizen817 says:


  20. citizen817 says:


  21. Polls are part of the lapdog media, the lapdog media is the enemy.

    Break the habit of needing approval from your enemies and smash them at every opportunity.

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  22. Dixie says:

    And yet, look what Fox News headline is for their poll: (They are so full of it and they only summarize the background information)

    Fox News Poll: Trump Approval Slips even as more feel economy improving

    This is such a biased story, I even hesitate to post it but the contradiction is so outrageous. They have worded it to present the worse possible impression probably because nobody reads their dang stories past the headline. Down with Fox!


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