Sunday Talks – Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses Trade and Economic Priorities…

Secretary Wilbur “wolverine” Ross, aka Wilburine, discusses his perspective on trade issues, and enforcement.    Gotta love Wilburine’s magnanimous graciousness as he explains the “goodwill gesture” extended recently to Mexico.  {LOL} Wilburine also hits at Trade with Japan being utilized as offsetting leverage with China. [Explains golf with Abe]

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41 Responses to Sunday Talks – Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses Trade and Economic Priorities…

  1. Michael says:

    Wilburine! Hah! I love it!

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  2. setup2100 says:

    One of the BEST cabinet choices. The best part he is having FUN while doing the country a huge service for $1 a year.

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    • Southern Son says:

      My bet, is he will have that First Years Salary framed.
      I’m So Proud, True American Patriots have joined Our Lion, in this Beautifull Movement to MAGA!
      Press ON!

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  3. Fe says:

    Sundance showing creativeness again … Wilburine 😂😎 very cool!

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  4. daughnworks247 says:

    Huge Wilburine fan base!

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  5. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    “we are not going to fall into the trap of making a deal but concentrate on making the deal.”

    I seriously like this gentleman’s comments about not treating everything the same, and deals not keeping up with the times. As I listened to him, it made me think why aren’t these “deals” up for periodic review? NAFTA was passed and then never revisited…

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    • deplorabledaveinsocal says:

      Sorry, I botched the quote but that is the gist of it. Where I took the paraphrase from is about 9:46 / 10:03

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    • repsort says:

      NAFTA was passed and never revisited..
      Cui Bono?
      It was a smashing success for the globalists/Uniparty from the moment it was enacted up til now.. WTF would they revisit it? They don’t give a $#!% about us.

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  6. missmarple2 says:

    I really liked the explanation about agricultural commodities all having different issues. Also, I think they all have different markets. (We don’t sell coals to New Castle, so we probably don’t sell sugar to Mexico.)

    I do like Secretary Ross tremendously. I am beginning to think President Trump could have charged him money and he still would have taken the job.

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  7. M33 says:

    The Wilburine is great.

    Although the way he looks, I always expect him to suddenly say:

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  8. YES, enforce the laws that are already on the books. One of President Trump’s priorities.

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  9. Maria is great too.

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    • JC says:

      When I saw it was Maria conducting the interview, I breathed a sigh of relief, MoniQue. I would’ve manned-up and watched one of the Devil’s Own (Todd, Tapper, Wallace, Cuomo) just to hear from the Wilburine, but happy I didn’t have to.

      Great interview – President Trump promised the best minds in his Cabinet, and boy, did he deliver! I would gladly send in the $1 to pay Ross’s salary; would be a privilege.

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  10. Wilburine has laid the breadcrumbs to understand how Trump is developing MULTIPLE sources of LEVERAGE for each Bilateral Trade Deal.

    AGRICULTURE EXPORTS to newly-opened markets might generate YUGE Leverage, including China.
    • The more they draw on American Agriculture, the greater the leverage: Easy for us to temporarily store grain exports and hard for China to replace them on short notice.
    • Big leverage for China to stop its “island-creation expansion into international waters”.
    • Big leverage for China to stop North Korean Nuclear threats and missile-launch provocations.

    Shifting MANUFACTURED-PRODUCT SOURCING from China to Mexico, for hard-to-automate APPAREL or other industries might generate YUGE Leverage as well:
    • Positive Leverage to “take the lumps out” with Mexico as previously-exported Factories and Jobs return to America (e.g., Automotive).
    • Negative Leverage with China to help close America’s Trade Deficit and to rein in Chinese expansion and North Korean provocations (above).

    It’s all about developing “Strategic Options” and President Triumph now has the most capable Team of Titans on the planet.

    Wilburine is amazing, and this just scratches the surface!

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  11. xyzlatin says:

    It’s great to see competence on display, from both Wilbur Ross, AND the interviewer who seems to know her stuff always, asks intelligent questions, then waits for the answer in full.

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  12. Shadrach says:

    Interesting…so if one country (say, Mexico) acts recalcitrant and doesn’t agree to what we want, then we sign with Canada and deal with Mexico separately. I like it.

    Wolverines aren’t cuddly, but now I’m finding them oddly endearing. And Maria is a good interviewer. Can we have 5 of her, please?

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  13. velvetfoot says:

    He comes across as a smart, thoughtful guy.

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  14. fedback says:

    The deal, not a deal
    Great stuff from Wilbur

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  15. Aqua says:

    I’ve been following Wilbur for the past six years. He is smart, hard-working and as hands-on as President Trump. We are fortunate that he gave up his private life for public service.

    WINNING! Feels pretty great, doesn’t it?

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  16. jmclever says:

    Sec Wilbur has an amazing poker face. He’s going to be amazing at negotiating deals

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  17. Leslie Ingersoll says:


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