Wha Dis? Democrat Representatives Cummings and Welch Meet With President Trump…

Put this in the ‘things you won’t see on CNN’ file: Trying to retain their resistant bona fides Democrat Representatives Elijah Cummings and Peter Welch emerge from a meeting with, with, with the bad man, President Trump, seemingly infected with r-r-r-respect.

Aiieeeee… resist we much, and we much, about this, be committed.. Pelosi desperately shouting: “stay away from the light… don’t walk toward the light”… oh noes, the swamp, they’re, they’re walking the-wrong-way…  OMG.  “Curse You Villain !!”

Elijah Cummings obviously having a hard time shaking it off.  It took him a few minutes to gather back his oppositional composure:

“Curse you villain”

WHITE HOUSE – Today, President Donald J. Trump met with Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) in the Oval Office to discuss rising prescription drug prices. This meeting was a result of a January telephone conversation, during which Congressman Cummings said that he and the President, “had more in common than differences.”

President Trump expressed his desire to work with Congressman Cummings in a bipartisan fashion to ensure prescription drug prices are more affordable for all Americans, especially those who need lifesaving prescription medications. Reforming the Food and Drug Administration and reducing the regulatory burdens on drug manufacturers so as to enhance competition will help accomplish those goals.

President Trump also offered his condolences to Congressman Cummings and his longtime staffer, Katie Malone, who lost six of her children in January in a tragic house fire. (link)

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217 Responses to Wha Dis? Democrat Representatives Cummings and Welch Meet With President Trump…

  1. Cheaper medications, a good idea for people who really need them, over-medication is a huge problem as well. Hope the war against Naturopathic medicine ends.

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  2. Aparition42 says:

    It’s not simply that the cost of prescription medicine is rising; it’s that the number of medicines available has risen exponentially. Look at the number of pills an average person over seventy is prescribed today and think about how many of those pills didn’t even exist for our grandparents. They didn’t have a huge problem with the cost of prescription medicine because they weren’t taking so much of it. They just died. The tough question that no one seems willing to ask is how much is living to 90 instead of 75 worth it to you?

    That’s ignoring the question of whether most of these pills actually make as big a difference as the pharmaceutical rep’s claim they do. As life expectancy rises, the incidence rate of old-age conditions rises with it. People have to die of something. If the rate of people dying of heart disease or cancer is going up, it has to be because the rate of people dying of something else has gone down. The total incidence rate of death has steadily remained 100,000 out of 100,000. The fact of the matter is, the cost of end of life healthcare has gone up because the country has become a much safer and healthier place to live in the last hundred years and new medicines and treatments have been invented.

    To look at it as if it is a simple function of inflation, or market forces is like saying the cost of phones has gone up without acknowledging the difference between a smart phone and a rotary dial landline. You can get a corded touchtone phone for $14 on Amazon today. In 1984 a touch tone phone cost $41.95 (almost $100 in today’s money) and there was an added fee on the telephone bill for touch tone service, not to mention the ridiculous cost per minute of in-state long distance. The fact of the matter is, the price has gone DOWN not up. People are just whining about the high cost of bleeding edge technology while acting as though they’re too good for the now much less expensive old technology that still works.

    This is not an increase in the old cost of medicine. This is a new cost for living longer. The question is, how much is it worth it to you?

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    • oldtoenail says:

      I remember many years ago someone said it is not the “High cost of living but the cost of high living”. Seems applicable in many ways.

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      • or if you are a big pharma…the cost of living high- they really push those Xanex for every occasion- I have indigestion- take a Xanax, I have migraines -take a Xanax…The one thing Obamacare has done for my family is to seek out REAL CARE- and we found in in the Naturopath community- these Doctors have actually CURED people! When was the last time your Dr cured you? They push pills- they have lost the ability to heal. Naturopaths tell you what food to eat to cure your condition- or what herb to take- it is very simple- most things originate in your gut- keep your gut healthy with healthy bacteria, you will be healthy, let that get out of whack by poor diet, sugar or processed foods- then you will contract an autoimmune disease! We have found amazing help- and now our traditional medical system has a Naturopath Clinic and it is so booked up it is hard to get in- it’s growing like crazy! You can afford a Naturopath and their cures! I took one RX and traded Arthritis that started when I was a teen, and mildly annoyed me for Kidney Disease!- that is what you deal with with Big Pharma! It’s wrong- and they will try to destroy you if you get in the way of their money!


    • lbmomblog says:

      I appreciate this comment Aparition42, something I want to ponder myself.


    • and also the fact that they charge different prices to different people- and when you ask the price of something- because I have a health visa- that pays for very little- they LAUGH AT YOU- when you purchase anything else, they tell you what it costs….not the medical industry- and THIS HAD BETTER CHANGE!


  3. anthohmy says:

    Those kids! Sad beyond comprehendible. What happened to this house?



  4. Mickey Wasp says:

    As to Cumming’s comments … http://www.newsweek.com/baltimore-riots-launched-uber-drug-dealing-how-two-teens-launched-drug-548075

    “Pill City: How Two Students Foiled the Feds and Built a Drug Empire” – Kevin Deutsch.

    “Less than two years ago, during the Baltimore riots over the death of Freddie Gray, a former Bloods gang member texted crime reporter Kevin Deutsch: “Shit’s going down in B’more, son. Get down here as soon as you can.” He was handed a tip from the same ex-Blood. Two tech-savvy 18-year-olds from the projects, had masterminded a plan to loot pharmacies and dominate the illegal drug market in Baltimore.” Deutsch made contact with Brick and Wax and began to report on their syndicate, Pill City, and its alliance with the powerful Black Guerilla Family gang.

    “As the riots over Gray’s death began they sold the idea to Brick’s cousin, a field marshal with the Black Guerilla Family gang. When the city’s mayor announced a weeklong curfew and the governor called in the National Guard, the young entrepreneurs and their new gang allies used the chaos as cover to loot a total of about 50 pharmacies.”

    ** The news media only shows the one CVS store being looted and burned, but neglects the ‘over 50 pharmacies’ looted for narcotics. And Cummings knows this, but is mum … **

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  5. testpointwp says:

    Click on this link
    to read a story regarding Elijah Cummings in the Baltimore Sun.

    When the page pops up you will be asked to WHITELIST THE SITE (yes in all caps). LOL.


  6. What? Most African American Communities are doing very very well? Perhaps he could come out to California and see the deplorable conditions that they live in here- It’s SHOCKING!
    I do not see Baltimore as a lovely peaceful safe city either- and from what I saw from the riots there, it did not look like very very well to me. Is he in denial? I think yes!


  7. JCscuba says:

    Always the best sundance, thanks posting at my place for more exposure


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